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The long howl was extremely morose. It was like the devil’s cry but also like the song of foxes and cats in the night at the graveyard.

Anyone who heard this sound would shiver in fear. Their spirit would contract, body would sweat and their head would feel dizzy.

When the people in the car heard this sound, they were all startled and yelled together in unison, “Who? Who is it?”

Their spirit was already tense and Jiang Li’s howl just then literally tore apart their spiritual defences.

But the sound rose in pitch quickly, it varied from short to long rendering people a sense of suffocation. When it entered the ear, it made people feel crazy and impetuous.

When Jiang Li was still in the shadows, he already accurately measured out the actions of the men on the vehicle. Now when he suddenly used sound hypnosis, he was going to make all of them unconscious at once!

His hypnotic technique already made some accomplishments. Every sound he made was a sudden burst that was directed at disrupting people’s life rhythm. He made ten consecutive sounds in the spur of a moment and hypnotised more than ten people.

This type of hypnosis was much easier than the hypnosis at An Quan Corporation.

Because when he hypnotised customers at An Quan Corporation, he needed to help the customers enter deep sleep. He had to be very cautious so that he doesn’t damage the customer’s nervous system.

As for the hypnosis now, it was pure stimulation to cause unconsciousness. He didn’t need to worry if it would injure their cerebral nerves.

Right now, Jiang Li’s hypnosis wasn’t so far from that of Illusory Fox’s.

Jiang Li increased the speed of his voice, changing the melody tens of times per sound. It was sometimes high and sometimes low, making people unable to breathe.

The masters of San He Corporation shook their heads trying to maintain consciousness but their bodies swayed and fell to the ground.


The masters outside also fell.

Only the Mr Zheng who held the chest was trying his best to resist.

His eyes blurred and he hurried to sit down breathing as hard as he could so he could calm his spirit down. He then used his hands to cover his ears.

However, a silhouette suddenly darted across making after images with its hand blade. It cut lightly on the back of his head, and just that one blow made him faint!

Jiang Li had darted across.

He took them by surprise and used sound hypnosis to hypnotise all the men in the car. Only then could he come close and knock Mr Zheng out.

Although this Mr Zheng was similar in strength with Blood Retribution, Jiang Li’s hypnosis was much stronger compared to that time. Only then was he able to win so easily.

“There are so many guns! These people were hidden in the car. If I didn’t use my hypnosis and attacked first, I would have been shot into a beehive as soon as I neared.” Jiang Li took the case and checked inside the car. He discovered that these people were all hidden in case of an ambush. Even those with a life force of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 couldn’t near this vehicle much less 1.

Before they could even get close, they would be sprayed by the guns!

Looks like San He Corporation took this business deal very seriously. They were very careful.

He opened the chest and Jiang Li saw it with filled with bottles inside. 100 bottles of lunar essence, worth 7 million. If he transported this to Xing Hua city and sold it. He could sell each bottle for 100,000.

“7 million is all of San He Corporation’s mobile money. This time, I’ll make you bankrupt.” Jiang Li took the chest as his body dashed and disappeared in the darkness of the night.

He entered Xu Hua city and headed towards An Quan building.

With his abilities, there was no way he could transport 100 bottles of lunar essence out of Xu Hua city. He could only go to An Quan corporation and use their connections. Meanwhile, he could also repay his loan.

It was extremely chaotic inside Xu Hua city, he could see many abolished buildings being renovated. It was the Sun and Moon Corporation doing mass excavation to establish a base preparing for their domination of the entire black market.

Before, no corporation could reign the entire black market because behind the black market was the significant people from the military. An Quan corporation only took a few percent of the entire market’s benefits. This was already enormous but now with the intervention of the Sun and Moon Corporation, the balance was broken.

It was like a shark suddenly coming into a small fish pond.


At the top of An Quan building, Jiang Li dropped a chest on the table. He opened it showing the 100 bottles of lunar essence.

“Gao Ren, contact CEO Chu. Tell him I have come to repay my debt with lunar essence. At the same time, I want to buy another fruit of life.” Jiang Li said to Gao Ren.

“Jiang brother…” Gao Ren wiped the sweat from his forehead. He knew that Jiang Li had become the number one hypnotist in An Quan Corporation. Jiang Li was taken very seriously by the authorities and may have surpassed him in rank. “I’ll contact CEO Chu immediately.”

30 minutes later, the screen showed the image of Chu Shan. “Jiang Li, I agree to you using lunar essence to repay your debt and I also agree to you buying another fruit of life. We will purchase it according to 70,000 a bottle.”

“No problem.”

Jiang Li sighed in relief. He knew that the Sun and Moon Corporation wanted to beat An Quan Corporation so they reduced the path of supplying lunar essence. Therefore, the An Quan corporation was also short in lunar essence.

He took out 63 bottles and repaid his debt while buying another fruit of life.

In actual fact, he would have still have had 300,000 debt but due to his hypnosis for the past ten days, he completely repaid his debt.

Everything was done.

An Quan corporation brought another fruit of life there and Jiang Li couldn’t wait to eat it.

A tepid flow of energy rose forming a circulation in his body once again. Jiang Li used his heart to observe and found that every cell was rejoicing. Every cell in his body had strong life potential, so all of the damage he had sustained was recovered.

He didn’t need any machines to make an approximate diagnosis on his body. This was the result of his spiritual cultivation. Some spiritual masters could even observe every nuance change in their body. It was more accurate that machines.

Three hours later, Jiang Li jumped up, his eyes shone like lightning and pierced towards Gao ren.

Stud stud stud…

Gao Ren unconsciously took a few steps back, “Jiang Li brother, you’re becoming stronger and stronger. No wonder our authorities are taking you seriously. You still have 37 bottles of lunar essence left, I’ll help you transport it to Xing Hua city.”

“Okay, thank you.” Jiang Li took out two bottles and drank it. His body felt cool down as a cool breath circulated his body twisting around his body and cleansing it. It made him feel like he was going to fly into the sky and become immortal.

If it was someone else, they would be immersed in the strong spiritual illusion and wouldn’t be able to help themselves.

But Jiang Li had a very strong spirit and controlled every nuance of his body. There no possibility that he would be addicted.

With lunar essence, his cultivation would progress at an extremely high speed. Although his spiritual cultivation might not improve so much, his physical capabilities would become better and better.

Xing Hua city, in a mansion beside the river.

Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu, Zhang Yue were in a party together laughing.

“Sun and Moon Corporation came just in time. They actually dropped the price of lunar and solar essence so significantly. Now, we can buy more lunar essence to replenish our bodies and cultivate.” Zheng Wenbing’s tone was very bleak.

“Yes, our corporation has already gathered money to go buy 100 bottles of lunar essence in the black market to sell to those middle classed families. We can earn 3 million profit which will all be used for us.” Zhang Yue caressed his face, “We still need to think of a way to punish Jiang Li that brat. If we don’t make him pay 100 times more for what happened before, I can’t let go of the hate in my heart!”

“What has he been doing recently?”

“It seems he has signed a contract with An Quan Corporation and become a hypnotist.” Yang Wu clenched his fist making cracking sounds, “And he has become quite famous.”

“An Quan corporation?” Zheng Wenbing laughed, “It is the withered flower of yesterday. The Sun and Moon Corporation will crush it into bankruptcy. Right now, we need to get connected with Sun and Moon Corporation.”

“We must kill Jiang Li that vermin!” Zhang Yue stood up.


A chip vibrated.

Zheng Wenbing pressed a button and a man appeared looking very worried, “Not good, the cargo we bought at the black market was robbed. The 100 bottles of lunar essence were all lost. Now all the authorities of our families are investigating the situation in the black market. The grandpa was angered to coughing blood!”


Zheng Wenbing’s face immediately became extremely pale. His chip dropped to the ground, “Why did this happen? With the protection of the family’s armoured vehicle, guns and masters, you couldn’t rob it no matter how strong your martial arts is!”

Zhang Yue and Yang Wu also shivered, “God, it was all robbed away? This is all of the family’s mobile money. If we can’t find it back, our finances won’t be operable and we would be bankrupt!”

Jiang Li didn’t care if the three families were in turmoil or not. He returned to Xing Hua city.

He went to the hospital for a check-up.

The main doctor had a face of surprise, “All your cells have recovered and they’re very active with a large store of life potential. Did you consume another fruit of life?”

“Does this mean all my injuries have recovered?” Jiang Li already predicted of this outcome but he came to this check-up just to make sure.

“Yes, definitely.” The main doctor agreed with certainty, “On top of that, all aspects of your physical capabilities are very strong. Just judging from a power perspective, your life force should have exceeded one. It’s definitely 1.1.”

“So there definitely was an increase. After all, I was 1 during the last exam. After the military exercise and reaching the 3rd stage of deep sleep as well as experiencing life and death battles with Blood Retribution, eating the fruit of life, learning hypnosis, drinking lunar essence, it was logical that my physical capabilities have improved.” He reminisced his experience from getting the Great Dream Heart Sutra up until now. It was really like a dream.

When he arrived at An Quan corporation’s mountain, he saw Chu Xi Xi once again.

Quite obviously, Chu Xi Xi was waiting for him. On the table was 35 bottles of lunar essence.

“You really punished San He corporation hard.” Chu Xixi was straightforward as her eyes looked at him with hidden intentions, “All of their mobile finances is 7 million and you have acquired all of that. Now they have huge problems with their finances and may never get back on their toes again.”

7 million mobile finance was not a small amount.

Blood Retribution robbed for his entire life and could only save up 3 million.

If Jiang Li didn’t buy the two fruits of life, he would have saved up tens of millions of savings. But now, he still didn’t have any cash on him except of 35 bottles of lunar essence.

He didn’t want to sell these lunar essences because he needed them to improve his strength.

“After another 15 days, the school starts again. By then, there will be another exam, I want you to surpass Ou Yang Xing and become the school’s or even the entire city’s best seed. At that time, your treatment would be completely different.” Chu Xixi said. “ These lunar essence can support you for at least half a month.”

“Don’t worry, I can definitely beat him now.” Jiang Li’s voice was very calm.

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