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After listening to the explanation of his father, a deep sense of frigidness rose from the depth of his heart.

This family was too scary.

The father creates hundreds of children from test tubes making them become his offspring. Those sons didn’t have inheritance rights and not even procreation rights. From young to old, they could only do things for the family and then die of old age.

This was the biggest tragedy of life.

He thought about himself. He was born from his mother after 10 months of pregnancy. So was Jiang Tao and Jiang Xuan.

But his father didn’t even know who his mother was. He was just like a slave to the family and when he finally escaped from the family, he was still hunted down.

“This is a legality society now, they won’t dare to kill people out in the open right? Even 200 years ago in the country era, the boss of big corporations couldn’t kill people so easily.” Jiang Xuan was very angry.

“Although that is how it’s said, there are many ways that they can kill us with their power. The overt spears are easy to dodge but he subvert arrows are hard to defend against.” Jiang Zhengdong sighed, “They didn't kill me now because they want me to go back and contine developing lunar and solar essence for them so that the side effect of addiction and hallucination can be removed. Then the government will release the prohibition and it will become a legal medicine.”

“My god…”

Jiang Xuan gasped a breath of cold air, “If the lunar and solar essence weren’t illicit drugs anymore and were fully open to the market, then the sun and moon corporation would instantly expand 100 times.”

Lunar and solar essence couldn’t be sold openly because normal people couldn’t use it and could only be passed through the black market.

If the side effect could be removed, then the government would permit it to go on the market.

Think about it, if a medicine as good as this could be allowed onto the market, what uproar would it create?

“Zhengodng, you musn’t not go back to the Jiang family again.” Mum held Jiang Zhengdong’s hands, “You can’t do things for them again no matter what.”

“Of course.” Jiang Zhengdong said, “They didn’t keep their words but one day, I will take back what belongs to me. I’m the one who developed the solar and lunar essence. Since they don’t follow their own promises, the patency of this belongs to me then.”

“Dad, we should be careful first.” Jiang Li said calmly, “I can tell that that Jiang Liu won’t let things go like this.”

“I don’t care, the worst thing that can happen is death.” Jiang Zhengdong’s tone was solemn, “But you and Jiang Tao and Jiang Xuan are my hope. If I die, you must help me fulfill my with and take back the patent for the solar and lunar essence.”

“Dad, I will help you do it.” Jiang Li nodded his head heavily.

“Everyone must be tired today, go to rest.” Jiang Zhengdong sighed, “Unfortunately, the Jiang family came too early, if they came half a year later and you entered Astral University, they wouldn’t be so fearless.”

Jiang Li nodded and didn’t say anything. After his parents and sister went to sleep, he went to his room and entered deep sleep.


Suddenly, when he just entered deep sleep, that familiar voice sounded again.

“Dream for many millenniums, what year is it now?”

In the dream, a white clothed man appeared.

He was sitting in air and started forming [Spiritual Emperor Seal] hand signs. Above his head, the brain of the universe blinked and Jiang Li watched the brain of the universe from the dream discovering more secrets. The changes that he didn’t really understand before seemed easier to comprehend.

“Congratulations, you have activated the great dream heart sutra again.” The tall white clothed man looked at Jiang Li, “ But this pitiful spiritual power can only allow you to learn the first seal of the {Spiritual Emperor Seal}.”

In the dream, Jiang Li didn’t speak. He knew that even if he asked, the white clothed man wouldn’t reply. This was the spiritual mark left by a spiritual grandmaster.

“The [Spiritual Emperor Seal] is divided into 9 stances. Heaven, earth, human, heart, water, fire, wind, lightning. These 8 stances are auxiliary and the [Emperor Dream Seal] is the primary. With this, you can rule over everything. You have activated the cultivation for the lightning seal. Remember, lightning seal is the last seal of [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. It focuses on attack and has countless transformations. I will now tell you the pronunciation for the lightning word as well as the lightning contemplation…”


The tall white clothed man formed a seal with his two hands. As if the lightning god striking down enforcing justice from the heavens, it exterminated demons and shocked the heart. At the same time, it gave rise to life and shocked the universe.

Simultaneously, he spoke sound syllables form his mouth. This sound was the pronunciation for lightning. It wasn’t any type of earth words.

This lightning syllable was really long. At the start, it was like a deep humming lightning and then it suddenly sounds louder as if lightning striking across the sky.

Although Jiang Li was in a dream, he was almost shocked unconscious when he heard this sound.

But subsequently, the lightning sound changed becoming audacious making people’s blood boil as if they were going to take up their swords and fight.

Then, it changed again as if full of life. The spring lightning waking up the earth and life.

At this time, the brain of the universe on top of the man’s head was blinking vigorously. The blinking meant that his thoughts were operating at the max.


Ferocious lightning filled the universe. A sea of lightning billions of kilometers across appeared in the sky, and the lightning bolts looking like dragons flied across the void.

Sound, contemplation, hand seal, all constitute the lightning seal of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

‘Brain of the universe, transforming into the lightning. The lightning emperor seal could kill heart demons and rejuvenate everything. It could inspire courage, everything was in the change in the spirit….”

As the white clothed man demonstrated, he gradually disappeared.

Jiang Li woke up from the dream remembering clearly all the sounds, contemplation and posture for the emperor lightning seal.

This was all due to the secondary hypnotist Gu Xiong. He used his full power and almost crushed Jiang Li’s spirit. And as expected, the great dream Heart Sutra ended up like last time when Illusory Fox attacked and came to the rescue of its owner. It absorbed the opponent’s spiritual power and opened up the cultivation for the lightning seal of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

Although it was just a lightning seal, it included everything. It seemed to contain all sorts of Arcanum about lightning in relation to the human body, the universe, the soul and the theory of yin and yang.

“Lightning technique…”

Jiang Li flipped and crawled up, it was already midnight.

He opened the computer and searched from knowledge on lightning techniques.

Since the ancient times, in the ancient cultivation tradition of the Chinese, there was [Five Lightning Palm] and [Palm Lightning]. They were all based on contemplation and used the ligaments as support to create shockingly explosive sounds.

In the ancient time, according to legends, those Taoists who knew [Five Lightning Technique] could make the heavens rain. With one palm, they could break stones and metals, slay demons and monsters.

But now, all sorts of martial arts are gushing out and the ancient lightning technique had been systematically researched by scientists.

B ranked martial arts [Five Lightning Fist] was just like [Gods and Demons Fist]. It was secretly taught in the military.

In the feudalistic era, many cultivating Taoists wrote on the theories for lightning techniques. In the Song dynasty, the taoist Wang Zongshi wrote [A Discussion on the Metaphysics of Lightning].

The [Qing Wei Great Dao Secret] also contain records of lightning techniques.

If true word hand seals were mostly used in Buddhist practitioners, then the lightning technique belong completely to Taoists. The ancient Chinese Taoists all practiced this.

Now, modern spiritual study is already very developed. After countless experiments, contemplating lightning could allow the spirit to possess the pressure and power of this natural power. At this time, the spirit would have the least impurities.

The lightning could shock the gods and demons.

This was an ancient saying.

Those who did wrong things were afraid of the lightning.

“Hmm? This piece is well written.” Jiang Li found another discussion article.

“Discussing lightning and people’s static electric field.”

It talked about when the sky was humming with lightning, the cells in people’s body would be moved by the electric field and be in a state of hyperactivity. When the spirit was shocked by lightning, it would be blank. At this moment, the spirit would be the purest and was in a state of being one with nature.

In conclusion, lightning technique was an advanced method of cultivation of activating thoughts, removing random thoughts and improving life potential.

But, it was also really dangerous cultivating lightning techniques. Because when you contemplate lightning, the sudden shocks can easily cause damage to brain cells. Frequent cultivation may even result in the person being shocked to dumbness.

So all cultivation that involved lightning were B ranked or higher martial arts.

Jiang Li found many examples on the internet of brain death due to cultivating lightning techniques. Some who cultivated [Gods and Demon Fist] were so immersed that they actually believed themselves to be a god or demon resulting in bloody massacres.

“[Spiritual Emperor Seal] is divided into nine: heaven, earth, human, heart, water, fire, wind, lightning and the summary dream seal.”

The whole great world, the universe, was all a dream. It was like the morning dew, fading in an instant.

The last seal, dream seal of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] had a similar philosophical meaning as this.

He began to immerse himself in the cultivation of the [Emperor Lightning Seal].

In the rural area of Xing Hua city inside a big mansion, Jiang Liu stood respectfully besides a middle aged man.

Meanwhile, Gu Xiong laid on the bed with a round of band across his eyes. A few doctors were beside him in discussion.

“Mr Jiang, Mr Gu Xiong was interfered and received great shock when he was in great spiritual focus. This caused spiritual chaos and thus resulted in loss of eyesight. The blood vessels in the brain and the nervous system. There’s no way of curing it with the medical standards in Xing Hua city.”

After analysis, the few doctors spoke out their diagnosis carefully.

“Understood, you may leave.” The middle aged man waved his hand and turned around, “Jiang Liu, you found Jiang Zhengdong? You brought Gu Xiong to find him, what happened, what caused Gu Xiong to be like this?”

“Father, I don’t know what happened, perhaps Gu Xiong had a sudden mental breakdown.” Jiang Liu’s tone was very cold.

“Master, I was probably in a state of high spiritual concentration and suddenly broke down like a bow that had its string pulled too tight.” Gu Xiong sat up, “But doesn’t matter, a small surgery can make me recover, my conscious is still very clear.”

“That’s good, I will send you to a more advanced city for surgery immediately.” The middle aged man was the high level manager of the Sun and Moon corporation from the TV. He had a tall and bulky figure with an imposing manner. With a slight movement of his hands, it gave people a sense of him being in hold of power making people fear him on sight, “You are a secondary hypnotist, with the wealth of the Sun and Moon corporation and you loyalty to me all these years, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Thank you master.” There wasn’t any change on Gu Xiong’s face.

Subsequently, a few people took him out.

“Just then, the police department sent a mail to me, they want us the Sun and Moon Corporation to abide the laws of humanity and want you to make an explanation for what you did today.” Jiang Zhengyue slapped out a mail.

“We don’t need to explain to the police department regarding this matter. What is a little police department to the Sun and Moon Corporation?” Jiang Liu threw the mail in the bin casually in contempt for the laws of humanity.

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