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Chapter 88 The Freak

They left the three corpses here and left.

About an hour later, they saw a mountain in distance, full of dark rock, without any shade, but there was a deep cave under the mountain, and they didn’t know where it led to.

This was the place lived by those three men.

Jiang controlled hypnosis from mind, and had got the thing he wanted from their brain.

Hypnosis from who had reached the Stasis, marvelous, spiritual dialogue, communicated by heart.

“That is the cave the criminals live in, let’s go in, I can’t bear no more after walked under the sun for a long time.” Jiang Li felt his skin had burned, although his life force had reached 2, however if told him to dry in the sun for all day, he would die from heat.

A 60⁰ high temperature was not a joke.

If Earth had this hot weather every day, human would have probably extinct.

“Look! What is that?” Liana shocked.

Three of them rushed to nearer the cave, they saw some clothes and shed of blood on the ground outside the cave, there was also a broken arm, seemed to be ripped off alive!

“This is the arm of Astral University test candidate.” Jiang Li sighed: “They have killed by somebody, and dragged back, I’m afraid they had been eaten up and the remains were this arm.”

On Luosha Planet, there were lack of supplies, it was not strange if Luosha Planet was a dog eat dog world. Those exiled prisoners were all jerks, people who still alive must be very cruel.

Astral University candidates, whose skins were tender, definitely were those criminals’ big meal. Cut off their meat to grill under the sun would be a delicious meal.

Also, these candidates have been consuming the herbs, ate their flesh would be a big nourishment for those criminals’ body.

Jiang Li even suspected that some students in the food shortage condition would kill their friends to eat their meat.

Astra University first survival test was located in Luosha Planet, the intention was to make people felt the brutality of bloody, the all purposes were to stay alive.

The first goal in the universe for humans was to survive.

“This cave is not only live by those three men, but also other powerful people! The students who went to intake water from lake were killed, dragged and ate by those criminals here, we must be extra careful!” Liana knitted her eyebrows, she also has saw through life and death, not a little girl anymore: “we must seize this cave, or will die from freeze in night!”

“Although that lake was more 10 km away from here, it is difficult to getting water there every day, however this is the nearest cave from the lake, we want to take this cave and so do the others.” Lara knew the situation was pretty serious.

In the radius of 10 km from lake were all bare rock, it was unusual if could seized the nearest cave.

The criminals and students would come to seize this cave, to go through difficult times.

The most crucial thing in Luosha Planet was to find shelter in the first day, otherwise you would die for sure.

Every shelter was hidden of numerous life and blood.

“What should we do now? Enter the cave? I’ve start to have dizzy for standing here.” Liana knew, if they were still under the sun in the next hour, she would fell to the ground from heatstroke.

“Don’t panic! The criminals must have hidden inside, waiting for us! Unfortunately, they don’t know I’m a secondary hypnotist.” A sneer appeared on Jiang Li’s face, suddenly he shouted to the cave.

This shout was like a dragon strike, the entire mountain was shaking, and a loud buzz filled the entire mountain. Lara and Liana who covered their ears still had some dizziness, let alone the people who were inside the cave must have died from shock.

The sound of Emperor Thunder Seal was like a bolt from the blue sky and overturned the heavens.


Hong Long!

A sound came out from the cave, and could match up with Jiang Li.

Two sound waves collide together and created a whirlwind.

A tall longed hair man showed up at the entrance of the cave with some bloodstains on his body. He wore bloody new clothes, directly knew he stripped it from a student.

Once he showed up, the Lara and Liana suddenly felt the temperatures around them went down and actually a little bit cold, bodies were shivering.

Moreover, at the behind of this disheveled freak, many vicious ghosts started to climb out vaguely, seemed he had brought the entire underworld.


Jiang Li clenched his fists and started to shout.

The thunder destroyed the devils.

All the illusions have disappeared.

“Already reached Stasis?” that freak stunned, he made an unpleasant sound like metal friction from his throat: “some candidates of Astral University test actually have reached Stasis? Really rare…”

“Are you a criminal? A hypnotist?” Jiang Li felt something different with that freak, and knew he was a hypnotist, moreover he was stronger than Gu Xiong and Chu Shan.

“A criminal? Hmpph!” the freak revealed his face, seemed in his sixties, an old man. Jiang Li noticed a bloodstain on his lips, seemed he has ate up a human. “You’re right, I’m a criminal, you are the students from Earth.”

“Yes..” Jiang Li didn’t act rashly, because he felt the strong power from this freak old man.

“I was originally come from Mars, young Earth descent.” The freak old man seemed want a conversation with Jiang Li.

“Nonsense, all kinds of human were of Earth descent.” Jiang Li curled his lips: “I don’t trust you… No doubt you wish to devour us...”

“Yes..” the freak old man said without a doubt: “You are very strong, I’ve never seen a strong student like you before, You must have eat some kinds of herb, or….” He sniffed: “Spirit Chi from Heavens and Earth? Have you absorbed the spiritual stone? Delicious flesh and blood indeed. If I eat your flesh and blood, they will be the supplement for me from these years physical loss.”

Living for a long time in the bad environment of Luosha Planet, would develop a deep physical damage for the body.

“You can’t eat me up, we are both secondary hypnotist, and moreover my life force has reached 2. Yours must be around it, or a little bit stronger than mine.” Jiang Li saw through everything: “so, let us stay in the cave, each one minds his own business.”

“No problem.”

The freak old man turned his body and wanted to let them in: “under the sun, you can’t stand for half an hour, Your every strength is very valuable in Luosha Planet, why waste on the unnecessary fight?”

“We have agreed it, each one minds his own business!” Jiang nodded his head called for Lara and Liana: “Let’s go in, it’s cool inside the cave, hide for keeping your energy, there still a lot of time to go.”

When about to pass that freak old man, Jiang Li suddenly shouted, his fist went out like a wind, wanted to torn down that old man’s brain.

Then that freak old man gave a strange laugh, a finger poke out, pointed on Jiang Li’s throat.

They both released kill moves at the same time, didn’t believe in each other.


Jiang Li stretched out his head and shrunk his neck , his fist came down, released a move in Emperor Wind Seal such as the upside wind. That freak old man bent his fingers, retracted fiercely, a spinning palm just like a millstone.

Eight Trigrams! Yin Yang Millstone Spin!

The two completely collided together, stepped back at the same time. A great energy shook up Jiang Li, in the between of the split just now, he felt that freak old man’s had a limitless strength, the ancient martial arts had been performed perfectly by that freak.

The freak old man’s eyes flashed like lightning, leaned his body against the rocks, and cracks appeared above the rocks.

“What a strong young man.” A cold smile appeared on his face: “I’ve been exiled for ten years in Luosha Planet, at that time I had 2.5 life force, but had become worse these years, probably had decreased to 2.1. But with my martial arts experiences, I can kill the same level opponents, where do your martial arts experiences come from? You don’t look like a student, I can see the essence of martial art trained for over 100 years in your body.”

“How so?” Jiang Li shocked secretly, the freak old man’s martial arts had passed over the system of martial arts master, he could perform his martial arts naturally and perfectly.

If didn’t get martial arts experience from dreaming that sewer corpse, he probably had failed in an attack.

“Your martial arts are very mysterious, but unfortunately you haven’t understood completely its essence”. That freak old man continued his cold laugh: “All the martial arts in the world were come from our Wang family, I, Wang Chang Rong could be said had mastered all human’s martial arts. I’ve seen you martial arts, seems similar to Taoist Yu’s thunder method and Buddhist hand seals, but also different, it brings a kind of the mystery of the universe feel. This should not be the martial arts from Earth, does it come from the outer planet?”

“What?” Jiang Li shocked and didn’t expect how amazing this freak old man was, actually saw through his martial arts came from outer planet.

“Wang family? Why you are exiled to this place? You are Wang Chang Rong? I only know a man call Wang Dao Rong.”

In the world, many people had Wang surname, but there was only a well-known martial arts family which had the title of “All the martial arts came from Wang family”, that was the family of the Emperor of Martial Arts, Wang Chao. People from Wang’s mastered all kinds of martial arts, numerous new martial arts, physical exercise, and spiritual training were all proposed by Wang’s.

Even they laid the foundation of the spiritual training “Three realms theory” was also proposed by him.

Jiang family although mastered the refining of Solar and Lunar Essence, known as a big family, but they still couldn’t compare with Wang family. Because Wang family had a lot of martial arts experts.

Some people even rumored that Wang Chao was still alive.

But he hasn’t shown up at least for a hundred and fifty years. No one knew if he could live this long.

“Wang Dao Rong? Same generation with me? Haven’t heard at all, our family was too big, spread all over the planet, people who had “Rong” in their names had the total of tens of thousands.” Wang Chang Rong’s bloody breath didn’t diminish.

“You are exiled to this planet from participated in a resurrection organization, aren’t you?” Jiang Li suddenly said: “only commit this serious crime you will exile to this place.”

“Crime? I think you are a descent of ancient bloodline of the Chinese, you actually said that the resurrection organization is a crime?” Wang Chang Rong didn’t care: “One day, I will come out from this base, this prison and back to the world.”

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