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Chapter 80 The Emperor Wind Seal

“Wow, a bag full of 49 Ruby Fruits, all fruits in this primitive tribe are here. One for five million, ten for fifty million, and twenty for one hundred million? Then It means I got more than two hundred million values of fruits.”

“Great, my hypnotism has improved so much that I can even hypnotize all 157 warriors here in just ten minutes. This kind of hypnotism even Gu Xiong and Chu Shan can’t compare.”

Exactly, although the power of Chu Shan and Gu Xiong was higher than Jiang Li, they didn’t have to use sound, gestures, and eyes to hypnotize, however their brain cells are weaker if compared to Jiang Li’s.

If they were here, they would only be able to hypnotize about forty to fifty people. Their speed was also slower than Jiang Li’s. Although Jiang Li was still an elementary hypnotist, his skills were already more than his job. He would make a lot of money even just relying on his hypnotism.

He climbed the trees like an ape, and didn’t stop harvesting fruits. With his speed, he collected a bag of 49 Ruby Brain in just a few minutes.

He ate two Ruby Brain then to see how they tasted. These Ruby Brain fruits could be directly eaten. But it seems the fruit has side effect of anesthesia on the nerves.

Fortunately, Jiang Li’s spiritual power already had a deep foundation. He moved his body while contemplating the brain of the universe, his brain cells quickly rushed, all the efficacy of Ruby Brain has been resolved.

Suddenly, he felt energized after the tiredness which was caused from hypnosis just now.

Jiang Li felt his spiritual power. Although it didn’t level up, his brain cells were stronger than before, and able to hypnotize more people.

“Okay, from now on I will absorb the spiritual aura from heaven and earth, eat Ruby Brain and I want to see how much my hypnotism can reach after a trial. Hypnotizing two hundred people in one go will not be a problem.” Then he jumped onto the four winged tiger after calling it out from sky.

He wanted to leave the tribe, otherwise he would be killed if found out by the people here. When Jiang Li was about to leave, he suddenly heard the intense sound of a big bird from a distance.

At night, he had already seen that the sorcerer had returned back, obviously there was a telepathic connection telling him that something had happened to clan tree and to return quickly from the outland.

This kind of primitive human sorcerer, could be called a “prophet”, the heart premonition, if very powerful can predict all the sudden changes of fortune.

“This is bad!” Jiang Li realized, this sorcerer was too strong, he couldn’t match up with him, his hypnotism could completely restrain Jiang Li. He touched the tiger’s head “Let’s go”. The tiger roared exhausted from flying. The sorcerer came nearer and nearer then suddenly shouted, Jiang Li immediately felt dizzy, and that four winged tiger began to turn and fall down.

“Crap!!” Jiang Li was shocked, “How come the sorcerer’s hypnotism is so strong? The mental fight has caused me to have illusions.”

He quickly touched the head of the tiger and performed emperor spiritual seal to settle his power. The four winged tiger spread its wings again, but they continued to fall down.

“Go down, we can’t stay this high in the sky, otherwise we will die tragically if we fall!” Jiang Li knew the sorcerer was trying to kill him, he couldn’t rely completely on the four winged tiger, only by landing in the forest was he going have a chance to survive.

He then repeatedly shouted out the Emperor Lightning Melody towards the sorcerer’s big bird, but it was useless. The sorcerer was too strong, he had connected with his bird, Jiang Li couldn’t hypnotize him.

The four winged tiger spread its wings and flew down, after landing in the forest, it directly fell to the ground. This time, the sorcerer’s big bird was also flying down towards Jiang Li.

Jiang li was about to jump down into the trees to hide from the attack from the sorcerer when suddenly, all the trees changed into a stone mountain and stone walls, he couldn’t cross at all. “This is an illusion, illusion!!” Jiang Li immediately knew that this was an illusion made by the sorcerer.

He couldn’t run away, because there were too many illusions in front of him, if he jumped into a big tree, he would end up with a broken head.

“Who are you? Why did you steal the holy fruit from my tribe!!”

A tone rang up in the depth of his heart, Jiang Li understood what the sorcerer meant, there was no communication barrier between their spirits.

He saw clearly that the sorcerer walked towards him, a middle aged man, two meters tall, and had a perfect body.

“The brain of the universe!!” Jiang Li started performing the brain of universe immediately.

At that moment, all the illusions disappeared, and one fist came towards his face. The power of this fist tore down the air, and caused a powerful cyclonic airflow, only a foot away from him.

This strike was too sudden, Jiang Li didn’t understand at all, he thought the sorcerer was walking slowly towards him. This kind of mental illusion really distorted people's perception of reality.

This is a strong one! Makings people feel painless and think they are in heaven, when infact they have died.


Jiang Li didn’t hesitate and threw a fist out, showing a full outbreak of Emperor Lightning Seal, the earth moved like a monster was coming out.

Two fists collided.

The entire body of the sorcerer was shaking, his whole arm fractured in one hit!! Jiang Li came back to fight after a backward jump. This hit showed that the sorcerer’s life force is lower than his, probably reaching 1.6.

Jiang Li used all the nowadays high technology herbs to supplement his body, he received a systematic exercise, and after reaching this place using the fetal respiration to absorb the spiritual aura from heaven and earth to train his body. At this rate the strength of his body could be compared by those human in primitive tribes.

Of course, humans in primitive tribes were stronger than any master in common because of the special spiritual aura from heaven and earth on this planet.

But by the time Jiang Li came back to fight, the sorcerer had disappeared. Crash!! A big tree was hit down by his fist. There was only emptiness, no shadows at all.

In the depth of his spirit, a voice came out and said, “You will see under your feet, a mass of fire burning your body, poisonous insects are drilling into your pores, eating your organ, do you feel your body is extremely itchy? That is caused from the bites from the insects…”

Although this was an illusion, the pain was real.

There was a man doing a wrist-cutting experiment, he blindfolded his eyes, then used the blade to cut his wrist. Next to him there is a dropper he made to simulate the sound of dropping blood. He really thought his wrist has cut down by himself, after that his body was extremely weak.

If a hypnotist said you are being burned by fire, you will really die from pain. All the neurons are controlled by the cerebrum. If the cerebrum thinks it is pain, your body will really be in pain.

Jiang Li saw that a lot of poisonous insects were flying towards him, entering to his body, starting to eat his flesh, really horrible. He knew all of this was an illusion, but it couldn't be taken lightly, he started contemplation of the brain of universe to defend the sorcerer’s hypnotism.

He could see the sorcerer vaguely in distance, suddenly jumping, a harsh sound came out from the sorcerer’s mouth, those were coming towards Jiang Li. If Jiang Li loosed up a bit, the illusion would be greater, and the pain would be indescribable. So he couldn’t move a little bit at all.

The sorcerer didn’t dare to come nearer, although now he used the spiritual illusion to trap Jiang Li down, but if once distracted, Jiang Li would become out of control.

Unstoppable spiritual illusions were coming towards Jiang Li, in spite of Jiang Li using the brain of universe to defend, this sorcerer’s hypnotism skill was stronger than Gu Xiong and Chu Shan, he didn’t know if it had reached the world of Greater Stasis?

Stasis has three states; lesser stasis, greater stasis, and eternal stasis. The spiritual power for every stage is difference, if one reached the Eternal Stasis, one could scan all directions with a thought.

Suddenly, that sorcerer began to worship, and his position became very sacred, he spurted out fresh blood, and his eyes showed green light, seeming like a jumping devil fire.

Jiang Li suddenly felt his illusion increased ten times more than before.

Jiang had prepared beforehand, he took out his milky stone and bit it, and he entered the world of fetal respiration.

The illusions disappeared slowly, then suddenly that sorcerer shouted out and his blood came out from his seven holes (eyes, nose, mouth and ears). He fell down to the ground and died directly.

Already in the level of Greater Stasis, the sorcerer still couldn’t defeat the white stone.

“Huffft…” Jiang Li was relieved and a sound came out in his head. Ahh, the training for Emperor Spiritual Seal has started. This time what comes next, Emperor Wind Seal?

That primitive tribe sorcerer helped him to start the training for Emperor Spiritual Seal the price was his death. Jiang Li didn’t care too much about it, and entered the Dream Land, and saw again a big man in white, and above him was Brain of Universe formed by stars.

“Congratulations for opening up the second training for Emperor Spiritual Seal, the Emperor Wind Seal. Among the nine seals, thunder stands for attacking power, and wind stands for speed...”

“Wind stands for speed? Currently My speed is already very fast, if I mastered the Emperor Wind Seal, plus Thunder Seal, how strong will I become?” Jiang Li listened carefully.

The brain of universe above the head of that man shone once again, suddenly in contemplation, all kinds of winds gathered in the universe, there was; breeze, cool breeze, hot wind, tornado, interstellar storm… all of these winds are used for contemplation.

At the same time, the man made a sound, it was different from thunder, it was the sound of all kinds of wind. Thunder in a speed of light and strong gale…

Trans by CassiEast.

Edited by Orphire.

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