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Into the night.

After more deep sleep, his spirit and stamina had reached his apex once again. He watched the headquarters of Cha Xue Alliance very closely through his telescope because today was the weekend.

As expected, he saw a few cars rise from the bottom flying towards the train station.

“It’s making a feint to the east but attacking the west.”

He didn’t care the least bit about those hover cars. He knew they were a diversion. The leader of Cha Xue Alliance wasn’t in there at all. These flying cars could be struck down easily. As long as there was a big calibre sniper, the car could be sniped even up to 5km in the sky.

It was way too easy for those tracking spiralling bullets to aim towards the hover cars.

The modern pistols had a range of more than a km much less sniping rifles.

Without a doubt, someone came out from the headquarters a while later. He seemed too insignificant to be a character of Cha Xue Alliance as he walked towards the train station.

Jiang Li immediately sensed that person was highly dangerous. It was like he was facing Illusory Fox.

This was the sixth sense developed by fetal respiration.

It was very powerful and practical. With this sixth sense, Jiang Li avoided danger and came out unharmed many times.

Other people couldn’t feel how dangerous this insignificant character was but Jiang Li could tell with just once glance. This person was definitely the big boss of Cha Xue Alliance, Blood Retribution!

He didn’t bring any followers and instead came out secretly with a masquerade on. This had the lowest danger. He could be targeted even when he was in the car but when he went on the streets alone, he had great mobility and could escape easily in times of danger.

Those with strong physical prowess could avoid bullets in the nick of time even when they were aimed. Furthermore, those who could deep sleep could focus their spirit. They could discern impending danger sometimes. They had more or less some sixth sense.

“Hm! As expected, he came out alone.”

Jiang Li went downstairs immediately and secretly followed his target. There was still a large distance from the train station. He could definitely take care of Blood Retribution on the way. On top of that, Blood Retribution’s followers didn’t know his route so there was no threat of any outside assistance.

“Blood Retribution is a very careful person. He knows that large scale movement would probably result in ambushes from his enemies so he goes out by himself secretly. No one would doubt him but unfortunately, I have my eyes set on him.” Jiang Li also reached the streets, he believed that Blood Retribution’s sixth sense wasn’t as acute as his.

Jiang Li kept his distance as he secretly followed Blood Retribution. At the same time, he looked at the surroundings. His thoughts flickered as his spirit was highly concentrated. He secretly contemplated the brain of the universe which allowed him to acutely notice everything that was happening around him. No one was watching him.

Blood Retribution went into a deserted small alley. This was a shortcut towards the train station.

“This should be the place!”

Jiang Li had modelled Blood Retribution’s route many times and as expected, he went according to his ideal path.

He went around to another alley and entered through the other exit to meet Blood Retribution.

When he walked into the alley, he splashed a bottle of wine on himself and pretended to stumble around like a drunkard.

In the modern society, humanity’s body shape was perfect. There were 1.9m people everywhere.

Blood Retribution’s build wasn’t big. He was only 1.8m which was average for modern humans.But, his muscles were very strong. As he walked, his footsteps seemed loose but they actually contained a special rhythm. He was like a sleeping lion with his eyes slanted. He would suddenly burst out into a roar when he saw his prey.

Jiang Li, covered in the smell of wine, stumbled towards him blabbering weird things.

“Don’t leave me, damn it! Don’t leave me! I will kill you… filthy cheaters……” His voice was low and his footsteps stumbled as if he was about to fall any moment.

His hands waved around frantically and it was quite obvious he appeared drunk.

Blood Retribution stopped as he watched this ‘drunkard’.

He frowned and prepared to dodge but the ‘drunkards’’ waving hands suddenly had a special rhythm when he set his eyes on them. The fingers moved tens of times faster, sometimes like flowers scattered from heaven, sometimes like an open lotus and sometimes like raindrops. Sometimes, the palms pressed against each other and sometimes he circled around his hands…..

With the slightest shake, his hands brought countless after images.

Jiang Li’s speed with [Spirit Emperor Seal] was very fast even before the military exercise.

He reached the third stage of deep sleep during the exercise and could enter deep sleep while exercising. This allowed his hypnotic hand speed to be at least 50% faster.

While he was hiding these two days, he spent 340,000 star coins to consume lunar essence which brought his physical capabilities to a new peak.

Just then when he entered the alley, he pretended to be a drunkard but in actual fact, his spirit already entered the third stage of deep sleep. Spirit is drunk but will is sober. All of his physical strengths went up one level.

This time, he used his full power in his hypnosis because Blood Retribution was very strong.

It was quite possible he was on par with Ou Yang Xing.

On top of that, how could a gang leader from Xu Hua city be weak and timid? His life force had to be at least greater than 1. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to have people following him.

Jiang Li stumbled across waving his hands and suddenly used [Spirit Emperor Seal]. It brought many after images and wind making Blood Retribution’s eyes drowsy. His heart beat, breathing and pulse quite obviously reduced by half. This was the sign of being hypnotised.

But Blood Retribution didn’t fall. He was only fazed a little.

“He is indeed strong!”

Jiang Li was expecting this. Since he couldn’t hypnotise him, he had his second option which was to straight out attack! He would knock the opponent out or beat them to severe injuries. By then, the opponent wouldn’t be able to concentrate his spirit and hypnosis would be much easier then.

Physical torture can crush one’s spirit.

A deeply injured person definitely had a weaker will than a healthy person. This also formed the basis for torture interrogation.


While Blood Retribution was fazed, he foot stood stomped on the ground as he dashed forward like a dragon rising up into the sky. 30m of distance only took 1.5 seconds!

C rank martial arts [Dragon Claw Subjugation]!

[Fire Dragon Scorching the Plains]

There were claw images everywhere but only one of them was real. Jiang Li attacked frontwards but in fact his arm looped towards the back of Blood Retribution’s head.

The back of the head was where the nerves were focused at. If it was hit, it would cause temporary unconsciousness resulting in a lack of blood supply to the brain. Hypnosis was the most successful at this time because brain oxygen supply was inadequate and could not support thinking.

“Damn it! Ambush!”

When danger descended, Blood Retribution’s eyes suddenly shone brightly as he woke up. Killing intent boiled inside his body as he suddenly became like a ferocious spear and didn’t seem the least bit hypnotised. This was the iron will trained from countless life and death brawls.

Hong long!

As his fist shot out, his body seemed to have inflated.

This fist seemed surreal as if a demon came out from the abyss. It was B rank martial arts [God and Demon Fist]!

[Appearance of Gods and Demons]

D rank martial arts was brawling arts

C rank martial arts involved breathing, organs, tendons and inner breathing.

While B rank martial arts took it a step further and involved contemplation.

Take [God and Demon Fist] for example, there was a contemplation image with each move. People had to imagine themselves as a powerful Demon reaching out from the abyss!

When people cultivated this, their spirit became very surreal as it becomes one with the heart.

The martial arts that required actions to cooperate with contemplation was B ranked. Its power was immense but had a high difficulty of mastering. It could easily cause mental break down during contemplation and result in psychosis.

If Jiang Li didn’t have fetal respiration to help with contemplating the brain of the universe, his brain would have died a long time ago.

Jiang Li had seen [God and Demon Fist] in the martial arts master system before. It was really unstoppable. He was sent flying with one fist.


B rank [God and Demon Fist] clashed together with C rank [Dragon Claw Subjugation]. Jiang Li immediately felt his arms hurt as if each inch of his bone was breaking. The opponent had immense power and much more experience.

“This is definitely a life force of 1.1! And his spiritual prowess was also very high. He is on par with me. We’re both at the third stage of deep sleep!” When Jiang Li’s arm felt the impact, he sensed the intense killing intent and pressure. In the spur of that moment, he even wanted to escape immediately and didn’t want to face such an opponent.

But the next thought was a warning to himself. This was a spiritual challenge, a life and death brawl. He couldn’t retreat otherwise his spiritual and willpower training would end in failure. The more difficult it was, the more he had to challenge it. There was nothing that could beat himself!


He gave off a low roar and attacked once again. He used [Boneless Jujitsu] together with [Dragon Claw Subjugation] and attacked with his full power [Returning Black Dragon], [Fire Dragon Scorching the Plains], [Ball Play of the White Dragon], [Probing Claws of the Sky Dragon] and [Blue Dragon Upsurge]. Following that was [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] as his body waved with the wind spinning incessantly. [Twisting Bone Attack], [Projecting Bone Stab], [Shattering Bone Collapsing the Clouds], [Boulder Breaking Bone Shatter].

It felt very satisfying fighting it out in real combat.

“[Appearance of Gods and Demons]!”

Blood Retribution threw out another punch which defeated all of Jiang Li’s moves and smashed near his face. The pressure of the air force was so strong that he could barely breath.

“Lightning!” Jiang Li raised his hands high and smashed down heavily. His fist formed into an arc, like a snake shaped lightning. Lightning crackled as an explosive gust of air appeared from his nose. This wasn’t martial arts anymore, this was moves from the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

This move was extremely ferocious like the thunder god smashing down. Its effect was to shock the enemy opponent’s spirit so that they are stunned like a child scared by lightning.

After cultivating [Spiritual Emperor Seal] for so long, he already knew this was an extremely profound martial arts.


The blow smashing down was accompanied by the deep hum of lightning. Without a doubt, it shocked Blood Retribution and made his body waver and spirit restless.


Jiang Li roared out as his body charged forward. His hands sliced through the air making piercing sounds. Next, his arms suddenly became like agile snakes turning and attacking Blood Retribution.

This was fierce wind, another hand seal of [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. The rapid lightning and the fierce wind shocks the opponent’s heart

“Brother, which master are you, we can talk it out……” Blood Retribution’s spirit wavered as he suddenly pleaded but Jiang Li’s hand blade already sliced over without giving him any chance for a breath.

‘I’m going to tear you apart!” Blood Retribution suddenly bit down hard on his tongue. The bloodiness in the air rose once again. He threw out another fist! This fist gave of a sense of ripping a life person apart and dragging them down into hell.

B rank martial arts, [God and Demon Fist] second move, [God and Demon Hell] !

Pang! They clashed again. They two retreated at the same time.

During the clash, Jiang Li’s skin tore apart and blood spilled. Meanwhile, Blood Retribution’s hand also had a long bloody scratch.


Disregarding their wounds, both of them charged at each other once again. They were battling out like fierce wild beasts neglecting their personal safety. This was pure life and death brawl.

“[God and Demon Prison]!”

After tens of times of consecutive attacks, both of them were covered with blood. Blood Retribution abruptly roared and smashed out his fists once again. It was like a prison, covering Jiang Li from all sides.

Jiang Li didn’t care the least bit as his hands suddenly formed a circle as if to encompass everything inside. The great world was like a dream as they clashed.

Peng Peng Peng Peng…..

Furious fists rained down on Jiang Li’s body while Jiang Li’s hands pierced onto Blood Retribution’s chest devastatingly.

Both of them were injured.


In that instant, Jiang Li was punched nine times. With each fist his body made a bone cracking sound. Blood even sprouted out from his mouth and noses. His internal organs were injured!

Who wins? Who loses?

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