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Chapter 89 The Cold Night

Jiang Li started to admire Wang Chang Rong.

It was unimaginable that he had survived on Luosha Planet for over ten years. He had a great ability.

“Wang Chang Rong, talk about later whether you can walk out this place or not, the sky is going dark, I and my friends had to hide from the cold night, don’t have time to chatter with you then. Neither I nor you can beat each other down, instead of suffering great losses for both side, how about we live in peace without mind each other business?” Jiang Li suddenly felt the star has started to set and a chill started to came over.

This chill even could cut people to the bone.

This was not a spiritual illusion, but a real deal of cold from the material universe.

Jiang Li easily could differentiate the material universe and spiritual world from has reached the “Stasis.”

“You’re qualified to enter the cave, go.” Wang Chang Rong flashed his eyes and went in directly to cave. Jiang Li stopped for a while, radiated his mind, and has sized up the situation in the cave.

This was so special in the “Stasis” realm. You could perceive all your surrounding by radiating your mind.

Because this realm wasn’t using the eyes to look, but using the heart to explore the world, could see through all things in the material universe.

“Let’s go in, Wang Chang Rong already went in another cave.” Jiang went in the cave immediately: “the deeper part in this cave was like a maze, accessible to all directions. This place can fill up a lot of people. We will live in those three men’ cave, there has some dry grass to keep warm, well ventilated, we can warm ourselves by a fire.”

“It’s getting late, so cold!”

In the middle of talk, the star which shone brightly in the sky set down, the little light was left on the ground. The chill came by afterward. Once you talk the cold would penetrate to your body.

In just more than ten minutes, a 60⁰ high temperature was completely disappeared, replaced by subzero temperature. The human body could never endure to the fast changes of temperature.

“Quickly, follow me! The temperature will drop to -50⁰ soon.” Jiang Li said: “hold to my waist, don’t get lost! We will die if we still stay outside.”

Lara and Liana already knew the cold could kill them, they directly hold to Jiang Li’s waist and went in to their cave.

The deeper part of cave was narrow and dark.

But the temperature was higher than outside, the cold was neutralized by the high temperature when penetrated to inside the cave. Because the dark rock on the mountain absorbed high temperature at day and released it slowly at night, made the cave temperature could never in the subzero. In this way, people could stay alive. God always gave a ray of hope to the people.

Jiang Li went in to the cave, be aware of Wang Chang Rong’s surprise attack. Fortunately he has reached “Stasis”, could had every move of your opponent in hand, he also couldn’t be hypnotized by Wang Chang Rong.

If he has reached “Stasis”, he would probably have eaten by Wang Chang Rong.

Eating a human was nothing if you want to survive in Luosha Planet.

The cold couldn’t stop coming in to the cave, Jiang Li radiated his mind and “saw” everywhere was filled up with the cold wind outside the cave, flying sand and rolling pebbles. Even ice flowers started to fall down from the sky. Fortunately he used his mind to radiate, couldn’t feel the cold, or else his body was already frozen.

After kept walking in the cave they finally found a room, very warm. It had a human height, hays covered the floor, and there was also a big fire a pit and some grease.

Didn’t know where the grease came from, could use it to make a fire.

“Do you still keep the nutrients? Don’t waste these stuffs, they are very precious.” Jiang Li said: “We just eat the raw fish to save our strength, don’t need to light a fire. Sudden change of temperature can easily make us sick, are you okay?”

“Don’t worry, we have a strong physical strength.” Lara said: “Before take the test, my family spent a ten thousand star coins high-tech physical strengthening serum injection for me, to strengthen my body, I will not sick easily. Lara does too. Our life forces have reached 1.3.”

“Glad to hear that.” Jiang Li relieved, people with a 1 life force was not so easy to get sick, the body’s immune system was very powerful. Even if infected by bacterias, they would be killed by immune cells.

Modern human’s body constitution was far stronger than those people in two hundred years ago.

Not to mention Lara’s and Liana’s life force has reached 1.3? a strong physical could not knocked down easily by temperature changes.

Three of them hide in this cave, ate raw fish. Jiang Li took out a fish, turned his nail, such as sharp knife to cut a piece of meat.

His nails under his power were sharper than knife, could scoop out human flesh and blood in a catch.

These fishes were very fresh, there was a kind of grease-like smooth taste in the mouth. Obviously they could nourish the body.

“Kid, this is Yu Ya fish from Sword Soul Lake, taste good?” a voice passed by, that was Wang Chang Rong: “I’ve been eating these fishes through difficult times, but always eat fish, my body lacks a lot of vitamins, got a lot of diseases, made my physical strength decreased slowly. Fortunately today I killed some students and got nutrients from them, He he..”

“There is nothing to show off about killing people.” Jiang Li radiated his mind, saw Wang Chang Rong sat at another cave, beside him there were three corpses, tall, white skin, two boys one girl. They seemed not Chinese but the white race.

There were more than ten thousand students from Earth that participated at this time test, two thousand students were from the yellow race, the white race took over seven thousand and other races took over three thousand students.

“I don’t kill the yellow race, especially those who had ancient bloodline of Chinese. These people from the white race, I don’t care if they died.” Wang Chang Rong laughed: “Also, you see, these students definitely will eat their friends at the end, in these ten years, Astral University had located their test in Luosha Planet for three times, I saw many cases of student eats student, young man, when you don’t have food and water, reached an impasse, the two little girls beside you will become your food, right?”

“Your jokes are not funny at all, and can’t divide us.” Jiang Li sneered: “Lara, Liana, go to rest, recover your energy, these fishes only came to the lake surface today, they will not appear on other times. Astral University test was taken today the purpose was to give you a chance of living.” Wang Chang Rong started to laugh again: “the first day will be easy, but the following days will get harder and harder.. He He.. Thirty day times are not short.”

“Haven’t you come here for a decade?” Lara said.

“I had lived for ten years, but I eat humans.” Wang Chang Rong said with a gloomy voice, “little girls, there are a lot of criminals here, my cave is a good place, they have ever come to seize my cave, but I had killed and eaten them up. The three criminals whom you had killed are the food of mine. I will eat them if there is food shortage.”

“Stop it.” Lara said with knitted her eyebrows: “Eating human is really an immoral act, inhumane man, this thing is not worth to discuss.”

“Really a weak girl….” Wang Chang Rong sighed, suddenly had interest on Jiang Li: “Kid, this will be a long night, how about we discuss about martial arts? What is the name of your outer planet martial arts?”

“Emperor Thunder Seal, Emperor Wind Seal.” Jiang Li didn’t hide and told these names: “one is thunder method, one is purely speed, how do you think?”

He had some confidents for his battle experiences, but still lacked in understanding martial arts. All the world martial arts came from Wang family, Wang Chang Rong’s martial arts understanding probably would give Jiang Li some inspirations.

“Wind and thunder seals? Our Wang’s martial arts Eight Trigrams Palm also had wind and lightning moves, wind stood for fly, lightning stood for shake, but completely different with yours. I Ching says Therefore follows the idea of the Gentle and penetrating Wind. Hence, follows the idea of the Arousing or shocking Thunder. Two hexagrams of Wind and Thunder, seemed swift and powerful, in fact your heart should not be bold and powerful but should be very careful as if treading on thin ice. Therefore, you are able to control the power of wind and thunder. I think you are still in “bold and powerful” stage, thus you can’t stay still in this stage.” Wang Chang Rong once discussed martial arts, he would beam with joy.

“Very careful?”

A word woke up the dreamer.

After heard what Wang Chang Rong said, Jiang Li remembered the Judgements and Images in I Ching, combined with martial arts, there was a kind of indescribable insight.

Wang Chang Rong’s martial arts experiences were higher than Jiang li, Jiang Li could learn a lot of thing, but the more so, he mustn’t take lightly to this old man.

“Show your wind and thunder seals?” Wang Chang Rong said: “in exchange, I show you our Wang’s Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm, how do you think?”

“No problem.” Jiang Li stood up, and then performed his martial arts in the cave. This martial without contemplation just a body action anyway, if he wanted to interchange with Wang Chang Rong, he shouldn’t just “show the tail but hide the head”.

The real martial arts master and spiritual master would not hide anything when telling another about martial arts.Although Jiang Li and Wang Chang Rong were separated by a few caves, however Wang Chang Rong definitely could see him, this was the privilege of “Stasis”.

In fact Jiang Li had secretly prepared, he afraid Wang Chang Rong would hypnotize Lara and Liana.

Fortunately after reached “Stasis”, his hypnotism had increased drastically, had a new insight to “Brain of The Universe”.

He was eager to return to Earth, back to Xing Hua City and saw how many people he could hypnotize in once? Now probably 500? 800? Or even 1000?

After all, reached or didn’t reach “Stasis” had a huge difference.

Before he could hypnotize 300 people, now a double of 300 it was not surprising.

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