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Chapter 87 Killing Jiang Liu

Jiang Li had finally done it; to reach ‘stasis’, he had killed Yu Mu Hua, becoming the mortal enemy of the big boss in Jing Hua City. He did it despite knowing his family would face trouble because of his actions.

He had released his hands, feet, and spirit. He had broken the chains and had nothing to fear. He finally understood that human lives were littered with affairs filled with emptiness, dreamt of how many millenniums.

What was the issue with killing a man?

Now he could really understand what strength felt like. The most important aspect was your mind; if you weren’t mentally strong, you couldn’t call yourself a strong man.

Before, Jiang Li had said he was a coward, and that was true.

Jiang Li was a coward before; but he was different now.

Hong Long!

He shouted again, releasing Emperor Wind Seal and Emperor Thunder Seal, a heatwave of wild whirlwinds appearing around Jiang Liu.

Killed this man first!

The released seals were as fast as thunder, and also roaring like a thunder.

In his shout, the mighty spirit power was striking to Jiang Liu, this was “mind kill”! once has reached “Stasis”, Jiang Li’s spirit power has been released completely, “Brain of The Universe” contemplation had increased in ten times than before.

His original life force was 1.8, after went through the twenty days hard training in Earth, although didn’t increase too much, however he had the vibe of breakthrough. Now after passed the wormhole traversing, his cells once again had been transformed, made his life force had increased to 1.9!

Plus, the “Stasis” he reached just now, the residual Spirit Chi which was stored in the body previously combined completely with his cells, almost in a blink of eye. Once again he had broken through!

Jiang Li could feel his every cell, every endocrines in his body, he could control them all. Every slight change, he could control it precisely.

“So there is still Spirit Chi resided in my body, has been unable to absorb, and now it completely melted in my body.” Jiang Li was able to notice everything from the “Stasis” spirit cultivation, all the residual Spirit Chi was brought into the brain cells to stimulate the endocrines.

“Life force, increase!” Jiang Li in the middle of attacking, his shout became louder and louder, he had a massive breath in his body, actually could match up with Jiang Liu.

His life force has reached 2!

Hong Long!

Jiang Liu released a fist, collided with Jiang Li.

“Little bastard, let me tell you, your all attempts are useless!” Jiang Liu’s breath started to flow around his body, had a breath of Gods and Demons. He had focused his spiritual power to the limits.

His hair was flying in the air, and his eyes were like the thunder: “Go to die!”

Gods and Demons Fist has been released completely.

Their fists bumped together in the air, the gravels on the ground were splashed by a whirlwind.

Jiang Li stepped back 3 steps and so did Jiang Liu.

“Kill!” Jiang Li attacked again, almost had endless physical strength, his body was like a wind, his fist was like a thunder. In a wave, a series of huge explosion appeared and surrounded Jiang Liu.

His battle experience had been more abundant than Jiang Liu’s. The more important was his spiritual power has become stronger than before, now he gained the upper hand.

He wanted to kill Jiang Liu in one strike.


Jiang Li released his fists, went up and down. His fists seemed like the cotton, in fact, they weighed up to ten thousand pounds, a fist could break down a wall, whether was the speed or explosive power, he had passed over Jiang Liu.

What kind of martial arts were the Emperor Thunder Seal and Emperor Wind Seal?

Bang Bang Bang…

A series of fist collided in a fierce fight, Jiang Liu only felt his insufficiency of energy and blood, saw stars, and knew that he had suffered internal injuries.

He shouted loud, and tore down his cloth: “Little bastard, can’t believe you have reached to this realm! Let me increase your knowledge, A-class martial arts, Dragon and Elephant Breaking The Heavensl!!

Woo woo woo! A horrible vibe was coming out from his body, he seemed like a revived prehistoric beast, body looked like a dragon, footsteps looked like an elephant, trampled the ground, broke through the sky!

This was A-class martial arts, [Dragon and Elephant Breaking The Heavens].

A fist released the great energy of violent rolling.

“Today you will die for sure!” Jiang Li didn’t restrain this time, fearless and full attacking! Not to mention A-class martial arts, so what even he had an S-class martial arts?

Jiang Li moved his body, seemed like the ghosts, the wind carried the air flow, and sounded like the thunder: “Let me show you what is the real martial art, Emperor Thunder Seal!”

He released the sound of thunder, this time the sound was extremely loud, a fierce roar, the sound waves mixed with air to distribute out, shocked the gravel on the ground to the distance.

Ka cha!

His vigor was stronger than Jiang Liu.

After reached the “Stasis”, his physical strength and spiritual had some natural changes, full operated, in the middle of Hong Long! People that crowd around seemed having a kind of spiritual illusion, which among the vast sky, an Emperor stood out majestically, he raised his hand and destroyed a planet.

Head on head! Jiang Li didn’t avoid at all.

Hong Long! They collided together, Jiang Liu had a fracture arm after being hit by Jiang Li’s seal. Jiang Liu could never lift it up again.

He suffered a setback and couldn’t resist more, he stepped back again and again. But how could he resist Jiang Li’s speed?

“Wind!” Jiang Li chased up.

Emperor Wind Seal was being hit on Jiang Liu’s chest.

Crackle! The entire body of Jiang Liu was flown like a straw, fell to the ground.

“No!” Jiang Liu vomited blood, barely got up, sat on the ground, and had a hopeless face. He was very clear about his physical condition, seriously injured! If at another place he could be cured, but here was Luosha Planet, not so much hope.

Jiang Liu said with full of hate: “Jiang Li, how dare you do this to me! Sun and Moon Corporation will kill you whole family! Your father Jiang Zhen Dong, your little brother Jiang Tao and your little sister Jiang Xuan, will be killed sadistically!”

“Too much nonsense!”

Jiang Li rushed forward and released a series of kick.

He kicked on Jiang Liu’s head.


Jiang Liu’s head was burst and the brain flowed out.

He couldn’t save by any high technology.

Neat, Jiang Li killed him without a blink,

“Shh..” killed Yu Mu Hua and Jiang Liu, Jiang Li didn’t show anything on his face, this was the realm of “Stasis”.

However, this was still a “Lesser Stasis” realm, will be affected by a variety of earthly changes. Unless had reached “Eternal Stasis”, that was the most powerful one.

“World Honored One, when good men and good women resolve to attain unsurpassed complete enlightenment (anuttara-samyak-sambodhi), how should they abide their mind, and how should they subdue their thoughts?” Jiang Li suddenly though of this verse, and he tried to figure out some words.

[Tl Note: this is a verse in The Diamond of Perfect Wisdom Sutra.”

These words were not “how should they subdue their thoughts”

But they were “how should they abide their mind”.

The meaning was, after made a big wish, how to retain this mind.

Human’s feeling, sometimes generous, sometimes hot-blooded, sometimes calm, and sometimes decisive. All of these were emotional changes. Some people acted on impulse and then regretted it.

Mind couldn’t be retained for a long time.

For examples, a man made a big wish, wanted to save the people. But after a long time, his spiritual would burnout, Bodhisattva heart would recede, couldn’t stay in this state of mind.

So, in “The Diamond of Perfect Wisdom Sutra”, Subhuti once asked Buddha, made a great wish to become Buddha’s disciple. How to keep this brave and diligent heart? And never retreat.

This was died without any regret.

“Let’s go.” Jiang Li picked up Jiang Liu’s water and nutrient and called Liana and Lara: “for the rest young masters from Jing Hua City, give me your water and nutrients, I will not kill you.”

“We give to you.. we give to you..” The young master who acted arrogant just now turned pale, one of them sounded trembling. They were feared nothing and no one, but Jiang Li killed Yu Mu Hua and Jiang Liu, they knew Jiang Li had put down everything, and would not hesitate to kill them.

“Wait wait…” a young master walked out, “Jiang Li, would you let us to keep water and nutrients? We promise, after you go back to Earth, we will form an alliance with you, assist you to against Sun and Moon Corporation and Yu Mu Hua’s family.”

“No matter.” Jiang Li showed nothing on his face: “I want to kill you at first, but after seeing you behave like this, I’ve lost my interest to kill you, I will uproot Yu Mu Hua’s family influences if they dare to attack back.”

He turned and left in the middle of talk.

These young masters didn’t worth for killed by him.

Jiang turned and left, gave Jiang Liu’s and Yu Mu Hua’s water and nutrients to Lara and Liana. His current life force could make him hardly hungry and thirsty. Moreover, he also had water and nutrient, could support him at least seven days.


He didn’t want to see Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua corpses, directly flew away, went towards the place which had water source. 100 km was nothing for him, even in a hot weather.

After drank water, Lara and Liana felt refresh and ready to continue their walk, followed Jiang Li.

The star above was hotter than the sun, after 10 minutes, Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua became dry corpses.

After a full 5 hours, Jiang Li, Lara and Liana had walked over 100 km, finally saw a big lake in front, cool water vapor and wind blew over, the temperature has reduced at least 20 degrees.

This was the place of water source.

There were fishes swimming in the lake.

This place didn’t have food and water shortages.

“Really cool!”

Liana and Lara wanted to rush desperately into the lake, wet themselves to reduce temperatures. In the way they almost had heatstroke, fortunately they could overcame it by getting two bottle of water.

Unfortunately, they had drunk up all their water in 5 hours, if they still haven’t found the water source, they would have already died from thirst.

In their walk, they saw at least 10 students fell down and could never get up.

“Wait!” Jiang Li raised his hand to stop and said while drinking: “come out!”

At that moment, three naked bald men, jumped from the deeper bushes beside the lake, didn’t move in the water, and seemed to wait for something.

They had shocking tattoos on their body, had strong life force, at least had reached 1.5.

“Exiled criminals!” Lara and Liana shocked, if they went in for bathing just now, they would have shown their body to these men! These men had strong life force, definitely the vicious criminals.

“Kill yourselves.” Jiang Li said.

As soon as he stopped, that three bald men took out the spines and stabbed mercilessly to their heart, and then twitched down. They really listened to Jiang Li to commit suicide.

“Okay, it is over.” Jiang Li closed his eyes and radiated his mind and opened his eyes about 3 minutes later: “you can fill the bottle from the lake, can enter the lake, and catch some fishes. The fishes in Luosha planet are very delicious, top quality goods. Before night, we will leave here to find some cave made by the criminals for hiding. Otherwise the night temperature will go down to -30°, we will be frozen to death.”


Lara and Liana immediately went in the lake, felt very refresh, after that they saw a lot fishes swam around them, they caught them immediately. They had caught at least 10 fishes.

This fish was a palm-sized, but had sharp teeth, human’s bones could be snapped, more aggressive than piranhas. If people went in the water, they would attract this fish, and the end they were left with bones.

But, those fishes strangely didn’t behave aggressive, they must have hypnotized by Jiang Li.

This was the power of Stasis, all sentient beings, as long they had mind, would end up listen to him.

“These three criminals lurked in the water, why they didn’t bite by the fish?” Lara asked.

“They applied a kind of lotion, fish hate the smell.” Jiang Li sniffed: “Go, leave here, to the criminals’ cave.”

Tl by CassiEast

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