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Chapter 91 Getting Water

Jiang Li had been feeling the mysterious sensation of “Stasis” all night.

Mind radiated out and returned back to his body. He was able to know everything around him. Now, his mind radiating was self-centered and could scan all things in about 1 km range.

Outside, the weather got colder and colder, and he used his mind to test the temperature, knowing spittle could transform to ice in a second when it fell to the ground. The sharp sword-like windskept blowing through the night, even lifting stone as heavy as ten kilograms.

A few stones collided in the air, and burst out into powder.

The entire mountain was shaking and felt like it could be blown away at any minute. .

“This kind of wind-force, I think would at least be 20 Beaufort number.” Jiang Li naturally admired the power of the Universe, but he wanted to challenge this kind of power. So he radiated out his mind, combining with the cold wind outside, and felt the supreme secret of Emperor Wind Seal.

[TL Note: Hurricane force has 12 Beaufort number]

He entered the contemplation of “Brain of The Universe” and wind of nature, in a perfect harmony. Every second was in the state of cultivation.

The Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth absorption had formed a subtle cycle inside the cells before. He could resist the cold and his body stayed warm in all time. This warmed Lara and Liana who held to him, and they soon fell into a deep sleep to recover their energy.

Jiang Li could resist the cold and transform the Spirits Chi to nutrients consumption at the same time.

LIke a hibernating bear, he didn’t need to eat or drink anything throughout the whole winter, but rather depended on Chi (like a bear’s body fat) to sustain life.

“Tsk.. Tsk.. Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth..” Wang Chang Rong watched Jiang Li’s cultivation all the time, observing the Spirit Chi running in his body: “If you have this stuff in your body, you will not have to eat and drink anything for a month. This young man already possesses a spirit stone before coming here? Being able to get a spirit stone is an absolute feat!”

He didn’t know that Jiang Li got the spirit stone from using fetal respiration in Qubo Planet.

A few hours passed by..

Jiang Li suddenly opened his eyes, felt the wind had slowed down and a light had peeked out from the horizon. The temperature was getting higher every minute. -30°C, -20°C, -10°C and then 10°C, 20°C, 30°C…

Within an hour, the outside temperature had reached 40°.

You couldn’t go out at this moment, because the changes of temperature were too big and your body couldn’t resist it. Inside the cave, the temperature also started to getting higher, and reached about 20°.

Lara and Liana woke up and realized they were still holding on Jiang Li. Suddenly their faces turned red and they released their hands quickly.


At this time, a shadow flew out from the cave; it was Wang Chang Rong: “Kid, I can’t help but tell you, the temperature is only 40°C now, this is the best time for getting water from the lake, because when the temperature rises to 60°, getting water will be a difficult task.”

Wang Chang Rong took a few bottles. Every morning he went to get the water from the lake which had a distance of tens kilometers.

During the day, the temperature was very hot and staying in the cave would also be uncomfortable. One must consume a lot of water, and this Wang Chang Rong retrieved with the bottles of dead victims.

“I will go and get the water, you just rest in this cave.” When Jiang Li heard about getting water he also wanted to leave.

“We will go along with you.” Lara and Liana stood up quickly.

“Don’t worry, if you go with me, we might be slowed down.You watch over this cave and don’t let anybody invade. Our cave has a good position and other people will definitely try to take over it.” Jiang Li said with a heavy voice: “Also, you must take care to preserve your energy, as the rest of nutrients definitely can’t supply us for the next few days. After we run out of nutrients, we have to find food… We can’t possibly eat human flesh, right?”

This was a serious question.

Although they retrieved Jiang Liu’s and Yu Mu Hua’s nutrients, these could only support them for ten days. After ten days, the supplies would run out, and they simply couldn’t stay alive just from drinking water.

Where would they go to find food, since the lake was emptied out?

“Alright then, we will stay here to save our energy.” Liana took out a nutrient: “Jiang Li, take this, getting water by walking tens of kilometers in such hot temperature, your body will be exhausted for sure.”

“No need.” Jiang Li waved his hands: “You keep this, I’d better go now.”

In a move, he left the cave with rapid speed, followed tightly behind Wang Chang Rong, because he worried Wang Chang Rong would come back halfway to kill the girls.

“Kid, you have a fast speed.” Wang Chang Rong kept running on gravel plain, his speed was as fast as a car. But Jiang Li’s speed was lighter, a leap could reach twenty of thirty meters, when bounced, reached two or three meters high.Although Jiang Li’s jump wasn’t high, what he lacked in height he made up in speed.. Moreover, Jiang Li didn’t jump high as it was a way to save his energy.

A higher jump didn’t mean a faster speed. This kind of jump and glide had the fastest speed.

Jiang Li current speed probably has reached 150-200 km per hour, haveing already passed that of the cheetahs. But if reached 200 km per hour, he only could persist for an hour, and would get extremly tired after.

People who had a 2 life force were strong, but it didn’t mean they were robots with limitless potential.

Now, he ran along Wang Chang Rong, his speed at only 90 km per hour, saving precious energy so that he could fight against someone who was strong.

Every energy on Luo Sha Planet was very precious.

\Jiang Li performed the speed of Emperor Wind Seal, stayed with Wang Chang Rong, “I’m afraid you will turn back suddenly and harm the girls.”

“I’ve said before, I don’t kill people who have the ancient bloodline of Chinese.” Wang Chang Rong said coldly: “But from this I can see you are a delicate person, and to survive on Luo Sha Planet you cannot believe anybody.”

The two couldn’t stop to jump, glide, in every jump Wang Chang Rong spread his arms like a spread eagle. The muscles at back were threaded together, which was also a way to save energy.

On the other side, Jiang Li was landed in a glance, then jumped again, continuing to move forward, always leaving a lingering sound as if thunder had passed by.

They both had their own beauty.

About half an hour later, they reached the lake, the weather had grown very hot, but fortunately the surroundings of the lake had a much lower temperature.

Jiang Li couldn’t figure out where the lake water came from. Every day, the 60°C high temperature was hot enough to evaporate the water. Besides, it was a fresh-water lake.

There must be a hidden secret atf the bottom of the lake.

When he reached the lake, nobody was there to get water, and Wang Chang Rong had already retrieve a few bottles of water. After he drank some, he went in to take a bath, combed the hair up and changed his clothes.

That cloth belonged to the dead student and didn’t seem to fit him. After that, he didn’t leave but lurked in the grass, as if waiting for his prey.

Luo Sha Planet had a few preys, even if there had, they were extremely fierce. They ferocious large animals which had high survivability. It was obvious that Wang Chang Rong was waiting for the students who came to get water.

A radius of thousands of kilometers only had this one lake and any people or beast who wanted to drink water had to come here.

Jiang Li radiated his mind and found the water was really clear, from shallow to deep. Near the center of the lake, dark thick green, bottomless. In the deep underground there seemed a consistent chill.

The fishes he saw yesterday had all disappeared.

The entire lake was empty, except for water and some weeds at the lakeside. There was no any creature and those weeds couldn’t be eaten.

He moved his body and jumped directly into the lake, entered the deep area gradually. After that, he released his spiritual power and activated the pattern on the opaque stone.

Suddenly, a door opened up slowly.

Plop plop… A large amount of water filled up the space adn filled up a full ten tonnes. Jiang Li drew back his spiritual power and the door closed.

As the result, he didn’t have to walk a tens kilometers of distance for getting water.

There were no large containers on Luosha Planet and he couldn’t find any tin bucket, only in possession of small bottles.

Jiang Li’s opaque stone has absorbed the power through wormhole traversing, slowly opened the space and filled up more than ten tons of water. It didn’t feel heavy at all, he carried it with ease.

Because the water was in another space, the mass didn’t oppress him.

“No worry for water now, but the food is too scarce.” He radiated out again his mind about 1 km in the deep lake, but still couldn’t see the bottom, and didn’t dare to go downstream, for fear of drowning.

Unless this Luosha Planet had Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, he would able to stay in the water for a long time, at the same time the cells respiration could absorb the water oxygen.

But now, it was obviously didn’t work, so he could only jump up to the shore.

At this moment, he saw many people jumped towards in the distance, run at full speed, holding the water bottle to get water from the lakeside, then bathing in the water.

All of them were the students of Astral University test.


At the same time, Jiang Li also saw some exiled criminals start to surround the lake, and the lake suddenly became a bustling place.

Whenever there was a hustle there will quickly be a fight, especially since all the ferocious criminals saw these students as their prey.

Of course, these students were not to be trifled with. Those who qualified to take the Astral University test had a powerful strength. They would also kill the criminals to stay alive.


Soon a roar come out from the nearby, and Jiang Li saw a group of students in a fight with two criminals.

These students were tall and had a fair complexion, obviously from the white race people. Eight students fought against two criminals.

Unfortunately, those two criminals were very strong and had at least had 1.5 life force.

Those students only had 1.2 and 1.3 life force in common.

But a leader had a powerful strength, a white guy somewhat similar to “Illusionary Fox”, with a very sharp nose, and his life force also 1.5!

Between his moves, he could resist the criminals’ attack, the other students assisted from sides, and the two sides were so well-matched.

Oh oh oh!

Suddenly, one of the criminals made a rooster like sound, he jumped and released a fist. It actually was a move from Gods and Demons Fist, [Come and Go Like Gods and Demons].

The other criminals also released another move from Gods and Demons Fist, [Appearance of Gods and Demons].

The two combined together and blocked all the white students’ retreat.

These white students faced certain death.

Jiang Li moved his eyes, a sudden kick. Two whistling sounds whizzed past him, a kick intended at the criminals.

Tl by CassiEast.

ED Carolin Cao

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