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Chapter 78 Big Black Reached The “Stasis”

“Absorbing Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth feels wonderful...”

Under a waterfall, Jiang Li entered fetal respiration again, he hid deep underwater. The roaring waterfall sounds covered up everything.

There was a deep pool under the waterfall which was a full ten meters deep. There were a lot of swirls. Jiang Li embraced a big stone, his entire body was buried inside the sand. Even if one could see the bottom, his body was still not visible.

He didn’t need breathing at all, after entering fetal respiration, not only did the spirit absorb Spirit Chi to the body, but the body could use the cells to absorb the oxygen from the water. So diving in water for three days and three nights would not be a problem.

He hid quietly, looking like a loach, and didn’t move at all. His spirit immersed in the wonderful feeling of absorbing Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth. He felt like he could stay that way till the end of time.

He was very patient, could stay like this for a long time.

At night.

Eight hours had passed and Jiang Li hadn’t come out yet.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

Suddenly, two devilish shadows appeared at the waterfall shore, they were Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua. They kept looking around for Jiang Li, but they couldn’t find him.

“I’m sure that rascal is nearby, but I can’t detect his heat at all, it suddenly disappeared eight hours ago.” Yu Mu Hua knitted his eyebrows, “No matter how fast his speed is, it’s impossible to be faster than our armor, he doesn’t have any chance to escape.”

“This rascal has got some tricks!” Jiang Liu also felt very angry, he had already chased for days and he still couldn’t see Jiang Li’s shadow, even his heat couldn’t be detect by the armor’s high-tech heat induction.

In fact, when Jiang Li entered the fetal respiration, his body would be in state of fake death, not having heat at all. The most important part was that the Spirit Chi helped him to combine perfectly with a kind of frequency in Qubo Planet, no high-tech tools could detect it.

“I don’t believe he is stronger than my armor!” Yu Mu Hua also felt frustrated, “After I find him, I will break his bones! Then i will question him slowly.”

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Liu launched the armor’s search function once more then walked to the distance. The heat of people in the radius of tens miles could be detected. Nothing could defeat the armor’s defense while shuttling in the jungle, they would be absolutely safe.

A few hours later, a shadow appeared from the water then walked to the shore, Jiang Li looked very pale, “Armor, it’s really the armor, they even dare to bring the armor to the trial, power really can subvert the rules.”

If he didn’t rely on the opaque stone, he would probably have died many times over.

These days, he kept escaping from them, almost being killed. Thanks to fetal respiration he could hide away from their armor’s detection, helping him to avoid the danger.

But the situation was still very dangerous.

Those two men were still looking for him.

“Fortunately, I become stronger every day. Armor? It is not a big deal! If I can breakthrough to reach Stasis, would be able to radiate out my mind, at that time I don’t have to hypnotize them! I can easily strip away their armor, I want to see how they would survive then.” Jiang Li’s face became colder and colder.

Now, time only seemed to have passed away thirty six days out of a hundred, he was already very strong, at the end of a hundred days, he surpass Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua.


A roar came out from the sky, Jiang Li immediately looked above, and there was a 3 meters long tiger with four wings, swooping down, it seemed to have found a prey.

“Beast, come down!”

At this time, Jiang Li immediately shouted out, his voice was as loud as thunder, and then the ripples that appeared in the air after a quake. The sound waves passed into the ears of four-winged tiger immediately.

This was a unique species in Qubo Planet, “Four-winged tiger”.

In the previous exam, Jiang Li had a 1 life force, his little brother Jiang Tao specially bought a bottle of wine made from four-winged tiger bone to celebrate, and the whole family got drunk happily.

The four-winged tiger got shocked, and landed down, it crept down obediently. The big monster got on the ground like a cat, completely hypnotized by Jiang Li.

Jiang Li’s hypnotism had become more powerful, although there was no progress in his realm, however along with the Spirit Chi absorption, his brain cells became stronger, the “Brain of The Universe” contemplation had also become faster than before.

“Fly!” He jumped on the four-winged tiger's back, and ordered the tiger to fly into the night, to fly towards the opposite direction from Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua.

Yu Mu Hua and Jiang Liu’s armor were extremely terrible, the body's jump definitely couldn’t get away from them. Fortunately, Jiang Li was a hypnotist, it was easy for him to hypnotize a powerful creature to use to take him up, this was able to make the armor unable to detect him temporarily.

The Four-winged tiger’s speed was no joke, it flew to the opposite direction, and could reach 100 km in a few seconds. Jiang Li had gotten free from Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua’s searching range.

In this way, on one side he trained his spirit, another side he played hide and seek with Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua.

In this deep jungle, he was like a duck on water. Improving every day, from the martial arts experience of Emperor Thunder Seal that was gotten from the sewer mummy, he could travel beyond the horizon and freshen up his body experience. Also by being under the pressure of Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua, he could improve faster and faster.

Time flew like a shuttle.

Days passed by, Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua still couldn’t find a trace of Jiang Li, they had already become stamped with rage and couldn’t help but feel hopeless.

The energy of armor had an intense consumption rate every day.

The black market in Xu Hua City.

Six cats were around a big black cat.

Next to them was a mountainous pile of herbs; solar essence, lunar essence, and other kinds of herbs.

There was a basin under Big Black, the basin was filled with liquid, half of it was the refreshing Lunar Essence and the other half of it was the passionate Solar Essence.

Two of them didn’t combine together, completely differentiate, like Tai Chi.

Each half of Big Black’s body was bathed in the solar and lunar essence, how extravagant was this behavior?

But for Big Black, this was not a useless effort.

At this moment, it was training.

Thinking with closed eyes. Understanding the “Brain of The Universe” contemplation which had been mastered by it. At the moment, its mind gradually subsided and one could vaguely see peristaltic movements from its body. The solar and lunar essence in the basin began to penetrate into its body, transforming its body constitution.

“What you have planted before, you will harvest it today.” A sound came out from Big Black’s mouth, giving a very sacred feeling to the surrounding.

Its spiritual realm was high enough, it didn’t know what did it had understood in the meditation. A thunderous shocking sound came out from its body.

The sound echoed in the building, lingering for a long time.

Big Black continued to speak out its understanding, seeming like a god who preached the gospel and Buddha who dispelled doubts.

Suddenly, it heaved a deep sigh.

It opened its eyes fiercely, an invisible mind wave distributed out, suddenly at the deep part of the corners in the building, a lot of mice came shivering out from a dark hole and started to worship Big Black.


Big Black released a mind wave again.

These mice seemed to fly drilling into holes, disappearing.

“Hypnotize with mind! I’ve reached “Stasis”! Big Black jumped into the sky and fell to the floor. Its body was covered up with the aura of Zen. The other cats thought Big Black was the center of the universe, with all substances rotating around Big Black.

This was the magical effect of “Stasis”.

A strong spirit, naturally brought an invisible spirit force-field feeling.

“Boss, congratulations for reaching “Stasis”! From now on, our power will be stronger in the black market, we dont even need to fear the armors!” Flower faced overlord laughed, “And your hypnotism is stronger than secondary hypnotists.”

“Right, we have to create a big era, the era of cats! Compete with humans!” Big Black jumped, “I don’t know what has happened to Jiang Li. He went to train in the outer planet, I’m afraid he will encounter some dangers.”

“Jiang Li will come back!” Flower faced overlord shouted, “We have to hunt more humans! For preparing more resources for Jiang Li! Oh right, I’ve sent an information to An Quan Corporation in these days, letting them take out some herbs to hand over to Jiang Xuan, Jiang Xuan also has also become stronger than before.”

“Ehm.” Big Black walked peacefully, “The people from An Quan Corporation are not bad, not coverting the herbs, they seem very reputable. If they are corrupt, I will kill them!”

“Sun and Moon Corporation is Jiang Li’s enemy, we have to get rid of them too! From now on, we shall focus on the people from Sun and Moon Corporation in the black market!” Flower faced overlord shouted again, “Whoever wants to go against us, kill them! Who wants to hurt Jiang Li, kill them!!!”

“Kill them... hohoho…”

First Meng, Second Meng and five other cats also started to laugh, they already could speak human’s language, after drinking a lot of solar and lunar essence, their vocal cord had changed, and they were not small cats anymore, but were strong “big leopards”.

“Night has come…” Big Black looked at the sky, “The night time is our world, guys, time for hunting…”

Now, when they were going out to hypnotize the people, they called it “hunt”.

“Jiang Li has been gone for more than sixty days, our business wasn’t been doing well, especially in the black market, we have been defeated completely by Sun and Moon Corporation.”

Xing Hua City, Gao Ren was reporting to Chu Xixi.

The situation was getting more difficult for An Quan Corporation.

“Don’t worry.” Chu Xi Xi waved her hands, “I believe after forty days has passed, Jiang Li will bring some good news to us.”

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