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Chapter 84 Control the Gangs

While training for 100 days , although Jiang Li did get much stronger, he was still at the whims of his pent up anger. .

To add to his frustrations Jiang Li was being hunted by Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua and was forbidden by law to fight back, lest his family be harmed in retribution..

This time, he wanted his revenge against Sun and Moon Group in the black market!

Sun and Moon Group still could dominate the black market, they were counting on their influences, the most important of which being was that secondary mecha. Its speed was as fast as sound speed, once a person wore it, could destroy the whole gangs effortlessly.

Wearing the secondary mecha would render one invincible, and to steal it meant defeating the Sun and Moon Group in the black market..

If you could steal this armor, that still could defeat Sun and Moon Group in black market.

Although Sun and Moon Group was a big group, however they still have to comply with game rules by human law. If their black market was defeated, they would never launch a large scale invasion to Earth. They only could re-smuggle goods into the black market to strike back.

In fact, it was illegal to show the armor in other cities. Otherwise it was a serious act of breaking laws, would be punished severely.

So, whether it was Yu Mu Hua or Jiang Liu, their apprehension towards the law made it such that they were unable to return the armour to Jing Hua City, opting rather to leave it in the spaceship.. Otherwise if once exposed, they had to bear all the consequences.

“Jiang Li, do you have any plan to revitalize our industry in the black market? Black market is a favorite dish by most groups now, everyone wants to trade in black market. The total value of the black market has flipped five times in these 3 months!” Chu Xi Xi now became Jiang Li‘s subordinates because she was a vice president, and Jiang Li was a CEO.

However, Chu Xi Xi had some shares in the group. So she still had the right to speak, and she and Jiang Li could sit as equals at the same table.

“I need some information now, about that secondary mecha from Sun and Moon Group.” Jiang Li said: “If we can get over that armor, Safety Corporation will defeat completely Sun and Moon Group in black market.”

A set of secondary mecha, even a whole army would not be our rivals.

To think about it, a person reached the sound speed, became invincible, what kind of concept was that?

“You don’t have to think about it, secondary mecha has intelligent control system. Even if we stole it we will not able to operate it. Moreover, people in the distance only have to pressed the hologram computer and activate the remote control mode, this armor will fly back to them automatically. They designed this system specifically for hypnotists. It’s useless even you hypnotize the man inside the armor.” Chu Xi Xi shook her head: “Our people have researched many ways to deal with this armor, at the end? Completely fail. There are also many gangs had coveted for this armor, but those people who wants to steal this armor are all dead.”

“Is it so difficult to deal with?” Jiang Li thought for a moment: “I don’t believe, nothing is flawless, let alone armor.”

“We will find a way, no need to hurry, we still can hold on to at this moment.” Chu Xi Xi waved her hand: “Our priority now is your Astral University test but we didn’t worry, if your strength can’t help you to pass the test, I’m afraid none of the students will be admitted this year.”

“Astral University test, actual test is the most important followed by life force. On actual test, they will put a group of people to fight on a planet battlefield.” Jiang Li read from the previous test experience: “in such as bloody trial, a lot of strong life force will be killed, and probably I’ll be the target first because of too prominent.”

“You have to extra carefully at this point, but I heard that at these hundred days training, Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua have used the armor to kill you?” Chu Xi Xi asked with a cold face.

“Yes they have, but they weren’t able to kill me. For the Astral University test, it’s impossible for them to cheat, all the students will be checked and be treated equally. Even the Sun and Moon Group is the most powerful corporation, they still can’t cheat in this test.” Jiang Li believed it.

“Yep, you’re right.” Chu Xi Xi said: “in upcoming twenty days, you must have a good understanding:, upgrading life force maybe has reached the limit, but the most important is Stasis! If you can enter the Stasis, you will be unbeatable.”

“I will try.” Jiang Li knew that entered the Stasis would not be that easy.

He must be lack something in his body, so couldn’t breakthrough this stage.

He thought deeply.

Jing Hua City, Sun and Moon Group had bought an artificial island and began massive construction projects.

At the highest part of one of these buildings on the island, Jiang Liu meditated while facing the blue sky and sea.

Jiang Zhen Yue was viewing the sea from the window: “Jiang Liu, this time you still can’t catch Jiang Li even you have used the armor?”

“Yes, father, he must have a secret in his body, even the heat censor is completely useless to him. Moreover, he actually can avoid my attack, have you seen the animation which scanned from my armor?” Jiang Liu stood up and switched on the screen, the screen showed how Jiang Li avoided the attacked after the ground had a big hole.

“So fast…” Jiang Zhen Yue shocked: “how can a human own this fast speed, how high is his life force?”

“I have checked it secretly. After he came back, he took a test and his life force has reached 1.8.” Jiang Liu spoke with a poker face.

“1.8? In a hundred days, from 1.3 to 1.8? This is impossible.” Jiang Zhen Yue also calmed down: “Unless he gamble his life, inject a high risk gene potion, he will have this possibility. Under your chase, it is crucial to his survival so he had to take this medicine. Safety Corporation can get this medicine.”

“Father, I want to inject the gene potion too.” Jiang Liu didn’t change his expression.

“Are you crazy? Want to die?” Jiang Zhen Yue spoke loudly: “You are pretty strong, no need to bet your life in this kind of thing. All gene potions have high risk even for someone like you, I cannot allow it. Your position can be described as invincible now, you can kill this small bastard, but he didn’t dare to deal with you.”

“I don’t care, this is the first challenge to my spirit.” Jiang Liu closed his eyes slowly: “I have trained for Void Gods and Demons Slice, can “slice” the others, and also can “slice” myself. I don’t care, as long as I can enter the Stasis. I’m the direct heirs of Jiang Family, so I had to take out the spirits of Jiang’s. Have too much of inhibitions is not our Jiang Family style! Life affairs are greater than life and death. See through the life and death, then nothing can beat me down! This time I take this gene potion, I don’t care if I will stay alive or dead, this is not a bet, but a “slice” to myself.”

“Great….” Jiang Zhen Yue pondered for a while, then said: “That is my son should look like, I will prepare the gene potion to you.”

“Okay, I calm myself first.” Jiang Liu sat down: “Jiang Li, at this Astral University test, I will kill you for sure, I believe I can, I will not die!”

Soon, a bottle of gene potion is delivered to Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu opened his eyes, took it and injected it without a doubt.

After that, he lost consciousness, completely gave his life to destiny.

Jiang Zhen Yue waved his hand and numerous medical staffs carried Jiang Liu into the ward. Then observed carefully, hope to help.


At the mountains of Safety Corporation headquarters, Jiang Li trained hard every day.

He released a move, the sounds of thunder and wind appeared. Breathed like a thunder, acted like a wind. Under a seal, a big iron ball was destroyed apart.

He jumped, a slight sweep can cut the iron pile into two. Attacked repeatedly, caused the damages in the practice room. His martial skills has improved more than before.

After a full 3 hours training, he closed the training and shook his head: “my strength didn’t increase at all! There is no any Spirits Chi in Earth, I can’t even enter the fetal respiration…”

At hundred days training in the Qu Bo Planet, he absorbed the Spirits Chi and had grown up to this point. Now, slowly went down, even took a lot of Solar and Lunar Essence could not avail him.

He has reached a bottle neck.

Unless he could breakthrough his spirit, entered the Stasis, controlled all the body endocrines, his physical strength would once again reached to a big outbreak.

He crossed his legs to sit down and started to train “Brain of The Universe”, wind and thunder contemplation, then trained “Heart Monkey Furnace”, and read a lot of books from the experts about “Stasis”. Once again he absorbed a lot of knowledge, understanding the spiritual training.

Black market in Xu Hua City. After reached the Stasis, Big Black’s hypnotism has also leveled up.

Every day, a lot of people had been hypnotized unconsciously.

Especially after ate 3 Ruby Brains, its strength has improved. It hid in a deep dark corner, scattered out its spirit, under which the people would be hypnotised into sending their monetary wealth to the appointed place.

The dark night.

Some places in black market were bright and some were dark. Countless crimes occurred, ten more people were killed, hundreds more people were missed. The government in Earth had turned a blind eye and seemed to have acquiesced all the matter here. Some government officials even had interests in the black market and wanted to expand the scope of it.

However, this kind of inhuman behavior was immediately banned.

At a bright big building, gang members were going in and out. This was a middle sized gang, San Long Hui’s territory. The boss of “San Long Hui” Li San Long was sitting on a chair, reading his subordinates’ mail. Suddenly, his eyes strayed, and looked to some flower petals falling gently from the sky. A black man appeared and said: “Become my slave, I’m God, can give you endless wealth.”

Li San Long was abstracted and said: “Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. I’m willing to believe in God.”

Li San Long’s life force has reached 1.1, extremely stubborn. He controlled the entire gang, extremely cruel, ruthless, and no one dare to oppose his orders. Unfortunately, under Big Black’s spirit illusion hypnosis, he couldn’t resist at all.

All the illusions have disappeared, a big black cat appeared on the Li San Long’s shoulders.

Li San Long pressed the bell.

Many subordinates came in and said with full of respect: “What happened boss?”

“Nothing, I only want to tell you, I keep a cat, you have to treat it as a boss, got it?” Li San Long said dully: “Remember, this is my beloved cat, I will kill anyone who mistreated it!”

“Yes.. Yes.. Yes…” his subordinates wiped their cold sweat.

“Get out of here.” Li San Long waved his hand.

All the subordinates went out and didn’t dare to say a word. They knew Li San Long was ruthless and moody, it was normal for him to raise a cat.

“Nice.” After the subordinates went out, Big Black nodded its head: “Li San Long, from now on, your gang will work for me.”

In this way, a gang was completely control by Big Black.

Big Black seemed to be his pet on the surface. In fact it was the highest commander of this gang. Li San Long had hypnotized by it, and became a dead-alive commander.

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