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“I know what to do.” Zheng Wenbing eyes blinked with inexorable hatred, “Young master Liu, please be assured, as long as you support us, we will send him to his grave!”

After knowing that the 7 million worth of lunar essence was robbed from his family by Jiang Li, the three people had unimaginable hate for Jiang Li. It could not be quenched even if it was washed with all the waters in the oceans.

“Of course I will support your vengeance, he needs to at least spit out the 7 million worth of cargo.” Young master Kiu pressed the screen and lots of information was displayed, “Look, Jiang Li had already bought a mansion in the White Dragon River district. You guys can also live in this district and help me monitor his family’s every move and report to me. Do you understand?”

“He can afford a mansion beside White Dragon river!” Zhang Yue’s fists were clenched so hard it made noises, “Looks like our families’ cargo was robbed away by him, this rancor is unending!”

“Young master Liu, our families are nearly bankrupt and our houses have been pawned. We no longer live in White Dragon mansion district. I don’t think we can monitor them.” Zheng Wenbing’s eyes shimmered.

“If I tell you to live, then you live, understand?” Jiang Liu waved his hand and gave three chips to the three: “These are the original 3 mansions you lived in. I bought them. If you can do this well for me, then it would be no problem to return you your houses.”

“What?” The three took the chip over and looked at each other in the eyes and deeply bowed their heads, “From now on, we will do anything for Young master Liu at all costs.”


Jiang Liu had his back to the three as they left.

Beep beep beep…

A 3D screen in Jiang Liu’s room showed Jiang Zhenyue’s body, “Liu, come to my office.”

“Yes!” Jiang Liu immediately went up to the top level and saw Jiang Zhenyue in the office, “Dad, why have you asked for me?”

“Look at the recent news I received.” Jiang Zhenyue pressed and immediately, a lot of words appeared on the screen.

“Hmm? The 36 Hua cities have a joint student super training exercise? They will transport the best in every high school to planet Qubo for harsh training to improve their strength so that they may have a higher chance in getting into Astral University?” Jiang Liu was shocked, “Is this true?”

“Of course it is true.” Jiang Zhenyue nodded, “On earth, if a city has the name Hua in it, it is the bloodline of China 200 years ago. In the entire human government, asian bloodlines occupy quite a decent place. However, the hierarchy of the human government battle on the surface and below with each faction trying desperately to acquire more power so that their words weigh more. Meanwhile, the students graduating from Astral University are all elites and the future government hierarchy. So which ever bloodline has the most entry, that bloodline will have more authority. A few years ago, white people occupied most of the Astral University entries so this time, the Asian bloodlined government officials are determined to send the students of to training in order to train them better for Astral University.”

“Hehe…” Jiang Liu laughed, “They’re actually going to planet Qubo. That is one of the most dangerous planets humans have found thus far.”

“You will also be participating in this exercise.” Jiang Zhegyue nodded, “For you this will be a test. Although our Sun and Moon Corporation is big, there are still a lot of members like you so the resources won’t be devoted to you. And our Sun and Moon corporation compared to the entire Chinese bloodlined government is still relatively weak. I want you to stand out in this exercise and receive the appraisal of the president of Jing Hua city. If you have this level of relationship, it would be very helpful in raising your status in the family.”

On earth, there were 36 Hua named cities which were all from the Chinese 200 years ago.

The largest was Jing Hua city which was approximately the size of 10 Xing Hua cities. It was also called Hua city and belonged to the first grade city of humans.

Other cities like Yang Hua city, Yue Hua city and Ri Hua city were all second grade cities. As for Xing Hua city, it was a 4/5 grade small city.

Although the Sun and Moon corporation was big, Jiang Zhenyue was only a high level manager in the corporation and could not mobilize much resources. But if they could get connected to the president of Jing Hua city, then there would be great benefits.

“Also, Liu, I want you to be the first in this exercise!”

Jiang Zhenyue said, “This for you is a test! Beat all the students and get number one. Don’t bring shame to the name of the Jiang family!”

“Of course!” There was a slither of smile from the edge of Jiang Liu’s mouth, “The hillbillies of earth, how can they be a match for me? Right, in the exercise, I can kill Jiang Li. As for Jiang Zhendong, that will depend on father.”

“Jiang Zhendong, returning to our corporation and continuing research for us is already set in stone. He can’t hide. If you have his son, disable him and threaten him. Then, he will be obedient and listen.” Jiang Zhenyue waved his hand nonchalantly, “In a legal place like Xing Hua city, we can’t force him overtly. But at planet Qubo, you can do whatever you want to his son.”

“Yes!” Jiang Liu looked at the sky, “I’m really longing for that…”

Ding Dong!

Jiang Li was cultivating today and an email suddenly sounded from his chip, “Jiang Li, come to my office quickly!”

It was Chu Xi Xi again.

Jiang Li came to the office immediately and saw many information on the screen. Chu Xi Xi looked carefully, “There is big movement from the leaders of Jing Hua city. They are preparing for a super training for all the students in highschool with life force above 1. They are sending them to planet Qubo for training. You opportunity is here.”

“Planet Qubo, that is quite dangerous.” Jiang Li’s heart moved. He had never left earth or even been to Jing Hua city.

“This time, the powerhouses of Jing Hua city are determined to prepare for strong people so that they may enter Astral Univeristy and fight for more power for Asians.” Chu Xi Xi said, “I believe in a few days, the school would send out information telling you to go. Your life force is 1.3. although, it isn’t the same as the top students in Jing Hua city, it doesn’t differ from them by too far.”

“What? My strength now still isn’t the same as the top students in Jing Hua city? What has their life force reached?” Jiang Li was shocked.

“I heard there are students with life force over 1.5. After all, Jing Hua city was the first city of all the Hua cities. It is a first grade city of humanity and its resources isn’t something that a small Xing Hua city can compare to. Just take hypnotists for example, there aren’t secondary hypnotists in Xing Hua city but there are quite a few in Jing Hua city. There is even one tertiary hypnotist!” Chu Xi Xi said.

“Tertiary Hypnotist!”

Jiang Li’s eyes brightened up. The secondary hypnotist he had met so far were all significant people no matter Chu Shan or Gu XIong.

If secondary hypnotists could be like this, then what magnitude of power is that of a tertiary hypnotist?

Tertiary hypnotist could even excavate other’s brains and increase their intelligence.

This was how the ancient masters transferred power.

“You are very strong in Xing Hua city but you aren’t very outstanding in Jing Hua city.” Chu Xi Xi said, “The strongest student in Jing Hua city could probably take on Jiang Liu. You still need to work hard.”

“Going to another planet for training. I really desire that.” Jiang Li looked up at the starry sky, that deep and mysterious universe touched the spirit of every human.

Jiang Li trained even harder in the Arcanum of the [Emperor Lightning Seal]. He was completely immersed in the spiritual and physical cultivation forgetting time. There really was a sense of dream for many millenniums, what era is it now.

Every morning, he always drank two bottles of solar essence and at night, he drank five bottles of lunar essence. Under his crazy cultivation, the muscles and bones in his body had become more dense. With the slightest movement, it was like a massive dragon was shaking. From every sweat gland in his hand emitted air currents and rolling thunder sounds.

He trained [Emperor Lightning Seal] into the depth of his bones.

Unfortunately, his spiritual state still wasn’t able to reach stasis.

Good thing was that his raw strength was still increasing.

Of course, it still wasn’t able to reach 1.4.

“Big Black, how is your cultivation going?” Jiang LI sent an email, “I may be going to another planet for training recently.”

“Hohoho…” Big Black replied, “Jiang Li, I have cultivated in the brain of the universe and my spiritual powers have exploded. Recently, hypnotizing is growing much easier for me. I hypnotised another master today and that master was actually an elementary hypnotist for Jing Hua city. After he was hypnotized by me, he was actually resisting but was shattered by me. I acquired 20 bottles of solar essence from him but I haven’t heard any news about the fruit of life. Right, I got 200,000 from this elementary hypnotist, did you receive my transfer?”

“No worries, just take care of yourself.” Jiang Li then looked at his account and discovered there was indeed another 200k transaction, “I received it, good boy. I was so immersed in cultivation these few days that I didn’t even notice that the money on my account is almost breaking 1 million already.”

Now, there was 1,063,897.25 star coins on his account.

This was all from Jiang Li’s salary and Big Black’s transactions. Ever since there was Big Black, it was like he had the god of wealth.

“Also, in another place, I buried 30 bottles of lunar essence and 10 bottles of solar essence and large amounts of snow essence. Hurry up and send people to pick it up.” Big Black sent an email, “When you come back from the alien planet, we can have a match. You’re going for approximately a few months right?”

“Yea, it is very possible that it is time for Astral University as soon as I come back. If you have time, come back and look after my family especially my sister in case someone is trying to harm her.”

“No problem, you can leave your family to me. I am very familiar with your sister too. When you weren’t here, she was always feeding us for you.” Big Black roared playfully, “Okay, I’m going to cultivate again!”

Just after he dropped the connection with Big Black, Jiang Li received another email from the school, ”Tomorrow, all students with 1 life force report to the school. Jing Hua city has organized the elite students to head to an alien planet for training. Prepare yourselves, those who do not wish to go may apply for a holiday. Students who wish to go must be prepared to leave earth for 100 days.”

“We’re actually going for 100 days? Then it will be Astral University entrance exams as soon as I get home.” Jiang Li was stunned. 100 days wasn’t long and wasn’t short. In Taoism, there was the establishing foundation within 100 days. It could create an overwhelming transformation on someone.

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