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The great dream heart sutra had the ability to protect the owner’s soul.

The numerous times Jiang Li was in danger, being hypnotized by Illusory Fox, being hypnotized by Gu Xiong, it was all because of the opaque stone that he was able to live. On top of that, he benefitted from misfortune by learning [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

This time, the worm hole made people’s soul go into a shattered state. It sensed the owner’s danger and immediately activated an unknown ability.


During wormhole travel, the huge yet invisible energy seemed to have been partially devoured by the opaque stone.

The whole battle ship was shaking.

Wormhole travel was the most advance technology of the human civilization.

Humans acquired the technology from an alien spacecraft and researched it for 100 years before finally mastering this absurd technology and had since benefitted from this by searching for planets with resources making the whole race stronger. Humans left their mother planet and took step into the vast universe.

Of course, large amounts of energy was required for wormhole travel. This energy wasn’t nuclear energy but a more advanced type of energy. It was synthesized in the undersea base.

In the vast cosmos, there are coordinates in the universe and the worm hole utilized the energy to affect the space dimension creating a huge leap in a short time.

Otherwise, planets were often hundreds of thousands of light years away and even travelling by light would take too long. They could only arrive in a short time with wormholes.

Wormhole theory was already brought about in human society 300 years ago. Unfortunately, it was only a theory and couldn’t be realised. With human’s own technology, they may not be able to realised it even in a thousand years.

But wormhole travel was also very dangerous and could not allow for any mistakes. The slightest mistake could twist the huge energy in the wormhole and make the battleship as well as the people on board disappear into the depth of the sea of stars. It may even cause them to disappear from the physical realm and turn into the smallest atom.

On the sea bed, inside the huge base.

Suddenly, the energy shook and all the sea water started gushing violently creating huge waves and tsunamis.

Beep beep beep

Countless alarms sounded.

“What happened? Why is there an energy spill? It seems something is devouring large amounts of energy in the wormhole, what is this thing?”

“Danger, danger, extreme danger…”

“Hurry up and supply back up energy, otherwise, if the wormhole twists the slightest bit, the entire battleship would be turned to dust.”

“My god, what is the thing devouring the wormhole travel energy. This amount of energy is enough for 10 years of use in Jing Hua city. Other than wormhole travel, nothing else can absorb this amount of energy.”

“Now is not the time to discuss what went wrong, activate backup energy resource immediately.”

In the depth of the wormhole base, there was a sudden rupture as the sea water formed a huge whirlpool and a gust of energy was emitted breakthrough space and time. In the dept of the ocean, a wormhole slowly opened and once again stabilized.

Meanhwile, the people on the battleship were completely unaware of what had happened.

No one knew that they were almost turned into cosmic dust to forever disappear from this physical realm.

But, Jiang Li had a dream.

This dream was extremely real as if he was living in the real world. He dreamed of himself descending onto an ancient continent. That ancient continent didn’t have technology and was a completely feudalistic era and great development of martial arts.

This continent was a planet and it was huge.

Inside the planet, there was a type of energy called spirit of the heavens and earth. This energy was absent on earth. When people cultivated, they could use breathing methods to direct the spirit energy into their body making their bodies very strong and producing immense power.

On this continent, there were countless masters and martial arts experts, there were also people who could travel into the sky and beneath the earth.

Jiang Li was born into a small family and started training in martial arts.

From the most basic respiration to all sorts of fist arts until he could finally direct spirit energy into his body. This step by step growth was all recorded in his head. In the dream, he could even remember the exact details of the martial arts moves.

Finally, he became a respected martial arts master on the continent. He could destroy mountains with just his hands. This time, the other worldly demons invaded. To protect the safety of the continent, he battled the foreign demons. As he battled, he was blasted into smithereens by the space ship.

This was a dream.

But it was too real, too clear.

It was like the ancient surreal dream where in the matter of a dream, people experience a whole lifetime. The experiences in the dream were extremely real and when you woke up, you felt as if you had completely reincarnated.

Who knew whether or not the real world was just a big dream?

Like ancient scholars who had the surreal dream.

When Jiang Li travelled through the wormhole, he also experienced this dream as if he completely reincarnated.

Dream for how many millenniums, what era is it now?

As soon as he finished the dream, these words echoed in his ear.

Jiang Li couldn’t stop reminiscing the content of the dream as if feeling his previous life. In the dream, from young to mature, every move of martial arts, they were all completely imprinted in his brain. It was so clear and deep that it couldn’t be wiped away.

He didn’t know why this happened during wormhole travel but theoretically, when people went through wormhole travel, the energy that twisted spacetime would put their thought process under suspended death.

The person shouldn’t have any memory of his experience.

But now, he actually dreamed. Dreaming meant that there was brain activity. Why was this?

He was thinking, he couldn’t see his body and could only feel a twisted space around him.

He was bored anyways so he kept recounting the details of his dream. The experience of him becoming a martial arts grandmaster. Most importantly, the experience of martial arts moves and combining it with his [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

His thought was cultivating frantically.

Once, twice, third time, fourth time….

In his dream, he was extremely proficient with the [Emperor Lightning Seal]. He didn’t know how many times he had practiced it. He only knew that he could practice for an eternity because he didn’t have to eat or drink in his dream. It was just brain activity.

1 day, 2 days 3 days, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.

He just kept cultivating like this and was bored to death in the dream so that he cultivated [Emperor lightning seal] to kill time. He counted time and felt that he cultivated at least 3 years non stop.

Because he couldn’t wake up from the dream, he couldn’t feel his body. This eternal loneliness would really create horror in people’s hearts.

Good thing he could cultivate to kill time.

If he didn’t have [Emperor Lightning Seal] and all the experience in the dream as well as the martial arts he learned, he almost couldn’t make it.

“Right, what I had experienced in the dream was probably the life of the body in the sewer. This dream was unbelievably real. It must be because of the Great Dream Heart Sutra.” Jiang Li felt in his heart, “In my dream, I actually cultivated [Emperor Lightning Seal] for a whole three years as well as all sorts of martial arts. I wonder how long it has been in real life? I’m in wormhole travel right now but I cultivated for three years in my dreams and with the lifetime of experience, it should be adequate for my spirit to mature. As soon as wormhole travel finishes and I return to the real world, my martial arts and cultivation experience would sky-rocket much less my life force.”

Think about it. A person in his dreams received the lifetime experience of a grandmaster and then proceeded to work hard himself for three years. Although there wouldn’t be any physical changes, there would be phenomenal spiritual change.

It was like the soul of a scientist entering the body of a primary school student.

Although Jiang Li didn’t completely understand everything that had happened in the dream, he thought about it carefully and could still understand quite a lot.

His martial arts experience and thought advanced too fast.


As he was thinking, his soul suddenly shook and he returned to the real world. He felt his entire body ache as if it were being torn apart. Then, a soft voice sounded, “Wormhole travel ended. We have arrived at planet Qubo, please don’t move first. You must lay quietly for an hour and familiarize with your body and thought. There will be nutritional serum sprayed for you in the compartments.”


A cool mist was sprayed out from the compartments. Jiang Li breathed in and felt the pain ease up.

An hour later, the cover from the metal bed opened. Jiang LI jumped slightly and landed on the ground. He felt his body was light and thinking was fast. It was as if he had changed his body.

He knew that he had undergone some inconceivable change. He only needed to think slightly and all sorts of martial arts moves and experiences were at his disposal.

“[Emperor Lightning Seal]!”

He pushed out a palm gently.


His blood and chi gushed in his body making thunderous noises. It was as if a greater river was gushing. His spirit was extremely focused and he could control the slightest movements of his body. The [Emperor Lightning Seal] was ten times more familiar to him than before. It was as if he was someone who had spent his whole life on martial arts.

“As expected, I’m much more proficient at [Emperor Lightning Seal]. The cultivation in the dream wasn’t fake.” Jiang Li thought joyfully, “My life force also seemed to have increased too, what changed happened to the opaque stone?”

At this time, the computer screen displayed the body of Wang Changrong, “Students, a small problem occurred when the spaceship was travelling through the wormhole but it has been resolved. We will now descend on planet Qubo. Next, you will be released onto this planet for survival. This planet has oxygen and water. It is suitable for human survival. You don’t need to wear your space suits. After you go down, our spaceship will return. 100 days later, the spaceship will appear here once again. In other words, you will be at the other side of the cosmos surviving alone for 100 days. This is also a huge training for your spirits. Fight for your future, youths.”

When he finished speaking.


Jiang LI immediately felt his body being encompassed by a halo of light and he was shot out of the spaceship. It was a long time before he was able to land on solid ground.

The spaceship disappeared.

All the students were left alone on this unknown planet, the other side of the cosmos.

Looking into the space from here, they couldn’t even spot earth.

This wasn’t their home anymore.

All the students felt some degree of homesickness, loneliness and disconsolation.

Jiang Li finally felt the feelings of those extraterrestrial warriors. On earth, they couldn’t even see their home planet. How lonely would they be?

“Dreaming of home…” Jiang Li muttered.

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