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“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Jiang Zhendong waved his hand and suddenly looked towards the TV.

“Local news report, Sun and Moon corporation high level manager Jiang Zhenyue has come with his team for business inspection. The mayor has invited them to Ying Ma building for dinner. The two parties are discussing a series of things related to the establishment of a medicine factory in Xing Hua city…”

On the screen, the mayor and a middle aged man were shaking hands at the top of Ying Ma building.

The middle aged man had an imposing appearance. It was easily discernible that he was a significant person. Even through television, his temperament and majestic presence could be felt.

Dad’s face was getting bleaker by the moment.

Jiang Li felt it acutely and frowned his eyes. A premonition arose, “Could it be that we have some connections with Sun and Moon Corporation? Otherwise, why is dad’s reaction so great?”

Amidst the fog in his heart, he remember that time when he got 1 for exam results Dad said he was going to take back his wealth. At that time, his brother and him were still guessing that the Jiang family was definitely a big family, otherwise, why hadn’t Jiang Li seen any relatives since he was young. This was impossible in the modern society.

“Dad, do we have some connections with the Jiang family of Sun and Moon Corporation?” He asked suddenly.

“No….. Nothing.” Jiang Zhendong paused but anyone could tell that he wasn’t telling the truth.

Jiang Li nodded his head and didn’t ask more. He had always been mature unlike his brother who was unable to restrain himself. He would definitely not cause trouble for his mum and dad.

He could only cultivate silently and protect his family.

Now, the family was very peaceful but Jiang Li’s sixth sense was telling him that that peace could very well be disturbed due to the arrival of Sun and Moon corporation.

The second day, Jiang Li came to the black market of Xu Hua city to An Quan building.

“Jiang brother, you’re here again?” The attendant was still Gao Ren.

“I heard the price of Lunar Essence was going to drop?” Jiang Li spoke.

“Brother, your intel is very fast. Sun and Moon Corporation has established into the black market of Xu Hua city and intends to transfer cargo here. Since the establishment of Xu Hua city's black market has been long, there are countless gangs and complicated power factions. It will be hard for even the Sun and Moon corporation to intervene. A powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts. If you wish to buy lunar essence brother, then I suggest you wait for a few days and see the changes in the market.” Gao Ren spoke flawlessly.

“A powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts?” Jiang Li stood silent for a while, “Do you guys have a medicine for cell recovery, increasing cell division and life potential?”

“Increase cell division?” Gao Ren paused for a bit and looked up and down and Jiang Li. “Did you consume some serums that burned life potential for quick strength? Then resulting in reduction of life?”

“Indeed.” Jiang Li knew he couldn’t hide it. Gao Ren’s eyes were very good.

“This is indeed troublesome. Normally when you burn life potential, you can increase your strength in a short period of time but it often damages cells and results in a short life span. There are countless of such cases.” Gao Ren hesitated. “Actually, there’s still a way but it takes time. You need consume a lot of lunar and solar essence. It would take approximately 3 to five years for full recovery.”

As expected, Gao Ren said the same thing as that doctor.

“Is there any other way to recover in a short time?” Jiang Li asked.

“Then you can only use the fruit of life.” Gao Ren sighed, “But these things are very expensive.”

“Fruit of life?” Jiang Li paused.

“Yes, fruit of life. It is a fruit cultivated by humans in outer space using advanced technology. It can increase the cellular activity. For example, an 100 year old man is about to die but after eating the fruit of life, he can live for a few extra years. This thing is the holy medicine for injuries. No matter how serious your injuries are, you can protect your life after eating it and recover your life. In the elite district, these sort of things are the medications for significant people in battle. It is an illicit drug among illicit drugs.” Gao Ren’s eyes flickered, “Our corporation don’t have it right now, but if you need it brother, you can pay a deposit. 8 million for one, we’ll get it for you.”

“8 million for one?” Jiang Li frowned, he couldn’t afford it. “Can it be cheaper, like 3 million?”

“Brother, you’re making things hard for me.” There was pain on Gao Ren’s face. “3 million doesn’t even account for the transportation cost. Do you know how much it costs to transport the fruit of life from the elite district? 8 million is already the lowest price!”

“Okay then.” Jiang Li didn’t buy anything and turned to leave. He could pay for 8 million even if he sold everything.

“Wait!” Gao Ren said once again, “Brother, are you interested in becoming a hypnotist hired by our corporation? If you want to quickly recover your life potential brother and recover the damage to your cells, then joining our corporation is the best choice.”

“Okay then, I can join. But I need to make things clear, first, I’m not doing things that are against the law, second, I am entering a free man, I won’t sign any contracts and be bounded by anything. If you have things that you need me, then I will help. Each time I help, I receive my payments.” Jiang Li immediately brought out his conditions.

“This…” As expected, Gao Ren seemed troubled with his conditions. “You must sign a contract to become our corporation’s hypnotist. We can make the first exception to this.”

“Is that so?” Jiang Li’s eyes had a gloomy light and he deadly stared at Gao Ren with his hands waving. “If I say it is, it is. What do you think?”

Meeting Jiang Li’s eyesight, Gao Ren’s face went pallid and his eyes also became blurry: “Okay, if you say so, it can...”

“Gao Ren, how much savings do you have on you?”

“1.2 million...” Gao Ren replied honestly.

“Is there any fruit of life in An Quan Corporation?” Jiang Li asked once again.

“Yes, only three.” Gao Ren was completely being hypnotized and answered to everything.

“What is the real price?”

“The import prices 3 million but with the risks of transportation costs about four million.”

“If that's the case wake up then.” Jiang Li clicked his fingers.


Gao Ren woke up from his status of being hypnotised, and his face became really bleak, “You hypnotised me just then?”

“I was just letting you see why that's all.” Jiang Li seemed to be smiling and not smiling at the same time, “But didn't you say before I hypnotised you that i have the right to sign a contract with your Corporation? You're an elementary hypnotist yourself right?”

“Amazing!” Gao Ren’s face changed a while and controlled himself, “Not bad, I am an elementary hypnotist, I can say that no elementary hypnotist can hypnotise me. Only secondary hypnotists can completely hypnotise me.”

“I’m not an secondary hypnotist.” Jiang Li knew that secondary hypnotists were all great people, right now he could hypnotise him only because he relied on the [Spirit Emperor Seal] and the contemplation of the brain of the universe, “But I will enter that state soon!”

He was showcasing his potential so that Gao Ren would understand his value.

“Your corporation has three fruit of life, the import price is 3 million for one but you said you had none, and you said it costs 8 billion, I am an old customer, brother can you not be so black?” There was a smile on the side of Jiang Li’s mouth, he found his orientation.

“Jiang Brother, I am a businessman of course I am going to raise the price.” Gao Ren had a bitter smile. “If you want the fruit of life, we must take 8 million because this thing is very hard to get. We can only get it from the elite district. There is a great risk to our transportation.”

“It’s still as I said before, I won't sign a contract, I don't want to do things that will harm people, I am also a free man.” Jiang Li held onto his principles. “ Also, I should be reaching the level of secondary hypnotist very soon, at that time I won't be paid at this price.”

“Secondary hypnotist!” Gao Ren thought about the scene just then and still had a cold shiver down his back, “Wait, let me ask my boss.”

Gao Ren walked to the other side and opened a conversation.

Ten minutes later, he came back. “Jiang brother, my boss is very interested in you and wants to talk to you face to face, what do you think?”

“Show me the way.” Jiang Li was very straightforward.

“Please, this way.”

Gao Ren came to the top level of the An Quan building. Click Click, a few buttons were pressed and the door opened automatically. Two men appeared and searched their bodies.

After passing through a series of doors, they arrived at a huge office room. The first thing that entered their eyes was a humanoid armor two metres tall. It had a smooth silvery shine and contour that showed no signs of welding. It was as if the armor was a whole thing.

“Mobility mecha!”

Jiang Li paused, he knew this thing was very strong. He would be no match for it even if it was a normal person who wore it.

Quite obviously, An Quan Corporation needed to keep the gangs in Xu Hua city in check and the use of this mobility armor could not be ignored. Even guns couldn’t pierce these mobility armours.

At the back of the office sat a person.

It was an old man in his 70’s but his appearance didn’t seem old. He sat upright giving people a sense of authority. Quite obviously, he was one of the main heads of An Quan Corporation.

Next to him sat a few high ranking managers and a very sexy secretary. She stared at Jiang Li with a curious look.

“Mr Chu, Mr Jiang Fire has arrived.”

Gao Ren hurried to the introduction.

“Hello, my name is Chu Shan.” The old man nodded his head, “You wish to sign a contract with our corporation? You want the fruit of life?”

“Yes, Mr Chu.” Jiang Li nodded his head.

“Your hypnosis can hypnotise Gao Ren?” The old man asked. “I taught Gao Ren personally, he has already reach the elementary hypnotist level. You can hypnotise him which means your hypnosis has reached a certain degree. Allow me to test you out.”

As he spoke, the old man stood up.

With this move, Jiang Li immediately felt the heavens and earth spinning. The whole room spun with the centre being the old man. His eyes saw illusions as the old man’s body became bigger and bigger until at last, it covered the sun like a demon god.

The old man didn’t say anything or form any seals nor any body language. Just simply standing up gave people a strong spiritual illusion.

What degree of hypnosis was this?

This completely surpassed Jiang Li’s knowledge of hypnosis.

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