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“Brain of the universe!”

At this point, any resistance was pointless. He contemplated the brain of the universe increasing his brain activity by ten times as he tried hard not to be hypnotised.

“What’s your name?”

The old man opened his mouth.

Honglong! Inside his ears, it felt like a god questioning him which shocked his spirit and almost caused him to collapse.

“Jiang… Fire!”

Jiang Li held tight and didn’t say his real name.

“What is your real name?” The old man asked once again.

“Jiang…” Jiang Li stuttered but still tried his best to resist hypnosis and prevent his spirit from a break down.

“Jiang what? Speak!” The old man’s voice got louder. Every syllable and sound smashed inside his ear as if stopping his brain cells from operating. He even couldn’t contemplate the brain of the universe and would completely obey the old man.

“I’m still called Jiang Fire!” He bit the tip of this tongue and used his spirit to his maximum potential. Brain of the universe contemplation increased and blood trickled down from his nose once again.

Suddenly, the pressure eased.

The old man sat back down again as if he had done nothing.

The people around him all had a face of astonishment.

“Gao Ren, you guys may all leave.” The old man Chu Shan waved his hand.


Gao Ren and everyone else, even the secretary left.

Chu Shan threw a white towel over. “Young man, wipe your bloody nose. I didn’t think that a student could have such strong hypnosis to block my hypnosis. You could say that in the entire Xing Hua city, there is no one who can block my hypnosis.”

Jiang Li took the towel and wiped his blood nose. Suddenly, he stopped moving. “You… How do you know that I’m a student?” Right now, he was a bulky middle aged man named Jiang Fire.

“Not only do I know that you’re a student, I also know that you’re named Jiang Li.” Chu Shan smiled, “Your masquerade is of the lowest quality, how can it avoid my cameras.”

He pressed a button and without a doubt, a footage of Jiang Li appeared. Everything could be seen clearly and the face completely showed and it even had his identity information.

“You!” Jiang Li was surprised.

“You don’t need to worry young man.” Chu Shan waved his hand and signalled him to be quiet. Of course, Jiang Li felt a harmonious temperament, this was a spirit calming hypnosis.

“No wonder Xi Xi said that there was a prodigy amongst her students and asked me to find some time to have a look. Unexpectedly, I met you here.” The old man Chu Shan smiled.

“You…” When Jiang Li heard these words “Who is Miss Blade to you?” His thought process was rapid and instantly thought of the person. It was the one who gave him pointers on his hypnosis, Miss Blade.

“Miss blade? How did Xi Xi get such a nickname?” Chu Shan frowned, “It seems that her temperament is still too fierce and hasn’t reached perfection. It would be very hard for her hypnosis to improve more.”

Jiang Li didn’t say anything, he knew this old man was definitely an elder of Miss Blade.

“I’m Xi Xi’s father.” Chu Shan said.

“Oh, it’s lao ye zi.” Jiang Li hurried for a bow of courtesy, “Didn’t think I would have the honour of meeting you here.”

(TL note: 老爷子/lao ye zi is a polite way of referring to someone else’s dad.)

“What lao ye zi? This is what they used a few hundred years ago.” Chu Shan didn’t like to be referred like this, but he inspected Jiang Li, “You’re a student but you actually ran to Xu Hua city black market, you’re quite the brave one aren’t you. You’re not scared that those gangs out there will kill you? There is danger with every step here, it is not somewhere where a student can come.”

“Yes.” Jiang Li was a lot more humble. He was Miss Blade’s father so the atmosphere became more easy and relaxed. “But If i want to get into Astral University, normal cultivation won’t work. I must use the power of the illicit drugs. On top of that, I will gain the experience of life and death battles here. Only between life and death can my spiritual cultivation get better.”

“This is indeed true.” Chu Shan applauded, “You hypnosis can defend against mine, you have a future ahead of you. In due time, you can definitely become a secondary hypnotist”

“Grandpa Chu, you’re a secondary hypnotist?” Jiang Li emboldened himself and asked.

(TL note: calling him grandpa doesn’t actually mean he is Jiang Li’s grandpa. It’s just a polite way of referring to someone of that age in China.)

“Correct, I don’t live in Xing Hua city, but in Man Jia city. I came over because of the recent things with Sun and Moon Corporation.” Chu Shan didn’t keep Jiang Li in the dark about this. “I heard that you tried to increase your strength and used illicit drugs resulting in damage to cells, am i correct?”

“Yes.” Jiang Li answered truthfully. In front of his elders, he was always the good kid: “According to hospital checks, right now, I can only live to 30 years of age.”

“So you need the fruit of life?” Chu Shan asked.

“I want to repair the damaged cells.” There was hope in Jiang Li’s heart.

“The fruit of life can indeed repair damaged cells but if you can only live up to 30 years old, then one probably won’t be enough. Even if i sell it to you in the import price, you would still need 5 million,” Chu Shan said, “And although I’m one of the CEO’s of An Quan Corporation, I can’t go against the rules of the Corporation.”

“This I know, but if I become a hypnotist of your corporation, there definitely are special deals for me right?” Jiang Li bargained.

“Yes, but in order to pass it through the board of directors, I still need to check your hypnosis abilities.” Chu Shan pressed a button and a row of warriors came in. Each one of them had the backs of tigers and waists of bears. Their life force was between 0.8 and 0.9.

“Normal elementary hypnotist would exert a lot of brain and physical power just hypnotising one person into deep sleep. The most they can do in a day is 2 to 3 and the success rate wasn’t high. Test for me now how many you can hypnotise.”

Chu Shan opened the stream, “You must perform well, I have started recording. If you perform very well and prove to have greater worth than normal elementary hypnotist, it would be much easier for me to help you in the board of directors.”


Jiang Li walked in front of a warrior, these were the elite of An Quan Corporation. It could be seen that their battle desire and willpower were all very strong. It would be very hard to hypnotise them.

The warrior looked at him with carelessness as if he didn’t even believe that Jiang Li could hypnotise him.

“Brother, look at my hand.” Jiang Li reached out his hand and waved it in front of the warrior’s eyes. Immediately, his breathing rhythm was disturbed but he still resisted. Ten minutes later, he couldn’t take it anymore and fell down softly.

“Second one.”

Jiang Li started the second hypnosis, his fingers moved and opened like the petals of a flower as it continued rising up. There were noises coming from his mouth and the second warrior also fell.

“Third!” He worked his way across, it didn’t take him long each time he hypnotised. Although those warriors didn’t believe and were alert, they were still hypnotised.

Peng peng peng…

Ten warriors in a row were all hypnotised and only then did Jiang Li feel his brain was dizzy as the contemplation of the brain of the universe was operating at max.

Every time he hypnotised a warrior, he patted their head as if he was a Tibetan monk from a few hundred years ago passing down his power. The hypnotised warriors went into deep sleep.

“You’re good!” Chu Shan stood up suddenly. “You can hypnotise 10 at a time? 100% success rate? Your proficiency is unbelievable.”

Elementary hypnotists also had many accounts of failed hypnosis but Jiang Li didn’t even fail once. This was a miracle.

“Xi Xi was right. You are a hypnosis genius.” Chu Shan continued, “From now on, you are our An Quan Corporation’s hypnotist. As for your two conditions, the first not breaking the law we can agree. Our corporation earns money, we basically don’t earn money from only fighting and robberies. The second one being free I can also agree to. But as for contract, we still need to sign that but at Xing Hua city. We have a building there too and your contract would be a legal business contract.”

“That would be fine.” Jiang Li relaxed. Since they went to Xing Hua city to sign a legitimate contract, that was the same nature as finding a job. Nowadays, any major company’s contract according to the law of labour had to be recorded in the government’s commercial department. And only after verification would these contracts be legally viable.

“Okay then, let us go to Xing Hua city.” Chu Shan couldn’t wait anymore to sign Jiang Li up. These people with huge potential were all fought over by by the major companies.

“Wait, what about the fruit of life I need?” Jiang Li was most concerned about this.

“How much money do you have on you approximately?” Chu Shan asked.

“I can take out 3.5 million.” Jiang Li definitely wouldn’t spend all his money at once. Although he got 3.58 million by hypnotising Blood Retribution, it wasn’t worth it for him and instead damaged his life potential once again. The only benefit he got was improving battle experience and of course, removing a sinful gang leader.

“This much?” This time, it was Chu Shan’s turn to be surprised. He knew that even wealthy families with tens of millions worth of assets couldn’t take out 3 million in one go.

“What price are you going to sell it to me?” Jiang Li cared about this the most and he wouldn’t explain.

“You have become our corporation’s contract hypnotist. I’ll sell it to you for 4 million how about it?” Chu Shan asked, “This already isn’t a deal anymore, it is the price for training people resources.”

“Okay, but I don’t have enough money on me right now, I’m still half a million short, what do I do? Can I apply for a loan from the company? And I can pay it back slowly later on?” Jiang Li asked.

“We can discuss this specifically when we get to Xing Hua city.” Chu Shan waved his hand.

Three hours later, Chu Shan and Jiang Li both appeared at the top of An Quan Corporation’s headquarters in Xing Hua city.

Xing Hua city’s An Quan building was on a mountain outside the urban area. The whole mountain was decorated with very good material, it was ocean blue and from afar it looked like a sapphire.

It was still a huge office room at the top of the mountain. Chu Shan pressed open the screen and a contract appeared on it, “You can read the contents first.”

Jiang Li scanned ten lines with one glance and found it was the legitimate labour contract. It even had the official code and everything. He only needed to sign it for it to be legally applicable.

“No problem, I have signed.” Jiang Li waited for the contract to be transferred to his chip and started signing. He inputted his voice, video recording, fingerprint and then sent it over.

They were all electronic contracts signed by both sides and then sent to the commercial department for verification. After the final verification, Jiang Li would become a worker of An Quan Corporation and would have found himself a professional job.

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