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Chapter 86 The End of Patience

The Astral University test would be located at Luosha Planet. This was a place for exiled prisoners, extreme climates, and had a lot of ferocious beasts.

Luosha Planet was completely different from Qubo Planet, where one could travel with little danger. But in Luosha Planet, people often died from extreme climates.

All the students filed into the mother ship, and lay down on their beds. A huge hood covered them up perfectly.

A great energy surged up and Jiang Li saw a big wormhole appear at the upper part of the warship. It engulfed the ship in darkness. In that moment, Jiang Li lost his consciousness.

The opaque stone started to move, once again absorbing a large number of energy from wormhole traversing.

Jiang Li entered his previous dream again this time.

He had a different feeling in every dream, and his cultivation skill also increased in each dream.

His life force also upgrading slowly and the cells became stronger.

Jiang Li got a lot of advantage in every wormhole traversing, but he still couldn’t understand the meaning of the pattern on his stone.

Jiang Li didn’t want to think for something that he couldn’t understand, this stone was only an external thing. The important thing was he could improve his spiritual realm. He still couldn’t reach the Stasis, it seemed that stone was only a resource, heart was more important than it.

Didn’t know how long time had passed.

Wormhole traversing completely ignored the time.

Hong Long!

Suddenly, all of the students woke up from “fake death” and realized wormhole traversing had completed, they had arrived on Luosha Planet.

“All students immediately come out from warship!” a sound came out, the door was opened. Everyone came down from bed and was sent out automatically by an energy. When their feet could stand properly, a big hall appeared in front of them.

Outside the hall, there were jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and a blazing star, it was not the sun, it even brighter than the sun.

Ten thousand students began to observe everywhere, they all knew that they were not in the Earth.

“This is Luosha Planet!”

A fighter in white came to the center of the hall and said: “This time test will be a big examination in your entire life, the bases of tests were all on here! You should have known the bad environment on Luosha Planet, a place for exiled prisoners. Once you have left this base, you will be eyed by the strong criminals, they even can eat up your flesh and blood! It is a dog eat dog world here. The base which you are in now is the base of Earth area. There are not only students from Earth who take the test today, but also the students from Mars, Moon, and other human planet. Today’s first test is about survival! You are only allow to carry a bottle of water and a tube of nutrient, disallowed to carry any tools, you have to survive for thirty days in this planet.”

“I have to survive this long?”

Jiang Li surprised for a moment.

He knew that there was no any Spirit Chi in this planet, couldn’t absorb in fetal respiration. They were only allowed to bring a bottle of water and a tube of nutrient. That really couldn’t survive for more than three days and looked at the shining star outside the base, the temperature at least had more than 60. Could make the people died.

“Human in this cold universe, the first thing you have to do is to survive, so your most important test is to survive. Who will survive, they are the strong ones.” That fighter said coldly: “30 days’ time! You will qualify to the next test if you are survive, I don’t care what way you will use! Be sure to stay alive! Those who stayed alive, they are the strongest one!”

“Now, you can go out from this base! Remember, 100 km away from this base, there is a source of water, you must find the headwaters first! Then, anyone wants to quit? You can quit now, we will send you back, or we will not responsible at all if you die.”

The other fighter said.

This was a regular procedure.

Astral University test had a high death rate, but you could still choose want to take test or not, this was the last chance. Once you went out the base, couldn’t quit.

All the students from Earth didn’t waver at all, they didn’t want to quit. This was a life challenge, all the qualified students were the outstanding ones. It was impossible they would give up easily in this case.

One thing you have to know, once you quitted this test, you could never take this Astral University test again in the future. There was only a chance in life.

This was also an all at once test from Astral University.

“Good, no one wants to quit, good luck everyone! Hope you will survive until the end of test.” Last, the figher said: “Power, activated!”

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Suddenly, a lot of substantiated energy landed down and wrapped all the students up. At the same time, a bottle of water and a tube of nutrient were added to Jiang Li’s hands.

Before coming, everyone didn’t bring any supplies and weapons. There was no exception to any young masters; Jiang Liu, Yu Mu Hua, sons of the bosses in Jing Hua City, and other young master from other planet, made no exception.

It was impossible to bring the armor like the hundred days training before.

Everyone was sent out from the base.

All the students had arrived outside the base, the base door completely closed.

Strong heat and rolling heat wave hit to Jiang Li’s entire body, he immediately tighten his pores to prevent water loss.

A 60⁰ high of temperature, ordinary people could have died from the heat. These strong life force students were able to endure this heat. Everyone started walking forward, passed through this gravel plain, walked 100 km by foot and must reach the place which had water source to keep alive.

Of course, whenever there were water sources, the prisoners must live at there, very dangerous. But at the current situation, they must walk to that place to have a chance of surviving, it was impossible to stay at here for a long time.

These students’ physical strength was far stronger than ordinary people, plus they wore shoes, although the ground was hot, however they still could run on it.

“Jiang Li!”

At this moment, a shout came out, and shocked up some students.

A few shadows passed and could surround Jiang Li, Lara, Liana, and a few Jing Hua City students.

They were Jiang Liu, Yu Mu Hua, and young masters from Jing Hua City.

“Jiang Liu, what do you want to do?” Jiang Li said calmly.

“Master Liu, let me tell him.” Yu Mu Hua walked forward with a mocking face: “Jiang Li, I have no rancor against you at first, I don’t want to deal with you, but you actually hit on my face when we were in Qubo Planet, I’m really upset you know? But this time, I can persuade Master Liu to not kill you. Hand over your secret and along with these two pretty girls, hand over your water and nutrients.”

“You want our water and nutrients?” Lara and Liana looked worried. They knew that they still far away from water source. Such a hot weather, If didn’t have these things to supply in their walk, they might die from dehydration in the halfway.

“That’s right, give them to us, also you.. you...” Yu Mu Hua pointed at some students: “hand over yours, don’t let me to do it myself.”

Jiang Liu watched all of this with a cold face and seemed to wait how Jiang Li could resolve this.

“Yes, hand over your water and nutrients.” Some young masters started to laugh, they also blocked the way, to prevent Jiang Li escaped with Lara and Liana.

“These two pretty girls could play with me.” One of the young masters said, he started to act recklessly in this planet.

“Yu Mu Hua, you’re pushing too far!” Jiang Li knitted his eyebrows: “at the current situation, if we don’t have water and nutrients, we will die.”

“It is better to die later, isn’t it?” Yu Mu Hua folded his hands: “I only know one thing is this planet, if I can get more water and nutrients, the chance of survive is greater. I don’t care for your life and death, if you resist, first! I will kill you on the spot, second! Even you can stay alive, you and your family will have troubles when we get back to Earth.”

“At this rate, I’ll give to you.”

Jiang Li shook his head: “Please let my family off, and also Lara and Liana.” In the middle of talk, he threw his water and nutrients to Yu Mu Hua.

“Tsk.. Tsk.. such a coward.” Yu Mu Hua caught the water and nutrients and shook his head. He knew Jiang Li could do nothing to him. His influence was here, he could kill Jiang Li, but Jiang Li couldn’t touch him at all.


When Yu Mu Hua caught the water and nutrients, Jiang Li shouted in grief. This shout spread out and some students were knocked down on the ground.

Jiang Liu also stepped back.

He felt extremely dangerous.

Hong Long!

At this time, Jiang Li directly rushed over, spread his fingers and released Emperor Thunder Seal on Yu Mu Hua’s head, pressed down his spirit and body.

Yu Mu Hua shouted, but couldn’t escape.

Ka cha!

His arm was broken, and his neck was held tight by Jiang Li. Jiang Li took away the water and nutrients.

“Lara, Liana, catch this!” Jiang Liu threw to them.

That moment, Yu Mu Hua while being seized by Jiang Li, said with anger: “Jiang Li, how dare you to do this to me! Who are you?”

“Jiang Li, let Yu Mu Hua go.” Jiang Liu said: “do you want your family in troubles?”

“It’s not a big deal.” Jiang Li seized Yu Mu Hua’s neck, said in calm: “Actually I’ve patience all this time, just wait you force me to the bottom line, and make me lost my patience. You really did that, thanks for help my training, as a reward, Yu Mu Hua, I sent you off.”

Ka cha!

Suddenly, he released his power, and turned down his hand.

Yu Mu Hua’s neck was rotated to 360 degrees, all his central nerves were broken in a turn. Then Jiang Li raised his leg and kicked ferociously on Yu Mu Hua’s heart.


Yu Mu Hua flew away in a kick, and landed down with torn flesh and blood, dead.

Jiang Li could even kick apart an iron ball, let alone Yu Mu Hua.

The son of big boss in Jing Hua City, was killed by him in that way.

“Feel so good…” after killed Yu Mu Hua, Jiang Li felt that his entire mind had changed, put down everything, his spirit finally freed from worries and concerns.

He moved his thought, distributed his mind wave, fearless.

This was “Stasis”.

It was nothing to kill Yu Mu Hua, the most important was not care for each other’s identity, fearless.

He knew that he finally had a breakthrough, reached the “Stasis” realm. His spirit became stronger. Glancing eyes, he saw Jiang Liu and those young masters.

His eyes seemed like a knife, cut off all barriers: “Today, you will leave your life here.”

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