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TL note: Apologies readers for the delay, due to the upcoming final exams of high school, we translators of this novel are forced to take time off translating in order to cope with studies. Our exams will finish near the start of november and by then we will be able to do 2 or maybe even three chapters a day. In the meantime, we still have some stockpiled chapters for you lovely readers to enjoy but updates will be less frequent. We hope you understand our situation and we thank you for supporting this novel and Xianxiaworld!

“Although that’s true, Jiang Liu, you still need to be careful. Don’t cause any negative influence on our Sun and Moon Corporation.” Jiang Zhengyue nodded his head, “Although the power of our corporation is big, we are still not on equal grounds with the human government. You know what to do now?”

“Yes, I will let my subordinates do it, pay some compensation for breaking into their house and smashing their wall.” Jiang Liu laughed bleakly, “But, Jiang Zhengdong’s son is not bad. He could actually dodge a full power punch from me. I have already investigated, his life force is one and is someone the school is devoting resources to. It is very possible that he will get into Astral University.”

“Oh? It’ll be troublesome if he gets into Astral University. We still want Jiang Zhendong to return to our family and continue the research on the lunar and solar essence.” Jiang Zhengyue frowned, “But discovering his tracks still deserves a reward.”

“Father, why so troublesome? We can just bring Jiang Zhengdong back to our family.” Jiang Liu said, “I just need your word and I will go and do it immediately.”

“I would have done so ages ago if I could.” Jiang Zhengyue waved his hand, “I investigated into the information about his son, look.”


The computer screen flickered.

Two words showed up.

Jiang Tao.

Below was a series of XXXXXXX

And behind the X’s marked two words, ‘Top Secret’!

“What?” Jiang Liu’s eyes became sharp, “Top secret? Even we can’t see his info. How can this be?”

“There’s only one possibility and that is he entered a secret institute within the military.” Jiang Zhengyue thought: “This son is even more complicated, so I have been thinking these few days about how to deal with Jiang Zhengdong. I have all sorts of methods but I have my concerns. If I take him away forcefully, then it may cause trouble from the military and start conflict with us. Even if something happens, although we aren’t afraid, we will be attacked by everyone if things get too big. You need to know that the fact our corporation has reached our hands on Earth’s market has already received much enmity from other powerhouses. If they use this to create a fuss, even I will be punished by the board of directors.”

“Father, how bout this.” The side of Jiang Liu’s mouth hooked up into a smile, “I’m only 17 anyways, I’ll go to Xing Hua high school and along the way enter the exams for Astral University there. I’ll use this final term to find out more about these two brothers and take care of them at the same time. Then, I’ll take Jiang Zhengdong back so he can continue researching lunar and solar essence for us. These damned laws, although we don’t care, they really are troublesome when we try to do things.”

“Okay then, if you get into Astral University, you can cultivate better. The competition over the family’s resources is very intense.” Jiang Zhengyue nodded, “My wish is for you to enter Astral University and move out. Although you are of direct lineage, you don’t have a share of the family.”

“Father, I will let everyone know that, I, Jiang Liu am the strongest.” Jiang Liu raised his head with his sharp eyes like a hawk prowling in the sky.

“I will tell my subordinate to transfer you to Xing Hua city and go straight into the enrichment class.” Jiang Zhengyue knocked the table with his fingers.

In the depth of the garden.

Jiang Li drank down lunar essence and started to cultivate [Emperor Lightning Seal].

He started jumping and charging. Each hand sign was masculine, majestic and full of power. His fingers opened up and air currents were created immediately. He attacked like lightning as the roar of lightning sounded within the depth of his bones.

In his brain, he contemplated the brain of the universe. It continued to blink to the limit and suddenly, the brain of the universe depicted wild lightning that covered the universe. Billions of bolts of lightning flickered in his brain. Each bolt of lightning had a different shape, some were like dragons, some were like snakes and some were like some sort of symbol.

It revealed the Arcanum of Yin and Yang in the universe.

Jiang Li’s hand speed increased and he suddenly smashed his palm on a huge rock in the garden.

It was a granite the height of a human being, but it was smashed by Jiang Li with smaller stones flying off everywhere. There were deep cracks in the granite. This was already more than the power that could be generated by a body of flesh and blood.

Subsequently, he continued and each palm made a deep mark on the granite.

During the process of cultivating [Emperor Lightning Seal], he had a peculiar feeling. It was that as he contemplated all sorts of lightning, his body was undergoing some sort of change that made his physique more full of life.

The bright moon hung high in the night sky, Jiang Li consumed some more lunar essence and looked at the moon seeming to establish some sort of mental connection.

He established a slight spiritual feeling with the moon. This was a surreal feeling that felt really wonderful. It nourished his spirit as he felt the magnitude of the universe.

His spiritual prowess grew drop by drop and at the same time, his physical capabilities improved.

Although [Emperor Lightning Seal] was just a hand sign, with contemplation it was full of miraculous changes. It connected body and spirit and when one pressed out the seal, lightning roared. Slaying monsters was within ones thought.

“I have entered the 3rd stage of deep sleep for a long time. Lunar and solar essence have also greatly improved the strength of my brain cells and the cultivation of my spirit. I wonder when I can enter stasis?”

For ten consecutive days, everything was peaceful as Jiang Liu seemed to have disappeared. He didn’t come looking for trouble either. Jiang Liu cultivated arduously using lunar essence and studied the secrets of [Emperor Lightning Seal]. With adequate resources, he was improving fast.

And, [Emperor Lightning Seal] and contemplation had a huge consumption on nutrition. Jiang Li used almost 2 bottles of lunar essence a day.

But, he didn’t see Big Black in the park and didn’t know what it went to do. He used his chip to contact him but he also didn’t reply. Jiang Li was a bit worried but he was deeply immersed in the Lightning technique as his spirit wandered out.

He cultivated [Emperor Lightning Seal] like crazy and also searched for all sorts of information about lightning techniques online.

Ten days of cultivation also made his hypnosis improve drastically.

In the An Quan corporation.

He faced a customer, it was a middle aged big man. His eyes were firm and had the will of iron. It was quite obvious he was a soldier. These type of people were the hardest to hypnotise. Many elementary hypnotists had failed in hypnotising him.

But when Jiang Li opened his mouth slightly.


The whole room rumbled with lightning making the glass windows shake vigorously. This soldier was immediately shocked unconscious. His face was red as if all his latent potential had been excavated.

Jiang Li patted the top of his head.

The soldier went peacefully into sleep like this.

Beep beep beep… The sleep meter tested.

“Deep sleep, 150.”


Jiang Li sat without moving and continued hypnotising. Another customer came, he opened his eyes and shook his body. Cracking sounds of thunder roared from his joints.

This customer didn’t even have time to react before falling down.

“Next again.”…

One by one, the customers were hypnotised. All of their sleep qualities reached 150. Jiang Li hypnotised a whopping 40 before stopping.

Ten days ago, he could at most hypnotise 25 a day. Now it increased to 40. This couldn’t even be described by ‘huge improvement.” This was monstrous talent.

There were nine transformations to his [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. The lightning seal was the most forceful and rapid. Especially that sound, contemplating it could help his thought reach maximum potential.

At this time, the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] showed its ultimate power.

Only a lightning seal was already so power, how powerful would the 9 seals combined [Spiritual Emperor Seal] be?

Jiang Li could not imagine.

In the huge office room, Chu Xi Xi was looking at the screen which showed Jiang Li hypnotising in high resolution.

Gao Ren stood respectfully by her side with a face full of surprise, “Manager Chu, this Jiang Li is a monster, he can hypnotise 40 in a day? And his hypnotic technique seems to be lightning technique? This is a forbidden technique that is very hard to cultivate. There is a high chance of making people mentally retarded.”

“I’ll send his hypnosis video to father.” Chu Xi Xi sent the email.

Approximately half an hour later, Chu Shan’s body appeared on the screen, “This is the current Jiang Li? He had progressed this fast? He has great mastery of lightning technique! I have never seen someone cultivate lightning technique this fast.”

“Yes, father, Jiang Li is improving very fast, I believe very soon he will become a true secondary hypnotist.” Chu Xi Xi analysed.

“Cultivating lightning technique is taking the quickest route, it has a fatality rate of 90%.” Chu Shan shook his head, “Tell him to come over, I will teach him personally. Young people nowadays are really fearless. Although he has been through life and death, but that does not mean its ok for him to commit suicide.”

“Hypnotising 40, I earned 25600.” Jiang Li rested for a bit and drank a bottle of lunar essence. He was happy seeing the extra numbers on his account but when he thought about the Sun and Moon corporation and Jiang Liu, his heart sank back down again immediately.

His achievements were worthless to the Sun and Moon Corporation.

Jiang Liu’s fist on that day was so powerful that had the police not come in time, he would have very likely been killed.

There were still 7 bottles of lunar essence. He had be consuming a lot recently and would have finished it completely in these few days. Good thing was that he had also saved around 200 thousand these ten days.

However, buying lunar essence was a problem.

He couldn’t go to the Sun and Moon corporation in the black market to buy it. That was like a goat walking straight into the mouth of a tiger.

Xing Hua city was a place with law, Jiang Liu didn’t dared to kill him in the open. But in the black market, he could kill him easily without any repercussion.

Ding dong, an email was sent over.

It was from Miss Blade. It was still a few simple words, “Jiang Li, come to my office.”

Jiang Li came to the office immediately and saw the huge figure of Chu Shan’s on the screen.

“Jiang Li, you cultivated lightning techniques?” Chu Shan asked straightforwardly.

“Yes.” Jiang Li nodded, “I have been researching lightning techniques recently.”

“Do you know that, you can’t just cultivate these things so lightly. There’s a very high fatality rate!” Chu Shan reproached, “You are full of potential, okay! Stop cultivating that lightning technique of yours, start by cultivating lightning needle technique. When your nerves and brain can withstand the shock of lightning, then cultivate your lightning techniques.”

“Lightning needle technique?”

Jiang Li was fazed.

“The young people nowadays are really…” Chu Shan shook his head. The screen immediately showed a naked man with needles all over his body. Those silver needles were special needles with an electric current running through it.

“This is a lightning shock technique. It was passed down from the elite district.” Chu Shan’s tone was serious, “Astral University has these types of cultivation methods. It’s confidential. It was researched by scientists, martial artists and spiritual masters using a technique called [Lightning Needle Body Technique] from an alien martial arts world as reference. The body is pierced with lightning needles and after it is connected to electricity. It shocks nerves and the brain with electric current to force out your potential while training your body. At the same time, it familiarises your nerves with the attributes of electric current to prepare you for cultivating lightning techniques. However, this technique is extremely painful.While it is conducted, a few amperes of current can make a strong willed soldier experience so much pain that he will bite his own tongue off. This pain is 100 times that of a woman giving birth. If you can withstand it, only then will you have the right to cultivate lightning techniques.”

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