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“Big Black, keep a close eye on the status of the Sun and Moon Corporation’s fruit of life.” Jiang Li sent big Black an email, “And how are flower faced overlord, Da Meng, Second Meng and the others doing?”

“They’re cultivating very well and can each hypnotise those gangsters and criminals. Unfortunately, they can’t be professionally assessed or they can all become elementary hypnotists. Flower faced overlord can hypnotise 15 every day. The five small baby cats can also hypnotise 10 a day. They have all been consuming lunar essence. As for me, I have aborted lunar essence and changed to solar essence.”

“How are the effects of the solar essence?”

Jiang Li saw from the video on the email that at the bottom of a pitch black abandoned building, seven cats were cultivating. In corners, there were many medicines, nutritional serums, snow essence, lunar essence and even solar essence stock piled. Other than this, there were also some unnamed medicines.

The seven cats owned more resources than Jiang Li.

Their prowess’ was therefore growing rapidly.

Also, each of them had a computer chip and could search information online. With the internet within their reach, the world of information was theirs.

“The effects are minimal. My body, cells and every inch of my bones and tendons have some increase. You don’t need to worry.” Big Black said, “By the way, I acquired 10 bottles of solar essence yesterday and can’t finish it myself. I hid it somewhere else, you can send someone over to pick it up.”

“That’s great!” Jiang Li said solemnly, “Thank you brother, right now, I lack resources for cultivation.”

“You don’t need that between us. I was only a wild beast before living stiffly. It was you who enlightened me with wisdom so that I may have the accomplishment I have now. When I was lost, you helped me. Now when you have troubles, I will help you. This world is a sea of calamity, we can only walk through it if we help each other.” Big Black’s voice was very spiritual, it seems his spiritual prowess had improved a lot. He had the temperament of those holy people.

Jiang Li’s heart knew that Big Black wasn’t far from stasis.

“I will help you find the fruit of life. Wait for my good news…” Big Black communicated with Jiang Li for a while and started cultivating.

Jiang Li immediately gave Gao Ren a call telling him to pick up the solar essence. 5 hours later, the ten bottles of solar essence were in Jiang Li’s hands.

Inside the lunar essence bottles was a swarm of moonlight that was soft and cool. It gave people a sense of high reaching mountains.

But in the solar essence bottle was a swarm of fire. It was a pea sized blinking fire spark that emitted light. Consuming it would cause strong hallucinations for normal people.

Jiang Li took out a bottle and gulped it down. Immediately, he felt his throat and stomach burning as if there was fire inside. Subsequently, the burning sensation spread to every inch of his blood vessel, meridians and even brain.

Especially the brain, the nerves were stimulated and he felt extremely excited and wanted to dance crazily.

Once, there was a normal person who consumed solar essence and was excited to the max and danced non stop until he died of fatigue. This caused stronger hallucinations than ecstasy from 200 years ago.

But Jiang Li didn’t dance. Instead, he sat down and entered deep sleep using his spirit to master the spiritual stimulation in order to harden his will.

Gradually, he was under a state of tranquility. 30 minutes later, he felt the medicinal power spread through out his whole body so he started cultivating the [Emperor Lightning Seal].

He charged like a tiger and with every movement of his hand, lightning sounded and the force was enormous.

Just like this, he was immersed in cultivation.

Soon, half a month of school had gone by and Jiang Li was cultivating every single day and didn’t even go to class. The school could no longer teach him anything anymore and also in order to avoid Jiang Liu, he didn’t go.

In the morning, he spends 1 hour hypnotizing customers. Now, he could hypnotise up to 70 people a day. This meant that he could earn 44800 star coins every day.

After that, he used solar essence to cultivate in lightning needle technique and [Emperor Lightning Seal]. Then at night, he consumed lunar essence and entered deep sleep. In his dreams, he communicated with the cats he fed in his home to try and enlighten their wisdom.

His mum and dad didn’t have to go out and work anymore. They stayed at home and tried to improve the health of their bodies. Jiang Li also bought them supplements and hypnotized them to sleep. As for his sister, he made her undergo all sorts of training and she was gradually becoming strong.

Unfortunately, little brother Jiang Tao’s military training exercise was still not finished yet.

In this half month, his family lived a peaceful like and was not disturbed after moving over to the White Dragon mansion district.

Ding Dong

Jiang Li transferred 2 million to Chu Xi Xi’s card and the debt he owed for buying her house was completely repaid.

“It’s only been half a month and you got yourself 2 million?” Chu Xi Xi could not believe it! “Even if you can earn 50000 a day from hypnotizing now, there was no way you could earn so much. Where did the money come from?”

“It’s a little secret.” Jiang Li smiled.

In the half a month of time, he was also cultivating like crazy. His powers increased rapidly as he consumed lunar and solar essence. His spirit gained greater understanding of the sun and moon. Every night after drinking the lunar essence, he breathed to the moon contemplating and felt a profound secret in the depth of the moon making his body feel cool. Meanwhile in the day, he consumed solar essence and contemplated to the Sun feeling the greatness of the Sun and how it powered everything on earth.

“Never mind, you have too much secrets. Keep working hard. There’s nothing that even my father can help you with now. You need to understand everything yourself now.”

Chu Xi Xi said, “Stasis, you must enter stasis and only then will your power sky rocket. Otherwise, it won’t improve no matter how much supplements you use.”

“I know.” Jiang Li nodded his head heavily.

At the same time on a big mountain in the rural area of Xing Hua city.


A metal stump with the thickness of a forearm was kicked in half by a leg.

Jiang Liu’s beautiful swirling wind kick kicked the metal stump deep into the wall. He was attacking with his bare hands and feet but it’s power was destructive. His body was strong and fierce like a mecha.

“Young masters physical capabilities improved once again.” The old man Gu Xiong nodded in appraisal, “ It seems like in the not distant future, you can reach 1.6.”

“This little bit of improvement is not what I want.” Jiang Li smashed out another palm in the air forcing air currents to flow around, “How can I enter stasis? I have been cultivating [Void Gods and Demons Slice] for a long time but I just can’t reach Stasis, what should I do?”

“The method is simple. Whoever isn’t making you happy, you slice them. [Void Gods and Demons Slice] is a high level contemplation method. It’s true essence is to treat everything as the void and everything in the world that makes you unhappy as demons and gods. If you slice all the demons and gods, you can enter stasis.” Gu Xiong smiled, “When you cultivate [Void Gods and Demons Slice] to the maximum, you will have the temperament of treating all living creatures as Gods and Demons that can be slaughtered. Those who obey you will prevail and those who oppose you will perish. Your heart will be like stone and your will will be firm. Young master, is there something that displeases you in your heart? Right now?”

“I’m very displeased!” Jiang Li broke another metal stump with his elbow, “We still haven’t been able to deal with Jiang Zhendong’s family. According to the rules in the Jiang family, we can just take them away and clear those vermin bloodlines and then make Jiang Zhendong research Lunar and Solar essence. But it’s mainly Jiang Tao’s status that makes my father have his hesitations while Jiang Li that bastard dare to not bow down to me? This attitude makes me very annoyed.”

“If you’re unhappy, then cut them all.” Gu Xiong Said, “If you cut them then your heart will be at ease and your prowess will sky rocket.”

“Indeed, I want to cut them.” Jiang Liu stopped and stood up, “[Void Gods and Demons Slice]… Hehehe… I’ll let these two brothers be my stepping stone into stasis. Did Ou Yang Xing come?”

“Young master, Ou Yang Xing has come and has been waiting outside.” A black clothed man walked in.

“Call him in.”


In no time, the black clothed man brought Ou Yang Xing in.

Ou Yang Xing had his head low. Before, his temperament was strong but in front of Jiang Liu he didn’t dare to stay cocky. Jiang Liu’s power was too great and could make his family go bankrupt easily.

“I head Jiang Li defeated you?” Jiang Liu asked, “Raise your head.”

“Yes.” Ou Yang Xing could only do what he was asked, “What is your request young master?”

“My orders are very simple.” Jiang Liu said arrogantly, “I will give you a mission. It is to create the opportunity so that I may kill the Jiang Li brothers personally, how about it?”

“This…” Ou Yang Xing fazed, “We can’t kill inside Xing Hua city unless the brothers go to the black market. But Jiang Tao hasn’t come home due to Military training and Jiang Li doesn’t come to class everyday. There’s a low chance that they will got to the black market.”

“Of course I know this.” Jiang Liu sneered making Ou Yang Xing shake his body in fear: “I can kill Jiang Tao after he comes back but I want you to bring Jiang Li to the black market!”

“Young master, your power is so great, can’t you bring Jiang Li to the black market personally and then kill him?” Ou Yang Xing was dazed.

“It’s inconvenient for me to do it. The reputation of the Sun and Moon Corporation matters a lot so I came for you. You were defeated by him and you can use this to take revenge on him.” Jiang Liu said, “I don’t care what means you use. You must bring Jiang Li to the black market, do you understand? After you succeed, I will give you many benefits. If you don’t listen to me, then you should know the consequence. I can break down your family’s business and make them bankrupt very easily.”

“Yes! I will plan for this.” Cold sweat dripped from Ou Yang Xing’s body.

“Go.” Jiang Liu waved his hand and after Ou Yang Xing went out, “Bring Zheng Wenbing, Yang WU and Zhang Yue here.”

“Young master you are quite good. You didn’t take action yourself and are instead making those who have conflicts with Jiang Li to do your work for them. In this way, even If something happens, it would have nothing to do with us Sun and Moon Corporation.” Gu Xiong appraised.

“I can’t be bothered using my own powers, I’ll let these small fries do the work.” Jiang Liu smiled, “It’s no pity even if something happens to them.”

At this time, the three were brought in.

They bowed down to Jiang Liu even more and almost even kneeled.

“Your families have gone bankrupt?” Jiang Liu asked.

“Young master Liu can you help us?” Zheng Wenbing seized the opportunity and begged: “Before, we bought a lot of Young master Liu’s lunar essence but were robbed away in the black market. We still don’t know who did it.”

“I’ll tell you who did it.” Jiang Liu stood with his hands behind his back: “Right now, who is the strongest hypnotist in Xing Hua city?”

“Jiang Li!” Zheng Wenbing suddenly awoke, “He signed a contract with the An Quan Corporation and can hypnotise tens of people each day. Only someone with such abilities can rob our cargo.”

“Indeed, it is him.” Jiang Liu said, “Now you know what to do?”

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