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“My heart!”

Blood Retribution held his hands to his heart and breathed heavily. His footsteps stumbled as if he was drunk. His heart was broken which caused a lack of blood supply to his body.

Although he dealt heavy injuries to Jiang Li, he also took a lethal blow. Jiang Li’s last attack hit him right on the heart which almost killed him.

“Hypnosis!” Jiang Li was also beaten into bad shape but he relied on that last bit of life energy to support himself. This was the result of fetal respiration training. His life force was much more durable than others.

At this moment, he charged forward as his hands swayed once again. He didn’t attack.

Blood Retribution hurried to dodge it but his eyes were uncontrollably attracted to it. Suddenly, he didn’t move and just stood there as though he was hypnotized.

Blood Retribution’s heart was shattered caused a lack of blood supply. Therefore, his brain cells didn’t receive adequate energy and nutrients. Without the support of the brain, you couldn’t use your spirit in the real world no matter how strong you were.

“How much money do you have on your?”

Jiang Li spat out some blood and concentrated his spirit and asked.

“3.58 million.” Blood Retribution’s voice was very low. He was about to fall over any time as he was seriously injured.

“This is your private wealth. The money for your gang should also be on you right?” Jiang Li spat another mouthful of blood and asked. He almost felt that he couldn’t continue anymore. His brain was getting dizzy and blood streamed out of his nose.

“The fund for the gang is managed by the authorities together, it’s not on me……” Blood Retribution suddenly fell to the ground as his body could no longer support itself.

“Hurry up and transfer me all your money.” Jiang Li focused the last ounce of his spirit: “The account is ……” He knew that if Blood Retribution died or completely fainted, then all of his efforts would have gone to waste. It was useless if he searched for the chip when he didn’t know the password.

And when he died, Jiang Li couldn’t hypnotise him back to life.

Under Jiang Li’s hypnosis, Blood Retribution took out his chip and started the transaction. His hands shook as he input the password. At the same time with a dumb voice: “Transfer to xxxxxx account, 3.58 million star coins.”

This chip was obviously high tech as it required voice recognition and password.

Ding Dong!

Jiang Li saw a series of numbers appear on his chip and uncontrollably let out a long sigh of relief.

All his spirit relaxed and his body almost collapsed onto the ground too.

“I must stay awake, I can’t fall here, stay awake!” Jiang Li bit his teeth and with his intense willpower, ran stumbling away with blood covering his body.

Meanwhile, Blood Retribution was completely unconscious. His pulse was weak and he was probably going to die straight away.

In the abandoned building, Jiang Li finally put the opaque stone in his mouth and started fetal respiration. This was a life saving treasure. If he didn’t use fetal respiration and drain his life potential, there was no way he was going to make it back to Xing Hua city. Half way, he would be robbed and killed. Right now, it was hard for him to even walk.

Once again, he felt the threat of death.

As he breathed again and again with fetal respiration, all his life potential were drawn out.

After a long time, the sky was completely bright and he finally opened his eyes. His body didn’t hurt anymore but he knew that this injury wasn’t something that could be cured by fetal respiration. Fetal respiration wasn’t almighty.

Fetal respiration could only save his life. He could go to Xing Hua city and receive treatment.

He needed to go to a hospital and do a full body treatment.

He got up and left.

Three hours later, he finally arrived at Xing Hua city on the train. He went straight into Xing Hua hospital and did a full body check up.

In the white patient room, Jiang Li lay on the bed with a few doctors arranging for instrumental checks before sending him into the operation room for all sorts of treatments such as organ reparation, bone reparation, nerve reparation.

If it was two hundred years ago in the country era, he would have been long gone with these injuries. But now, he could be saved as long as he didn’t die on the spot. With timely medical attention, he could fully recover.

When Jiang Li had his operation, he was fully awake and felt his body gradually recover.

When he came out of the operation room, he felt lively as a tiger.

But the main doctor came beside his bed with a serious face. He sent away the other doctors and nurses: “Jiang Li, did you use a type of illicit drug that burned life potential? Although you’re lively like a tiger right now, you seriously depleted your life origin which greatly reduced the number of times your cells duplicated. Your cells are very strong now but you can only live to 30 years of age.”


Jiang Li scrambled up, “How can it be like this?”

“You sustained very serious injuries. You were supposed to be in coma and unconscious but you managed to make it to the hospital yourself. If my guess isn’t wrong, it is quite possible that you consumed some illicit drug which resulted in cell strengthening but in turn reduced the number of times they duplicated. You know, a person’s lifetime is proportional to the number of times their cells divide. A chicken with 30 years of life has a cell division of 25 times. A lab rat with 3 years of life only has a cell division of 12. The number of times your cells divide is much less than that of a normal human. So according to this check up, your lifetime will only be 30 years. You need to be mentally prepared.”

The main doctor was a middle aged man with a serious complexion: “I have already found out your identity. You are someone the school heavily invests on to get into Astral University. But you can’t do that by consuming illicit drugs and damaging your life. You need to know that before the Astral University exam, they will do check-ups on you. With your current state, you won’t even have the ability to sign up for the exam.”

“What?” Jiang Li’s heart was cramming after hearing this.

Originally, the damage caused by fetal respiration had been repaired already with all those nutritional serums. But this life and death brawl with Blood Retribution almost got him killed. In order to survive, he had no choice but to use fetal respiration which deepened his injuries causing permanent damage to his cells. This made him so worried that in the spur of the moment, he felt he had lost all hope.

Indeed, there was a check up before signing up to the Astral University’s exam. If he was still like this by then, then he wouldn’t even have the right to be in the exam.

Astral University wasn’t going to allow someone who could only life for 30 years to participate in the exam. What they wanted was a wholesome genius. Even those who had genetic manipulation weren’t allowed to participate because their original human genes had the greatest potential.

He thought he didn’t have any problems. After all, he wasn’t a doctor. But he didn’t think the situation would be this grave.

But if he couldn’t even go for the exam for Astral University, what was the point of being strong?

Using fetal respiration to stabilize his injuries caused permanent damages this time but without fetal respiration, he would have died on the way to Xing Hua city.

“Doctor, are there any ways to repair the damage and supply back the life potential and cells?” Jiang Li asked.

“There are ways but they are very costly.” The main doctor thought and replied: “You can go buy lunar essence and use it every day to energize your cells and gradually increase their potential. After about three years, you can recover. Normal nutritional serum is useless for cell division.”

“Three years time?” Jiang Li shook his head: “This is my last semester, the most I have is half a year’s time. Even if you give me three year time, how much would that cost to use lunar essence everyday?”

“Then there’s no other ways. There’s basically no possibility for recovery in half a year’s time.” The main doctor shook his head: “Of course, if your spiritual prowess can enter stasis and control your internal secretions and top that with lunar and solar essence as well as other large amounts of supplements, then there’s a chance. It will depend on you.”

“Sigh…..” Jiang Li sighed and felt the opaque stone hanging from his neck. He didn’t regret. If he didn’t have this, there wouldn’t be any hope for him at all.

After coming out of the hospital, Jiang Li’s mood was depressed although there was 3.58 million extra on his bank account.

“What do I do? Although I have so much money, I’ve lost more on my body. At this rate, I won’t even be able to sign up for Astral University entrance exam. The university would definitely not take in someone who can only live to 30 years old.” Jiang Li shook his head: “Never mind, I don’t care even if I can’t go for Astral University. With my current abilities, I can still live a good life. My cell potentials will also be recovered. I’m only 17, even if I can only live to 30, I still have 13 years to live. Can’t i fix it by then? As long as I don’t use fetal respiration I should be fine.”

Thinking about this, his mood got better.

Deep into the night, Jiang Li came to the park once again after rest.

His speed and agility had obvious improvements.

After his battle with Blood Retribution, he learned more about the essence of battle and his spiritual cultivation improved as well.

“Meow…” as soon as he dropped to the ground, Big Black came towards him and then flower faced overlord, baby kittens Big Meng, Second Meng, Third Meng, Fourth Meng all circled him.

“Did you guys eat alright these few days, Big Black, I have prepared enough food and water for you inside the cat home. You need to behave and eat, don’t waste it okay?” Jiang Li patted Big Black’s head.

Big Black humanely nodded his head and used his claws to write on the ground: “We’ve all been fine!”

Although these few words were very twisted, they still looked like words.

“That’s good.” Jiang Li didn’t feel it was anything at the start but he then suddenly stared at the five words on the ground and almost jumped: “Big Black, you can write?”

This was earth-breaking news. A cat could write and had near human intelligence.


Big Black jumped and sat down breathing, contemplating. The cat sat with its legs crossed and upper torso upright like a human being.

In no time, Jiang Li felt its heart beat, blood and pulse all slow down.

“Cultivation into deep sleep?” Jiang Li was shocked once again: “You’re contemplating [Crystal Contemplation]? And went into deep sleep this quick?”

This was too fast.

How many days had it been? Last time, Jiang Li taught Big Black [Crystal Contemplation] in its dreams. Although he knew the cat’s spirit was very pure, much purer than humans and could cultivate very easily, it was very hard for him to open its intelligence. But being able to cultivate and go into deep sleep this quick shocked him quite a bit.

Big Black’s wisdom was currently similar to a 15-16 year old child. He was very mature and understood many things.

Especially cultivation, Big Black could perhaps reach Jiang Li’s state , the third stage of deep sleep, very soon.

“Come, everyone come and eat what I brought. Four winged tiger bone cream. This is the four winged tiger from outer space, standing on the pinnacle on the feline species. It’s bone cream is very beneficial for feline animals. I searched about it, this is what the rich people in the elite district use to feed their cats.”

Jiang Li gave the cats a can of cream. This wasn’t an illicit drug so it could be bought in the market. It was also beneficial to humans as it made their bones and tendons stronger but it was useless for Jiang Li.

He gave it to Big Black, flower faced overlord first to then pass down to the smaller kittens to avoid a fight. They were all cultivating [Crystal Contemplation] and with Jiang Li’s teachings in the dream, they also gradually gained intelligence.

The seed of cultivation had sprouted in their spirit and would sooner or later bear beautiful fruits.

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