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When the spaceship flew away, many students started feeling worried. Jiang Li’s thoughts were much more acute, he could feel that when people were alone without help, they were susceptible to emotions of fear and worrying.

This was also a military trial.

Many students gathered together subconsciously.

At that moment, Jiang Li felt a dangerous eyesight attacking him.

It was Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu’s eyes were full of killing intent, it was cold yet violent. It was obvious he was going to kill Jiang Li.

There was no law on planet Qubo so it was purely the strong preying on the week. It would be abnormal if Jiang Liu didn’t want to kill him. It was very common anyways if a few students or even hundreds of students died in this exercise.

The government was selecting the strong people anyways. They let students go through life and death experience in order to create strong people.

No strong people were cultivated in a soft and warm home.

“Jiang Li, what do we do?”

Liana and Lara hurried to Jiang Li’s side.

“If we want to survive, we must leave the crowd otherwise there will be danger.” Jiang LI had already felt Jiang Liu’s killing intent and wanted to leave immediately.

The place they were at was a primitive forest. They couldn’t see its boundaries with one glance. The trees were very tall, kilometer high trees were everywhere. The plants were also more exuberant than the ones on earth.

The knowledge on earth couldn’t be used to understand this planet.

“Jiang Li!”

At this time, Jiang Liu walked over slowly with a face that showed everything was under his control, “You actually came to participate in this exercise? Perfect, on this planet, there is no human law. Who knows what will happen in this 100 days. Struggle, and beg for a living, I want to see you eyes full of despair.

“Jiang Liu, what happened? You have conflicts with him?” At this time, the first among the students in Jing Hua city, Yu Muhua came over. He had been constantly watching Jiang Liu’s movements.

“He’s not worthy enough to have conflicts with me, he’s just a little brat! He shouldn’t even be in this world.” Jiang Liu laughed contemptuously, “Yu Muhua, there won’t be a problem if a few people die in this exercise right?”

“There’s no problem at all.” Yu Muhua also looked at Jiang Li with a cold smile, “There’s no training exercise that doesn’t have casualties. Our Jing Hua city organizes ten training exercises every term. We drop out a few people each time.”

“In that case, then I will kill him right now.”

Jiang Liu folded his hands behind his back as he stood staring Jiang Li deadly. There were cruelty in both his eyes and his smile.


He attacked in that instant

Air splashed with his attacking fist

[Gods and Demon Fist]! [Gods and Demon Hell]

The fist wind of this move was like hell. With the slightest movement, it would appear as though countless demons were crawling out from hell. The faint spirited would even see hallucinations and wet their pants.

This was the miracle of B-ranked martial arts. Contemplation used together with martial arts. In the blur of the moment, the fist was magical and the opponent would experience illusions. Before the fist had arrived, their battle will would have dissipated.

What sort of figure was Jiang Liu?

His life force was extremely strong, his own will was also very sharp. When he suddenly attacked, he was like a humanoid mecha created ruptures in the ground. He kicked many stones up that flew towards Jiang Li.


Jiang released a long howl without the slightest rush. He didn’t even dodge when he faced the attack. The [Emperor Lightning Seal] was completely welded with all sorts of martial arts experience. He could see many changes in Jiang Liu’s movements. Jiang Li’s body was rushing with blood like the waves in a river creating the invincible sounds of lightning.

His hands kept changing stances, like lightning , the sound reached the surrounding people’s ears and every felt the blood in their bodies rush as they almost fainted.


The two arms clashed together, Jiang Liu took a few step back but Jiang Li retreated followed by a blink of his body, which was like a snake shaped lightning as he attacked again. His speed was incomprehensibly fast. As he retreated and attacked, his body vibrated slightly and all his stamina had recovered and even became more powerful.

“Hm? This battle technique! This life force!”

When Yu Muhua and a few masters of Jing Hua city high school students saw this bout of fighting, their faces changed, “This person’s life force seems to have already reached 1.4 and his battle techniques are god like. That retreat and attack, recovering chi during battle and mitigating the power of the ram, using Jiang Liu’s fist force to counter attack. This wasn’t physical capabilities, this was pure battle experience!”

When Jiang Liu attacked, all the students in the scene gathered to watch.

At this time, everyone knew that Jiang Liu was a significant figure. A young master of the Sun and Moon corporation. He was a rich second generation with strong power. There was actually someone who could be of a match to him?

Who was it?

“Lightning!” Jiang Li was not afraid at all at this moment. He was completely immersed in the battle experience he received in the dream. He used the [Emperor Lightning Seal] as foundation and attacked and retreated as he pleased. He attacked lightning fast and his life force finally reached 1.4.

During that day, his life was already 1.3 and afterwards, he cultivated crazily. This time, using the help of wormhole travel, somehow, the opaque stone devoured some of the energy of wormhole travel and allowed him to acquire the memories of the body in the sewerage. The excess energy also subtly changed his body and finally made his life force increase a level.

He could even feel that the opaque stone had undergone some miraculous change.

As for what the changes were, he couldn’t guess and needed to research it carefully.

But this change made his life force and spiritual prowess progress so now, he wasn’t the least bit afraid when facing Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu’s life force had reached 1.5 and was still stronger than his.

But he could use the abundant battle experience to take him on.

Because battle experience is too precious. Although Jiang Li still couldn’t completely understand it, but even understanding a part of it was very powerful.

This battle experience was 100 times more precious compared to his own. He could turn any move from the weak into the miraculous

At this time, he could see that Jiang Liu’s battle experience still had many flaws.

So when he used the [Emperor Lightning Seal], he could mitigate his deficit on life force.


Another huge bang sounded as the two clashed together again.

Jiang Li’s body was like a snake lightning and mitigated Jiang Lu’s power with the slightest movement. Then, he counter-attacked.

“Damm it!” Jiang Liu thought he could take Jiang Li down with a few moves but he didn’t expect Jiang Li to be holding his own even after a few moves. And every time, his counter-attack was exceptionally fierce making him feel his was losing face.

Immediately, the evil glow in his eyes grew and he released a long howl. His fists became more fierce, “You are very honoured to make me go into the third stage of deep sleep and using the last few moves of the [Gods and Demon Fist].”

His fists separated as he took a deep breath. Immediately, his body seemed to have expanded a circle thicker. He took a slight step forward and tens of meters of distance was covered.


A sharp shrieking yell came from his body as his fist power increased by a fold. His movements were also faster. His fists were so sharp that they were like an axe that chopped mountains. Every foot and fist carried with it sharp howls of the wind.

Jiang Li gave off an angry roar and also entered the third stage of deep sleep, dream into power.

He was like a ferocious beast dashing as his body extended and retracted. The joints of his bones sounded and in the depth of his body the Arcanum of [Emperor Lightning Seal] and the lightning of his spirit were fully revealed.

A palm sliced out.

It was like lightning that struck open the pitch black sky and cut straight for the weak joints on Jiang Liu’s palm


Jiang Liu’s fist power gushed out.

The two clashed again.

This time, Jiang Liu took 3 steps back and Jiang Li also took 3 steps back.

The two were equally matched.

“What? He has the same power as Jiang Liu? What is this?”

“This kid’s power is this strong?” A few students from Jing Hua city also felt the absurdity of the situation. They all knew Jiang Liu’s power, it was unfathomable.

“He improved this fast?” Jiang Liu didn’t attack again but his eyes were even more venomous. He was gathering power using a special breathing method to cultivate his organs making his body explode power to his limit.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li was tranquil at heart.

His battle experience was becoming more and more abundant. He didn’t fear the least bit when facing a strong opponent like Jiang Liu.


At this time, the ground rumbled and the distant primitive forest seemed to have beasts appearing.

“Not good, it’s the beast tide!”

“Iron armoured beast!”

“Let’s spread out quickly!”

Some students jumped on trees and could see the boundless beast tide rushing towards them. Everywhere they went, everything was trampled and the trees were knocked down.

These beasts were iron armoured beasts. They had a fierce personality and formed together. Their scales were like metal armor and their speed was very fast. They could even jump up and glide through the air. If you descended into the beast tide, then death was the only road for you.

More importantly, these iron armored beasts seem to have intelligence. They know how to hunt and gather. The intelligence of humans couldn’t seem to have any advantage over them.

The students rustled.

The students of each school formed little teams and fled in all directions to avoid being dragged into the beast tide.

Jiang Li jumped back, “Lara, Liana, leave here fast. We need to avoid the path of the beast tide.” At this time, he couldn’t be bothered fighting with Jiang Liu.

“Damm it!” Jiang Liu was about to pursue but was grabbed by Yu Muhua, “Jiang Liu, we should hide first too. It would be certain death if we’re trapped in the beast tide. There’s plenty of opportunities to take care of this kid later on.”

“Hehe, then I’ll let them live for a while longer first.”

Jiang Liu scorned and followed the bunch of students from Jing Hua city away from here.

After 30 seconds of leaving there.

The rolling wave of metal armor had arrived here. The ground was covered with metal armoured beasts. Each beasts glided through the sky for tens of meters before extending out their scales and ramming the trees. Just like that, a tree with the thickness of a full grown man was knocked down.

Jiang Liu, Lara, Liana had already gone into the depth of the forest. There were tens of metal armoured beasts chasing them from behind.

If they were rammed by the metal armored beasts, they would become meat pies.

Before, Jiang Li could kill a metal armoured beast in the military exercise because he had 600kg heavy armour with him. Now he didn’t have anything so he couldn’t be surrounded at all costs.

And, the attack power of one metal armoured beast and two was completely different.

Two could surround and attack from two sides.

Tens of beasts were like a small armoured army.

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