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He entered the house.

The scene he saw made his heart turn cold.

In the living room, his parents and little sister were forced to stand in a little corner while a teenager about his age sat on the sofa.

Beside the youth stood 5 black-clothed body guards, each with imposing manners like bounty hunters. Other than this, there was also an old man around 60 with a goat beard. He had his hands behind his back inspecting the entire scene.

The lock on his door had been forcefully broken through.

The dining table was a mess.

Many supplements were all on the ground.

Quite obviously, the family was eating when these ruffians broke through the door and created the mess.

And the supplement pills he bought for his sister were collected and piled on the table.

The youth crushed a pill with a smirk on his face, “Jiang Zhengdong, you actually hid in Xing Hua city for these many years being a little civilian but you can afford something that costs 2000 a pill. I really underestimated you.”

“Don’t touch my pills!” Jiang Xuan’s heart was bleeding and she screamed, “You robber, I’m calling the police!”

“Police?” The youth laughed casually, “Jiang Zhengdong you tell her if there’s any use in calling the cops.”

“You are Jiang Zhenyue’s son, Jiang Liu right?” Jiang Zhengdong had hate in his eyes, “This is my business with the Jiang family, what does that have to do with you?”

“How dare you!” The old man suddenly spoke, “Zhengdong, how dare you talk to the young master like this!”

“Nevermind.” Jiang Liu waved his hand in an aristocratic manner, “I won’t fuss with an artificially inseminated person. There are too many people like him in the Jiang family, although they are all grandpa’s seed but they don’t have ownership rights and birth rights. Zhengdong, I'm going to ask you today. You left the family without consent and even got married and had children, do you really disregard the rules of the family? The person outside is your son right. He’s not bad, he took out my two henchmen, he’s very bold.”

He saw Jiang Li ages ago but didn’t care at all.

“Jiang Li, leave quickly!” Both of his parents yelled in a desperate voice, “Call the police quickly!”

“Call the police?” Jiang Liu didn’t even look and only just waved his hands.

Immediately, five black clothed men surrounded Jiang Li and attempted to subjugate him.


Jiang Li suddenly attacked using all five moves of [Dragon Claw Subjugation].

He was incredibly fast!

Shua shua shua! The after images of his claws were like exploding fire that reached towards these black clothed men.

The men saw that the claws were fierce and retreated at the same time and let Jiang Li rush over them towards his parents.

“Little brat, you’re not bad.”

The old man spoke and took a step forward and looked at Jiang Li, “These five people are all warriors with 1 life force. You can fend off 5 by yourself. A little high school student yet so promising. Looks like we can’t leave you!”

“Gu Xiong, don’t touch my son!” Zhengdong’s face changed.

“Your son? I already said that people like you don’t have the right to give birth! But you sneaked outside and got married and had children. Both your sons and daughter don’t deserve to exist in this world, letting the bloodline of the Jiang family flow outside.” The youth raised his head, “Gu Xiong, teach his son a lesson.”

“Yes, young master.” The old man took a step forward with his eyes emitting an eerie green light. His hairs stood up as if there was static electricity running through his body. This is the anomaly created when brain cells operated at the max speed making blood vessels expand.

Immediately, Jiang Li felt dizzy.

“Secondary hypnotist!” He yelled knowing the other identity of Gu Xiong. He was actually a secondary hypnotist like Chu Shan.

“Sleep.” Gu Xiong took steps forward as his body seemed to become bigger and bigger: “Your body is full of sin and filth. Your spirit will be relaxed and I will cleanse you of your sins only if you go for a sleep…”

“The lord says, people have sin when they descend upon this world. They should kneel down and repent constantly.”

His voice was very powerful.

It was like he was a pastor praying to God.

Jiang Li just felt his voice humming like thunder exploding everywhere as a gust of fatigue swept towards his brain. Illusions appeared in his eyes as he saw white light everywhere. There were angels flying in the white light and the body of Gu Xiong was very large. He walked over from the other side of the clouds and every step he took almost made Jiang Li’s spirit collapse and kneel down in worship.

Jiang Li immediately contemplated the brain of the universe as his thoughts blinked rapidly in defense against hypnosis. He found out that Gu Xiong’s hypnosis was even stronger than Chu Shan’s. In his brain, fatigue surged into him as if a mountain crushing down on his consciousness.

Gu Xiong’s spiritual prowess had already entered stasis!

This type of spirit could already invade other’s brains with their own spiritual wave.

Chu Shan didn’t use all of his power that time so he could still defend against it. But now, Gu Xiong didn’t hold back. Although his hypnosis had been improving rapidly, he still couldn’t enter stasis and therefore there was still a huge gap between him and Gu Xiong.

“Jiang Liu, stiop!” Zhengdong was going to charge over but was stopped by the black clothed men. He yelled, “When I participated in creating the solar and lunar essence, the family said that if it was created successfully, we would have the right to birth and even promised to give us 1/10000 of the share. You guys went back on your words.”

“What? You still want shares?” Jiang Liu seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, “Why doesn’t the family let people like you cultivate and only make you do scientific research? Because you are the dogs owned by the family. If the family wants to give you something, it’s a reward, if the family doesn’t, then you must have nothing to say!”



At this time, Gu Xiong made an even louder sound.

The whole house was shaking, when Gu Xiong used his full power to hypnotise.

“Hmm?” There was surprise in Jiang Liu’s eyes, “The kids spiritual prowess isn’t bad, looks like it's because he has the blood of the Jiang family making him this strong. Gu Xiong, disable him, if there’s trouble I’ll take it.”

“Jiang Liu, this is a legality society now, you guys can’t do anything you want!” Zhengdong yelled out once again. His heart bled seeing his son holding on in pain.


Gu Xiong rained in sweat. He didn’t think that Jiang Li was this hard to hypnotise. He was using his full power but Jiang Li was still holding on. It was really remarkable.

At that moment, his body suddenly grew a round thicker like a toad gulping in air and then suddenly exhaling. A whirlwind was created out of nowhere.

His hands formed seals as he spoke in true words. It shook the spirit and everyone else was almost shocked unconscious.

This true word could definitely kill tigers.

Jiang Li felt his heart crack. He knew this was a false sense but his spirit was still in shock.

At this time, the opaque stone that had slumbered on his chest suddenly moved.


Gu Xiong suddenly retreated as blood trickled from his eyes. He danced around frantically, “What? What was that?” His spirit started to descend into chaos. It was worse than Illusory Fox that time.

“Great Dream Heart Sutra saved me once again, this is a good opportunity. I will hypnotise.” Jiang Li woke up and suddenly yelled, “Kneel down!”

Gu Xiong’s body started shaking.

“Hm?” Jiang Liu was surprised and stood up suddenly releasing his immeasurable pressure. His clothes flapped without any wind as he released his strong life force.

He took a step and was already in front of Jiang Li. And in the blur of the moment struck out with his fist.

[Gods and Demons Dist] B-rank martial arts [Appearance of Gods and Demons]!

As he attacked, air blast formed around his fist. Air under his fist seemed to behave like water and splashed outwards.

His fist attack seemed surreal as it arrived in front of Jiang Li’s eyes.

“Too strong!” Jiang Li couldn’t afford to hypnotise and started running for his life. They were same age but that Jiang Liu was absurdly strong.

Honglong! The moment Jiang Li dodged, Jiang Liu’s fist hit the wall behind him and that wall started cracking as a big hole appeared.

This was all done by a body of flesh and blood.

Wu wu wu wu

At this time, the police siren sounded outside. Jiang Li had already called the cops before he entered the door. Now, the police finally came.

“Young master, lets go! The Sun and Moon Corporation just entered earth, we can’t have any negative impressions.” Gu Xiong said suddenly, he could still maintain consciousness.

“Hmm! Zhengdong, I’ll let you go today. You won’t be so lucky next time.” Jiang Liu didn’t attack and stared at Jiang Li coldly, “You’re studying at Xing Hua high school right? You’re not worthy of the Jiang family’s bloodline, I will take it back personally!

As he spoke, he left Jiang Li’s home with Gu Xiong and the black clothed men. Then went to the sky deck and took off in a hover vehicle.

The two beaten down henchmen were also taken away.

When the police arrived, the house was in shambles.

When the police heard Jiang Li’s description, they took it very seriously at first. But when they heard it was the Sun and Moon corporation, their faces changed and only did a brief investigation before leaving in a hurry, “Jiang Li, the police department will investigate this matter, please wait patiently.”

But Jiang Li didn’t have much hope for the investigation.

Although it was a legality society now, the opponent’s power was too great. They could close the case with one word.

He walked into the room slowly and helped pack this up with little sister and then he asked, “Dad, what is this? What is our relationship with the Sun and Moon Corporation?”

“I won’t hide it from you anymore.” Jiang Zhengdong released a long sigh, “You also heard just then, I’m from the Jiang family… The Jiang Family is an enormous family but people inside are divided into two categories. One type is direct descendent, they were in their mothers’ womb for ten month. Another type is artificially inseminated children. They only know who their fathers are but not their mother. I’m one of the second type.”

Jiang Li already understood everything.

Now, the big bosses of corporations wanted more offsprings. Some of them stored their sperm in the sperm bank to wait for high quality female egg and create the baby artificially. The babies that come out are still their children.

Sometimes, significant figures create hundreds of children at a time.

But these children couldn’t compare with those who were born naturally. And they didn’t even know who their mothers were.

Afterwards, these things were prohibited by the government. Any human had to give birth through 10 months pregnancy because people could only form a spiritual bond with their parents when they come into this world through pregnancy.

Those test tube babies are genetically your children but they are hardly acknowledged emotionally.

This type of things would create moral chaos.

But some huge corporations completely ignored this law.

“My dad has a few hundred sons and most of them are artificially created. These people can’t cultivate and are only allowed to do scientific research. They even can’t get married and have offsprings as this would cause the Jiang family’s bloodline to flow out.” Jiang Zhengdong said bitterly, “But when the corporation was investigating solar and lunar essence, they promised us that we would receive birthrights and even a share of the corporation so that we would work hard. But when it was created, they went back on their words.”

How big was the Sun and Moon Corporation? How much wealth did they own? Jiang Li couldn’t calculate but he knew that this corporation had establishments on many planets. 1/10000 of the share was definitely in the billions.

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