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Chapter 77 The Hunt

“His speed is so fast!”

Some Jing Hua students still couldn’t figure out why.

“This speed… I think he has at least a 1.5 life force…” Jiang Liu clenched his fist and his face became contorted, “How did he improve so fast? Did he eat some super panacea to build his body?”

Jiang Liu was also shocked, when they arrived at planet Qubo, although Jiang Li was more experienced in battle than him, Jiang Li’s life force was still lower than his. Jiang Liu was confident that he would kill Jiang Li this night.

But now, after seeing how fast Jiang Li escaped, Jiang Liu had lost his confidence already.

“He can’t get away from me!”

Jiang Liu’s eyes were full of anger, “Mobility mechanical armor!”

He raised his hand, the student behind him took out a big backpack. He took out a few pieces of armor. It wasn’t made from metal but from a super carbon fiber that was very light. Also, its power was higher than the metal one.

In front of these shocked students, Jiang Liu built up the armor then activated it with an energy block.

After 30 minutes, this super carbon fiber armor started to move, Jiang Liu wore it like he wearing a cloth, it covered his body, resisted water and fire.

“Amazing!” Yu Mu Hua laughed, “This is super carbon fiber elementary mecha, compared to metal armor this armor will perform better. After wearing this armor, your life force will be equal to 2, this thing was restricted, how did you get it?”

“Brother, don’t tell me you don’t own one?”

Jiang Liu also laughed, his unusual and cruel sound came through the armor, “Your coming to train in this planet will worry your family for sure, it is quite all right if they give you this armor.”

“You’re right, I did bring an elementary mecha too.”

Soon afterwards, Yu Mu Hua also took out a set of armor, then he wore it after being activated, “Wearing stuff after they are activated is so troublesome, it needs half an hour and will use a lot of energy.”

“That rascal has run away for about an hour, im not sure if we will be able to find him.” Jiang Liu had already appeared thirty meters away in a move. People only saw a big tree crash down instead of how he moved.

This destructive power and speed, it would not be a problem to kill all these students.

This ability was equal to a life force of 2.

“Run... Run... Let him enjoy the run.” Yu Mu Hua smiled wickedly, “We shall just enjoy the thrill of catching a mouse. As long as we have this armor, we don’t need to worry about hunting him down. I think he must have a secret on his body! Otherwise how can his life force improve so fast?”

“Agreed, there must be a secret on his body. We have tremendous resources, but can’t improve as fast as him, we must find out his secret, we can’t easily kill him.” Jiang Liu jumped on another big tree, “Master Yu, Let’s go hunt down that rascal.”

“No problem!”

Yu Mu Hua told to the students behind him, “You continue your training, I will kill that student with Master Liu.”

“Got it.”

More than 300 students of Jiang Hua City replied in the same time, listening to Yu Mu Hua’s orders.

Jiang Liu, Liana and Lara stopped in a deep part of the jungle, he handed a big bag to the girls, “Take this, this bag contains detoxification and healing stuff and also some supplies. I got it from the students when striking them out. Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua will not let me off, we have to separate to keep you safe. Endure for a hundred days, the warship will pick us back, and we will be safe.”

“Okay, Jiang Li take care of yourself.”

Liana and Lara knew this was a dangerous situation, they couldn’t help Jiang Li and separation was the best the choice.

“These are my lunar essences, I give all of them to you, these supplies should be sufficient enough.” Jiang Li took out a backpack.

“How about you? You don’t want some supplies?” Liana said.

“Don’t worry, I have my way.” Jiang Li could absorb the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, he didn’t need any supplies at all. Besides that, in the process of absorption, his pores seemed to release a breathtaking feeling, implicating a mysterious aura of Planet Qubo, no poisonous insects dared to come close.

If he got a bite, he would recover soon.


After the talk, Jiang Li jumped on a big tree and kept jumping into the distance, and disappeared after a while.

While Lara and Liana were running to another direction.

Students with a life force of 1, their speed could catch up with cheetahs. 1.1 was stronger. Lara and Liana would be enough to protect themselves if they had sufficient supplies.

Not to mention Jiang Li, he almost had the aura of a flying bird when jumping in the jungle. He could fall on the big branches and leaves accurately and then used the power of the bounce to start jumping. His body became lighter and lighter.

At this place, one could train ones body to improve ones martial arts.

“Eh? There is a water flow in front.”

After running for a few hours, Jiang Li heard water gurgling sounds from a distance, and went towards it. He discovered a clear stream. He used his spirit to feel and found no danger in this place. Then he washed his face, took a bath and refreshed himself after changing his clothes.

After that, he put the white stone in his mouth, and began to enter fetal respiration to absorb the Spirits Chi from Heaven and Earth.

Little by little, Spirits Chi from Heaven and Earth started entering his body, gathering inside his cells, massaging his body, relieving his nerves fatigue, and enhancing his muscle activities.

Jiang Li entered into a realm from the outside world.

“Eh? This time and the previous fetal respiration don’t seem the same?”

In the middle of absorbing, he felt a rich Spirit Chi passing over from a direction. Usually he just absorbed the thin ones which seemed like clouds. But this time, the Spirits Chi seemed like a thick colloid.

He woke up, spat out the stone, and looked around.

“Something must have happened, why is it so thick?” he began to search, walking along the stream and sitting down to feel with fetal respiration.

Sure enough, that rich and thick Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth seemed to come from inside the river.

“Here, here is the distribution point!”

Suddenly, Jiang Li saw a swirl in the middle of the river, countless stones stacked in there, eroded by the perennial water, extremely smooth. He rushed forward, moving away the stones. Then he saw an egg-sized stone shining brightly in a deeper part of the stone cave.

The rich and thick Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth came from this stone.

“Oh My God! This is… spirit stone!”

A gram of spirit stone was worth ten million star coins, this stone at least had 10 grams which meant he found a stone with more than a hundred million worth.

( Ed’s note: The “hundred million” part was translated as a “billion”. I don't know if the author meant 100 grams or the billion part was a mistake.)

One had to put the spirit stone in their mouth in order to absorb it. Soften slowly mixing with saliva and its energy would penetrate into ones meridians. Then ones physical and mental strength would become stronger.

The spirit stone also could be absorbed by ordinary people. Unlike with the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth that only could be absorbed when one had entered the fetal respiration. That’s was why it was so expensive on Earth.

It couldn’t be found in ordinary areas, even rarely in the elite areas. The spirit stone was hard to find, and unable to be found with an equipment. Only the strong ones who had entered the fetal respiration could find it with sense.

Just like Jiang Li, he felt the existence of the spirit stone while absorbing the Spirit Chi, this probability was almost one in ten thousand.

“Great stuff, so this is called spirit stone.” He played with that spirit stone but didn’t absorb it. Because he was able to absorb the Spirit Chi, if he took this stone back to Earth, he would be extremely rich for sure.

The spirit stone had to be put in the mouth for absorption, on hand it just a piece of ordinary stone, definitely couldn’t be figured out. It also couldn't be tested by any equipment.

Jiang Li was very excited, he just had to keep it until he got back to Earth. He would become a billionaire, and he already thought to sell it through An Quan Corporation.

“Train... train and continue to train. With the absorption of Spirit Chi in a hundred days, I will really grow up. Now my life force should reach 1.5, after a hundred days I wonder how far I can reach, 1.8? Or even 2?” Jiang Li calculated how far he could improve.

Actually, if he was only absorbing Spirit Chi, Jiang Li couldn’t improve this fast. The most important key was fetal respiration.

Fetal respiration itself was a very high level in spiritual training, the spirit exchanged with the energy from heaven and earth then transformed together. Most people simply can’t realize and understand this level.

Each time, one would get a high return after realizing and understanding it.

Added with Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, they combined and the result was simply incomparable.

So that’s why Jiang Li could improve so fast.

“Eh? Danger? Seems to come from the West, I have to hide in another direction.” At this time, Jiang Li’s sixth sense suddenly felt a sign of danger.

After had trained for a long time in fetal respiration, his sixth sense was very strong, could sense danger somehow.

He immediately began to hide, run, and even knew this danger probably came from Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua.


He jumped into the jungle, closed his pores, held his breath and ran faster and faster towards the East. His entire body seemed to lose weight and began to float on air.

Of course, this was an illusion, the human body was impossible to float on air, that went against the principle of gravity. Except for those who had a 2 life force, who would be able to break some common rules.

After two hours, suddenly a jungle was split in two, and two shadows fell down.

They were Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua.

“Here are some traces, according to the heat sensor Jiang Li must have stayed here two hours ago.” Jiang Liu squatted down and searched carefully.

“Weird, this man seems to be able to sense danger.” Yu Mu Hua knitted his eyebrows, “His sixth sense has already become this strong? Looks like he can avoid our chase.”

“He definitely has a big secret.” Jiang Liu grinned, “I have investigated his details, he was a small potato at first. He suddenly improved drastically last semester, definitely has some secret, I have to find his secret! This has become more interesting.”

“Me too, this kind of person, it’s too good for him to die in one go.” Yu Mu Hua stood on a big tree, the armor had a balance system, he would not fall off, he could even fly in air. It only consumed too much energy then.

“Let’s go, we shall continue to chase him.” Jiang Liu calculated the position and continued to hunt.

Translated by Cassieast.

Edited by Orphire.

From XianXiaWorld.

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