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“Also, every once in awhile there would be mysterious messages from Xu Hua City, telling us to collect goods from hidden locations and give it to Jiang Xuan.” Everytime Gao Ren thought about it he would find it remarkable, “Just now our men delivered 10 bottles of Solar and Lunar Essence to the White Dragon Villa.”

“Jiang Li has raised other powers, except we cannot pinpoint whom they are.” Chu Xixi scrunched her brows.

She had sent men to investigate, however all returned hypnotised, unable to recount a single thing. Overtime she had recognized there was a mysterious group working within Xu Hua City. They were very powerful and were friends of Jiang Li.

“Take Jiang Xuan to the headquarters in the Peace Edifice, I’ll personally teach her all kinds of martial techniques and hypnosis tricks. I’ll see if she has potential to become a hypnotist.” Chu Xi Xi ordered Gao Ren.

“Yes miss!” Gao Ren made an exit.

Chu Xixi fell into deep thought, “Jiang Li, who the hell are you? You’re becoming more and more mysterious. Who is the force behind you?”

Qubo Planet.

Jiang Li leaped off from a four winged tiger and onto the peak of a mountain. From afar the mountain soared into the sky almost vertically, more awe-inspiring than any landscape on Earth.

These days, he had hypnotised four winged tigers to assist him escape the clutches of Jiang Liu and Mu Hua, winning himself peace and quiet. It had been a full month of him continuously travelling and cultivating. In the primitive jungle of this alien planet, devoid of human contact, it was very easy to attain a heart devoid of thoughts.

As his heart released itself from the shackles of society, complete with daily fetal respiration, Jiang Li didn’t even need to eat food, for he could provide for himself. He even had spare energy to reconstruct his bones and tissue to improve his physical capabilities.

Everyday he lived in the state of a taoist.

In the vast mountains and valleys, amongst the wind and clouds, the only restraint was the world itself.

This type of lifestyle had purified Jiang Li’s spirit, almost making him forget what it was like on Earth. He forgot his peers, forgot all the drama of society. The thought of not returning had sprung up once again in his mind.

He did not want to leave.

This type of training had improved his spiritual prowess to the point where if he contemplated the Brain of the Universe, he could recall every single memory, from young till now. Every detail, every event. He could forget things at will, then recall them back as well.

However he still could not reach the state of Stasis.

“I wonder what my life force is now, 1.6? 1.7? How many people can I hypnotise? A hundred people a day is in the bag, probably even more.”

Standing up from the cliff, Jiang Li kicked out his leg.

A hundred kilogram rock was sent hurtling, flying almost 20 meters before crashing onto a cliff face, shattering into smaller rocks.

He roared with a sound as if rolling thunder. A hidden four winged tiger in the jungle was frightened, but just as it took off, Jiang Li jumped almost 20 meters out from the cliff to saddle the tiger neatly.

This required exceptional courage, the ability to put death aside.

Otherwise if he had not landed on the tiger, below him was a bottomless expanse of space. He’d die almost instantly.

Puffs of fog and clouds drifted past Jiang Li. He thought he was like a god, scanning the rivers and valleys below him. His eyes were just as good as eagles, and even small rodents couldn’t escape his gaze.

“My vision had become this good? It’s almost like a telescope. It’s probably due to my spiritual waves.”

A strong spirit could be projected into the world to monitor minor changes, then rebound back to assist the brain in visualizing the world. This is the so called ‘using your heart’ to do something.

Jiang Li attempted to find spirit stones again as he rode the four winged tiger. Unfortunately it had been more than ten days since he had even seen a trace of it, supporting the fact that even on Qubo spirit stones were a rare commodity.

The time he had found a ten gram spirit stone was pure luck.

“The sky is hazy in its views, bereft of mortal trivialities…” He wanted to sing.

“Wait… What’s that ahead?”

Ages later, his eyes lit up at big but crude wooden houses in the distance, surrounded by thick undergrowth.

It was a clan of primitives.

Sections of clans connected to form a giant communal living area.

Jiang Li had known there were locals on Qubo planet, because humans had not fully conquered it yet. Jiang Li hypothesized it was either due to lack of sufficient fuel for wormhole travel or the presence of dangerous things on the planet itself.

Jiang Li stopped in the sky to check out the village in detail. This clan was huge, and the people within were all big and tall, averaging two meters tall. Clad in beast hides and wielding wooden clubs, they didn’t even have metal weapons.

But they were extremely strong, with a powerful physique. Jiang Li lurked for a day and night, and discovered an adult male could easily rip apart metal armor breasts bare handed.

A single punch could knock them out cold.

Their life force was at least 1.3 to 1.4.

“As textbooks have said, Qubo natives were extremely strong. The witch doctor of clans had powerful spirits, enabling them to control wild beasts. Wars were frequent between different tribes, and enemies that were captured or killed would be sacrificed to the Holy Clan Tree, their blood and brain as nutrients. The Clan Tree would thus produce the Blood Core Fruit, which were used to create even more witch doctors.”

Jiang Li had opened a chip to scan for information related to this planet.

Qubo was in a completely separate realm from Earth, and so internet connection was impossible. But before Jiang Li had arrived he had downloaded info on the place, which would aid in his survival.

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Originally, primitive tribes were unreachable by students as they were let off in a secluded trial area by higher ups. However Jiang Li, having hypnotised four winged tigers, flew a distance of god knows how long over 2 months, well out of the intended range for students to be in.

Jiang Li suddenly froze, for he saw a tree. It was lush with fruits, all an identical blood red colour the size of a brain.

“Blood brain cores…” Jiang Li’s whole body tremored.

Back at the black market on Earth this stuff was worth five million starcoins, obtainable only by a select few. It could greatly increase internal secretions within the brain, and was extremely beneficial to raising mental prowess.

It was also something many hypnotists dreamt about.

An average elementary hypnotist could hypnotise two to three clients into deep sleep. However, if they consume a blood brain core, they can hypnotise double the amount of people before, and the success chance will also increase.

Boom, boom, boom.

Jiang Li’s heart beat fast in his chest. He suddenly heard the sound of a horn. Groups of primitives lead hundreds of shackled slaves towards the blood red tree. They then bashed the slaves to death with clubs and split open their skull, brain tissue and blood spewing out and sinking into the soil. The primitives then proceeded to pray earnestly.


A giant bird arrived from the sky, almost ten meters in length. On top of it sat a witch doctor.

Witch doctors were the leaders of primitive clans, and could hypnotise enemies and wild beasts alike with their spiritual powers.

However their hypnotism methods were very crude, incomparable to the techniques of mankind. Witch doctors were quite small in numbers, and there was no such thing as elementary witch doctors or apprentice ones.

Those that were deemed worthy of the title witch doctor had a spiritual cultivation level of at least being able to enter stasis.

Those that hadn't reached stasis could not possibly become hypnotists as there was no systemised techniques.

Primitives had a pure mind, and the witch doctors had powerful spiritual powers. Coupled with the regular consumption of blood brain cores, Jiang Li could not afford to be careless.

Any being that could enter stasis was immeasurably strong.

“So many blood brain cores… A single tree has at least hundreds!” Jiang Li was salivating at the fruits present in front of his eyes.

Unfortunately for him, the tree was heavily guarded by elite warriors of the clan. Each of them had a life force of at least Jiang Liu and Mu Hua, some even more!

There were even a few with a life force of 1.5.

If they ganged up on Jiang Li, he wouldn't stand a chance.

“I must obtain these blood brain cores… How should I go about getting them?” Jiang Li was thinking. Having lingered for three days and nights, he soon realized that every night, when the primitives were asleep, there were less figures around the tree as the tree itself was in a secluded valley, far from the huts and houses.
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There were about a hundred warriors in the valley. The witch doctor boasted a massive dwelling right besides the tree. Unless he was out, no one had a chance of even getting near the tree.

“If the witch doctor remains here, even Jiang Liu and Mu Hua’s mechs can’t reach the tree. Only higher grade mechs capable of the speed of sound can hope to beat the witch doctor.

Jiang Li kept a low profile and trained along with his surveillance of the witch doctor.

Finally, the witch doctor left with his gigantic bird steed. At night, it was just the hundred soldiers patrolling.

“With the witch doctor away, I have a chance at hypnotising these people!”

Jiang Li grabbed the window of opportunity and quickly travelled to the valley. He started mimicking insect chirps.

A warrior slumped down.

It was almost like a disease, with warrior after warrior falling prey to Jiang Li’s hypnotism.

Some warriors tried fighting back, but it was futile. All of them fell down, asleep. Their powerful life forces were meaningless against Jiang Li’s hypnotism techniques.

In less than ten minutes, all the warriors were down.

Jiang Li finally walked out of the shadows.

He immediately made for the tree, and started filling up a bag with the red fruits.

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