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The second day, Jiang Li came to the school hurriedly.

This was the first time he came to class after school started. He didn’t come to school for a whole 20 days mainly to avoid Jiang Liu and at the same time focus on training and saving his power for the final confrontation with Jiang Liu.

He knew that Jiang Liu wanted to kill him.

When he arrived at the school, Jiang Liu didn’t appear. Who knew what he went to do.

Lara and Liana said to Jiang Li at the first moment, “Did you see the email from the school? This training exercise is on a grand scale. It is all the students with life force above 1 from the 36 Hua cities. The last military training was weak as compared to this.”

Jiang Li nodded, “I have received the school’s email, 100 days of training time on another planet. But our school only has ten or so people who fit the requirements right? I wonder how many the other schools have?”

“Xing Hua city is a 4/5 grade city. Students with 1 life force are relatively less. I heard that Jing Hua city broke 100 ages ago. The 36 cities together would probably break 1000. There really is an abundance of masters.” Liana licked her lips, “Jiang Li, we need to stick together so we won’t be bullied.”

“This exercise will be very dangerous.” Lara was very serious, “There are crowds of monsters on Planet Qubo and even stronger alien warriors. This planet hasn’t been excavated by humans yet and belongs in the category of a barbaric world.”

As they spoke, the three arrived in the big classroom.

There were 15 people in the big classroom.

Other than the original ten masters, there was another 5 newly improved students. Ou Yang Xing was also among them, when he saw Jiang Li come forth, hatred glared in his eyes. But this look shimmered and disappeared. He pretended he didn’t see anything.

He was no longer a dominant. The position of the strongest in the school had been taken by Jiang Li.

But Jiang Li’s influence was overshadowed by Jiang Liu.

In comparison, Jiang Liu was the real significant figure. He was high above everyone else looking down at them in condescension.

“Are all the students here?”

The principal appeared here and the rumbling noises of hover cars sounded outside. They were prepared by the school, “Students, I believe you have read the school email. Is there anyone who wants to quit?”

“No.” The voices were very in sync.

This exercise was going to an alien planet. It was a rare opportunity and they didn’t even have to pay. It was completely government funded. Although it was dangerous, it was a good training opportunity. Whoever wouldn’t go must be an idiot.

“Okay then, get on the car, we will go to Jing Hua city. There will be government officials who will lead us to the wormhole traversing base.” The principal said, “Get on the car, you don’t need to wait for anyone. Jiang Liu has already gone to Jing Hua city.”

The 15 students boarded the hover cars immediately as they flew up and disappeared out of sight.

Jiang Li looked outside from the window. Xing Hua city grew distant. He already sent his parents an email assuring them. At the same time, he transferred all the money on his card over to his parents so they can arrange for life and prepare for his little sister.

He didn’t need any money going to planet Qubo. Bank account information couldn’t even be received there. They were on the other side of the cosmos separated from the rest of the world.

5 hours later, the huge Jing Hua city appeared in front of their eyes. Jiang Li saw the huge skyscrapers that rose from the ground. There were also hover cars everywhere in the sky flying around like locusts. It was completely different to the scenario in Xing Hua city where barely a few hover cars could be seen.

The traffic in the sky was very busy.

Jiang Li could even see squads of mobility armoured police patrolling the sky. They made humming noises as they flew, aweing any potential law breakers.

With one glance, one couldn’t even see the end to the city.

There were even hills of mountains built up in the centre of the city with huge wealthy men living on it.

Building a mountain in a city!

What was that concept?

The mountain in the city was tens of times more expensive than those in the outer districts of Xing Hua city.

There were too many wealthy people in Jing Hua city. Jiang Li had his horizons broadened. This was his first time coming to Jing hua city and it was more prosperous than he had imagined.

The constructions of Jing Hua city even extended to the ocean. In the sea, there were artificial islands inhabited with large corporations, beautiful gardens and clouds circulating.

Jiang Li suddenly thought about the many outer sea cultivators of the Xian xia novels.

“Great humans, great technology, if things continue like this and human civilization advances to the maximum, then it really could become the future immortal realm. In the feudalistic era, humans couldn’t imagine planes. In the country era, people couldn’t imagine wormhole travel.”

“Now, below is Jing Hua High School. All 1 life force students will gather in this high school and under the lead of the military, we will head to the wormhole travel base.”

The principal’s car descended and Jiang Li saw a school ten times bigger than Xing Hua High school. It was a huge mountain in the centre of the city and the mountain was full of houses. Some places had huge waterfalls humming. They were all artificial but looked completely natural. Sometimes, it would even rain on the mountain and make rainbows.

This was all artificial weather control system.

Now, technology was completely capable of interfering with the weather. If the city wanted rain, there would be rain, if it wanted snow, there would be snow.

This was the magnificent power of technology.

The car descended on the large field and Jiang Li got off the car. He saw there were cars everywhere and students standing in groups.

“They are all students with strong life force.” Lara walked up and scanned the surrounding: “Look, they are students from Yue Hua city around 30 of them. The one in the middle is their number one student and his life force also seems to be 1.3. His name is Xiao Qiu.”

The students of each school were gathered together forming a small body.

All the students of the 36 Hua cities had arrived on the field of the Jing Hua city high school.

It was really filled with masters, crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

Jiang Li scanned and noticed there were quite a few with strong Kis.

“Look, the students from Jing Hua city are here, there are so many! There must be at least 300!” Liana was shocked. Jiang Li immediately saw a large group of students walk over from the distance. Their quality was obviously higher than the others. This could be seen from their essence, chi and spirit. They looked down in condescension.

They despised the students of other schools.

In fact, the students of every high school looked down on each other and fought each other. Even the different classes of a school had conflicts.

“Jiang Liu is with that group of Jing Hua city people?” Jiang Li’s eyes moved and saw in the 300 or so students of Jing Hua high, Jiang Liu was at the front and was talking pleasantly with the leader of the group of students. The other students could only follow behind.

“That is the first student of Jing Hua city called Yu Muhua. His life force is already 1.5 and he is the son of a powerhouse of Jing Hua city.” Liana said, “But he also seems to be trying to draw connections with Jiang Liu.”

“Of course, Jiang Liu is the young master from the Sun and Moon corporation. Even Yu Muhua needs solar and lunar essence.” Lara said seriously, “In fact, I’m suspicious that the Sun and Moon corporation had long been in contact with the powerhouses of Jing Hua city. Their connections and power is really huge.”

“Jiang Liu is from our high school, he would help us in this exercise right?” at this time, another student said.

Jiang Li looked and discovered it was the newly ascended student. He still put his hope on someone else.


Just when many students were gathered on the field, a black shadow suddenly descended from the sky. The ground shook and it was person wearing a mecha.

“Secondary sound speed armour!” Jiang Li saw this ferocious figured black shadow and was immediately spiritually shocked. He observed this mecha at close range and then he felt shocked. If it was used against him, even 100 of him would be killed in ten seconds.

The helmet of the mecha opened automatically showing the square face of a soldier, “Everyone, hello, I am the highest marshal of Jing Hua city, Wang Changshan. I won’t waste time on words, now follow me to the wormhole travel base in the sea.


In that instant, a battleship appeared in the sky.

This battle ship floated in mid air and didn’t descend. Instead, many smaller flying vehicles appeared and each one could fit tens of people. They started picking the students up into the battle ship.

After half an hour later, Jiang Li rode on the small flying vehicles into the battleship.

The battleship was 4 km long and 2 km wide. As soon as Jiang Li went inside, he felt completely isolated from the outside world and like he had entered into an independent world.

He sat with Lara and Liana. The seat was a huge metal bead, he could lay down or sit up.

There was a screen in front with which he could see the situation outside the battleship.

The sky was blue and the sea was navy. Everything was quiet.

Jiang Li felt intrigued by everything.

“In a moment, will we be riding this ship into the wormhole?” Jiang Li asked.

“Yes, this battlehship is called Great Ancient. It is completely made with high tech energy alloyed metal. Only then can it withstand the power of travelling through a wormhole.” Liana said, “Every square meter has a production cost of ten million star coins.”

“Every square meter has a production cost of ten million star coins?” Jiang Li was shocked, “How many square meters does this ship have? My god, isn’t it invaluable then?”

“Of course, any ship that can travel through worm hole is invaluable.” Lara explained, “This is also my first time travelling through a wormhole. This is the great power of humans.”

Jiang Li had long felt the great power of human technology.

“Look, we have arrived at the base for wormhole travel, it is in the depth of the sea!”

Splash, the huge ship stabbed into the water and submerged. Jiang Li looked at the scene of the deep sea from the screen. Especially at the bottom of the sea, there was a huge launching pad. Almost countless underwater robots were working, the huge amount of energy made his spirit feel frightened.

“Entering worm hole base. Everyone lay on the bead. When you travel through worm hole, human thought activity would stop and your soul would be in a state of false death. Those below a life force of would become extremely weak and may even die after withstanding the power of the wormhole travel…” The screen introduced all sorts of knowledge regarding wormhole travel, “The planet we are headed for is planet Qubo. It is earth like and full of oxygen and water and all sorts of animals. It is very suitable for human inhabitation but is ten times larger than earth. Inside the planet, there are mysterious energies that circulate the entire planet making the planet’s gravity the same as that of Earth. The laws of gravity do not apply to this planet…”

The explanation went on for an hour or so.

Suddenly, the emergency alarm sounded and the battleship was under traversing state.

Jiang Li quickly lied on the bed and a quilt suddenly came down and covered him.

Then he heard a voice.

“Wormhole travel countdown! 10, 9… 3,2,1! Travel begin!”


He immediately felt his spirit receive a huge shock as his whole body started to writhe. His vision blurred completely and suddenly all his consciousness disappeared as if ripped to many tiny particles.

He ‘died’.

Suddenly, the opaque stone on his chest shook.

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