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Inside the room.

Jiang Li was completely naked showing his stout muscles and bones.

Recently, he had grown significantly and his height had reached 1.9m.

He took out a set of silver needles and pointed to his meridians. He slowly pierced his body and in a short while, his whole body was covered in these silver needles. A ticklish sense suddenly arose.

“It’s so itchy, I really want to pull all these needles out.” Jiang Li’s teeth made piercing cracking sounds.

He still hadn’t connected to the power and just piercing himself with needles like an echidna make him very uncomfortable.

The good thing was that he had strong determination and endurance and after that time when he was pierced in the chest with a sword in the military exercise, he had matured a lot. He contemplated [Heart Monkey in Furnace] and changed his spiritual pain into an impetuous monkey as he used the fire in the furnace to burn it away.

There seemed to be a golden pill shining between his eyebrows.

“Connect the power!”

He pressed the button.


Electricity sparked on those silver needles.


At that instant, Jiang Li felt like he was stabbed by thousands of blades. The immense pain almost shocked him unconscious but he remained sober and clearly felt as if every meridian was poked at by a knife.

“It’s so painful…..” Blood even spilled from biting his teeth together so hard as his teeth made a metal like screeching sound. All the muscles in his body was convulsing and his whole person acted like he was going to jump up.

But he resisted that temptation knowing that if he did, all the work he had done so far would have been lost.

He had to sit there with the needles pierced while resisting the pain so that his spirit could feel the electric current in his nerves. Only then would he be gradually familiar with the properties of electricity and be able to cultivate lightning techniques.

“Dad, how long do you think Jiang Li can endure for?” Outside, Chu Xi Xi was watching Jiang Li’s progress on the screen. Although Jiang Li was completely naked, she didn’t care the least bit and seemed very calm.

At the same time, Chu Shan was inspecting Jiang Li on the screen closely.

“Many masters would faint within a minute the first time they use this technique. Their heart would convulse. I wonder how long he can last?” Chu Shan was curious.

Jiang Li was feeling more and more pain. The moment the electricity connected, it was immensely painful . But as time progressed, there seemed to be hundreds of thousands of tiny ants biting him inside his body making him want to go crazy and scream out.

This type of physical pain was capable of making people go berserk.

That painful yet itchy feeling made people want to bite every single bit of muscle on their body.

“Endure, endure the pain.” Jiang Li sat there not moving. He knew this was tough training. If he couldn’t even resist this bit of pain, how could he accomplish great things?

“Hardship training is the best way of cultivating spirit. Back in the day, Buddha was also a hardship cultivator. At last, when his body couldn’t handle it anymore, he met a farmer girl who gave him goat milk. He drank it and only then had power to meditate under the bodhi tree. He then became enlightened and became a sage.” Chu Xi Xi licked her lips. Watching Jiang Li convulse on the screen made her feel like she was enduring it as well. She also had training with the lightning needle cultivation technique.

“Brain of the universe, [Emperor Lightning Seal]!”

In the immense pain, Jiang Li contemplated [Emperor Lightning Seal] in order to separate his focus.


In the depth of his mind, countless ravaging lightning appeared once again. His hands made all sorts of different movements, some steady, some rapid, some fierce.

Slowly, his pain eased as he felt the electricity on the needles seemingly fuse with the lightning in his contemplation.

He continued to endure and his spirit became stronger and more acute. His spirit seemed to be growing from absorbing the power of the current and the contemplation in his brain was also going faster and faster.

His hair stood up like Gu Xiong’s on that day.

“What happened? He actually isn’t experiencing pain anymore?” Chu Xi Xi could see from Jiang Li’s reaction.

“Hmm? What lightning hand sign is this? I have never seen it?” Chu Shan also couldn’t understand it because [Lightning Emperor Seal] only had hand stances but not sound. It was basically a fitness exercise so the profound aspects of it weren’t shown.

“I don’t know where he learned all these messy martial arts. Probably from online.” Chu Xi Xi shook her head and continued observing.

Jiang Li seemed to be in a state of harmony. The pain from the current on the needles couldn’t affect him at all. After 5 whole minutes, the current flickered as if all the energy had been used up and need recharging.

Jiang Li’s body shook as all the silver needles fell.

He opened his eyes and it shone brightly like lightning. He felt his power increase once more and gained greater insight and understanding to the [Emperor Lightning Seal]. At the same time, he moved slightly and his body made cracking sounds. His muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels all received the best training under the stimulus of electricity.


Subsequently, he felt a wave of hunger strike him so he hurried to take out lunar essence for consumption.

1,2……5 bottles.

He used up 5 bottles before stopping. Moonlight seeped out from his whole glands and with his respiration, it went in and out until it was finally all absorbed into his body.

A normal person with 1 life force only needed 1 drop of lunar essence a day. It was useless to drink more. But now, Jiang Li just drank 50 day’s portion and was only barely able to provide enough nutrition.

Clap clap clap…..

When Jiang Li put on his clothes and walked out form the room, Chu Shan clapped his hands on the screen, “Jiang Li, you truly are a marvellous prodigy. You are worth investing. I really want to see what extent you can grow to?”

“There’s no more lunar essence…” Jiang Li smiled bitterly. He only had two bottles left. If he continued the lightning needle training, it would even be enough for a day’s expenditure.

In the process of his cultivation, he discovered that this lightning needle technique is really beneficial for cultivating the [Emperor Lightning Seal].

[Emperor Lightning Seal] was the most profound lightning technique and was hard to master. But with the lightning needle training, he could become familiar with lightning and eventually understand it. With the foundations, one could build a skyscraper.

“Then I’m sorry. Currently, the Sun and Moon corporation has stopped supplying use with lunar essence.” Chu Shan shook his head, “We also need to think of a way to break their lockdown.”

“Damm it.” Jiang Li cursed in his mind. He remembered the condescending faces of Jiang Liu and Gu Xiong that day.

If he wanted to continue cultivating, he needed enough resources to support himself.

“Does that mean I have to go to black market once again?” Jiang Li thought, “No, that’s too dangerous. The Sun and Moon corporation definitely have their eyes on me. Although I’m not afraid, I shouldn’t do these suicidal things.”

He had seen the power of the secondary mecha. When that thing charges at you, no hypnosis could block it. You would just be ripped apart.


A big black cat walked in the darkness of the black market of Xu Hua city.

It was swift like the wind and its shadow could barely be caught when it moved. In the night, it moved through like a ghost.

In a pitch black alley, a few men rushed rapidly. Every one of them had carried a gun. They just came from buying supplements from the headquarters of the Sun and Moon corporation.

“It’s so good. The Sun and Moon Corporation made the prices of lunar essence so cheap. Now we can all afford it.”

“Lets go home and drink it with the help of a hypnotist. In the long run, we can also be successful.”

“Haha when we a strong enough, we will fight and create our own mark in the world.”

“The person we robbed today really had a lot of money. He must be really brave for bringing hundreds of thousands into the black market.”

These few men had life forces between 0.8 and 0.9. With the help of guns, there was barely anyone who could rob them, but just when they entered the pitch black alley, a big black cat came out making meowing sounds.

Immediately, these few men fell down and were hypnotised.

The big black cat walked beside them and searched. In no time, it took out a few bottles of lunar essence. It drank a bottle first and hid into the crevices between walls where humans couldn’t reach. Then, it began cultivating.

A few hours later, it opened its bright eyes suddenly.

It stored the rest of the lunar essence.

Just like this, the big black cat did the same thing everyday and became stronger day by day. It walked amongst the black market hypnotising criminals and acquiring nutritional serums, pills, lunar essence and consumed them all. During the day, it hid between the crevices of walls cultivating and learning knowledge from the computer.

Ten whole days had passed.

Big Black’s body had a qualitative transformation. It was agile, fast with a roar like lightning. With one claw, it could claw out a deep mark into the wall. At the same time, its voice also underwent significant change. It could make more and more types of sounds.

At last, during cultivation, it suddenly spoke in human tongue, “Jiang Li!”

Finally, it transformed and learned to speak the human tongue. The large amounts of lunar essence had made its voice change granting him the ability to learn more languages.

It was another starless night.

Big Black came out from the crevice in the wall and began his hunt.

This time, his target was a person with 1 life force that hurried out from the Sun and Moon corporation.

As soon as the man appeared, his body darted and killed a few men spying on him before leaving quickly. Big Black followed behind secretly and the man didn’t even notice.

When the man entered a deserted alley, Big Black blocked his way and appeared.

“Fuck, that scared the shit outta me. It’s just a cat.” The man took out the gun and was about to shoot when he saw it was just a big black cat. He spat in relief.

“Sleep, go to sleep.” Big Black actually spoke in human tongue. His tone was like water with a illusionary magical power, “Is your body very tired? You haven’t rested for so long…”

“Yes, yes…” The man couldn’t resist Big Black’s hypnosis. He was also someone who could deep sleep but was no match for Big Black.


He fell head first to the ground.

Big Black searched his body and found a few bottles of lunar essence. He finished a bottle in one gulp and said to himself, “Looks like my cells have undergone change and it’s abilities to absorb nutrition has greatly increased.”

Subsequently, it turned towards the sleeping man, “How much money do you have in your account?”

“100,000…” The man said drowsily.

“Very well, get up and transfer to this account…” Big Black read out an account number. It was actually Jiang Li’s.

“I’ll do it.” Under the strong hypnosis of Big Black, the man did as he was told and took out his chip. He inputted the password and the transaction proceeded automatically.

Ding Dong!

Jiang Li who was cultivating in the night was startled. He discovered that for no apparent reason, 100,000 star coins appeared in his account.

“What happened? Who transferred money to my account?” He was bewildered and searched for the transferrer but discovered it was a stranger. The place of transaction was in Xu Hua city.

“Are the heavens raining bread on me?” Jiang Li couldn’t believe it.

Ding dong. A mail was sent over and the shape of a big black cat appeared. It actually spoke in human tongue, “Jiang Li, this money is from the person I hypnotised. Do not worry.”


Jiang Li almost jumped up.

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