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Ding Dong!

An hour later.

The audit of the business sector was sent over. "Did not pass the audit. The person signing has not sat the exam for a hypnotist credential. We cannot carry on the agreement. Hope he takes the examination as soon as possible."

Chu Shan as dumbfounded for a moment, then laughed. "I forgot about this matter. You need to sign a credential to become a hypnotist. It is illegal without it. Based on your level, you can easily obtain the credentials for an elementary hypnotist."

"I also forgot about this matter." Jiang Li patted his head, "Then I will go sit the exam tomorrow, but let’s talk about the terms and conditions now. I hope to obtain the Fruit of Life."

"What about you first pay 3.5 million with your credit card, and then get the company to loan you 500 thousand. I’ll make the decision and let you take one." Chu Shan had a part of the authority.

Jiang Li quickly swiped his card, then signed a loan contract.

After everything was completed, Chu Shan ordered people to take the Fruit of Life out.

It was a glass bottle. A thumb-sized, bright red dripping fruit was inside the bottle. A dreamy luster flashed inside. If one looked carefully, one could see many tiny genetic code-like particles constantly undergoing permutation and combinations.

It was a very small fruit, only a few grams, but it contained some amazing things.

"The manufacturing of the Fruit of Life is the science and technology we humans got from the large ship that fell from outer space. The soldiers of the elite district use it to treat their injuries after fighting on the alien planet." Chu Shan lamented. "Take it first. Let’s see to what extent it can repair? Then come back to do a physical exam. Sit the exam for the qualification of an elementary hypnotist tomorrow and then come back to work. Your main job will be to hypnotise clients. We charge 1000 star yen each time, and we’ll give you 800 star coins. "

"800 each time, I can hypnotize ten people everyday, then that is 8000 star coins. I can pay off the loan in two months." Jiang Li calculated, "No, I have to pay 20% income tax from the 800 star yen. I’ll only get 640. "

The security group of Xing Hua city was in the formal sector. They also signed hypnotists, but there were too little elementary hypnotists. All customers had to make an appointment, and its cost was up to thousands of star coins every time. It was already considered very generous of the security group to give Jiang Li 800 star coins.

Since the number of elementary hypnotists was small, customers had to queue up. So the group could not possibly reduce the share, or else people would job-hop and that would do more harm than good to the group.

Jiang Li opened the bottle and directly took the "Fruit of Life". It was to be taken orally.

After Jiang Li consumed the medicine, he soon felt that his whole body was comfortably soaked in warm water. All the fatigue was swept away. It was carried out for a full three hours before it stopped.

When he opened his eyes, he found that his body became more relaxed, his thoughts in particular were more perspicacious.

"If I go get it examined now, how much can my lifespan reach? It should have recovered quite a lot?" Jiang Li could not wait to return and wanted to get a check-up at the hospital.

"This is a card. The security group will use this to contact you in the future." Chu Shan handed a chip to Jiang Li, "Take an examination to obtain a credential, then sign the contract."

Jiang Li took the chip. He could not wait to go to the hospital for a check-up.

"It really is hard to believe, your cells recovered so quickly! After inspection, you can now have about 70-80 years of life, but it is also growing at a slow pace."

In the hospital, the doctor in charge looked at Jiang Li’s check-up results with a surprised look.

“I took the Fruit of Life.” Jiang Li nodded his head.

“The Fruit of Life?” The doctor suddenly realized, "No wonder. This is one of the secrets of human technology, the elite area synthesised science and technology into fruit, but the price is very expensive. It can not be purchased at Xing Hua City, it also very rare at the black market."

"Doctor, about how many more Fruit of Life must I take so that my cells can completely restore?” inquired Jiang Li. He knew that his knowledge of medicine was certainly not as good as doctors. He must ask professionals, so he did not conceal his condition.

"The Fruit of Life is the healing medicine of soldiers in the elite district, after fighting the enemy, they can quickly repair from their injury. It is not great for the enhancement of physical fitness, but this kind of thing is also scarce in the elite district, so the government does not allow it to be transported to the common district." The doctor in charge shook his head, "You need about one more Fruit of Life to recover."

“I still need one more, that’s 4 million..." Jiang Li was shocked. His body is now clean, but he still owes the company 500 thousand. He could not take out another 4 million even if he died to buy one.

Early next morning, Jiang Li came to the "Spiritual Research Institute" in Xinghua City central.

This is an organisation used to research the study of spirits and souls, and the science of spirits. It belongs to the government department. You could also test for a hypnotist credential here.

First one undergoes a variety of theoretical exams, then conducts hypnosis using animals as the objects. Finally, confirm that your theory and techniques have passed, then conduct human hypnosis.

The examination was very strict and there were no loopholes.

But Jiang Li surmounted all difficulties all the way and obtained the "elementary hypnotist" certificate. Based on his current level, he could obtain it easily.

However, Xinghua city’s "Spiritual Research Institute" could only test for elementary hypnotist. If one wanted to be promoted to secondary hypnotist, one must go to a greater capital city.

Jiang Li again went to "Security Group" and met Chu Shan once he obtained a credential.

This time the signing of the contract was instantly successful. The business sector of the government had a very high efficiency.

Inside the office.

After Jiang Li completed signing the contract, he began to seek knowledge. "Director Chu, since you are a secondary hypnotist, how about giving me a lecture? Didn’t you say that I can get the training of a secondary hypnotist once I joined Security Group?"

Chu Shan didn’t like people calling him master, so Jiang Li directly called him Director Chu.

“Lecture? Do you know how much a class costs when I give those lectures to elementary hypnotists?" Chu Shan smiled, "I will not even appear if there wasn’t 100 thousand star coins."

“I can be an exception to it.” Jiang Li was shameless, “There are not many who are hypnosis genius’ like me. Don’t you want to train out an exceptional master?”

"You are really thick skinned." Chu Shan burst into laughter, looking happy. "Well, I’m in a good mood today. I’ll just explain the mysteries of practice to you."

“I’d like to hear the details.”

Jiang Li stood respectfully, revealing his respect for spiritual practice.

Seeing his attitude, Chu Shan silently nodded, "Your heart is very devout, very good. You are a good young successor but that is all. Do you know you lack the qualities of a real strong powerhouse?”

"What are the qualities of a powerhouse?" Jiang Li was surprised for a moment.

Chu Shan fiercely stood up. A sudden blackout appeared before Jiang Li’s eyes, just the oppressive feeling of a big mountain came down. His whole body could not move. It was purely spiritual repression, rendering him unable to control his own body and unable to move.

"A true powerhouse will wander and overcome all obstacles, even though sword and spear are as trees in the forest, and have no regrets although it narrowly escapes from death." Chu Shan strolled around with the striking elegance and graceful bearing of a dragon.

“Those who mess with my heart, I will kill!”

“Those who worry my heart, I will kill!”

“Those who mislead my heart, I will kill!”

Those who confuse my heart, I will kill!”

“Those who lead my heart, I will kill!”

“Those who move my heart, I will kill!”

“Those who seek to stop me, I will kill!

The word “kill” was spat out seven times from Chu Shan’s mouth. Jiang Li was so shocked that his face went pale. He seemed to really see the spirit of the powerhouse. The naked sword of the heart shows off one’s ability and presses forward with an indomitable will.

Those who seek to stop me, I will kill!

"Jiang Li, although you have talent, in my opinion your spirit is still weak, confused and unaware. Such a state of mind will have limited achievement even if you give unlimited resources and elixirs." WIth one glance, Chu Shan saw that Jiang Li’s spirit was not so firm, "However, most people are like you. To experience human vicissitudes, this world must change in order for you to be able to comprehend and cleanse the soul of cowardice. You are confused and it is also reasonable that you are not firm. You just simply want to become strong right now but you do not have the spirit that seeks Dao."

"The spirit that seeks Dao..." Jiang Li repeatedly chewed on these five words so to speak and recalled the seven kills, his spirit was severely shocked.

"The will of people is a sharp sword that keeps on sharpening so that their abilities become visible." Chu Shan sighed quietly, "Jiang Li you still lack a lot and have a long way to go. No one can help you seek the correct path. Only you can help yourself. Well, if you have any questions just ask me. I will now explain to you the actual knowledge. "

"Master, what is meditation?" Jiang Li shook his head and began to ask.

Chu Shan sat down and made a pot of tea, "Actually, the realm of meditation in ancient times was very rare, for the most profound meditation interpretation is “Platform Sutra”. Among some, a Buddhist monk called Zhi Huang, sat up two decades thinking that he could sit in meditation and get the true meaning of Zen. One of the disciples of the Sixth Patriarch Xuan Ce visited him and saw him in practice. He asked what he was practicing? He said he was in meditation."

Chu Shan paused and drank some tea, "Xuan Ce said, ‘The mediation that you talk of, is there any thoughts in the mind? If there is no thought, then even stones can meditate. If there are thoughts, then all sentient beings can meditate.’ Buddhist monk Zhi Huang said, ‘When I was meditating, it does not matter whether there are thoughts or not in the mind.’ So Xuan Ce asked again, ‘Regardless of having or not having thoughts, that is often a given. Since it is often a given, where do they come out of, the points?’ Thereupon, Buddhist monk Zhi Huang who practiced spiritually for two decades knew that his practice did not reach a very high level and asked the Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng. Hui Neng said, ‘The heart is pure of thought, but does not rest on emptiness either. Use true intentions at ease, but do not be indifferent to everything. Eliminate the difference between saints and mortal, and the nature and phenomenon unite. This is meditation. "

After hearing Chu Shan explaining it this way, Jiang Li half-understood, "Sixth Patriarch didn’t explain very clearly either. What does it mean specifically?”

Chu Shan nodded, "The Sixth Patriarch explained these words to the buddhist monk who has a great understanding. Actually my understanding of this sentence is to regain your spirit and look after what is within. Believe that your mind is the principal part and the body is an illusion, this way, the mortal body is a suit of armour. It cannot cause damage to the body when sword and axe attack onto the armour, hence Mount Tai will collapse in the former without blinking an eye. This is the so called Avalokitesvara* of Buddha, each and every of the Five Aggregates are empty. Tightly grasp your own spirit, and all kinds of pain and feeling to the body in the physical world will be like dreaming, hence you have no pain and trouble."

"I understand some words." Jiang Li seems to have realized, "No wonder the Heart Sutra says, keep away from the deranged dream, after all it’s Nirvana."

"Yes, keep away from the deranged dream, after all it’s Nirvana!” Chu Shan said fiercely, "Originally, the flesh is real and the mind is illusory. But in order to meditate, we must reverse the dream and get rid of impurities. Regard the illusion as real, and the real as an illusion.”

"Reverse your own view of the world! Then you can attain Nirvana."

"Meditation is actually a type of understanding on the world's outlook. It thinks that the spirit is the main and the the mortal body is empty. All kinds of pain on the body in the material world are all empty."

“When you dream of yourself being killed, you are not actually killed.”

"When you change your view of the world, all the pain and troubles disappear and then you reach the realm of meditation. Why did Buddha cut and feed his flesh to eagles, and sacrifice himself to the tiger? Because he knows everything is a dream. When you know you are also in a dream, you can also cut and feed your flesh to eagles and sacrifice yourself to the tiger.”

Jiang Li suddenly realized, "So Buddhism treated the body as mortal flesh, deeming the heart was the dictator and the the heart was real, the so-called everything has promising methods, like a dream.” But he had doubted again, " Didn’t Taoist school say, just repair nature, don’t repair life. It is very hard for lost spirits to become holy! This means to repair both the body and soul. It is also the opposite of Buddhist practice. Which one is the truth?"

Lost spirits are the soul.

When one becomes holy, it makes its presence felt and it appears in the material world.

The theory of three worlds, there is no body, the spirit can not possibly make its presence be felt. It lacks the bridge of communication between the real and illusion!

And what the Sixth Patriarch said before didn’t care about the body.

It was actually the contrary, which one is actually the truth?

*Avalokitesvara is a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas

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