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“Such strong vigour, is Ou Yang Xing’s life force 1.2?”

“No, it must be stronger. He was 1.1 during the last exams. After the military training and the holidays, there’s no way his power would only increase by 0.1. And I also heard, the board of directors of the Ou Yang family were willing to take out 10 million for his training fees.”

“Oh and recently, the prices of lunar essence dropped massively. This allowed Ou Yang Xing to acquire more resources.”

“With the drop in price of lunar essence, I wonder how many strong people will be created.”

“Even with the price drop, normal people can’t afford it. It’s still the rich that benefit from it.”

Ou Yang Xing walked out from the door and the students all scattered because his vigour was extremely strong like a demon god. People who stood in front of him felt a strong spiritual pressure. They would feel shortness of breath.

His shoulders were very broad as if he could support a mountain. His eyes flickered occasionally showing pressing light.

Jiang Li watched coldly.

In no time, the 47 students in the class was gathered and the principal also appeared, “Students, I see you have become stronger after a holiday of training. But you must still not loosen up, this is your final semester. Let’s not waste time talking and get straight into the start of school exam to test your life forces.”

“Ou Yang Xing, you start first. Lead by example.”


Ou Yang Xing had a frigid temperament. He walked straight in front of the computer and started doing questions. His fingers flied. This exam had a lot less questions that the last one. It was approximately one tenth of the original but the questions were very hard. It was purely for practicing people’s thinking capabilities.

But in 20 minutes, Ou Yang Xing finished it all.

Full marks.

Subsequently, he went into the fist power test, running test and all sorts of physical capability tests. He was extremely fast and finished all of them under 10 minutes. He then entered the final battle with the martial arts master system.

Ding Dong!

One hour test had passed.

The computer displayed the life force number honestly.

” Ou Yang Xing, life force 1.3”

The principal’s face burst into disbelief: “His life force reached 1.3? In such a short holiday, he improved by 0.2?”

“Amazing.” A few important teachers all praised, “Looks like his chances of getting into Astral University are very high.”

“We must spend more time on him, make sure his success rate is 100%.”

Life force of 1.3 was too strong. This couldn’t be stacked up by supplements. It also required personal talent. It was known to be very hard to improve after you reach the limit of 1 life force.

When Liana and Lara saw this result, their faces changed. Ou Yang Xing improved too fast and had long surpassed them.

Next, every student started doing the test.

One hour later, Lara and Liana tested 1.1 for life force. Other than this, all the people who originally had 1 life force all improved to 1.1.

There were also 5 0.9 life force students that improved to 1.

It seemed that this was the effect of the price reduction of lunar essence.

But no one yet who reached 1.2.

The principal looked at the data and shook his head, “This result is reasonable. With the huge price drop of lunar essence in the black market, the wealthy families who could afford it had the students improve their life forces. However, there still weren’t any significant improvements.”

“Yea, it’s becoming harder and harder each year to get into Astral University. I wonder how hard it is going to be this year.”

Suddenly, beep beep beep…..

The computer sounded again.

“Jiang Li, life force 1.3!”

“What? Another 1.3? Who is this? Jiang Li?” The principal’s body shook in amazement: “How could this be? Last test, he was only 1 and with 1 holiday, he improved by 0.3?”

“My god.”

“What? Another student with 1.3?”

“Jiang Li is that strong?” Lara and Liana looked at each other and saw shock in each other’s eyes. Although they knew Jiang Li was very strong, but it was still absurd that he was this stong.


At this moment, piercing light shot out of Ou Yang Xing’s eyes as he looked at the number displayed on the computer screen.

He licked his lips and didn’t seem to believe that there was someone on par with him at the school. This holiday, he was sent into the military by his family and underwent hellish training to finally reach 1.3. Unexpectedly, someone else also reached this number?

“Jiang Li!”

Before the principal could react, he rushed forward like a tiger in front of Jiang Li.

“Ou Yang Xing, what do you want?” Jiang Li smiled.

“Your life force is also 1.3, not bad.” Ou Yang Xing’s tone suddenly grew calm, “But, I must tell you, you still can’t be equal with me even so!”


As his voice dropped, the entire gym shook.

Ou Yang Xing’s footsteps dashed as he suddenly reached beside Jiang Li and smashed his fist out.

He attacked whenever he wanted and this was Ou Yang Xing’s style. He was decisive in killing and never gave people the time to think. He was a savage person.

B-ranked martial arts, [Come and Go Like Gods and Demons].

[Appearance of Gods and Demons]!

There were many moves to [Gods and Demons Fist]. The first move was [Appearance of Gods and Demons] and this [Come and Go Like Gods and Demons] was the following move. It was really strong and focused heavily on footwork and body movement within a dash, it was as the name meant. The person came and went like gods and demons.

In one move, it was absolute attack. The fist broke through the air and even smashed out the effect of splash.

The air rumbled and splashed out towards all directions like shooting stars. This was the anomaly created when you reached a certain speed and break through air.

“[Emperor Lightning Seal]!”

Jiang Li’s spirit moved and knew the opponent was sneak attacking. His hands moved as the [Emperor Lightning Seal] suddenly exploded like lightning across the sky.

The two fists smashed heavily against each other!

Crack, crack…

Loud sounds sounded consecutively.

Jiang Li and Ou Yang Xing were finally matched against each other again.

As the fists struck, both of them were full of air currents surrounding their bodies.


The two separated.

Jiang Li didn’t move a single bit but Ou Yang Xing took three steps back.

The difference between them could be seen immediately.

“Ou Yang Xing’s power isn’t as strong as Jiang Li’s!”

“He was pushed back.”

“Jiang Li actually took the upper hand.” The people around reacted at the spectacle. This was the battle between two masters. Whoever won would become the first in the school. Ou Yang Xing definitely wouldn’t let someone be on top of him so he attacked first and tried to kill Jiang Li’s power but was instead struck back.

A face on disbelief showed on Ou Yang Xing’s face as he was struck back.

His face blushed as if he was insulted.

Being struck by Jiang Li was his life insult and he couldn’t take it.

“[Gods and Demons Hell]!”

Suddenly, Ou Yang Xing went straight into the third stage of deep sleep. His spirit blurred as his power increased. He smashed another fist over and this time it was much more powerful. A gust of air torrent ripped through like lightning towards Jiang Li’s head!

He had the intent to kill.

Ou Yang Xing’s power increased a lot after entering the third stage of deep sleep. His moves, speed, damage and reaction all reached their apex. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t stop Jiang Li with his killing intent.

He had killed before and had deep knowledge on brawling arts, killing arts.

“Those who block my way will die. Only I am number one!” A low growl sounded from his body. He was like a humanoid beast.

“You want to go toe to toe? Bring it on then!”

Jiang Li’s eyes were full of calmness and also entered third stage deep sleep.

Dream into power!

He gave out a long howl.

All the air gushed out from his body like a volcano. He used all of his power and a large breathing sound came from his body. It was like thunder everywhere.

Wind blew in the entire classroom and everyone’s ears seemed to have heard lightning which shocked their brains.

The other 0.9 students all sat down on the ground with their hands clenching tightly to their heads, covering their ears. However, it was useless, the sound also contained hypnotic techniques.


A long sound note shot out from Jiang Li’s nose. He was like a humanoid air pulse lacerating machine with his physical capabilities and the full release of [Emperor Lightning Seal].

Peng Peng Peng…

His arms waved like a spider and it was so fast that it created after images. The fury of fists aimed at Ou Yang Xing gave the deadliest attacks.

Ou Yang Xing’s mannerism was completely subjugated by him.

[Gods and Demons Fist]’s defense was immediately broken by [Emperor Lightning Seal].


Jiang Li suddenly flickered and smashed out his palm against Ou Yang Xing’s stomach.

The 1.9m tall body was Ou Yang Xing was sent flying and smashed heavily against the wall. He could barely breathe as his eyes rolled back and fainted.

“[Emperor Lightning Seal] is indeed strong.”

Jiang Li left the state of dream into power and looked at his hands. He was also satisfied. He never felt his body could release such explosive power.

With long practice, it wasn’t impossible for him to rip apart mechas with his bare hands.

In the country era 200 years ago, although martial arts were prevalent, there were no resources. It was impossible to break through the limit of the body but it was different now.

And the explosive power of [Lightning Emperor Seal] was too strong.

When the seal was smashed out, Ou Yang Xing didn’t even have a chance to retaliate before being utterly crushed.

“Ou Yang Xing is defeated, he was defeated this quickly?”

“What was that just then? Did Jiang Li make those lightning sounds? It shocked my brain to emptiness, I almost thought I was brain dead!”

“Is this the legendary lightning technique? [Five Lightning Palm]? It is also a type of B ranked martial arts. It was stronger than [Gods and Demons Fist].”

“Amazing, he is indeed amazing. Ou Yang Xing was utterly defeated so quickly. It wasn’t even possible for them to be both injured or draw. Ou Yang Xing was completely subjugated…”

All the students looked at Jiang Li differently now.

The original state of the two alphas fighting each other was broken. Ou Yang Xing was defeated and the tables tipped. With a few moves, Ou Yang Xing was knocked unconscious.

“How can you fight amongst yourselves?”

After the lightning quick match, the teachers finally came back to their bodies. The lazy Long teacher moved first and rushed in and appeared in front of Ou Yang Xing in that instant. He pressed on his pulse and immediately gasped in relief, “No big deal, his body just received some concussion. He is biologically suffocating. He will wake up after some rest. There is no actual injury. Although it looked fierce, it was actually soft power.”

Subsequently, lazy Long looked up at Jiang Li, “You did this?”

“Correct, he suddenly attacked me but since we’re all classmates, I didn’t deliver the killing blow. Otherwise, this move would have pierced his body.” Jiang Li’s tone made him seem like he didn’t even care about Ou Yang Xing.

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