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“You misunderstood again.”

Chu Shan shook his head, “The meaning of the meditation that the Sixth Patriarch spoke of, ‘The heart is pure of thought/hollow, but does not rest on emptiness either.’ is just to repair nature, not to repair life and that it is hard for lost souls to become holy. To regard the soul as the real and the mortal body as an illusion does not mean to completely abandon the body. If one completely abandons the body, then that is stubbornness and the person has entered Mara. For example, if I wanted to kill you and you pretended that was a dream and believed that your body wasn’t important, then you have entered mara.”

"I understand now. Life is like a play, a good actor undoubtedly knows that he is acting, but still needs to get into character and only then can he become an acting master. If he knew he is acting and therefore did not care, he will never be able to become a master." Jiang Li understood . "When you understand life is a dream, you will approach practice and life with an open-mind. One can grasp everything better if they do not care. This is ‘The heart is pure of thought, but does not rest on emptiness either.’ that the Sixth Patriarch spoke of. This is also what the Buddha said about there being an approach to doing everything. Reality is like a fleeting dream and is swift as lightning.”

"Yes, reverse the outlook of the world, but not being persistent." Chu Shan said, "Everyone came to the material world from the illusory world. It is all fate and we need to treat this fate well."

Jiang Li completely understood the words of the Sixth Patriarch.

People are hollow, but they can’t give up because they are hollow. Instead, they must cherish their fate of being able to come to the material world.

Don’t take life and death so seriously but at the same time not giving up on your body.

“Director Dong, what impressive capabilities does a secondary hypnotist have?” Jiang Li is now at the third stage of deep sleep and can try for stasis.

One may become a secondary hypnotist once they enter stasis

He wanted to understand some more.

Chu Shan was enjoying tea leisurely, “If you want to become a secondary hypnotist, the first requirement is entering stasis. Stasis means immune to fire and water. The meaning of fire and water isn’t fire and water in the real world. It is spiritual disaster. Every thought created is a disaster. Even if you enter deep sleep, there will frequently be many occasions causing you to lose your spirit. Anger, weakness, all sorts of negative emotions will surge into your spirit. But this won’t happen in stasis. Once you enter stasis, you hold the bead of wisdom. You could reflect every situation in your brain and at this time, you can feel all the marvels of your body. You can even start to hypnotise people without movements such as hand signs and sound. You can use your spiritual wave to hypnotise them across space.”

“It's that powerful?”

Jiang Li was shocked and said, "You didn’t need to use movement and could actually directly emit spirit waves? Invade someone else's brain? Isn’t this what the ancient monsters did?”

"Yes, brainwaves are also something similar to radiowaves." Chu Shan said, "The human brain is a transmitter. When the brain cells become active, the thoughts can be sent out to perceive things around. This mental perception is small and weak at the start, but as your mind power becomes more and more powerful, it can invade other people’s brains, forcing the opposition to be confused, hence being controlled by you. However, only secondary hypnotists have initially begun to have this power to invade the brains of others, whereas tertiary hypnotists are even more powerful and can even control the mind of a person and inspire his potential life, transforming a physically weak person to a master who can lift an extremely heavy weight instantly.”

Jiang Li knew this point.

Anyone had potential. At a time of crisis, some people may have an outbreak in their potential, even an old lady can lift a huge stone to save her grandson.

However, after the outbreak of their potential, it often overspends their lives, and like Jiang Li, although state of fetal respiration was super strong, it caused damage to cells.

Tertiary hypnotists are able to hypnotize others and stimulate their potential. This will come in handy on the battlefield.

"A secondary hypnotist can directly use brain waves to invade someone else’s brain waves to control the opposition’s behaviour without the need of hand gestures, voice and other languages. A tertiary hypnotist, can even directly hypnotise and set off the potential of others, then what about a super hypnotist?” Jiang Li asked.

"Super hypnotists can hypnotize men or beasts within a radius of a few kilometers or even tens of kilometers. As long as they are thinking beings, they could be hypnotized to erupt extremely strong fighting strength. Wherever they go, people from everywhere would be infected, and even go so far as becoming zombies and attack the enemy with extraordinary strength. They are extremely dangerous and possess very terrifying destructive power." Chu Shan said, "Even the insects underground and rodents, would be hypnotized by them and become their weapons. This is spiritual control to the limit. "

“How terrifying!”

Jiang Li thought it over. If a "Super Hypnotist" reached Xu Hua city, wherever he went, everyone within range of tens of kilometers would be hypnotized, and made to transfer to him, listen to his orders, risking their own lives, how terrifying would such a behaviour be?

"However, super hypnotists only exist in the elite district. Once you become a super hypnotist, you become the soul of humanity. This kind of person is not short of money and resources." Chu Shan said with envy.

“Then what about spiritual masters?” asked Jiang Li.

“Needless to say about a spiritual master. By ancient words, they are Gods, they are immortals. The so called a yin spirit who underwent thousands of calamity and can’t enter sagehood. Yin spirit is your own spirit, entering sagehood means appearing in the material realm. Every super hypnotists are powerless to do anything to a stone. But a spiritual master is different, they can make the stone nod its head.” Chu Shan tutted with praise.

“Yin spirit who underwent thousands of calamity can’t enter sagehood!” When Jiang Li heard these words, a deep sense of disbelief surged from the depth of his heart. Only a spiritual master could interfere with matter through their spirit and make the stone nod its head.

Stone had no thoughts and it was futile no matter how strong your hypnosis was.

"Director Chu, I want to upgrade my hypnosis tricks now, how should I do so? How can I enter meditation and make a breakthrough?" said Jiang Li.

“You’re cultivating crystal contemplation now right? This contemplation method is the safest and has no risks. However, it doesn’t make your thought active enough so now, you must learn more sophisticated methods of contemplation.” Chu Shan explained slowly.

“What contemplation method are you practicing now?” Jiang Li was very curious.

There are tens of thousands of meditation methods. Each master has a unique contemplation method.

“I’m cultivating [Heart Monkey Furnace].” Chu Shan didn’t keep it a secret. He pressed and immediately, a few very real images appeared on the computer.

Jiang Li saw a person on those pictures and he had a ferocious monkey living inside his body constantly rustling. Meanwhile, that person became a furnace constantly trying to melt the ferocious monkey into a golden pill.

Everything depicted on the images was very realistic.

“[Heart Monkey Furnace] is an advanced contemplation method. You imagine your body to be a pill furnace and your spirit to be a monkey. The monkey is ferocious and barbaric and unsettling with all sorts of maras. Then, you try to control it by melting it with the body of your fire until you finally turn it into a golden pill.” Chu Shan explained. “I see that you seem to be practising a very strong method of contemplation. You need to be careful and not make any mistakes. The slightest mistake in rhythm of contemplation will cause spiritual disorders.”

“I will be careful.” Jiang Li knew that [Heart Monkey Furnace] contemplation was far from the brain of the universe but it was also a step by step method. The contemplation of the brain of the universe was too profound. He still wasn’t even at entry level. Comparatively, [Heart Monkey Furnace] was much easier to understand.

“Right now, you hypnotic techniques are very good but there are still many inadequacies. For example, when you make sounds, you can’t accurately control the syllables when you switch from different sounds. But i can’t blame you for this. Language is a science and I will explain to you the arcanum of true words.”

Chu Shan clicked on a computer and it displayed many twisted characters.

“These letters are Sanskrit letters. It is one of the most mysterious letters in human history. Many monks have used these words as contemplation images and have gained unimaginable abilities from it. If we want to learn to pronounce true words, we must understand Sanskrit text. Ancient great monks used these types of text to enlighten people. The power of Sanskrit words have more power than normal language as well as more influence. In modern society, countless spiritual scientists and language specialists have done a lot of research on this language. I also have some insights.”

Jiang Li carefully watched.

“This ‘Ah’ Sanskrit letter. In the ancient times, great monks used this letter for contemplation. This ‘Ah’ letter is like an ancient person. When people combine yoga movements with contemplation of this letter, their body and spirit would become one and create a spiritual and holy sense. This is also a type of self hypnosis. It is pronounced with a holy tone and there has great influence...”

These words and pronunciations all became lively under Chu Shan’s explanations. He analysed every letter from psychological, medical, physical and biological perspectives and then taught him how to pronounce them as well as what expressions to make. For example, you need to be fully concentrated and imagine yourself as a buddha when pronouncing some words. This is holy contemplation, the more deep you contemplate, the more influential your sounds are. If you couldn’t self hypnotise, then you definitely couldn’t impose influence on others.

This is like a big talk. You must throw yourself into it and be emotional. Only then can you influence your audience. If you don’t even throw yourself into the talk, your audience wouldn’t be influenced by you.

At the same time, Chu Shan made examples of the great leaders in history and their speeches, showing their influence to Jiang Li.

At the same time, he also explained the cooperation between hand signs and sound and how it resulted in great spiritual powers.

The arcanum of hand signs under his explanation inspired Jiang Li greatly.

These knowledge inspired his hypnotism alot.

He listened to Chu Shan teach, and realized he lacked knowledge. There are too many things he needs to learn.

“My [Spiritual Emperor Seal] is only a contemplation image. It doesn’t have sounds. If my guess is correct, [Spiritual Emperor Seal] contains many different styles of movements. Each movement should have the corresponding contemplation image and sound. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to unlock the Great Dream Heart Sutra.” Jiang Li thought to himself.

No wonder Chu Shan can become a "secondary hypnotist". Compared to him, his knowledge is not worth mentioning. If he did not rely on the meditation of the Brain universe and the effects of the Spiritual Emperor seal, he could never expect to hypnotise so successfully.

An entire day just passed on like this.

The sky became dark.

Chu Shan stopped, "It’s been a long time since I have given such a hearty lecture, your understanding is very strong. I have already explained all that I need to, you just have to see how much you are able to comprehend."

"I will never dare to forget today's teachings." Jiang Li stood up, took a deep bow and saluted devoutly.

“Go.” Chu Shang waved his hand, "Boundless roads, it is hard to find the true meaning, sword in hand, heart is clean..."

Jiang Li heard his deep sigh, knowing that even this kind of figure had their own beliefs and road.

He did not.

Hard it is, the path to Tao.

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