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Chapter 83 1.8 Life Force

“You’re the amazing one, it seems you can resist my hypnotism even when it isn’t at stasis.” Big Black said casually: “Give me the Ruby Brain!”

“Ha ha….” Jiang Li thrust out his hand, lifted up Big Black in the blink of an eye and laughed : “Big Black, although you have reached stasis, but your life force is not stronger than mine?”

Big Black was astounded: “Ho Ho… Jiang Li, how how how…did you become so fast? How high is your life force then?”

“I haven’t taken the test yet, but probably above 1.7, of course you can’t escape from me. Even though you have reached Stasis, you still can’t hypnotize me, only could the Greater Stasis possibly pose a threat.” After training in the Qu Bo Planet, he was no longer afraid of Gu Xiong and Chu San’s hypnosis.

The secondary hypnotist of Lesser Stasis was unable to shake his mind.

Jiang Li was able to catch Big Black since Big Black couldn’t threaten him and its life force was lower than his.

“Big Black, this is Ruby Brain, after you eat it your spirit will be stronger.” Jiang Li took it out and handed it to Big Black: “you have helped me so much, I will share with you if you can return the favour and, protect my family.”

“No problem.” Big Black grinned broadly, then proceeding to eat the fruit and commence meditation.

A few hours later, Big Black opened its eyes and saw Jiang Li.

Jiang Li felt dizzy, the scene in front of him was warped, almost as if spacetime itself was sucking his soul..


He shouted once again and broke the illusion: “Big Black, I have learnt a new skill known as the Emperor Wind Seal. It augments your speed to greater levels, perhaps I will teach it to you when you dream.”

That night, Jiang Li trained with Big Black in its dreams.

Next day, Jiang Li went to school to test his life force and Big Black stayed at home to digest the Ruby Brain.

He was the first tester.

He answered all the questions in thirty minutes without making so much as a small mistake!!

After that, he released his fist power. One fist could burst the sand bag, then a shocking number appeared on the holographic computer, 4 tons!! He had the force of a tank behind his punch.

Later, he took the running test.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!!

He ran a hundred meters in three seconds with ease. .

Squat, side kick, he broke all kinds of records..

Last, he entered the Martial Arts Experts Trial. When he unleashed his attack, the old master was overcome easily..

He defeated the Martial Expert with just one move!

Upon witnessing Jiang Li’s final score, the principal was bewildered; his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.: “This is impossible! Is he a human?” He exclaimed.

Finally, a number appeared on the holographic computer: “Jiang Li, life force 1.8.”

The principal, overcome with shock, unconsciously depressed onto his chair.: “1.8? This can’t be right? It is impossible to reach 1.8. The strongest student in Xing Hua city, Yu Mu Hua’s life force only reached 1.5 or 1.6.”

Jiang said brimming with confidence: “It’s correct sir. My life force is 1.8. This time, one of the quotas of Astral University will surely be mine!”

“It’s really 1.8…” After had checked for several times, the principal found that there was indeed no error at all..

“Congratulations, Jiang Li, you bring immeasurable honour to the school. I will report this to the Ministry of Education.” The principal immediately picked up the phone, his eyes overflowing with pride..

“I don’t want to publish my life force, please keep it a secret sir.” Jiang Li was able to stop the principal in time. “Wait until the Astral University exam then we will surprise them.”

“Okay, if this is what you wish, then so be it..” The principal sighed, his voice tinged with chagrin..

“That’s it, for the next twenty days I will train in An Quan Corporation, every bit of training counts.” In actuality, Jiang Li simply wished to use the An Quan Corporation as a hiding place

“After twenty days, Astral University will send their specialized warships to fetch you, later you will have a physical examination in the warships. The test will not take place on earth” Principal said. “Hope you take care of yourself then, don’t get hurt.”

“No problem sir.” Jiang left the school in hurry and arrived at An Quan Corporation when he saw Chu Xi Xi.

“Jiang Li, how is your life force test?” as soon as they met, Chu Xi Xi had asked a crucial question.

“1.8.” Jiang Li said calmly.

“What?” Chu Xi Xi thought she misheard.

“1.8.” Jiang Li repeated, he showed to Chu Xi Xi the data on his private chip.

After Chu Xi Xi saw the data, her face went pale, silently she sat down and attempted to process the shocking information that she had just heard. .

She didn’t talk with Jiang Li after that, instead she picked up her phone and dialled a number.

Soon, the face of Chu Shan appeared : “What happened Xi Xi?”

“See Jiang Li’s data for yourself.” Chu Xi Xi didn’t explain.

“What? I’ll be right there.” After Chu Shan saw the data, he shocked and said: “Wait a minute, I report it to the headquarters, I should arrive at Xing Hua City in three hours.”

“Jiang Li, I’ll let you hypnotize the customers, I want to see how strong your hypnotism is?” Chu Xi Xi called the customer afterwards : “These hundred days, many customers want to be hypnotized by you, everyone’s so apprehensive.”


Back on Earth, Jiang Li became increasingly reserved, he didn’t show his emotions at all. On the Qubo Planet, however, he cried and laughed, freely to release his emotions.

Soon after, Jiang li arrived at a big room and the customers had formed a line just to queue up to be hypnotised by him..

“Let’s start with sleep hypnosis.”

Jiang Li only raised his hand to air, and a customer ten meters away from he slowly sat down and began to sleep.

Next to him, a man tested the index of sleep, it reached 200. The magnitude of Jian Li’s effortless hypnosis was so overwhelming that the man threw away his equipment in disbelief.


Again, Jiang Li put that customer to sleep with a point of his finger..

“Next… Next…” In that way, Jiang Li seemed to have a roll call, as if his finger had a magic power, and everyone that has pointed by him would be put into a deep sleep.

Half an hour passed by and three hundred customers were now lying down, fast asleep..

All these people were lying in the big sports room. They included the boss, government officials, and students, and were accompanied by some people. Those people also took out their test equipment, when they saw the index had reached 200, they couldn’t help but to fall to Jiang Li’s knees.

How can someone hypnotize three hundred people at once? It was simply unbelievable, even the secondary hypnotists in Xing Hua City didn’t have this power.

In thirty minutes, Jiang Li’s bank account had increased 192,000 star coins. He almost made 200,000 star coins in just a thirty minutes. This was simply incredible.

But, Jiang Li also invested a lot, he completely absorbed the “Spirit Stone” which costed over 100,000,000 star coins.t. He also ate more than 30 Ruby Brains.

At this rate, it meant he had invested three hundred million to his body. This was without counting the hundred days Jiang Li spent absorbing Spirits Chi of Heaven and Earth yet. In reality, at least five hundred million star coins worth of resources had been absorbed by him.

Therefore, it was not surprising at all that his life force reached 1.8.

Even Sun and Moon Corporation wouldn’t invest five hundred million on Jiang Liu.

“You hypnotized three hundred people in thirty minutes?” Chu Xi Xi completely stunned, almost could not believe her own eyes. “Jiang.. Jiang Li, are you possessed by God?”

“No, but when I was in Qu Bo Planet I met with some adventure and gained more than 30 Ruby Brain. I ate all of them and absorbed their Spirit Power. Unfortunately, I haven’t broken through to the Stasis yet.” Jiang Li shook his head. With a stronger Spirit Power he was able to hypnotize more people, but couldn’t change his hypnotism essentially.

After three hours, Chu San arrived at An Quan Corporation. Once he entered the room, he looked directly at Jiang Li and cast down a few hypnotisms. To his surprise he found that Jiang Li didn’t move at all. He couldn’t defeat Jiang Li.

Even Chu Shan who was a “Stasis” master couldn’t hypnotize Jiang Li, because his life force and attacking power were weaker than Jiang Li’s. If they were in a battle, Chu Shan would have no chance chance to win.

After he checked Jiang Li strength, he spoke up: “Jiang Li, after some discussion, the board directors of An Quan Corporation has decided to hire you as the CEO in Xing Hua city division, how do you feel about this?”

“CEO is also an employee, but thatdoesn’t matter, I accept it.” Jiang Li didn’t refuse, once he became the CEO he would immediately would hold the major authority and be able to command the staff and use the corporation’s channels. The certainty of victory against the Sun and Moon Corporation has increased substantially.

He could take and pass the Astral University test as long as nothing happened in these twenty days.

Even the Sun and Moon Corporation didn’t dare to meddle with the students of Astral University, and finally Jiang Liu would no longer be so arrogant.

“Okay, let’s sign the contract.” Chu Shan sent the contract via email and hired Jiang Li as CEO. Soon, this news was delivered through a mail to all employees in An Quan Corporation Xinghua City division.

However, the CEO was also a professional broker. Although he didn’t have shares he was able to command any staffs and also had ability to hire and fire.

Jiang Li actually cared more for An Quan Corporation’s connection, in terms of the forces and his staff rather than those shares.

On Earth, An Quan Corporation had great leverage in XingHua City. Although Sun and Moon Corporation tried hard to weaken their power, it was impossible if they to uproot the An Quan Corporation. After all this was a legal dispute and not a fight between mafias.

However, An Quan Corporation had been almost completely defeated in the black market of Xu Hua City.

“Jiang Li, I hope you can reestablish the black market in Xu Hua City to against Sun and Moon Corporation. Currently, the black market has become bigger and bigger. And if this trend continues, it will probably will become the center of the Earth and expand to other planets too. Our top management has confirmed, if you accomplished this mission, you will receive Corporation’s shares as reward.

Chu Shan started to tempt him.

“Let me launch a campaign against the Sun and Moon Corporation…..” Jiang Li said with a flat tone: “Fine, my target is also against them.”

“We look forward to some exemplary operations” Jiang Li and Chu Shan shook hands.

He watched Jiang Li grow up, but he was surprised with his current achievements.

In this way, Jiang Li had become the CEO in An Quan Group Xing Hua City Division. From now on, this big mountain at the countryside was in his way.

“In these twenty days, I will use the power in my hands to teach the Sun and Moon Corporation a few lessons.” Jiang Li finally smiled.

Big black chuckled..

The first target was aiming at the precious treasure of Sun and Moon Corporation black market, the secondary mecha.

Translation by CassiEast

Edited by Rohan Rajaram.

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