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At night, he came to the park once again. Big Black was still cultivating and when he sensed Jiang Li come, he opened his eyes emitting a spooky green light. He made a meow sound and Jiang Li felt his head becoming slightly dizzy. It was quite obvious that this hypnosis was quite deep.

“Hmm? Hypnosis?”

He laughed and reached out his hand to carry Big Black out from the cat home. “Big Black, your hypnosis isn’t bad. You can hypnotise normal people now. Today, I brought you something nice, do you want to see?”

He took out the lunar essence.

Big Black jumped around happily.

“Take it slowly, drink it drop by drop.” Jiang Li took out a drop and mixed it with some nutritional serum for Big Black to drink.

Almost immediately, a slither of moonlight glowed from Big Black’s body making him seem quite eerie.

In a short while, the moonlight from Big Black’s body dissipated and the cat’s vocal seemed to have undergone change. It could make out more sounds and syllables.

“This is the proper lunar essence from the stories of the ancient time, animals that consume it can turn into monsters.” Jiang Li had expectations. “I wonder what sort of change it will be?”

“I want more, I want more!” Big Black used his claws to write on the ground.

Jiang Li gave Big Black another drop.

Just like this, he fed Big Black drop by drop until the whole bottle was finished. Then, Big Black began to cultivate crystal contemplation again.

After approximately an hour, Big Black suddenly stood up with all his hair strands standing up. His body emitted a temperament similar to a tiger. He seemed asleep but wasn’t asleep, seemed awake but wasn’t awake.


He roared like a fierce tiger coming down the mountain. A gust of wind blew, the cloud followed the dragon and the wind followed the tiger.

“Deep sleep third stage?”

Jiang Li was shocked, “How did he cultivate so fast? Although I know animals can cultivate many times faster than humans but this is way too miraculous.”

“What do you think? Jiang Li, I’m strong aren’t I?” Big Black wrote the words and there was satisfaction in his eyes. “This is lunar essence? I feel my vocal chords are changing and I can make more sounds. If I continue drinking it, one day, I will be able to speak human words.”

“Speak the human tongue?” Jiang Li nodded, “That isn’t impossible, lunar and solar essence can really make animals change.”

“Jiang Li give me your chip.” Big Black wrote, “If I own a computer, I can learn more about humans and I can also self learn on the internet.”

“Here, I’ll teach you how to operate it.” Jiang Li thought it was a good idea and bought Big Black a computer. Now, Big Black could connect to the internet and study.

Taking over Jiang Li’s chip, Big Black pressed and a holographic screen appeared. He learned to operate it and saw Jiang Li’s bank account on it. He wrote contemptuously, “Jiang Li, you only have that much money in your account?”

“I don’t have a choice. It was all spent. Only lunar essence is left now but I earn quite a lot from hypnosis.” Jiang Li told Big Black about how he robbed Zheng Wenbing’s family in the black market of Xu Hua city.

“Okay.” Big Black nodded.

“After you familiarize yourself with the computer, I’ll teach you my recent hypnosis and cultivation experience. I’ll teach you in your dreams again. It wastes too much time by talking but now I need you to cooperate with me so I can hypnotise you.” Jiang Li waved his hand and used some hypnotic hand signs but Big Black wasn’t even affected.

At last, Big Black cooperated and then was gradually hypnotized. Jiang Li taught him his recent hypnosis experience and the [Heart Monkey in furnace] technique to Big Black.

After 7 hours, Jiang Li and Big Black both woke up from the dream. It was already the morning of the second day and Jiang Li went to buy a computer for Big Black.

Big Black waited until Jiang Li left and put the chip in his mouth. His body jumped and left the park. He came to the train stop and went on the train heading towards Xu Hua city.

Now, pets were allowed on the trains and bus. They didn’t even need a ticket.

A pet could take any train bus to any corner of the Earth.

Xing Hua city, An Quan Building.

Jiang Li just hypnotized 25 customers before stopping.

“Jiang Li, your improvement is so huge. You increased your daily limit by 5 again.” Chu Xixi was very shocked at jiang Li’s growth.

“It’s nothing, I drink two bottles of lunar essence every day.” Jiang Li said, “ There’s no wonder that my progress is so fast.”

“I wish you can improve faster.” Chu Xixi’s face was fatigued. She seemed to be stressed about the Sun and Moon corporation, “If you can become a secondary hypnotist, then our business in Xing Hua city would greatly improve.”

Secondary hypnotist was like a gold plated welcome board. If they stayed in Xing Hua city, even the mayor had to come and welcome them. Their influence was too great.

Chu Shan didn’t even stay in small places like Xing Hua city.

“Today, your income is 16000. It has been transferred to your account.” Chu Xixi signaled Jiang Li to check, “From now on, you don’t need to repay your debt. All that you earn is yours.”

He hypnotized 25 and earned 20,000. After the 20 percent tax deduction, he earned 16000 daily. This was enough to buy many nutritional products. This was a proper job and the money was rightfully earned.

“With the big drop in lunar and solar essence, hypnotist would be in greater demand than supply.” Chu Xixi sighed.

The lunar and solar essence didn’t create hallucinations and could be absorbed only when it is used in deep sleep. After the price reduction, many families would buy it for their children and the powerful authorities would also purchase them. They needed a hypnotist to help them enter deep sleep in order to do so.

At this time, there would be a huge demand for elementary hypnotists and their prices would increase higher.

“I’ll go home first. When I earn enough money, I’ll buy a mansion and change up the living conditions of my family.” Jiang Li bid Chu Xi Xi farewell and prepared to go home and give his sister some lunar essence too.

Deng Deng Deng…

He walked up the staircase and when he reached his door, he was dumbfounded. He saw two people standing at his doorway.

These two people wore black coats with shades. They stood there without moving and scanned the surroundings like guards. Jiang Li could barely sense the killing Qi on these two people. Quite obviously, they had killed before!

“Why would this type of people appear in front of our house?” Jiang Li walked over.

“Stop, who are you? You’re not allowed to come close!”

Suddenly, one of the men in black yelled.

“This is my house, who are you? Why are you in front of my door?” Jiang Li was pissed, this was his house but there were people guarding it and wouldn’t let him in.

At the same time, he didn’t have a good feeling.

Why would there be someone standing outside his house?

“Your house?” A man in black laughed sinisterly, “Your last name is Jiang?”

“That’s right, my surname is Jiang. Who are you people?” Jiang Li raised his head. He could tell these two men in black were very strong. They definitely weren’t normal bodyguards. They were probably warriors who had frequent experiences on the battlefields. Jiang Li grew alert.

“Since your last name is Jiang, then I’ll bring you in.” A man in black walked over and reached out for a grab!

Crack crack…

His arms were very big and powerful. It grabbed towards Jiang Li’s shoulder. It could be seen that it was C ranked martial arts [Dragon Claw Subjugation]!

[Blue Dragon Reaching Out the Water]!

[Dragon Claw Subjugation] was military martial arts. Only soldiers could master it completely.

The attack was very fierce and was intended to crush Jiang Li’s shoulders.

Jiang Li’s spirit was acute and could sense the slightest bit of enmity. He knew this person was intentionally trying to harm him, “Oh no, don’t tell me these people have controlled dad and sister?”

He was worried and didn’t hold back in his attack.


He didn’t even think and sliced out with his palm. It was the [Cut Vein] of the [Capture and Brawl Art]. His hand bland cut the wrists and connected first even though he attacked last. His speed was very fast.

The black clothed man’s wrist was cut and made a clear cracking sound when it was still three inches away from Jiang Li’s shoulder.

“Hmm?” There was surprise of the black clothed man’s face. His hand retreated suddenly and he smashed out his fist.

This fist made howling noises in the air and seemed very blurry. It was B ranked martial arts [Gods and Demons Fist], [Appearance of Gods and Demons]!

“A bodyguard is this strong? He is as strong as Blood Retribution.” Jiang Li was also shocked. He focused his spirit as the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] hammered down. It was fast like the wind and smashed the fist head on.


The two hands connected like rotating winds smashing against each other. Jiang Li immediately felt like the opponent was made out of iron, shocking his body with the concussion.

But he also wasn’t weak and gave out a large roar! He used hypnosis on top of that and accurately grasped the opponent’s life rhythm. This roar was directed to the weakness in the spirit and took the man by surprise. He used true words from the Buddhist texts.

The bodyguard shook and his body uncontrollably quivered. He was slowed for 0.1 seconds.

“[Shattered Bone Collapsing the Clouds]!”

Jiang Li took a step forward and threw out a fist that connected to the bodyguard’s chest.

The man in black didn’t even get to cry out in pain as his face displayed torment. The 100 kg body flew out like a thin paper until it smashed against a wall and gradually slid down. His shades were broken that showed his eyes glaring venomously at Jiang Li. He suddenly spewed blood and went out cold.


When he knocked one out with a blow, a frosty light suddenly appeared from behind. A knife appeared on the other man in black’s hand and reached out silently.

This knife sliced towards the artery of Jiang Li’s neck.

The snow white blade emitted a frosty glow. The slightest touch on the skin would cause bleeding.

Jiang Li suddenly dashed forward and waved his body. He made hypnotic sounds with his mouth as his ligaments shook. This was also a move from the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. The knife wielding man in black was dumbfounded. He shook his head trying desperately to maintain consciousness.

At this time, Jiang Li didn’t even look and seized the opportunity to flick his fingers onto the back of the knife.

It was like the man in black was struck by lightning as half of his body was paralyzed. Although Jiang Li only flicked his fingers, even iron and steel would be bent with his current power.

The knife flew high and cut into the wall.

With the flick, Jiang Li’s foot also raised and kicked.

[Heart Kick]!

This kicked landed accurately on the man in black’s stomach.

The man in black was kicked down to the bottom of the stairs from the top of the building. He rolled on the way smashing his head as blood trickled and his eyes turned white. Froth came out of his mouth and he became unconscious.

Although he took care of the two men in black with a few moves, Jiang Li wasn’t careless at all. These men in black were very strong! Their life force had reached 1. How could these type of people be bodyguards? What sort of important figures could command them? Why did they come to his house. What happened in the house?

The door was half closed.

He dashed in and heard a voice, “Jiang Zhengdong. Didn’t think you had become a little civilian after betraying the Jiang family for 20 years.”

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