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TEXT Chapter 90
One old one young

Outside the cave, the cold wind howled and the temperature had already decreased to 50°, and would probably get lower.

Especially with the power of the sandstorm, this weather was deadly. The sandstorm blew up even fist-sized stones into the sky, and could potentially crack open human skulls..c. Even if one was wearing armour, this weather was still dangerous.

Even though they were deep inside the cave, Liana and Lara also felt extremely cold despite the dry grass they had blanketed over themselves. They hugged each other to warm themselves up.

“With this kind of weather, if we stayed outside we would definitely die, I wonder how many candidates, like us, are looking for a cave for hiding?” Liana sighed, “If we do not follow Jiang Li, even if we had found a cave we would still have died under the hand of criminals like Wang Changrong.

On the planet of Luo Sha, all caves that could be used for living were filled upwith criminals.

Every year, millions of people had been freed to this planet to fend for themselves, and the little who had survived were definitely extremely cruel and merciless.

Jiangli didn’t feel cold at all; his cells absorbed the aura of heaven and earth, like they had absorbed wormhole traversing powers, and changes in heat and temperature were hardly an issue to him anymore.

At least his survivability was stronger than anyone; even Wang Changrong couldn’t becompare up to him.

Jiang Li slowly rehearsed the wind and thunder seal of emperor, meticulously performing every gesture. In the other cave, Wang Changrong observed carefully and found that he couldn’t take his eyes off of every movement.

“Indeed a flawless martial art....” After watching his rehearsal, Wang Changrong sighed: “Every movement, it is so natural, impossible to modify. The entire set of martial arts is flawless, I wonder who are the great people that founded this martial art? Maybe only the ancestor of Wang can create this kind of martial arts ....”

“Have you seen your ancestor?”Jiang Li asked.

Wang Chao was the emperor of an era over two hundred years ago, and many martial arts theories actually stem from his efforts. He left a deep impression in some experts’ heart and was even equated to a God.

“No.” Wang Changrong said: “Even I do not know if my ancestor is still alive or die, but the body and soul of my ancestor has already reached a spiritual place unknown and inaccessible to man, so he should not die easily there. According to my family records, at one hundred years ago his life force already had three digits, and he was the first person of the entire earth to breakthrough this record. At that time, he was missing and till this day no one has ever known his whereabouts.”

“Three digits life force…..”Jiang Li could not believe how strong this man was: “Have you ever seen people with their life force in their three digits? How great they are?”

Jiang Li’s life force was 2 and he could break though iron with one fist, run 100m in 3 seconds and was virtually the equivalent of superman. But if compared to 2-digit life forces, let alone 3 digits,, the difference was a matter of heaven and earth..

“I have never seen someone even close to being as powerful, but my ancestor has done nuclear explosion tests before. He stood in the center of a nuclear explosion and he walked out of it after without a scratch. These years, some of the greats in the elite zone also do this test. ”Wang Changrong shook his head.

“Human nuclear explosion test?” Jiang Li had also heard of this before, but he had previously dismissed it as false. The temperature in the middle of the nuclear explosion could melt any substances, being over twenty million degrees Humans are built from flesh and blood so how can they possiblysurvive?

The entirety of one mountain could be melted away!

But, the secret of the human body is very powerful, in his memory from Great Dream Heart Sutra, the Greats in that world, could overturn the rivers and seas.

“I am inspired by your martial arts, and in reciprocity, I will show you our Wang’s Bagua wind and thunder palm”. Wang Changrong stood up.

“Watch clearly, for my left hand is thunder, right hand is wind! Thunder stands for Yin, Wind stands for Yang, one heart two minds wind and thunder burst out! Our Wang’s Bagua wind and thunder palm is a fusion of two yin and yangs, water and fire, and heaven and earth. Wind and thunder are a pair of yin yang, mountain and lake are a pair of yin yang. it’s a pity that your wind and thunder seal have no difference in yin yang. If you are able to separate the two entities into left hand thunder, right hand wind, that will be perfect, and the power would increase several times.”

His body seemed to be in two halves, one hand tough and hard as steel, and the other hand soft. Through mutual alternation, the airflow formed a circle in the cave, with an S-curved line slicing down the middle.
“Watch clearly, Yin yang transformed, left hand wind, right hand thunder!”

Suddenly, he changed. The hand used for thunder palm at first changed to wind and the other hand used for wind palm changed to thunder.
“Wow!” Jiang Li suddenly felt that there was a secret in wind and thunder martial arts, changing between tough and soft in a seamless Yin Yang, while being totally natural.

Now, he can’t do one hand wind, and the other hand thunder, let alone when changing hands in the fight, performing the transformation of Yin Yang.

Jiang Li’s martial art training clearly couldn’t compare with Wang Changrong’s.

After performing the entire set of martial arts, Wang Changrong sat down and sighed: ”I have stayed in Planet Luo Sha for many years and my skill increases with every day; even my soul energy has leveled up. Thee practice between one’s body and soul must be in a mutually improving condition. Think of my ancestor Wang Chao, and of how great he was, he was almost unbeatable at that time but as the result of era limitation he could not show his supernatural powers. After he retrieved the technology from the falling spaceship, he had strengthened his body and passed over the limit. If I can go out at this time and get some resources, my skill will improve rapidly for sure.

At night in the cave, the two men discussed martial arts enthusiastically.

Although Jiang Li took precautions in his interactions with this man, since he got many valuable lessons from this man, he couldn’t help but admire him.

They discussed the arts until midnight, then Wang Changrong said: “I am going to practice in stasis, as tomorrow will always bring a new challenge. I shall not spend any further time with you tonight.”

“Me too.” Jiang Li sat cross-legged, then he said to Lara and Liana: “If you are feeling cold, just hug me.”

A shivering Liana released Lara immediately and hugged Jiang Li, and suddenly felt very warm, “Wow, you really are so warm...”

Lara hesitated for a minute, and felt a little uncomfortable for watching Liana and Jiang Li.

“What do you mind? When your body catches a cold you will die here, or be killed by others.” Jiang Li smiled at her and said “Come here.”

“ooo..” Lara replied. She approached, took her hands out and hugged Jiang Li together with Liana.

This was all done in a bid to survive.

Jiang Li started to enter the stasis.

This was the first time he rested in “stasis”, at day after he killed Mu Hua and Jiang Liu, and he had not stopped to rest yet. Now, he could finally rest.A deep sleep could help the body to get a good rest, and the world in stasis was more magical.

Jiang Li wanted to use the stasis world to see what he needed to adjust in his endocrines.

But, when he entered, the first thing he noticed was the opaque stone!
After absorbing the power from wormhole traversing, a pattern showed on the stone that hung in front of his chest. Jiang Li had no idea of how this pattern came about. Then when his spiritual power reflected onto this opaque stone,the whole stone moved. Jiang Li could feel that there was a door continuing to open gradually, and guess what!! There was a space beyond the door! The space was three meters high, more than one hundred square meters, and it was real, not an illusion.

“What? A space!” He was stunned, then the space disappeared immediately because of his weakened spiritual power.

There was a space in that opaque stone!! This was an amazing discovery.

Perhaps the opaque stone had absorbed the power from wormhole, and then created this space. To open this space, you need to enter the stasis world.

Jiang Li had realized before, if he entered stasis, he coudl open the secrets of all opaque stones, and as expected the space in the stone was opened by him.

The dimensions of this space was an equivalent of carrying a house.

Many fictional novels that Jiang Li had once read spoke of a space bag and Qiankun bag. Wormhole jumping technology was a derivative of space folding technology which humans have studied till this day.

With regards to the space bag, it is still in experimental stage and cannot be researched even by elite experts of technology.

But for Jiang Li, with a opaque stone he could own this big space, and this could be a strategic secret.

“Great, if I continue to experience wormhole traversing, will the space be greater with every absorption?” Jiang Li thought, then he entered again to stasis to observe the opaque stone.

This time, he entered the dream world.

Then Jiang Li heard one man talking.

The man in white from his dream before appeared again, then he smiled to Jiang Li: ”Congratulations, for finally figuring out life and death, and reaching the first step of your meditation. Now you are the owner of the Big Dream Heart Sutra, and you can start to practice the emperor fire seal. But remember, after starting this practice, your spiritual power will be weakened and will only be able to recover after forty nine days. Do you want to start? Let the Big Dream Sutra absorbed your spiritual power?”

“No, I don’t want to start.” Jiang Li voice this thought immediately.

Staying weak for 49 days was equivalent to death on this dangerous environment of Planet Luo Sh.

Although the emperor fire seal was very alluring, right now was not a perfect timing to practice it.

“I see, come to me if you have made your decision…” Then the man gradually disappeared.

Jiang Li woke up from his stasis, and clearly thought about what had happened. The opaque white stone itself was a treasure, but the Great Dream Heart Sutra needed a supreme spiritual power to practice it, and both of them had their secrets. But this secret could not be seen thoroughly by him.

The advantage he got from this was that he could open up the space in the opaque stone for storage purposes.

Better yet, was it possible to contain a human within this space?

He then triggered his spiritual power and the space slowly opened. He observed carefully inside, and found that there was no air inside. The air flowed into that space after communicating with outside world. Creatures could stay inside after that.

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