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Chapter 85 The Exam Begins

“Jiang Li, I’ve controlled Li San Long from “San Long Hui”, I will hypnotize him, plant a deep spiritual imprint in his mind, and he will become my slave at the end. San Long Hui will have some transactions with Sun and Moon Corporation, maybe after a while we can reveal their secrets.”

“Jiang Li, I’ve planned to control some bosses of several gangs, but now my spiritual power isn’t strong enough, barely control a gang. But trust me, I will make a breakthrough soon.”

“Ho Ho.. Jiang Li, I have another breakthrough in my training today!I’m going to take another gene serum.”…..

The mail flew in ceaselesly..

Jiang Li shocked after read one of them: “Big Black, don’t act recklessly, the death rate from taking the gene serum is very high.”

“Ho Ho, we have a few lives, so we don’t fear of death at all. I’ve also read some information of computer chip, and I’ve done a lot of researches about genetics. Why cower before death? In our animal kingdom, we are facing death at all times. Our comrades are often killed by strays in the city.. What is death? You haven’t seen through the life and death yet? Ha Ha..”

Big Black continued to send mail to tease Jiang Li: “Once they have said life and death is a big matter, but its rheology also fast. Life is like a dream which repeats in endless cycles.”

“Okay fine, I don’t interfere with you, but what gene serum you want to take? Have to research under a system first.”

“Easy, a kind of feline gene serum called “Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast” which I surrendipitously came across in San Long Hui, that boss is preparing to take it at the crucial moment of life and death. Now, I’ll take it.” Big Black’s screen turned to a bottle of gene serum.

This serum flashed out a wonderful shine, a thumb-sized bottle. It seemed to have a “bzt bzt bzt” electric sound.

Gene serum at least had a price of tens of millions, or even more. This gene serum was the treasure of San Long Hui. Let alone the prices.

Of course, beside the prices, the most important was to take it down. Only a few people who dare to drink it.

Jiang Li then checked about “Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast”, he found out that it was a giant feline species in outer planet. It had electric like an eel. Its roar was like a thunderbolt that could even could tear up the armor.

After it had caught by human. Human began to study its genes, and created gene serum. This serum could improve drastically a person’s physical strength, even could help people to against high voltage of electric.

However, this kind of serum had a high death rate, almost reached 70%. Although some people were stayed alive after taken this serum, but because of gene conflict, the effect was not too obvious in increasing strength.

“Oh right, Big Black you are also an authentic feline species, there must have similarities in your genes, the chance of stay alive probably will be bigger.” Jiang Li searched the information with his chip, and found no one had It was reasonable too. None of the billionaires wanted to give tens of millions worth gene serum to a cat.

Maybe the elite areas had it, but Jiang Li couldn’t find any information from the elite areas.

Elite areas and ordinary areas were completely separated.

Furthermore, Big Black wasn’t an ordinary cat, it could enter the Stasis, went through the fetal respiration training, its genes must be stronger than before. The possibility of success should be more than ordinary human.

“In this few days, I will inject the serum of “Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast”. Wish me luck….” Big Black turned off its screen.

“Really a crazy cat.” Jiang Li always thought it was better to keep human’s genes. He was uneasy to change his genes for a better physical strength. Perhaps this was a spiritual obsession.

Jiang Li trained every day, lived out of world, learned knowledge, practice martial arts, cultivated spirit. Ten days had passed, fifteen days had passed, and finally twenty days had gone.

Ding Dong.

A mail came in.

“All of the graduating students have come to school. Today is we will take the Astral University test.” A mail sent by the principal.

Jiang Li immediately drove a flying car and arrived at school ten minutes after. Now he had enough money to buy a car, he also held a one star citizenship, fully qualified to drive a car.

After arriving at school, he saw a small warship floated on his head then slowly landed down to the field.

“This is Astral University’s warship…” Jiang Li stunned for a moment, and saw a lot of star marks on the warship and the marks formed “Astral University”.

A team of fighters dressed in white and wore helmet appeared after the warship had opened. Actually they wore an all-armed elementary mecha.

The principal had gone up and checked the data with one of the fighters. After 30 minutes, the check is completed.

One of the fighters shouted: “All students, line up to have your physical examination! Don’t disturb, don’t disobey the orders, or you will take the consequences.”

All the students were chilling in silence.

They knew that none of corporations and government official could compare to Astral University. Opposed them at this moment, even you’re the son of big boss in Jing Hua City, you’ll be killed in the spot and Astral University didn’t have to take any responsibility.

At previous tests, there was a big boss’s son refused to accept the arrangement from Astral University, wanted to make some troubles. The result? He was imprisoned and exiled.

“First, Jiang Li, come in!”

A white fighter with armor shouted.

“Strong life force, at least has 1.5.” Jiang Li heard his sound and able to figure out his life force secretly: “Don’t know if he is a student from Astra University?”

Jiang Li walked in to the warship.

Inside the warship was surprisingly spacious, he lied down on a bed in accordance with the rules and started to have physical examination. Above him was a huge computer chip counted for various data. Checked for human’s lung capacity, cell structure, blood, organs, brain, bone, and the whole body would get a full scan. There would not any secret at all.

“Passed, you can take Astral University test!”

After a full scan in 3 minutes, a sound came out from the computer.

Jiang Li felt relieved.

Finally he had passed the physical examination.

Once had passed the physical examination, the following tests would not be a problem.

“Congratulation for passing physical examination, your test qualification will be recorded in your chip.” A white fighter walked forward: “Now, you can’t leave the warship, please rest in the anteroom. After all Xing Hua High School students have taken their physical examination, we’ll take all of you to the test location.

“Yes sir!”

Jiang Li knew that he must listen to what they said now, don’t try to refute ever.

He walked to the anteroom and started meditating. The passage of time didn’t affect him at all, he was like a stone.

After 3 hours, the physical examination had ended.

He heard a white fighter said: “The physical examination had ended, the qualified students from XInghua High School have a total of 15 person.”

“Only 15 people?” Jiang Li opened his eyes, and found that the difficulty on this time test had increased. People who had a life force of 0.9 was able to take the test before, now only the people who had a 1 life force were eligible to take the test.

These 15 students sat in the warships, very nervous, and didn’t have idea what would happen next.

This test would decide your destiny. If you admitted, you would be success. If you failed, you would be obliterated.

Everyone was in the fire and eager to succeed, to become an elite and a famous great person.

“All the students, be prepared, the warship will start to fly.” The fighter said. Swoosh!! The warships had arrived on sea in three minutes. Didn’t have idea of how many times its speed had passed beyond the sound speed.

It was still the sea base of wormhole traversing.

At this time, Jiang Li saw the entire sea, they stopped on a giant warship, bigger than the warship they used to take to Qubo Planet.

The small warships which they rode in entered into the big warship. Then the fighter said: “Follow me to enter the mother ship, all the students from Earth have to gather at this place, and then leap to your test location, do you understand?”

“Yes, we do.” Jiang Li saw Lara and Liana, didn’t see these girls for twenty days and they seemed to have increased their life force.

At this moment, they had no form of communication, only could use eye contact.

The size of this warship was bigger than before, because it contained all the students from Earth. The previous one only contained the students from 36 cities.

They followed the fighter to the big cabin in the mother ship. That big cabin looked like a big stadium, in which there were already more than 10,000 students.

There was no doubt that they were the students from all schools in Earth.

The air was filled by a strong atmosphere, Jiang Li found that actually a few of these students were as strong as himself! Their life forces may also have reached to 1.8!


At the time Jiang Li sat down on his bed, suddenly he got goose bumps from a strong murderous look which eyed to his direction.

He turned his head immediately, Jiang Liu!

At the moment, Jiang Liu was still hanging out with that Jing Hua City big boss’s son, Yu Mu Hua’s life force also has increased much than before. If he guessed it right, Yu Mu Hua’s life force probably has reached 1.7, or even higher!

However, the scarier person was Jiang Liu.

He breathed in silence, looked like a strong monster hibernated in there. Giving a murderous aura, Jiang Li suddenly had an illusion, a sound came out in his deeper heart: “Jiang Li, this time you will never get away from me….”

“Stasis!” Jiang Li moved his body and immediately realized this was “Stasis”, passing one’s mind through telepathy!!

Jiang Liu unexpectedly has reached “Stasis”, he has become stronger than Jiang Li, even his life force.

He immediately entered in the contemplation of “Brain of the Universe” to vanish Jiang Liu’s illusion. He couldn’t figure out, why Jiang Liu could reach the Stasis faster than him?

There was no reason. Jiang Li trained “Great Dream Heart Sutra” which was the highest level in martial arts.

“Jiang Li, little bastard, you will always be the weak one! Afraid this afraid that, even get more adventures and secrets, it’s useless! Wait, I will kill you when the warship had arrived on Luo Sha Planet! Let you beg for mercy, wait for it…” Jiang Liu closed his eyes: “My life force has reached 2, and I can enter the Stasis already, you better enjoy the last moment in your life. As a bastard of Jiang Family, you should not exist in this world.”

Jiang Li stayed in silence, he was thinking about what Jiang Liu said. Gradually, he seemed to have realized why he still couldn’t enter the Stasis.

This year test location actually took at Luo Sha Planet? Luo Sha Planet has been a place for exiled prisoners. The climate had a huge difference in day and night. At day, people would scorch by the heat, and at night would freeze by the coldness. It was extremely dangerous in Luo Sha Planet, there were a lot of ferocious beasts.

Luosha planet was different with Qubo Planet, you still could travelled in Qubo Planet because there wasn’t too dangerous. In Luosha Planet, people could have die from the extreme climate.

“Wormhole traversing!”

All the students have entered the mother ship, a sound came out from their chips. The students immediately lied down on their bed and a huge hood covered them up perfectly. The warship has filled by an energy, this warship was more sophisticated than the previous one.

Hong Long!

A great energy was derived, Jiang Li felt that he saw a big wormhole came out at the upper part of the warship, then the warship flew into it, and disappeared finally.

After that he lost his consciousness.

The opaque stone started to move, once again absorbed a large number of energy from wormhole traversing.

The stone on his chest couldn’t stop to move, and numerous patterns started to show up on the stone.

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