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When his little sister walked inside, she exclaimed.

Inside the little district were huge interior gardens. There were fake mountains, water flow, fountains, squares and pavilions. There were also gooses, swans and fishes everywhere. The whole air environment in the small district also seemed different. It was as though there was an air purifier working on the entire district resulting in not a speck of dust in the air.

Jiang Li accurately sensed that there were actually no mosquitoes amongst the grass of the district. There were also no crawling insects. Astoundingly, there weren’t even rats in the sewers. Everything was very clean. It was obvious that these dirty beings were killed or exiled with special means.

The harmful bacteria in the small district were ten times less than outside.

People who lived in this district definitely would have 10 years longer to live.

“This district is really good.” Jiang Zhendong also nodded.

The family looked around slowly and arrived in front of their mansion in a short while. Jiang Xuan snatched the chip away from Jiang Li’s hands and swiped open the door happily.

This mansion was a five storey building. It wasn’t made out of cement but was inside another high quality material. This type of material could let in light so the entire house didn’t have a dark corner but people from outside couldn’t see inside at all. The materials could even absorb some waves so that people from outside couldn’t spy on the inside.

Inside the mansion was also ostentatiously decorated. Everywhere gave off a sense of science fiction look. Especially the living room, there was a huge sand beach as soon as you opened the door. The sand was very clean.

And then there was another river rushing forwards.

The water was very clear and schools of fish could be seen swimming around. Some crabs could even be seen making holes in the sand.

There was not a single bit of rubbish in the river. It was jade green making people feel relaxed and happy.

“This is so cool! I want this room.” Jiang Xuan rushed upstairs and grabbed a large room beside the river for herself. She laughed non stop enjoying the place and forgetting all her worries.

“Mhmm.” Jiang Li nodded, “Mum and dad, send an email to little brother. If he finishes from military training, he can come straight here.”

“Oh yea, oh yea.” Little sister laid on the couch and didn’t want to move at all.

The sofa was made from the skin of a rare type of cosmic beast called the cloud beast. Lying on top of it was like laying on top of the clouds. It was beneficial to sleep and the aroma emitted could ease fatigue.

One scroll of cloud beast skin cost tens of thousands of star coins.

All the furniture here were of high caliber.

And the family settled down like this.

Jiang Li brought all the homeless kittens into the back yard of the mansion. Immediately, the mansion became very lively. The kitties played and rolled everywhere in a very cute way.

He was now going to enlighten the other kittens and send them over to Big Black. Big Black needed more kittens to go to the black market.

Now, Big Black transferred money to Jiang Li every day and every two days, he would make people from An Quan Corporation collect lunar essence from the alleged pick up point. Big Black was simply a fortune cat.

No, the fortune god.

As soon as it was night, Jiang Li’s account started beeping.

“Your account received 828 star coins.”

“Your account received 3473 star coins.”

“Your account received 14580 star coins.”

“Your account received 87463 star coins.”

Over one night, he received over 200,000 on his account.

He sent an email to Big Black, “Big Black, be careful. Don’t operate too often or you might alert other people.”

“Don’t worry. I hypnotized a master just then and I found a bottle of solar essence from him. I drank it and cultivated for some time. My body became a lot stronger once again. Looks like it won’t be much longer before I can enter stasis.” Big Black replied immediately. “Flower faced overlord is also at third stage of deep sleep. The 5 small Mengs are also improving fast. We aren’t worried about food here. Everyday, we eat high quality supplements.”

Solar essence was more volatile than lunar essence. After consumption it was hard to control body and emotions. It would make people very impetuous but with Big Black’s power, he could consume it safely.

All those who went to the black market had high grade nutritional supplements with them because no one dared to eat at the restaurants in the black market. This instead made it convenient for Big Black. He could acquire large amounts of resources by hypnotizing anyone.

This was the haven for cats.

“Ho Ho, us cat people will rule the black market. Jiang Li you need to enlighten more of the other kittens and send them over to me!” Big Black reminded again, “I will provide for your cultivation resources. I will cultivate you into a strong member of the human race, hoho…”
(Ed’s note: I love this cat)

Jiang Li didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but recently, he did receive a lot of help from Big Black. It was all worthwhile him enlightening Big Black.

It could be said that with Big Black’s help, the resources he owned was more than Ou Yang Xing’s.

He consumed five bottles of lunar essence every day. That was worth 350,000 star coins. This was about the same as Ou Yang Xing’s monthly resource expenditure.

If it continued like this, he would probably have more than 1 million monthly earnings.

“Sun and Moon Corporation…” Jiang Li said to himself, “You might be powerful but I’m also starting to create my own power faction. The cat army is much more reliable than humans. I also need to hurry up in cultivating, I can’t get beaten by Big Black. Right, I’ll give the contemplation of the brain of the universe to Big Black some time. If Big Black uses that for hypnosis, he would be more invincible! And Big Black saw the Great Dream Heart Sutra before me, he has the right to learn it.


Jiang Li jumped up and send a mail to big black telling him to come over quickly.

Meanwhile, he went to train in the mansion’s gym.

Jiang Li was cultivating the lightning needle technique. He utilized the electric current to stimulate his nerves and cultivate the [Emperor Lightning Seal]. The two combined perfectly and [Emperor Lightning Seal] was getting stronger and stronger. As he attacked, his moves were full of power and Chi flowed inside his stomach and intestines making the subtle crackle of lightning.

Right now, Jiang Li truly felt the presence of Chi.

During exercise, every joint, muscle and organ moved creating resonance as if they were communicating with the ancient chi. His hand attacked like lightning as each blow was swift, powerful and created an exhilarating sense of feeling.


He was practicing [Emperor Lightning Seal] in the gym again. His body moved slightly and dashed forward 20 meters. His palm slammed onto the steel board and the steel board cracked into pieces.

His hand moved again and slammed on the other steel board.

That board also made a humming noise as cracks stretched across it before exploding out.

He was like a human wrecking machine.

Other martial arts, even B ranked martial art ]Gods and Demons Fist] were pitifully weak compared to [Emperor Lightning Seal]. If Jiang Li fought with Blood Retribution now, he wouldn’t even be injured. One seal and he could completely shatter Blood Retribution’s organs.

Ding Dong

Just at this moment when Jiang Li finished his set of [Lightning Emperor Seal] and took a hot shower after sweating heavily, he received an email.

It was from Big Black.

“Jiang Li, I’m already at the park, come over quickly.”

Jiang Li moved immediately and went into the depth of the park in the darkness of the night. Hiding in a bush, a pair of green cat eyes stared at him.

It was the familiar Big Black.

But Big Black had changed a lot. Jiang Li’s spirit moved and could sense the strong explosive power in its body. Just with raw physical strength, masters with 1 life force were no match for him.

“Jiang Li, you’re stronger now.” Big Black spoke In human tongue.

“You’re also strong Big Black.” Jiang Li nodded and saw Big Black jump up to his shoulder. His shoulder sunk. Big Black’s body weight was a lot heavier. It was at least 25 kgs now but its body didn’t grow that much. Obviously, his body density increased.

“Jiang Li, why did you call me back?” Big Black asked.

“I will teach you more advanced cultivation techniques. It’s left behind by the body in the sewerage.” Jiang Li put Big Black down and sat down with his legs crossed. His demeanor appeared serious, “Right now, my family is experiencing an unprecedented danger, you are my hidden brother.”

“Okay!” Big Black was the first to discover the body in the sewerage. He knew that was an overwhelming being.

“We’ll see each other in the dream.”

Big Black and Jiang Li both went into deep sleep and into their dreams.

In the dream, Jiang Li told Big Black everything that had happened in his family and gave the cultivation methods of the brain of the universe and [Emperor Lightning Seal] to Big Black.

An hour later, they both woke up. The big cat eyes of Big Black flickered, “This brain of the universe contemplation really is an unprecedented powerful art! Only the contemplation and sound for [Emperor Lightning Seal] is of use to me, I can’t cultivate the hand seals. But with this contemplation, my spiritual power will increase more.”

“Go my brother.” Jiang Li patted Big Black’s head, “We both met the body in the sewer and that’s fate. Remember, only we know this and we must not spread it. Otherwise, we will have unimaginable calamity.”

“This really is heaven shattering news. We mustn't spread it.” Big Black knew the stakes. He was the first to discover the body. Although at that time he wasn’t intelligent and didn’t know how powerful the body was, now he had the wisdom of an adult so he became scrupulous.

Watching Big Black jump into the brush and leave for the distance, Jiang Li looked at the sky and realised it was turning white. The night was almost over and dawn was approaching. A new day had come.

Today was the day school opened.

The last term of year 12 had finally begun.

He clasped his hands and walked towards the school, “I wonder what my life force will be at this test?”

“Hi, Jiang Li, I heard you recently became the top hypnotist for An Quan Corporation and you’re very famous.”

As soon as he arrived at the school, he saw Lara and Liana discussing something.

“How did the two become best friends? They seem to be getting closer and closer?” Jiang Li was surprised. Usually, the two were always against each other. “Just earned some small money, not worth mentioning.”

At this time, the enrichment class students all walked into the classroom.

Jiang Li watched them gather but didn’t see Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu and Zhang Yue. He sneered. These three people were bankrupt and could not afford all the expenses of the enrichment class.

He was a 1 life force student, the enrichment class was free for him but it wasn’t for the three.

One holiday and Jiang Li discovered the powers of the students in the class all improved significantly. It seemed that everyone was doing their bursts.

“Look, Ou Yang Xing is here.”

There was a rustle and the number one in the school Ou Yang Xing finally walked into the classroom.

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