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With the teachings of Chu Shan, Jiang Li had a feeling of sudden understanding.

He was trying his best to learn and his spiritual prowess and hypnotic skills suddenly had a big leap. The mists of confusion before all went away as the clouds cleared and he could see the sun.

At home.

Jiang Li was teaching his sister cultivation while checking out his hypnosis.

He suddenly made two short and three long noises. It was melancholic like the cry of ghosts. This was his achievement from his recent study of using true words.

As expected, Jiang Xuan was shocked, her face went pale as she retreated in horror.

“Little sister, what did you feel?” Jiang Li hurriedly stopped making the sounds and asked.

“When I heard the sound, my mind suddenly went black and as if I saw lonely graves with foxes singing inside them. I was so scared that my heart was convulsing.” Jiang Xuan recovered her spirit and patted her chest. “Brother, please don’t make weird noises randomly or you’re going to scare someone to death.”

“This is hypnosis, you need to be wary of it.” Jiang Li warned her seriously, “A proficient hypnotist can use sound to create illusions in your brain. So when you hear these sounds, you need to be vigilant and enter into the mind state of crystal contemplation immediately. Only then will you not be hypnotized.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xuan suddenly asked in a joyful tone, “Brother, did you become a hypnotist? You can make money now? I heard you could earn tens of thousands each month.”

“I still haven’t started working yet. I have been busy cultivating these few days and I need to digest some things. Now, I finally have some accomplishment and can start working.”

Jiang Li warned his sister before leaving for An Quan Corporation.

When he arrived at the big office room, Chu Shan was no longer there. Taking his place was someone familiar, Miss Blade.

“Congratulations Jiang Li, you have become a hypnotist of our An Quan Corporation.” She extended her hand and shook it with Jiang Li’s. At this moment, she was no longer a teacher but the Vice CEO of An Quan Corporation’s Xing Hua city branch, Chu Xi Xi.

“Can I start working now?” Jiang Li could no longer wait, “I still owe the company 500,000. I’m in a rush.”

“Yes, right now, demand is greater than supply for hypnotists. There are lots of customers, as long as you have the ability you can earn money.” Miss Blade smiled, “I heard dad say that you could hypnotise 10 people a day. I want to see your abilities, come with me.”


Jiang Li followed Miss Blade out politely. When they came to the back mountain, there were rows of little cottages, gardens, fountains, streams, swimming pools and so forth. The houses were made of special glass, it was science fiction mixed with ancient style of architecture.

This was a high level leisure centre. All of those who came here were wealthy people for leisure, training every day.

“Our An Quan Corporation mainly operate these leisure centres. What do you think?” Miss Blade brought Jiang Li around for a visit and asked.

“Very high quality.” Jiang Li nodded. “There are many nuances that are very enticing. I saw introductions online saying that An Quan Corporation’s massagers knew the exact joint fatigue of people’s bodies. After a massage, the whole body would feel extremely pleasant.”

“Massagers aren’t the best, it was mainly the hypnotists.” Miss Blade said, “In modern society, there are lots of resources and people focus more on the spiritual longevity so all sorts of leisure centres have come into existence. But what really attracts customers are the quality of the hypnotists.”

Jiang Li knew that a lot of people came for the deep sleep.

The quality of hypnotists were the essence of attracting customers in a big leisure centre.

As they spoke, Chu Xixi brought Jiang Li to a big room. This room was built on the edge of the cliff and people could look down in condescension at the surrounding scene. Sometimes, clouds drifted past making people feel as though they were in heaven.

In the room, a middle aged woman and a 13-14 year old boy were resting. The boy was very mischievous and ran around everywhere. Meanwhile, the middle aged woman was reproaching a waiter.

“What are you guys doing? Why hasn’t the hypnotist come yet? You make me wait every time, wasting my time.” The middle aged woman was angry as if she was really tired of waiting for the hypnotist.

“Sorry.” The waiter hurried to the apology and continued explain, “We have too much customers and they’re all waiting in line for the hypnotists. Please wait patiently for a while.”

“Wait? I have already waited for an hour! My son’s training schedule is one hour of deep sleep in the noon and then physical training in the afternoon. He has a really tight schedule.” The middle aged woman was irated, “If you make me wait anymore, I’ll switch places to another leisure centre.”

“In the entire Xing Hua city, our An Quan Corporation leisure centre’s hypnotists are of the highest standards. If you go to elsewhere, you probably won’t get a hypnotist even with a day of waiting.” Chu Xixi walked in, “Aunt Mo, your husband is a personnel of the city council. He should know how rare hypnotists are right now.”

“Xixi, you’re finally here.” The middle aged woman stood up and complained, “I’m not saying An Quan Corporation is bad, it’s just that I’m really tired of waiting.”

“I came didn’t I?” Chu Xixi looked at the little boy who jumped up and down, “Your son won’t cooperate with hypnosis every time and this makes it really hard for hypnosis to be effective. You know this as well, so all those hypnotists don’t want to hypnotise your son.”

Hypnosis required cooperation. People needed to believe the hypnotist psychologically and do what the hypnotist tells you to do. Then, the hypnosis would be fast.

But this little child was stubborn and wouldn’t cooperate. In this way, the hypnotist usually had to spend a few hours to successfully hypnotise him and the hypnotist himself would be half dead.

Hypnotists didn’t want to take on businesses like these because this would mean that they could only hypnotise a person each day which would greatly reduce their income.

“This…” There were signs of embarrassment of the middle aged woman’s face, “It is normal for kids to move around a lot, I can’t do anything about that. I have exhausted myself for this child. In the entire An Quan Corporation, only you can make him enter deep sleep successfully.”

“No, today I have invited someone, he is our number one hypnotist of An Quan Corporation. He can completely hypnotist your son.” Chu Xixi pointed at Jiang Li.

“Him?” The way the middle aged woman looked at Jiang Li was full of suspicion.

“He is a hypnotist?” The small boy laughed, “Hohoho…. He isn’t even that much older than me. I don’t want him to hypnotist me. I don’t believe him. Make him go away.”

“What do you think?” The middle aged woman also didn’t believe Jiang Li.

“Jiang Li, it’s all up to you now.” Chu XIxi smiled.

“Niu!” Jiang Li’s hands clenched and he suddenly yelled at the small boy, shocking his spirit.

The small boy stopped moving and had a dull witted look on his face as if he was scared too much.

“Come over!” Jiang Li’s eyes seemed to emit an oily green glow. The little boy walked over like a zombie.

Jiang Li patted his head gently… gently… immediately, the little boy had a harmonious look on his face.

Jiang Li weaved a hand sign and said, “Everything is like a bubbly dream.”

The little boy also followed him, “Everything is like a bubbly dream.”

As he continued, the little boy sat down like this and entered deep sleep like an old monk meditating.

The middle aged woman hurried to take out a sleep detector.

“Sleep rating, 120. This is the best state of deep sleep.” The sleep detector gave out a series of numbers. Normal detectors could only detect up to 100 but this detector was obviously more high tech.

“It’s so high! You…” The middle aged woman was shocked. Just then, Jiang Li’s series of hypnotic hand seals were so magical that it was completely different to what she had imagined.

Before, those elementary hypnotists had to make her son cooperate using ticking clocks, hand signs, threats and everything to barely succeed. By then, the whole morning would have passed.

But now, Jiang Li just roared and the little kid was dumbfounded like a doll. He patted the boy and he entered deep sleep. The deep sleep had a sense of zen. Even those who didn’t cultivate spiritually could tell it was really beneficial.

“Master, definitely a master. Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The middle aged woman was suddenly respectful of Jiang Li and acted a sign of courtesy, “Master, forgive my impoliteness just then.”

Jiang Li hurried to return the courtesy, “I’m helping your son. This is also good karma for me. It’s all fortune.”

When he hypnotized the little boy into deep sleep, there was a sense of joy in the depth of his heart as if he was sharing his state of cultivation and helping calm people’s impetuous spirits and delivering them out of the sea of hardship.

When he received tutelage from Chu Shan, his spirit sank a lot. These few days of cultivation had made him completely different from before.

When he hypnotised the little boy, he felt good karma. It could help him escape death, rise from the ashes in nirvana.

Cultivating the heart could break the barrier of life and death. Using spiritual hypnosis could make the mass calm down.

This was completely different from robbing money in the black market.

Comparing the two, Jiang Li felt that using hypnosis to ease the pain of others and calming the spirits of the mass was more beneficial to cultivation.

“I will go hypnotise other people, do as you wish, take care of the child.” Jiang Li nodded and the middle aged woman returned the courtesy as a sign of gratitude, “Master, I will spread your name out.”

Jiang Li and Chu Xixi walked out of the room and Chu Xixi sighed, “Of course, your hypnosis has exceeded mine but you still haven’t reached the state of secondary hypnotist. You still need sound to initiate hypnosis. What is your spiritual state right now? Have you found your path to stasis yet? Stasis is also divided into three states, minor stasis, great stasis, eternal stasis. My father is only at minor stasis.”

“Entering stasis, how extremely difficult it is.” Jiang Li shook his head, “In Liu Zu Tan Sutra, an old zenist who cultivated for twenty years still couldn’t enter stasis. Only when he was enlightened by Liu Zu was he able to enter stasis. Our generation can only find the way ourselves.”

“Oh?” Chu Xixi faltered, “Jiang Li, you’ve changed a lot. You are gradually developing this temperament. It is much better than before!”

“What was I like before?” Jiang Li asked.

“You didn’t have the temperament of a true master, you were an immature youth.” Chu Xixi waved her hand. “You gave people a sense of immaturity but you really changed a lot these few days.”

“I still owe thanks to CEO Chu’s tutelage.” Jiang Li knew that Chu Shan opened a window in his spirit for him to see the greater more exciting world of cultivation.

“Although you can’t enter stasis, you are still much stronger than normal elementary hypnotists. I want to see how many people you can hypnotise today.” Chu Xixi brought Jiang Li into another hill top cottage.

Inside was a middle aged government personnel also waiting for a hypnotist.

This person was full of white hair. It was quite obvious his job was too tiring, he had to fight with his wits and his spirit was covered in dust. He wanted to use hypnosis to ease his pressure.

When he saw Jiang Li come in, the first thing that came into his mind was disbelief.

But subsequently, Jiang Li waved his hand signs and said a few words before patting his head. The personnel just went straight into deep sleep steadily. This process took no longer than a minute.

The friend who came with the personnel was shocked with his mouth open. Looking at the reading of the sleep detector, he could not believe his eyes.

Just like this, Jiang Li continued hypnotizing until he hypnotized 20 people.

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