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Chapter 82 Patience


All the students started to discuss. “What just happened?”

Jiang Liu stopped and looked coldly at the deep hole. This strike had used the great attacking power of the armor. If it had hit people, it would have been equivalent to a hit by a car with the speed of 100 km/hr; it would definitely have torn down his flesh and gushed blood.

“How did he escape that attack?” Yu Mu Hua was stunned, but didn’t release his fist because a thousand students were gathered there; if he indirectly killed a person it would affect his family’s reputation.

After all, his family were all government officials.

It was different with Jiang Liu, he didn’t care and wanted to kill Jiang Li directly in public, his anger at being unable to find Jiang Li these hundred days appearing.

However, Jiang Liu could never have imagined that Jiang Li would have been able to avoid his attack and suddenly had a worrying premonition. “You can avoid the armor attack?”

“Jiang Liu, how dare you attack people in public, do you think there is no law at all on this planet?” Jiang Li had used the Emperor Wind Seal to avoid the attack just then

He had a strong spirit which could sense the aura of murder and could even avoid bullets now; to avoid the armor attack was nothing at all.

Moreover, this was an Elementary Mecha, not a supersonic Secondary Mecha that even the spirit can’t react to.

Jiang Liu shouted, “Law? I’m the law. In these one hundred days you actually avoided my killing you, you win! But one thing you have to remember is, I won’t let you get away from me wherever you are. I heard your hypnotism is very powerful, but my armor can separate all kinds of sound and light, all control lies in my brain, I want to see how you can hypnotize me!”

It seemed he had added an energy block.

Suddenly, a light flashed on the armor, signalling it was about to release an even greater force.

Jiang Li was alert. He wanted to kill Jiang Liu so desperately, but he couldn’t! Not only did he lack the strength, but he also couldn’t hypnotize Jiang Liu due to his armor.

Moreover, his family was on his back; if he killed Jiang Liu, the Sun and Moon Corporation would take revenge against him, and he definitely couldn’t avoid that.

At the hundred days trial, where Jiang Li was chased by Jiang Liu, he knew Jiang Liu was unrestrained and reckless, and would probably hurt his family. He had been enduring Jiang Liu all this time, his heart was burning with fire and he badly wanted to improve his strength.

With his current strength, he was not strong enough to fight the Sun and Moon Corporation.

“Jiang Liu, don’t give me the chance…” There was fire in his eyes, “Why, why can’t I enter stasis! Why is the world of stasis so difficult to reach?”

In these hundred days, he had entered the fetal respiration every day, wandered his mind, travelled freely, and his power level had already improved more than before, but he still couldn’t reach stasis.

What was the point in reaching this ‘stasis’?

He felt like he still lacked a piece to reach stasis, but he hadn’t had a breakthrough.

The more Jiang Liu pushed him, the more he wanted to reach stasis. Yet his strength could not avail him.

Jiang Liu was burning with fury. “This time, I will kill you! Yu Mu Hua, let’s kill this bastard together!” He had already reached the point of not caring about the crowd. However, Yu Mu Hua was still hesitant.

At this time, several halos emanated out from the warship and enveloped all the students. Under these circumstances, Jiang Liu couldn’t kill Jiang Li as bad as he wanted to do it.

Jiang Li only felt a rush of energy encompass him. Swoosh! He was already inside the warship, and he went to lie on a metal bed. Then he heard a voice: “Ready for wormhole traversing, begin countdown, ten, nine, eight . . . three, two, one!”

Hong long!

Jiang Li experienced ‘fake death’ again, the great distortion of the wormhole travel making his current spirit unable to resist it.

This time, the opaque stone moved, absorbing the power of the wormhole flight, and made Jiang Li enter Dreamland again. He once again descended into that eccentric continent, and repeated the previous dream. From a child, he grew into a martial arts master, and this dream repeated over and over.

“Damn! Why is the malfunction happening again? Was the energy consumption always this large in every Qu Bo planet wormhole pass?” A group researchers were bursting out in anger back in the Earth base.

Jiang Li trained repeatedly in his dream, and experienced once again becoming a martial arts master.

At the same time, a pattern showed up on the milky stone. It looked like the force of the wormhole had activated some special feature of the stone.

Jiang Li was totally unaware of this, he only felt his cells activate again, and his life force increase a little bit. The power of the wormhole travel was a distortion of time and space; through the transformation of the opaque stone, the power entered into his body and made his cells highly active. His cells had become stronger which made it difficult for him to age any further or die.

After an unknown period of time, Jiang Li woke up from his dream and in front of his eyes was the familiar Earth, the blue star in the solar system.

The warship came out from the wormhole and landed in the sea. A wave of aircrafts approached to pick up the students after the warship door was opened.

Jiang Li boarded an aircraft and arrived at the square of Xing Hua Secondary School, but he didn’t see Jiang Liu there.

The principal was already waiting at the square, and a smile appeared on his face when he saw all the students were coming back without any casualties.

“All of you have survived, you have very good luck.” The principal scanned the crowd: “Go back to Xing Hua City first, we will test your life force there next as the final leg, the Astral University exam will be held in twenty days.”

All the students who had just come back from outer planets and hadn’t cleared away the fatigue started to feel nervous upon hearing this news.

The exam of Astral University would decide their fate.

It couldn‘t be compared with the trial they had just passed.

A few hours later, the flying car arrived at Xing Hua city and landed directly at Xing Hua Secondary

“Go home and rest, lift your spirits then go for the test.” the Principal then ordered the crowd to dissolve.

Jiang Li immediately called his family. After that, his chip couldn’t stop vibrating; in reality, these were numerous bank transfer informations.

The card actually had a balance of 4,830,000 now!!!

All of them were transferred from the black market in Xu Hua city. There was no doubt that Big Black did all these works.

He quickly sent a mail to him: “Big Black, I’ve just come back from outer space training, how much have you practiced?”

“I’m doing very well, ho ho, I have reached stasis already!” A video popped up, and Big Black appeared in front of Jiang Li, looking very proud. “My hypnotism has already reached the level of secondary hypnotist.”

“Mine has also leveled up, in Qu Bo Planet I absorbed the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, and now my life force has sharply improved. I do not know how far it has reached, so I’ll have to test it.” When Jiang Li heard Big Black could already reach stasis, he knew that this cat had begun its journey to becoming a powerful cat, and definitely could control the black market in Xu Hua City.

“Big Black, come over, I have three Ruby Brains, after you eat them your strength will grow and you might be able to enslave those gang leaders.” Jiang Li had decided to offer Big Black a Ruby Brain.

At first, he wanted to give the fruits to his parents and sister. But after deep thought, he observed that they were not hypnotists. If they consumed them, they would only get a fresher mind, but have no greater effect on them. If Big Black ate it, the result would be different. Big Black would become stronger and could protect his family danger.

At the mansion of White Dragon River, Jiang Li gathered with his parents and sister, the house full of laughter and happiness.

As soon as they met, his sister jumped on him and said, “Brother, recently our school had a test, and guess how far my life force reached? You’ll never guess how far I’ve reached!”

“Your Chi is so strong!” Jiang Li looked at his sister and seemed to know the life force his sister had obtained. “You’ve already reached 0.9, soon you’ll hit 1! Amazing!”

“Wow, you’re correct! But every day I take the Solar and Lunar Essence and other supplements, and Ms Chu Xi Xi has also put in a lot of effort to train me. My hypnotism has greatly improved.” Jiang Xuan felt so proud of her result: “Now I’m number one in my school!”

“If you can reach 1, you will be a real famous person Jiang Xuan, but right now you’re still a secondary school student, so you don’t need to rush.” Jiang Li clapped his hands, “Father, Mother, how are you? These days when I was gone, did anyone come to disturb you? And why hasn’t my little brother come home yet?”

“Don’t worry about Jiang Tao, he went to the Military to take secret training, and it will take a long time. The school doesn’t mind whether he wants to go to school or not. Jiang Tao made some contributions and he was awarded with a military rank; representatives from the military even paid us a visit two months ago. The Sun and Moon Corporation didn’t look for us.

Jiang Li’s eyes flashed. “Oh?” he asked. It seemed his little brother had also much improved and gained a deep relation with the military. “Dad, don’t worry, there’s an exam at Astral University in twenty days. This time I will definitely get in, and after that the Sun and Moon Corporation won’t dare hurt you.”

“I’m confident, I believe in you.” Jiang Zhen Dong nodded, and said, “After you have your own power, build me a laboratory and let me research the real Solar and Lunar Essence. Although your dad’s life force is nothing much, I’m very familiar with Solar and Lunar Essence. I’ve also hidden a stash of important files in a secret place they don’t know about. We’ll develop a no side-effects Solar and Lunar Essence to defeat the Jiang family!”

“What?” Jiang Li was shocked.

Building a large laboratory to source a no side-effects essence, and releasing it to the market? After getting the government’s permission, it would not be considered an illegal drug. One thing that’d be for sure would be that the Corporation would become a super corporate group in a blink of an eye!

“Father, don’t worry, I will establish a group and build a laboratory for you. You just need to take care of yourself right now,” Jiang Li promised.

Jiang Zhen Dong laughed, “These days, I’ve been taking a lot of supplements, and have started to train; my body is getting better and better. I’m in my forties now, but since I can live for 100 years, there’s still 50 more years to go. In fact the An Quan Corporation sends over the supplements every day, so living until 120 years will not be a problem.”

“I will hypnotize you every day to ensure you have a good rest.” Jiang Li said.

At night, he hypnotized his parents and sister into deep sleep. He tested the index of sleep: it reached 200! This sleep quality definitely could not be done by an elementary hypnotist.

At night, when Jiang Li was training in his room, he suddenly he heard a voice. He saw a man in black walk into the house, full of bright, bright flowers which wouldn’t stop falling. This man had a holy look, seemed like a god who had descended to the Earth.

“Big Black, you’re amazing! I was so confused I almost didn’t recognise you.” Jiang Li shouted loudly and released a sound of thunder, whereupon suddenly the illusion disappeared. What remained was a huge, dark cat that had swaggered into the house.

It was just the illusion of Big Black’s spirit now.

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