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Ou Yang Xing, first in the school, the influential person with a life force of 1.3, rose up like a shining star but hadn’t even gotten the chance to emit its luminosity before being crushed by Jiang Li and losing all his face.

Jiang Li like an overlord, stomped the scene.

At this time, the principal and the main people in the school also came over.

Lazy Long massaged Ou Yang Xing a few times.

Ou Yang Xing gradually woke up and of course, he didn’t take much damage. Jiang Li’s fist arts had a high degree of control, the power in every fist was accurate to the grams.

“Amazing! He could hold back even in this degree of battle. Your strength is obviously greater than Ou Yang Xing’s.” Lazy Long gave Jiang Li the thumbs up.

He was being honest.

At this time, the people in charge of the school and the principal were all looking at the surveillance. They discovered it was indeed Ou Yang Xing who attacked first using the [Appearance of Gods and Demons] move of the [Gods and Demons Fist] to draw an opening to the battle.

The two fought and Jiang Li knocked Ou Yang Xing back.

Then, Ou Yang Xing went into the third stage of deep sleep and launched ferocious attacks but Jiang Li was fiercer, with a roar, lightning sounded from inside his body and completely covered up Ou Yang Xing’s vigor. His body was like running lightning and simply broke through Ou Yang Xing’s defenses sending him flying with one palm.

The principal’s eyes were accurate and could immediately tell that Jiang Li’s life force exceeded Ou Yang Xing’s. his battle techniques were also superior.

“Miracle, it’s a miracle…” The principal looked at Jiang Li with complimentary eyes, “Your powers can reach such state, the school will invest heavily in you. Tell me, what do you need? The school will do its best to satisfy you.”

“I won’t bring trouble to the school now.” Jiang Li knew that the school couldn’t give what he wanted but he left the words here first, “When I need, I will report to the school. The life force test today is over, I will go back to work. If the school has any training exercise, just contact me through my email.”

Beep beep beep

Just at this time, the principal’s chip vibrated and a message appeared on it. When he saw this email, his body shook and after a long while, he returned to his sense, “Students, today we will have a new student joining us.”

“New student?”

“Coming straight into the enrichment class? Who is this person?”

Many people were shocked. It wasn’t easy to come into this enrichment class, they needed to pass through tests and school selection first as well as the acknowledgement of the department of education. Even the billionaires of Xing Hua city couldn’t just come in.

Jiang Li’s spirit moved and a bad feeling arose from his heart.

Wu wu wu… Of course, above the school many hover cars appeared and landed slowly. It was a huge scene.

And then, everyone saw an 17-18 year old youth walk out from the largest car. Jiang Li’s eyes shook. There was no doubt about it, that youth was Jiang Liu.

He gesticulation showed a type of mannerism ten times stronger than Ou Yang Xing.

He walked to the front of the principal and scanned with his eyes. Jiang Li immediately felt Jiang Liu’s onslaught of killing intent. To Jiang Liu, Jiang Li was like a very annoying crawling insect that wasn’t even worth looking at head on.

“Hello, principal.” He went up and shook the principal’s hands: “I am Sun and Moon corporations Jiang Liu.”

“Pleasure to meet you, pleasure to meet you.” The principal hurried to shake hands with both of his hands. Although Jiang Liu was a transfer student, he was from the Sun and Moon Corporation. It wasn’t anything that a small principal like him could have any power over.

“This time, our corporation is investing in Xing Hua city and I coincidentally will try for Astral University. I’ll just come here to study, I believe you wouldn’t disagree Mr Principal?” Jiang Liu pulled out his hands and smiled.

“You’re welcome, you’re very welcome. I heard Young Master Jiang Liu’s life force is already 1.5. entering Astral University will be a piece of cake. Our school can’t even get ultimate prodigies like you even if we wanted to.” The principal was very happy. Jiang Li getting into Astral University was definite. Now both Jiang Li and Jiang Liu were very promising seeds. Regardless, if the school could produce 3 candidates from Astral University, it would definitely be something he could brag about.

“I wonder who is the strongest student in the enrichment class right now?” Jiang Liu asked.

“Oh? His life force is nothing compared to yours.” The principal hurried to the reply, “Right now, the students with the highest life force in the school are Jiang Li and Ou Yang Xing, they are both 1.3.”

“Oh? 1.3 life force?” Jiang Liu had a smile at the edge of his mouth, “It is very rare for such students to appear in a place like Xing Hua city. I want to see how they are.”

“Jiang Li, Ou Yang Xing, come and meet the new student Jiang Liu.” The principal nodded and turned.

Ou Yang Xing’s eyes glimmered. He was just defeated by Jiang Li and felt disgraced and wanted revenge but now with the sudden appearance of Jiang Li, his vigor weakened up. Although the Ou Yang family was big, it was only the richest in Xing Hua city. Compared to the Sun and Moon corporation, it was not even an ant.

Jiang Liu didn’t even look and him but instead looked at Jiang Li.

“Your last name is also Jiang?” His first words were very inhospitable already, “The surname of Jiang is a dignified name, I don’t think you deserve it. I would suggest you to change it for the better.”

With this sentence, even the principal’s face changed. No one expected Jiang Liu to say such words.

Liana and Lara were both very angry.

“I don’t need you to worry about what my surname is. Is it that only people from the Sun and Moon corporation can be named Jiang? If you’re so strong, then change the laws of humanity to say that only the people from the Sun and Moon corporation can be named Jiang. Then, I will change my name immediately.” Jiang Li rebuked. Facing the powerful Jiang Liu, he wasn’t the least bit afraid. Although Jiang Liu’s life force was 1.5 and he was no match in a head on fight, with hypnosis included, the results wouldn’t be so certain.

Jiang Liu’s spiritual state definitely hadn't reached stasis yet.

As long as it didn’t reach stasis, it would be very hard for him to defend against Jiang Li’s hypnosis.

Jiang Li could even block Gu Xiong’s hypnosis.

Jiang Liu had a lot of resources and his body was strong but no resources could help with the spiritual state. Especially the state of stasis, people had to learn it themselves.

“Jiang Li, didn’t you need to go work? Hurry up and go.” The principal said quickly when he noticed the situation wasn’t right.

“Yes, principal.” Jiang Li bowed and left.

The killing intent blinked in Jiang Liu’s eyes and at this moment, the principal opened his mouth, “Young master Jiang Liu, I’ll take you on a tour of our school. You just arrived and you should get familiar with your environment.”

The principal made his words on cue to prevent Jiang Liu from going on a rampage and doing damage.

Jiang Liu’s eyes frowned but seeing Jiang Li had already left, he knew this was the principal trying to resolve the issue. His eyes shimmered with bleakness and at this time, a black clothed man beside him came up and said in a small voice, “Young master, don’t create too much drama. There’re plenty of chances to kill that little bastard.”

“You go keep an eye on that kid, send more people. I want you to keep watch on his every move.” Jiang Liu commanded and then nodded to the principal, “In that case, I will look around the school.”

Jiang Li left the school quickly and returned to An Quan corporation.

On Earth, An Quan corporation was the local power. Even if the Sun and Moon corporation descended from the heavens with strong might, it still couldn’t completely crush An Quan Corporation. They could only battle it out.

“Still not strong enough!”

After arriving at An Quan Corporation, Jiang Li continued his daily hypnosis. This time, he hypnotized a lot more. He even reached 60. His daily income had increased to 38400. After a month, this would be a million. This was salary of the highest caliber in Xing Hua city.

But now, he still owed Chu Xi Xi 2 million.

But it was fine, Big Black was getting stronger and stronger. He also longed to see what state Big Black would be in after cultivating the brain of the universe.

“I need to enter stasis!” After Jiang Li hypnotized, he used lunar essence for rest. He was thinking about how to make himself stronger! With lots of thought, the fastest way he could think of was to enter stasis.

After entering this state, he could activate the Arcanum of the Great Dream Heart Sutra. Then, he would be able to learn more of the moves from [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. At the same time, his contemplation of the brain of the universe and hypnosis would both improve.

But how hard was is to enter stasis?

Seeing through life and death, understanding that life was just a dream. What kind of spiritual state was this? Normally, people could only comprehend this after a life of experiences like Chu Shan and Gu Xiong. They were both elderly.

“Then there is only one other way, that is to use the opaque stone and forcefully enter fetal respiration. That will damage my cells.” Jiang Li caressed the Great Dream Heart Sutra at his chest, “But if I have enough fruit of life, then there wouldn’t be any loss using this training. Instead, my cells would get stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, the lowest price for one is 4 million.”

His thoughts blinked and thought that the fastest way to improve himself was eating the fruit of life and doing fetal respiration. Only then could he improve significantly in a short amount of time.

“In today’s test, your life force reached 1.3? you also defeated Ou Yang Xing?” At this time, Chu Xi Xi walked in.

“Yes but Jiang Liu of the Sun and Moon Corporation entered the school and became my new classmate.” Jiang Li’s tone was very casual, “This person seems very arrogant. He even didn’t allow other people to be called Jiang and wanted me to change my surname at the first moment.”

“No need to worry about him. His spoilt brat personality acting up, that’s all.” Chu Xi Xi didn’t know about the feud between Jiang Li and Jiang Liu and waved her hands, “The number you can hypnotise now has reached 60, I wonder if you’ve reached your limit yet?””

“Probably not.” Jiang Li shook his head and suddenly asked, “How many fruit of life are left in An Quan Corporation?”

“Fruit of life, why do you want this?” Chu Xi Xi was confused, “Didn’t all your injuries recover? There would be no effect if you ate any more. It’s mainly for curing wounds. Its medicinal powers would be excreted by the body if a person with no injuries ate it. It would be completely useless.”

“I have my uses for it.” Jiang Li said, “I practiced a forbidden art. It damages the cells but if I have the fruit of life I can continue cultivating it and gain a burst of power in a short time! If it continued like this for a month, then I can definitely hypnotise 100 customers a day!”

“Hypnotise 100 customers a day? Are you sure?” Chu Xi Xi was shocked, “If this is the case, the as long as you have the money, the corporation can help get you some. But the lowest price for one is 4 million and this is still when our corporation doesn’t earn profit. Can you take out this much money?”

“I can’t.” Jiang Li shook his head, “I was just asking, does the Sun and Moon corporation sell any fruit of life in the black market?”

“That was a waste of a question. The fruit of life is the sacred band-aid. It could ease any injuries by eating it. It can even recover a lot of the injuries. Even if you spread the fruit juice on your wounds, it would heal immediately. All influential people would prepare some in case something happened to them.” Chu Xi Xi said.

“That’s good then.” Jiang Li’s eyes blinked.

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