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On the screen, Big Black was very lively when he talked. Other than the fact that his body was that of a cat, his soul, thinking, actions and language were all that of a human.

“Also, I hid 20 bottles of lunar essence in the depth of an abandoned building. They are my leftovers. You should hurry up and send people to pick them up.” Big Black said, “My powers are increasing exponentially right now. This black market is really a good place. There are riches and treasures everywhere. Oh by the way, use some of the leftover lunar essences on flower faced overlord and the other kittens. Let them cultivate too so that they can come to the black market. You can also use the lunar essence. You need a lot of nutrition for you cultivation right now.”

Ding Dong.

A location was sent over. It was in one of the deepest corners of the abandoned building and the 20 bottles of lunar essence was hidden there.

Big Black was like a messenger from hell. Every night he operated, he could get 3 to 5 bottles of lunar essence. If it was before, he couldn’t have gotten so much in Xu Hua city black market.

But right now, there was a huge price reduction for lunar essence. Everyday, thousands of people rush into the black making the place overpopulated. This allowed Big Black’s chances to increase by 100 times.

“Big Black, you are amazing. You are the real life version of Dorameng.” Jiang li sent the email out talking with Big Black.

“Hahaha….” Big Black laughed, “Jiang Li, when I get back from the black market, I’ll test you out. Hopefully you won’t be hypnotised by me. I think my hypnosis isn’t any bit worse than yours after my recent improvements.”

“Okay.” Jiang Li nodded his head, “You need to be careful. If you get the chance, try to find out more secrets about the Sun and Moon corporation. I’ll get people from An Quan corporation to get the lunar essence now.”


He sent an email to Gao Ren and told him of the coordinates.

With An Quan corporation’s power doing business in the black market for so many years, completing this sort of task was a piece of cake.

After 3 hours later, Gao Ren sent an email full of surprise, “Jiang Li brother, we followed your coordinates and indeed found 20 bottles of lunar essence. How did you do it?”

“This is a secret.”

Jiang Li smiled. Before, he was still worried about not having enough resources for cultivation. Now with Big Black operating in the black market, he’s just like a mobile treasure cove.

If he let flower faced overlord, Da Meng, Second Meng and the other kittens all go and form an army of kittens, he wondered what sort of mighty scenario that would be.

While he cultivated, he could teach the other kittens more stuff as well. And if he fed them a drop of lunar essence every day, their power would also increase.

Next, Jiang Li began cultivating even harder. Other than hypnotising customers, training with lightning needles and drinking lunar essence, Chu Shan also thought him some knowledge on lightning techniques through video calls.

Under the effect of the lightning needle cultivation, his spirit was able to comprehend more and more of the Arcanum of Lightning. His body also had become familiar with the stimulation of lightning. Although it was extremely painful everytime he cultivated, he didn’t care the least bit. He remained immobile like a Buddha.

It seemed that his powers also increased because his spirit absorbed the power of electric current.

At night, he trained the kittens by teaching them through their dreams. He also fed them lunar essence but only a drop a day because that was the maximum amount of nutrition they could consume. If he gave them more, their organs would wear out.

They had also began showing signs of hypnotic abilities.

Originally, Jiang Li wanted them to continue cultivating for some time before going over to Big Black, but Big Black hurried Jiang Li incessantly so Jiang Li could only send them on the train towards the black market.

But cats had greater survivability in the black market. There were so many narrow crevices that they could crawl into and no one would be able to find them. On top of that, who would care about a group of homeless cats especially when the cats had great hypnotic abilities?

“According to Big Black’s cultivation speed, he may very well surpass me and enter stasis and then become a secondary hypnotist.” Jiang Li thought.

He could measure a cat’s speed with a human’s cultivation speed.

What was a monster? Big Black was the original monster.

(TL Note: Monster/Yao Nie: is a way of describing extremely talented people that were super human but, the word itself meant monster.)

Their cultivation speed couldn’t be measured in regards to common sense.

An Quan Corporation.

Chu Xixi was listening to Gao Ren’s report, “You’re saying that every two days, Jiang Li would send you to a point in the black market to pick up cargo? They were all lunar essence?”

“Yes, these few days, I went 3 times altogether. The first time was 20 bottles, the 2nd time was 7 and the third time was 10.” Gao Ren replied honestly, “I don’t know why this is. Could it be that he has other powers factions in the black market?”

“I can’t make sense of it.” Even with the astute brain of Chu Xi Xi, she could only shake her head, “Right now, Jiang Li can hypnotise 50 people each day but who would believe this? Is this still an elementary hypnotist? What did he do today after hypnosis?”

“He is training in our gym. He is full of energy and I can tell that he can still hypnotise.” Gao Ren replied.


Chu Xi Xi opened the surveillance.

In the middle of the huge gymnasium, Jiang Li was fiercely attacking a huge metal ball.

Palm and palm again, his attacks were like the wild lightning in the sky that never stopped humming. With every attack on the metal ball, the computer in front showed a number. 2 tonnes!

This number was extremely accurate. Even the decimal places didn’t vary. They were all 2 tonnes.

Jiang Li struck 100 consecutive palms. His whole body moved as he attacked with cracking sounds as he moved his muscles and bones. Each palm brought with it ferocious might and air force.

He displayed accurate control of power. The power of each palm was so accurate that even the machine didn’t display 1 kg over or less.

This was the most frightening part of it.

Although it was important to have great power, it was more important to have accurate control and not waste a single bit of your power.

“Amazing! The power of your palm strike is 2 tonnes each time!” Chu Xi Xi walked into the gymnasium with a face full of surprise, “How strong your power is isn’t the priority. The strength of your control is what matters the most. Right now, your control of your body is becoming more and more accurate meaning that your brain is more and more in sync with your body. If you can apply this control to your battles as well, then that would be too scary.”

“I’m still far from that.”

Jiang Li remembered what Jiang Liu was like on that day. Jiang Liu’s life force was still above his so he still had to work very hard.

“Tomorrow is the day when school starts. The first test would be a life force test. I want to see what you can get.” Chu Xi Xi was looking forward to that.

“Mrs, how much is a mansion near the White Dragon River? I need one of those with good decorations and around 1000 square meters.”

Jiang Li desperately needed a good mansion to situate his parents and sister in. Right now, the highest calibre mansions in Xing Hua city were next to the White Dragon River. It was very hard for outsiders to come in these mansions as they required a series of security checks. Everything was automated so it was really safe.

It would be hard even if Jiang Liu wanted to get in.

After all, this was a legality society. What they did couldn’t be exposed. If they tried to force through the door, there were all sorts of government personnel at the White Dragon River mansions. If they spread the news, even Jiang Zhenyue would be in trouble, much less Jiang Liu.

He already had 1 million star coins on his account.

These few days, the numbers on his account have been increasing due to his earnings from hypnosis and transactions from big black.

His parents didn’t even need to go to work. All they had to do was rest at home safely.

“You want to buy a mansion?” Chu Xi Xi thought. “The mansions at White Dragon River are indeed very good. I bought two investments ones before, how bout I’ll sell you one? It’s already been renovated and you can move in whenever you want.”

“How much?”

Jiang Li rejoiced when he heard this. This could save him a lot of trouble.

“I bought it for 1.5 million but its prices have doubled now. It’s around 3 million.” Chu Xi Xi calculated.

“Okay, I’ll give you 1 million deposit. Can I pay the rest within 2 months?” Jiang Li didn’t bother arguing for the prices. Each day, he could earn 32000 pure income due to hypnosis. And with Big Black operating in the black market, sometimes, he would receive hundreds of thousands of transaction money.

He could pay back all the debt within a month.

“No problem.” Chu Xi Xi nodded her head, “I’ll give you the chip to the house. You need to process some applications online.”

Immediately, the applications went underway on the computer and were settled in a few minutes.

Ding Dong

Jiang Li transferred 1 million and only 10000 was left on his account.

But the next moment, another notification sounded.

The chip showed an email, “Your account has just received 123503 star coins.”

Chu Xi Xi seemed to have discovered a secret and ask, “Who gave you the 120,000?”

“It’s a small secret.” Jiang Li closed the mail. Of course he couldn’t tell Chu Xi Xi the truth that Big Black was behind all this.

“Come, this is the chip for the mansion district. I have already entered your identity. You can use this to open the doors and enter the district.” After receiving the money, Chu Xi Xi gave a chip to Jiang Li, “In my mansion, there’s a training room, gymnasium and everything. Remember, you still owe me 2 million. Pay me back as soon as possible.”

Seeing that another 120,000 just appeared on Jiang Li’s account, Chu Xi XI didn’t doubt his ability to pay his debt.

“No problem.”

Jiang Li closed his chip and went back home as soon as possible to notify his parents of a relocation.

“Big brother, did you really buy a mansion besides White Dragon river? That’s the most expensive place in the entire Xing Hua city. Each one costs a few million. Other than the wealthy billionaires that bought mountains in the rural areas, government personnel also lived there.

Jiang Xuan jumped upon hearing the news.

“A mansion besides White Dragon river? How much would that cost?” Jiang Zhendong was shocked! “Where did you get that money from?”

“Mum, dad, sister. Let’s move there first. It will be safer there. At least the situation of people barging into our house wouldn’t happen.” Jiang Li hurried them. The faster the better.

“Is that so, then let’s move now.” Mum hurried.

“Yes, let’s move now.” Little sister jumped, “I’m going to live in a mansion, woohooo…”

“The place is complete with furniture and we can move straight in.” Jiang Li said, “We don’t even need the things in this house.

Immediately, the family took a car to the mansion district besides White Dragon River.

This mansion district was very huge and was surrounded by high walls. There were also flying vehicles and post service soldiers patrolling the area. Surveillance cameras covered everywhere. The series of mansions were also very large and had their own gardens and swimming pools. They even had their own mini beaches.

Jiang Li and his family walked to the door and swiped their card. The alloyed door opened slowly and the computer verified their identity.

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