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The three metal armoured beast jumped and glided over.

It was like a small car ramming towards a person at full power. The person would be squashed.

“[Emperor Lightning Seal]!”

Jiang Li yelled as his body dodged. He went behind a tree and the beast rammed into the tree.

Crack, the tree trunk broke.

With this impediment, Jiang Li took his opportunity and smashed out three fists.

Each fist brought a shock wave creating explosions in the air. The three metal beasts were all sent flying.

But they crawled up with a turn and charged at Jiang Li once again.


Jiang Li sounded called out, his eyes glowed with an eerie luminosity. He was using his hypnosis.

As expected, these three metal armoured beasts stopped without moving at all and then fell to the ground. White froth came out from their mouth as if they had become brain dead.

There were ten or so more metal armoured beasts coming from behind.

Jiang Li knew it was impracticable to kill these things with his own hands. With his physical prowess, it would be no problem for him to kill 3 or five bare handed. However, when there are more charging towards him together, he couldn’t stop it with a flesh and bone body.

He suddenly made lightning howling sounds.

The sound was short but powerful.

When each sound was transmitted out, a metal armoured beast fell to the ground. They weren’t sleeping but were rendered brain dead by Jiang Li’s hypnosis.

Suddenly, he made repetitive howls and all the metal armoured beasts that charged at him started attacking their flock creating a huge chaos.

Jiang Li acquired safety for the moment.

“Jiang Li, your hypnosis is this strong already?”

Liana and Lara jumped down from the tree, they saw that whenever Jiang Li made a sound, a metal armoured beast either fell to the ground or charged at its race. They couldn’t believe their eyes, “Have you reached the level of a secondary hypnotist?”

“I haven’t entered stasis yet.” Jiang Li shook his head, “It’s just that my hypnosis is stronger than normal people.”

He looked around at the metal armoured beasts lying on the ground. He was secretly relieved. He knew that after the wormhole travel, not only did his life force reach 1.4 but his spiritual prowess also improved.

He hadn’t entered stasis yet and become secondary hypnotist but his hypnosis quantity had improved significantly.

“I wonder how many people I can hypnotise now?” Jiang Li thought to himself, “70 each day? 80? Or even more? It’s almost the same difficulty hypnotizing these beasts as hypnotizing humans. They have some degree of intelligence.”

“Be careful!”

Just when Liana was tidying up her clothes, Jiang Li suddenly yelled.

A venomous snake rolled out from the bush in the distance but it had already lost signs of life.

This snake was the Qubo snake. It’s venom could corrode metal. There were countless numbers of these snakes on planet Qubo.

It was helpless even if you were shot by its venom much less bitten by it.

Jiang Li also encountered these during the military exercise. But on planet Qubo, these types of venomous snakes were stronger. They were the wild and savage animals.

But luckily, he was sensitive. When he focused his spirit and scanned out like a radar, he could feel the mosquitos in the bush in a few hundred meter radius. He could detect any danger. He used hypnosis to kill the snake immediately.

Now, his hypnosis was starting to show its terrifying side.

He could kill someone just with one glance or one sound.

Liana was scared, she knew that Jiang Li had saved her life once again, “The animals on planet Qubo are really ferocious. There’s no way these types of animals could have been evolved on earth.

“I read the information. It said that planet Qubo was ten times larger than earth but its gravity and environment is very earth-like. This is truly miraculous. The laws of physics on earth don’t apply here.” Jiang Li felt the earth on the ground. He rested while feeling the wonderfulness of this extraterrestrial planet.

“There is a type of energy in the centre of planet Qubo. It had spread out and changed the entire state of the planet.” Lara said, “This type of energy is called the spirit chi of the heavens and earth by the scientists in the elite district. All animals that had been born on his planet will have some of this chi to a certain extent making them much stronger than life form on earth. And when this energy is being absorbed by the body, it will change the nature of life. However, normal people can’t digest this. Even stasis people can barely absorb this. Only those who have entered fetal respiration could.”

“Yes, the energy of the heavens and earth of planet Qubo is basically like the lunar and solar essence on earth, however, it is fundamentally more concentrated, stronger and violent.” Liana said as she nodded her head, “It appears that even people in fetal respiration had to be careful when absorbing this energy. There once were strong people from the elite district who came to planet Qubo to cultivate but as he was doing so, his body suddenly started burning and he ended up in a pile of ash.

“Only fetal respiration could take this energy? Oh so that’s how it is, I understand.”

Jiang Li reminisced his dream.

In the memory of the dried body in the sewer, his planet was also full of the energy called spirit chi of the heavens and earth but people also needed a strong spiritual prowess to take it in.

(TL note: spirit chi of the heavens and earth will be called spirit chi from now on.)

Once you become someone who could do so, you could become really strong and stand out from the mass of living people.

On earth, these people were dragons among men.

People who could reach stasis were significant much less fetal respiration.

And the state of stasis is divided into lesser stasis, greater stasis and eternal stasis. Whether it is Chu Shan or Gu Xiong, they were all in lesser stasis. Jiang Li had still yet to see someone in greater stasis.

“Jiang Li, we’re safe for now.” Lara took out a tube of nutritional serum, “Recover some energy, this is snow essence. It has lunar and solar essence inside too.”

“No need, keep it for yourself, I have some too.” Jiang Li also took out a tube of nutritional serum and drank it. Then he sat down on the ground and started resting.

There was also lunar and solar essence added inside his nutritional serum.

For this exercise, he also brought some supplies and could barely survive for 100 days. It was impossible for him to drink large amounts of lunar and solar essence like he did back in Xing Hua city.

Good thing this exercise was mainly for cultivating the heart, establishing the foundation within 100 days.

Jiang Li thought, if he trained for 100 days on this planet, there’s a great possibility that he could enter stasis. If he did, his hypnosis would reach a new level.

After some rest, the three started to look in the forest for some people who were also injured that needed treatment.

But they hadn’t seen one yet, everybody had been separated.

These students were all the top among their schools, they should have their own means of survival.

“Jiang Li, there are many treasures on this planet such as the ruby brains.” Lara took out a chip and it displayed many information on planet Qubo. There was a tree that bore fruit the same shape as ruby brains with many uncivilized people worshipping it.

“Ruby brain?” Jiang Li saw it in the An Quan building. It could greatly increase the strength of brain cells but it was 5 million a piece.

He couldn’t even afford one.

So these things grew natively on this planet.

“Can we connect to the internet?” Liana asked.

“No, this chip only has the originally stored information.” Lara shook her head, “When I came, I prepared a lot of things for this exercise. I stored all the information about planet Qubo on the chip.”

“What is the most valuable thing on planet Qubo?” Jiang Li asked.

“It is a type of mineral ore, called spirit stone. It is buried deep in the earth, it is spirit chi that had condensed after billions of years. These stones could be sucked by humans and its effects are well above that of lunar and solar essence.” Lara checked the information again, “The elite district had sent out large ships to excavate this multiple times but the workload was too massive and the spirit stones were rare, deep earth was also very dangerous. There would be huge explosions during excavations and there were a few times the ships had been destroyed and the whole crew lost. Therefore, the elite district stopped the excavation of this. Now, these things have been circulating in the elite district and they are very rare. One gram costs tens of millions. When people had the spirit stones in their mouths, the energy inside would seep out gradually greatly enhancing their physique. All the masters of the elite district use this to cultivate. Their life forces can reach 2, 5 even 10 because of these things.”

“The universe is truly magical, even things like this exist.” Jiang Li knew these things through the memories of the dried body in the sewer.

On that planet, many people who had not reached fetal respiration use these spirit stones to cultivate.

And people who had reached fetal respiration could use their spirit to breathe in the spirit chi so they didn’t need spirit stones.

The vast universe has all sorts of wonders.

“There are little spirit stones on planet Qubo. It’s said that the elite district had discovered a huge planet with an abundance store of spirit stones and therefore had started a massive war. Unfortunately, I'm not from the elite district so I don’t know the inside story.” Liana shook her head, “Looks like we can only enter that circle if we get into Astral University.”

“Sigh, if only I could enter fetal respiration?” Lara sighed, “Cultivating with fetal respiration on planet Qubo is like cultivating with a spirit stone in your mouth.”


Jiang Li was inspired by Lara’s words.

It was like his soul was shocked by lightning and he woke up immediately!

Yes, fetal respiration.

On earth, he could enter fetal respiration by having the opaque stone in his mouth. His cells could consume any spirit chi so it would only result in the loss of his own life potential and thus reducing the number of cell division.

But on planet Qubo, there was an unending supply of spirit chi that the body couldn’t absorb. If he entered stasis, he could pull the spirit chi into his cells. This is like cultivating with a spirit stone in his mouth, what state would he be able to achieve like this?

On earth, the opaque stone was like a death sentence.

But on planet Qubo, it is an absolute treasure.

In the night.

The star of planet Qubo had reached the other side and the starry night had appeared. There was no brilliant milky way in the sky, they were already not in the milky way galaxy. The alien sky really makes them nostalgic.

Liana and Lara had already begun cultivation, they chopped wood and make a tall house. They then spread some insect repellent around it so that no animals would come close.

Jiang Li used the excuse of scouting the surroundings and guarding them for the night to go to the tree not so far away alone.

He put the opaque stone in his mouth and started cultivating.


He entered fetal respiration without hesitation.

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