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Bang Bang!

There were two loud bangs and two big holes appeared on the back of the fugitive. He fell to the ground and stopped breathing immediately. The Caucasian student hurried to jump to the side panting desperately while looking towards Jiang Li with alarming eyes.

There was no change in Jiang Li’s complexion.

Although the person was Caucasian, he was still as student who came to the exam. He still had to help him to prevent him from being eaten after being killed by the fugitive.

Every single fugitive who was exiled to planet Luo Sha deserved the death sentence. Even though Wang Changrong said it was because of the SSRO, it still could not be believed. There must be another reason otherwise, with the power of the Wang family, they could definitely rescue him.

Although those two 1.5 life force fugitives were strong, they were no match for Jiang Li.

A difference of 0.1 life force was already huge. The person with the higher life force had a huge advantage in physical capabilities.

After saving this group of white people, he turned to leave and went back to the cave. He had already been out for a long time and he worried if something was going to happen with Liana an Lara.

“Wait…” The white student spoke, it was the mother tongue of earth.

When humanity united, the linguists under the influence of the government established a department and created the mother tongue for Earth. Everyone had to learn it.

But, Jiang Li didn’t really spoke earth language, they spoke Chinese.

Of course, they can also speak earth language.

“what?” He stopped replying with Earth tongue.

“Thanks for saving us, my name is Henry.” The white student expressed his gratitude by offering to shake his hand and appeared very approachable. “Your life force is really strong, I wonder how great it is?”

“On planet Luo Sha, survival isn’t about life force,” Jiang Li avoided the topic: “You don’t need to thank me for just then. I’m going back to the cave, I don’t have time to talk here.”

Under the intense heat, no one wanted to stay.

“Wait…” Henry hurried and waved his hand. A white girl next to him took out a nutritional serum: “This is our gratitude, thanks for saving our lives.”

“You seem to have a lot of nutritional serums? Jiang LI looked at these people. Each had 3 or 4 tubes.

“Our group had 50 people, last night, 40 of them died.” Henry didn’t seem to want to remember the experience: “Some froze to death, some were killed, some were attacked by Luo Sha herds! We fought with our lives fending off the herd and the fugitives.”

“That’s really tragic…” Jiang Li shook his head: “My friends also need nutritional serums, so I’ll accept your gratitude, but you seem to have something else in mind?”

He could tell these people came to him for something else.

“It’s like this, we found a cave to stay in but that cave is the hideout for Luo Sha beasts. Eveyr night, the Luo Sha beast would come back and launch vigorous attacks on us. We wish to find someone strong who can help us.” A white girl stood out: “Hello, I’m Lilisse.”

“Hello.” Jiang LI’s eyes moved: “Luo Sha Beast?”

“yes, Luo SHa beast is a very ferocious beast on this planet. They excel in digging holes and do not fear the blazing sun. They can burrow underground for few hundred meters and eat bugs in the depth. They could also survive on the light from a star.” Henry hurried to explanation: “Of course, if you can kill one, there is a nail sized genetic meat that can be digested by humans. It is very tasty and that way, we wont be low on food.

Jiang Li took out his chip and searched.

There was no internet on planet Luo Sha, not information could be radiated but Jiang Li downloaded all the relevant information before hand.

This was basic homework that every student should have done.

Immediately, it displayed the information about Luo Sha beast. It was 1.3 m tall and had a pair of black wings similar to those of bats. It can glide tens of meters in the air and walk upright. It had an siniter look with barred teeth. It’s scales were tough and it was very hard to kill them. These beasts seemed like the demons in western folklores. But they also resembled asuras in the Buddhists texts. The people who first set foot on this planet named this planet planet Luo Sha because of this.

More astoundingly, the scales of Luo Sha beasts can absorb the energy from stars and through a process like photosynthesis, they can gain nutrition from the light.

Thus, the Luo Sha beast didn’t have to eat.

On planet Luo Sha, the star is very hot making the environment suitable for their living. But they also fear the cold. When night comes, they need to hide in underground caves or they will freeze to death.

The caves and holes on planet Luo Sha are mostly dug out by them.

More importantly, the Luo Sha beasts have a nail sized genetic meat inside them that is very delicious and can be consumed by humans.

Other than this, the scales and flesh on the Luo SHa beasts are very tough like metal. They cannot be eaten. The Luo Sha genetic meat is where all the energy in their body is condensed at.

If you could kill a Luo Sha beast, then the problem of food can also be solved.

“Okay, I’ll go to your cave and kill the Luo Sha beasts.” Jiang Li agreed immediately, “But, I need to go back to my cave firsts and bring my two mates with me.”

“I’ll come with you.”

Henry and a few white students hurriedly said: “If you can kill Luo Sha beasts, we can share some nutritional serum with you.”

“Let’s go.” Jiang Li jumped and left here rapidly. He used the opaque stone to store tens of tones of water. He didn’t need to come this far everyday for water. That way he could moved around on planet Luo Sha freely and didn’t have to stay near water.

As he spoke, he ran rapidly. A few dashes later, he was already a few kilometres out.

“Oh my god, his speed is so fast.” A while girl exclaimed: “How much is his life force? 1.7, 1.8?”

“I think its more than that, too bad we didn’t bring testing equipments.” Henry also ran super fast following closely behind Jiang Li’s disappearing shadow. Luckily this place was a endless flat plane and they couldn’t lose him: “ After this test on planet Luo Sha, we still need to undergo some other tests before we get in to Astral University. Even after we get in, there will still be a tournament. Every year, the university will select the top ten in the new students! Those are the real geniuses. I think with his strength, he has a chance of getting into the top ten.”

“Top ten? How can that be possible?” Lilisse was shocked: “The strongest ten of new students were all extremely strong, last generation, the top ten had an average of 2 life force. I think this generation, the students are even stronger. We’re only in the testing area for Earth, there’s also mars, moon Jupiter and this is only the humans in the solar system. In the entire milky way galaxy, there are tens of planets with humans living on it. There are also bases outside the milky way galaxy. There are around ten thousands students from earth. The total amount of students this year is around 500 thousand.”

“We’ll see, I think he has the chance.” Henry said: “I’ve never seen a student with such a strong temperament.”

The few white students ran rapidly. Their life force weren’t weak and would not faint even when running under high temperatures because they replenished their needs for water just then.

Tens of minutes later, Jiang Li came to the front of his cave.

Good thing nothing happened, Liana and Lara were cultivating inside recovering their strength. At this time, both students and fugitives went out for water and didn’t have the time to steal caves.

“Lara, Liana come out, we’re switching a cave.” His voice travelled inside and sho sho, the two girls had already came out.

“Which cave are we going?” Lara looked at the blazing sunlight and hurried to pass a conical hat and cape made from straws to Jiang Li. It could cover the whole body and prevent the skin from being burnt.

If skin was exposed to the outside for a long time, it would created blisters which would then crack under even more exposure.

“You’ve made a cape and hat already?” Jiang Li was glad, he saw Lara was wearing one too.

“This is a piece of cake, we were bored anyways.” Lara said: “Me and Liana made half each for you, how is it? Sturdy enough?”

“It is indeed very study, the work is good.” Jiang Li pulled and found the cape and hat to be very sturdy. He suddenly realised that although the two girls were from a rich family, their hands were meticulous and had great survival skills.

“We still wanted to make a big coat but there wasn’t enough time. By the way, our cave is the closest to water, why are we looking for a new cave, is it because of that Wang Changshan?” Liana frowned, she didn’t want to give up this cave.

“Wang Changshan is a bit dangerous, its best to stay away from him. As for water, I have solved that problem. I can assure you have water to drink every day and even have enough for a shower. Right now, we lacking on food, the nutritional serums can only guarantee we have the basic nutrients each day.” Jiang Li said: “30 days surivival has only gone past 1 day, there are still many more days and we need to prepare for it.”

“Then where do you plan to go?” Lara looked around and her eyes suddenly focused behind Jiang Li: “People are coming near us.”

“It’s fine, they are a group of white students, I saved them and they gave me some nutritional serums. We need to get to their cave before nightfall and help them defend against Luo Sha beast. If we kill Luo Sha beast we can get their genetic meat. Mixed with the nutritional serum, we have proper food.”Jiang Li said while waiting.

Ten minutes later, the group of white students rushed in front of him.

Henry had a smile on his face and greeted : “Hi, beautiful ladies, I’m henry, a member of the board of directors of the Eurasian Corporation. It’s a pleasure to meet you two beautiful ladies.” He immediately displayed gentlemen qualities and used earth language to greet.

“Hello.” When Liana heard Eurasian Corporation, her eyes moved. This was one of the large corporations on Earth. Henry, quite obviously, was one of the CEOs’ son.

“Let’s go.” Lara nodded and waved: “How far is your cave from here?”

“Around 100 km, we can definitely get there before nightfall. Its in that direction, I’ll show you the way.” Henry took on a serious face and pointed the way. He didn’t look at the two pretty girls, right now survival comes first.
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