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It was just a few hours but Jiang Li had done the workload of ten elementary hypnotists.

He hypnotised twenty people before feeling tired. He knew that he couldn’t hypnotise anymore today otherwise, he would injure his brain cells.

Twenty people, he could get 80% of the pay. He earned 16000 star coins for the company and according to the agreement, he would receive 12800 star coins.

More importantly, every time he hypnotised someone, he would receive different experience which would be greatly helpful for his hypnosis and cultivation.

A few days before, he could only hypnotise ten.

Now, the amount he could hypnotised increased by a fold. It could be seen that both his technique and spirit and a huge improvement.

However, this wasn’t enough.

He didn’t get any money as all the money he earned from hypnosis was used for paying the loan.

Good thing was that the company gave him an interest free loan, otherwise, just the interest would be quite a lot. In other words, he didn’t have any money and didn’t own anything. He didn’t even have money left to buy nutritional serums.

On top of that, he still needed a 4 million valued fruit of life to recover his body.

At this rate, hypnotising 200 people a day wouldn’t be enough much less 20 a day.

Although it would take him a long time to earn money, he wasn’t the least bit worried. Every morning, he would hypnotise and in the afternoon, he would go cultivate. At night, he would go to the park to teach the kittens and cultivate as well.

Because he didn’t have money to buy large amounts of nutritional supplements, his physical capabilities didn’t increase much but his spiritual prowess increased a lot.

This was what he did ten days in a row.

Gradually, he became the absolute number one hypnotist of the An Quan Corporation. His fame rose and An Quan Corporation’s business was many times better than before.

There were very little elementary hypnotists in Xing Hua city. Right now, Jiang Li was one for ten. His hypnosis speed was fast and the quality was good. Many customers wanted to receive his hypnosis. Everyday, a few hundred people waited in line.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t hypnotist them all.

Ding Dong!

Today, he finished hypnosis again and was resting up. His mail suddenly transmitted Chu Xi XI’s voice. “Jiang Li come to the office.”

He went to the office immediately.

“Look at this video.” Chu Xi Xi opened the screen.

The scene gradually unfolded.

In the distance, a huge armoured flying vehicle appeared in the sky. It was oval shaped and made thunderous air explosions.

Even the ground was shaking and some houses even started to wobble.

“These types of armoured vehicles are for the military only. It has the sun and moon tagged on it? That’s the black market of Xu Hua city? Right, these types of military armoured vehicles couldn’t fly in Xing Hua city but could do anything they wanted in the lawless Xu Hua city.” Jiang Li shook and watched the video broadcast closely.

As expected, the huge armoured hover vehicle descended slowly on the waste fields of Xu Hua city creating a massive earthquake.

Jiang Li watched intently again.


The door of the armoured vehicle opened.

It was filled with dark silhouettes inside as if something was going to come out.

“Open fire!”

Suddenly, many gang members appeared in the fields outside. They were all holding pulse fire guns and were all expensive solid rounds.

Peng peng…

The guns spewed fire towards the door of the armoured vehicle that opened.

These types of cross fires were too dangerous and people couldn’t even get close. The huge explosion could even blow iron wired cement into smithereens but It was completely ineffective to the armoured vehicle.


Just when the armoured vehicle was attacked by many gang members, a silhouette flew out from within.

This silhouette was 2 meters tall covered in pitch black. Standing like a demon god, spikes protruded from its back. The concentrated solid rounds bullets shot there creating consecutive explosions but didn’t even leave a scratch.


There was a howl of pain as the silhouette suddenly broke the sound barrier and smashed onto one of the gang member. The gang member cried out loud and smashed straight into blood mist.

“Sound speed mecha!” Jiang Li’s voice was deep.

A long time ago, when a car travelling at 100km an hour smashed into someone, it would make them become bloodied messes. That speed was approximately 28 meters per second.

But sound speed was 340 meters per second.

A ram at the speed of sound could smash people without leaving behind a body and bones. They would be torn apart by the air waves.

“What is this? A mobility mecha reaching the speed of sound? Exo-skeleton?” Jiang Li was shocked. On the screen, he witnessed a one sided slaughter.

The sound speed black silhouette traversed across the place as gun wielding gang members were continuously slaughtered.

What was superman? This was superman.


That silhouette flew up to the top of the building and traversed in the corridors. No one could even stand one round before him. No matter what kind of martial master, they all were weak like paper in front of this absolute power.

In no more than 10 minutes, more than 100 gun wielding gang members were all killed!

No gun could do any damage to this silhouette.

The gang members in the field outside were all cleared. All threats were eliminated and this was all done by a single person.

“So strong!” Jiang Li was also unsettled. He could feel the sound speed mecha’s great power and explosive strength from the screen.

The online video stopped there.

“This is the scene that the Sun and Moon corporation made when they appeared in the black market. They completely tore apart the attacks of the gangs.” Chu Xixi’s face wasn’t good. “Now, they are mass developing in Xu Hua city. They established a headquarter and are straight out selling illicit drugs! Now, that would cause a mass loss to our illicit drug market. Countless people would go straight to Sun and Moon corporation for purchase. Now, there was a massive drop in price for lunar essence. It had already dropped to 70,000 a bottle!”

“It dropped so much!” Jiang Li’s eyes frowned.

Originally, lunar essence was 140,000 a bottle. Now the price fell by half. This would cause huge astonishment to the black market and countless people would rush inside.

As soon as the Sun and Moon corporation made a move, it created mass turmoil in the market.

This was their first step in occupying the market on Earth.

“Originally, most of the income for our An Quan Corporation came from illicit drugs. Now the market has received heavy concussions and we have suffered heavily. Just Xing Hua city for example, originally many families all ordered illicit drugs from us. Now, they all rushed to sign contracts with the Sun and Moon Corporation.” Chu Xixi opened another screen, on it appeared a list of names. They were all originally An Quan Corporation’s customers that had now changed to the Sun and Moon Corporation.

Jiang Li saw the San He corporation immediately.

This San He Corporation was the corporation formed from the combination Zheng Wenbing, Zhang Yue and Yang Wu’s families. It was quite a force.

“San He Corporation straight out ripped our agreement and went to order lunar essence from the Sun and Moon Corporation. At the same time, they sent out large numbers of people in the black market, preparing to do big business.” As she spoke, Chu Xixi opened more specific information.

“Oh?” Jiang Li thought of an idea.

“I came for you this time so you can understand the situation and see if you could help me think of some ideas to save the situation?” Chu Xixi said.

“The Sun and Moon Corporation is too strong. They even sent out sound speed mecha. After they occupy Xu Hua city black market, their power will continue to grow.” Jiang Li shook his head, “I can’t think of any good ideas at the moment. The mecha has reached sound speed, that means it is secondary mecha. That is not something that could be stood against with human power.”

“This really hurts my brain.” Chu Xixi sighed.

Mechas were divided into elementary mecha, secondary mecha, tertiary mecha, super mecha and holy mecha.”

Even normal elementary mechas were boundless in strength and impenetrable. It could jump tens of storey high just from the ground. These types of mechas were expensive to produce and the law forbids its use. It was a destructive weapon of terror. Other than the military, whomever owned the mecha would be violating the law. That would result in lifetime imprisonment.

While secondary mecha was the sound speed mecha. It was even more powerful and Jiang Li had witnessed it.

As for tertiary mecha, super mecha and holy mecha, Jiang Li actually saw it in the dream of the Great Dream Heart Sutra when humans invaded alien planets.

There was no way for the body to defend against these things.

Secondary mechas were rare even in the military. Only the military of first grade cities had them. Xing Hua city wasn’t a first grade city, it was a 4/5th grade city.

A normal elementary mecha had a production cost of many millions.

Secondary mechas were tens or even a hundred times greater.

In Xu Hua city, maybe some huge corporations had elementary mechas but secondary mechas would never occur. Therefore, a secondary mecha shocked the whole scene.

At night.

Jiang Li appeared in the rural district of Xu Hua city. He was waiting and hiding silently as if waiting for something.

“San He corporation always stop here to go into the city to buy illicit drugs. I’ll just camp here and rob their goods halfway.” Jiang Li knew through An Quan Corporation that San He Corporation was recently importing a large sum of cargo.

Therefore, he went into the black market for intel.

With his hypnotic abilities, he was swimming like a fish in the pond in the black market. Immediately, he acquired confidential intel on San He Corporation.

There was no way he was going to let Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu and Zhang Yue go.

In the rural area of Xu Hua city, it was a real wasteland. There were abandoned factories everywhere, buildings, deep holes, sewerage, trash dumps.

Jiang Li waited silently.

As expected, a hover car descended from the darkness. A few strong people walked out, it was people from Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu and Zhang Yue’s family!

“Of course, they came!”

Jiang Li hid carefully as he watched the few strong people. He focused his spirit and listened.

Their conversation came into his ear.

“Now, the black market is very messy, there’s about ten times more people flow. We need to be really careful dealing the cargo this time. We musn’t make any mistakes.”

“Don’t worry, we have so many people hiding in the car. Whoever dares to come close will be immediately fired upon. We just need to wait for people from the Sun and Moon Corporation. We’ll hand them the money as we receive what we bought. That would be safer.”

“Why are people from the Sun and Moon Corporation still not here?”

“Here they come.”

Jiang Li moved and saw a few people wearing elementary mechas fly over and descend on the ground. The mecha was also 2 meters high fully metal. It was very strong and on it was marked the symbol of the Sun and Moon Corporation.

One of the people carried a chest in his hand.

“We brought the cargo here, transfer the money..”

“We need to check it first.” People from the San He corporation hurried and said. The two parties came together to verify each other. Jiang Li suddenly realised that the chest was full of lunar essence.

“You guys count it, there’s 100 bottles of lunar essence. Each bottle is 70,000. You need to pay 7 million.” One person from Sun and Moon Corporation said.

“No problem.”

The deal was finished in no time.

Shoshosho… The people from Sun and Moon Corporation left and disappeared instantly.

Meanwhile, the people from San He corporation were going to bring the chest into the vehicle after checking the cargo carefully.

“Right, this is the moment!”

Jiang Li suddenly made a long howl.

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