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Chapter 81 Perfect Speed

“Emperor Wind Seal, all focused to speed, any contemplation, one movement, one sound, are all to have a faster speed. To feel the speed of wind and the realness of time.”

Numerous insights and theories came out from that White man, he revealed the secrets of Emperor Wind Seal from all sides.

In his dream, Jiang Li tried to understand the mystery of this seal.

His spirits were high, the air was full of fetal respiration, numerous Spirit Chi of heaven and earth gathered in a whirlpool and integrated into his body.

Using the naked eyes, one could see numerous whirlwinds were created around him, and transformed into small tornadoes going in and out through his orifices.

Even his spirit stone was melted, the strong Spirit Chi transformed into airflow and was injected strongly to his body and cells.

In the dream, Jiang Li and this man in white trained together. The brain of universe has shone to the limit, suddenly a fierce lightning came out then transformed into numerous hurricanes bursting in flames.

He jumped slightly and performed a few movements from Emperor Wind Seal.

All the different movements included running, jumping, flashing, galloping, attacking and dodging united as one. It seemed combined perfectly with the airflow. Every breath he took made his body unable to stop revolving.


He arrived here for a while, then reached thirty meters away. And the sight of the afterimage in vague, made people dazed in a while.

Emperor Thunder Seal and Emperor Wind Seal combined perfectly and brought up the speed in the middle of swiftness and wildness.

Because of the rapid wind, the Thunder Seal became stronger and stronger. The thunder and Wind Seal were being connected inseparably, leveling up the lethality.

Jiang Li seemed to sleepwalk in his dream and couldn’t stop exploring the jungle. The trees had been destroyed one by one by every powerful palm from him.

The second seal of Wind and Thunder had come to earth taking the vast aura of an Emperor.

After jumping for three hours, he stopped and sat up straight on the ground to enter dreamland. It was morning when he woke up.

He slowly breathed out and spat out the milky stone to keep close to his person.

He opened his eyes, and the world in front of him seemed a lot clearer, his pores contracted naturally and his body had a look of white mist.

He felt his life force had leveled up more than before, all his martial arts acknowledged the Emperor Thunder Seal and Emperor Wind Seal as basic, and had fully integrated. Boneless Jujitsu, Dragon Claw Subjugation, Military Exploding Fist Thrust, and so on could be performed flawlessly.

Slowly, he had the potential to become a martial arts master.

Casually performing the series jabs in Military Exploding Fist Thrust, will create numerous explosion in air. Jiang Li could release exploding fist comfortably. He could release 20 exploding fist in a second.

The air around him continued to explode, numerous leaves were whirled by his wind palm. Under the fierce airflows, burst into powder. This was the same as a superpower fist.

He stopped after releasing a series of three thousand fists, took a deep breath and calmed his mind.

“Did my physical ability enhance to a new level? Why is my progress so fast in just a whole night of training? I can feel there is a large amount of Spirit Chi inside my body.” Jiang Li noticed that the Spirit Chi he usually absorbed just took one percent of last night's training.

He suddenly recalled something and searched along his body. And the result? The 10 grams spirit stone had disappeared.

“Oh my god!! I have absorbed all the Spirit Chi from that spirit stone last night!! One hundred million! I lost one hundred million…” Jiang shouted and hit his chest. As there was no one around the jungle, he could release his emotion freely.

After venting for a while, he saw the Ruby Brains were still in his bag, then he took out one of them and ate as his breakfast. This breakfast valued five hundred million Star Yuan.

While eating the fruit he thought to see that sorcerer’s corpse to search for some valuable things, and the result was nothing, he shook his head and jumped to the deeper part of the jungle.

The jump this time, his speed was obviously faster than before, using all kind of movement in Emperor Wind Seal, and turning his body a little bit, he shot his hand out. Chirp! A bird was caught by him, it couldn’t fly away from his palm. Scurrying in the trees and being able to catch a bird? This agility is simply scary.

“Feels so good…” Then Jiang Li saw a huge four winged tiger flying over towards him, he shouted a sound that could penetrate through gold and shake clouds in the sky.

The four winged tiger was stunned then flew down towards him, and was hypnotized by Jiang Li then.

He jumped on the four winged tiger and said “Let’s Go!”. That fierce tiger flew away from that place.

Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua seemed to have disappeared without a trace because Jiang Li had left the group and with the help of the four winged tiger, he completely got rid being killed by them.

After that, Jiang Li flew nonstop everyday, travelling, and sleeping deeply if he felt tired, absorbing the Spirit Chi of the heaven and earth if he felt hungry. If he was high in spirit, he would train himself. On the cliff, waterfall, at the top of a tree, and at the depth of a lake, he even saw the desert and the wide ocean.

But this Qu Bo Planet was too big, the place he had travelled to was just a small pieces of the big planet.

He completely opened his soul, did not bother checking for upgrading of his life force and martial arts skill, just letting things go naturally.

Even he forgot time, but never forgot to eat one Ruby Brain each day.

Gradually, he had eaten enough of Ruby Brain, and he didn’t try to guess his spiritual power and life force.

His mental condition had really entered a world similar to Dreamland.

Just because of this, he just trained in nature without force or persistence, this made his cultivation level have a feel of different stages. His soul became more harmonized, he realized a world that other students couldn't reach.

“There are 3 Ruby Brains left, i don’t want to eat them, I'll just take them back.” This day, he checked his bag and realized how long the time had passed, it was already close to a hundred days.

“Ding Dong!”

Suddenly, a signal appeared on his computer chip, someone sent over a mail.

“The trial for training has three days left, all the surviving students have to prepare themselves and bring their belongings, then head to the appointed place. If you miss this chance, you will stay forever on this planet.”

After that, on the chip showed a coordinate.

This was the warship that had jumped over to this Qubo Planet and using its energy to begin radiating, sensing every student's chip.

“I have gone so far away?” Jiang Li saw that coordinate point has at least 10.000 km away from his place and it was a straight-line distance. If only relying on physical ability, it was impossible to reach there in three days, fortunately there was the four winged tiger, it had a high physical strength and could fly for a long time.

“Four winged tiger, let’s go!!”

Jiang Li jumped to its back and started flying for days and nights. According to the coordinate, he would not get lost anyway.

The journey fully took three days, when the tiger was exhausted Jiang Li hypnotized another one, in this primitive tribe, four winged tiger was a common animal, although sometimes he couldn't find them, there was still a stronger ability big bird.

The advantages of hypnotism at this time had shown up. Controlling the animals from their soul and becoming the king of the jungle.

Finally on the 3rd day, Jiang Li arrived at the appointed place, there was a big plain, and some students had already gathered together. A warship was floating in the sky above and seemed to be waiting for all the attendees.

He didn’t want to show his capability, at the border of the flatland he flew down quietly, jumped with full speed and come to the plain looking for students from Xing Hua city, at this moment he saw Lara and Liana.

The face of two girls showed how much they had overcome and their spirits had become stronger than before. Physical strength and cultivation also improved a lot, their life force must have increased to 1.2.

“Ehh, see! The man that Liu Sha wanted to kill is coming back.”

“Correct, that is Jiang Li.”

“Wow, did he come back alive after getting rid of Yu Mu Hua and Liu Sha? I heard that they used Carbon Fiber Super Armor that can be considered as unbeatable in the jungle, and they still couldn’t chase Jiang Li?

“This man’s survival ability is so strong!”

“Liu Sha and Yu Mu Hua haven't come back, the warship has delayed in leaving probably because they are still waiting for them, if we didn’t arrive at this time, the warship probably would have left...”

A lot of students were secretly surprised after seeing Jiang Li and waited to see what would happen next.

“Jiang Li, are you okay?” Liana and Lara came close to him, “Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua were chasing after you, did you get hurt?”

“Take it easy, their speed can’t catch up to me.” Jiang Li smiled randomly, he didn’t know what hevel his life force had reached, he would look for a time to test it. Looking at the plain, mountains, rivers, and the big land in the distance, he knew that he was about to leave this place. A place that has transformed him.

This place was worthy to be recalled. Unfortunately, this is not his hometown.

He knew that although in this planet he could absorb the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, but the cultivation level of his soul would stop here, after going back to Earth, he could only reach Stasis after becoming aware of what happened in the world.

“Look, they come, they come…”

Suddenly, two shadows flew towards them, after landing, they showed how flustered and exasperated they were.

Ka cha ka cha, the helmets cracked, Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua appeared.

These hundred days, they couldn’t find any trace of Jiang Li, and searched everywhere for nothing.

Now, they finally rushed to the appointed place and were almost late. They didn’t know Jiang Li was already here.

“Jiang Li!” When Jiang Liu saw Jiang Li, his eyes were filled with anger and he rushed to Jiang Li.

A shadow flashed!! The speed was unbelievably fast, the huge power of the armor bombardment came from two sides, and the people on the two sides almost fell to the ground, all the people were shocked.

A fist.

That bombardment came towards Jiang Li.

On the ground appeared a deep hole.

And… Jiang Li was at other side, getting rid of the attack.

He avoided the attack from the armor!!

Ed's note: I feel like Jiang Li was in a state of being high this chapter, am I the only one that feels that way?

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