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He gave up on the thought of dealing with the boss of Cha Xue Alliance, Blood Retribution in Xing Hua city.

Xing Hua city was a highly civilised city. Any illegal activities were forbidden. People weren’t even allowed to carry weapons on the trains towards the city. Illicit drugs had nowhere to hide under the stringent security checks.

So Jiang Li consumed all his illicit drugs in Xu Hua city.

“How much wealth does your boss have?” Jiang Li continued to ask.

“I don’t know this as well. The boss’s private wealth is a secret. How could he let us small fries know? But around a few million probably.”

Biao bro answered drowsily as he greedily gulped down his saliva. Even in his subconscious state, he longed for this sum of money.

“When does he usually meet his mistress?”

“Weekends at night. We don’t know the specifics. The boss goes solo every time. It’s a big secret...”

Jiang Li made sure everything was asked clearly before concentrating his spirit once again. His brain cells were ten times more active and his eyes emitted rays of light just like Illusory Fox once did: “Sleep, go get a good sleep. When you wake up, you will forget everything.”

“Yes, sleep, sleep, so tired...” Biao bro fell asleep in the alley.

Jiang Li took all three guns away and hid it carefully. If nothing happened, those three would probably wake up the next morning. As for what they did from then onwards? It was not his business. He didn’t kill them this time.

Although those three were definitely full of sins, Jiang Li didn’t want to take care of them personally. They didn’t finish their mission this time so the gang would punish them heavily. The consequences won’t be desirable.


Jiang Li played with the guns in his hand in an alley.

It was crafted with a type of alloy and had a very firm composition. The bullets were very small but had great explosive power and a long range. The effective range was 1-2km. In the country era two hundred years ago, the effective shooting range of pistols were only 100m.

Jiang Li checked the bullets and discovered they were metal nuclear fission bullets the size of peas.

It had a strong propulsion and fast speed. Inside the green pea sized metal contained nuclear technology. It shot with explosive power after leaving the gun barrel so that the gun didn’t experience any recoil.

Once it hit the target, the metal bullet would still explode creating a huge hole on the human body. It’s power was very strong.

This was forbidden weaponry and could only be bought in the black market,

Jiang Li didn’t think that he would get three all of a sudden. They were worth at least 30,000 star coins. The bullets were also very expensive. Each bullets’ price was around thirty star coins.

However, these were low grade guns. Some guns had an even further shooting range reaching up to 10km and the bullets shot out had automatic tracking systems. They could turn and manoeuvre due to the small computer chip inside each bullet.

However, these bullets were more costly. Each one was worth more than 1000 star coins. Only the military could use it on outer space battle fields.

“Looks like I can’t return to Xing Hua city for the moment.” Although Jiang Li loved the three guns, he knew he couldn’t take them back. He would probably be arrested as soon as he went on the train.

“I'll stay in Xu Hua city for three days first. Tomorrow is the weekend anyways. If no accident occurs, that Blood Retribution should go meet with his mistress!” There was a burning sensation in Jiang Li’s heart. “Blood Retribution should have quite some money on him. According to online information, he is extremely strong. Although he isn’t a hypnotist, his spiritual prowess would probably be on par with mine, third stage deep sleep, dream into power. If I can remove him from this world, how many victims can I avenge? How much money can I get?”

Although Zheng Wenbing’s family proclaimed themselves to be ten-millionaires, their actual cash may not even be a few million. If Jiang Li followed through with his target and acquired Blood Retribution’s wealth, he could surpass Zheng Wenbing’s family in one step. At that time, it would be so easy to toy with them.

His only concern was that Blood Retribution might be too strong and could not be hypnotised.

This would instead alert the enemy.

However, recently, Jiang Li had been contemplating the brain of the universe. His hypnosis techniques had improved greatly and could definitely hypnotise people of the same spiritual strength as him.

“Good thing I robbed 380,000 star coins. I’ll go buy some lunar essence. I’ll get my strength and spiritual state to its prime first.” Jiang Li turned to An Quan Corporation when he finished his plan.

“Brother, you’re here to buy super protein again?”

Gao Ren stilled remembered this “Jiang Fire”.

“I’m not buying super protein this time, I want to buy lunar essence. How much for a bottle?” Jiang Li took out his chip for payment.

“If it’s large quantity purchase, its 150,000 a bottle. If it’s small scale purchase then it’s 180,000 star coins a bottle. But brother, you have done business with us before. I can make the deal 170,000.”

“Okay, I’ll have two bottles then.” Jiang Li didn’t even think and just straight up burned his money.

When he received the two bottles of lunar essence, he was about to turn to leave.

Gao Ren said hurriedly: “Brother, wait, are you interested in what I told you last time about how our company is hiring hypnotists?”

“What’s the salary like? I don’t have a hypnotist permit.” Jiang Li stopped his foot.

“That’s not a problem, after you get a permit, you would be surveillanced by the government.” Gao Ren laughed: “Infact, many of those who had reached elementary hypnotist didn’t test for a permit. This instead makes things more convenient. These kinds of masters are not rare in Xu Hua city. As for salary, if you can hypnotise me, the monthly salary is at least 100,000. You can still receive training from the company. The company hires secondary hypnotist to teach us lessons and train us in hypnotic techniques.”

“Secondary hypnotist training.” Jiang Li felt his heart move when he heard this.

He was purely learning hypnosis by himself so his progress wasn’t fast. Without the profound [Spiritual Emperor Seal], he would never be able to earn a fortune a day in Xu Hua city.

If he had a secondary hypnotist to give him a few pointers, he believed that he could improve rapidly.

But, joining An Quan Corporation wasn’t a good thing. He would be confined.

“I will consider this carefully, I’ll contact you next time.” After some thought, Jiang Li rejected Gao Ren once again.

“That’s a shame but I will respect Mr Jiang’s choice.” Gao Ren opened his hands.

Jiang Li left hurriedly. As soon as he left An Quan building, he felt there seemed to be eyes staring at him. It was surveillance but of course, it wasn’t people from An Quan corporation. It was other outside gangs. Those who bought things at An Quan corporation and came out were all under surveillance.

“This really is a chaotic city.”

Jiang Li shook his head as his body dashed quickly into a small alley.

He immediately felt many people following behind him rapidly.


He took out a pistol and shot on the wall in the distant.

A large hole immediately exploded on the wall.

“Not good, the target has a gun!”

“It is the high damage metal micro nuclear bullet!”

“Abort, this is someone hard to deal with.”......

Some gang members were in pandemonium when Jiang Li suddenly traversed with a burst of speed. Right now, he was as fast as a monkey running across the streets and alleys. In no time, he shook off all the followers.

With his sixth sense, he confirmed that no one was following. Jiang Li then hid inside an abandoned building block. He first checked for the authenticity of the two bottles of lunar essence before consuming.

This time, he gulped down a bottle in one go. Immediately, he felt his body cool as if being enveloped by lunar light. His spirit was exceptionally clear and Jiang Li quickly entered the third stage of deep sleep and began practising [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. Immediately, he felt his body become fast like the wind. As his hands weaved signs, it emitted a dream like colour as white clouds emitted from his body. This was symbolic of his physical and mental capabilities running at its max.

Half an hour later, he suddenly woke up from the state of ‘Drunken Fist’. He clenched his fist and felt a surge of power rise from his heart as if a slight movement would result in explosive power.

He felt his physical capabilities had increased quite a lot and his brain cells had also became more active.

“This is definitely good stuff. Lunar essence is more advanced than super protein.” Jiang Li looked at the remaining bottle while contemplating on the greatness of human technology. Even lunar and solar essence could be manufactured.

When he cured Xue Bear, he consumed it drop by drop. He only finished half a bottle even after the treatment finished. But now when he drank it in one gulp, he felt the potency of this thing. Compared to super protein, lunar essence had the ability to recover brain cells, reduce brain aging and increasing cell activity.

Unfortunately, it was so expensive.

“Too bad I don’t have money and can’t consume it on a regular basis. If I could use one bottle each day and continue that for a year, what degree would my life force increase to?”

He was fantasising.

Xing Hua city probably didn’t have the person that could drink lunar essence everyday. Just say that each bottle costs 150,000. One year would be more than 50 million. Who would invest this much all on one person?

The max even Ou Yang Xing would get was probably one a month.

Jiang Li hid in the building and rested.

There were many abandoned buildings in Xu Hua city. Some were even remnants of that from a hundred year ago. Nobody rented in for business so it could only be left abandoned. Some buildings didn’t even have ownership. A few wanderers were also living inside it too. Of course, there was no electricity or water in these buildings, even the toilets could not be used.

Good thing Jiang Li had survival experience so hiding in the building was nothing for him.

He hid in a building not far away from Cha Xue Alliance and bought a high quality telescope for observations.

The second day, he consumed another bottle of lunar essence. With this gulp, 170,000 star coins was gone. In return, his spiritual and physical state all increased slowly. This sort of investment was huge.

“I wonder if my life force is at 1.1 yet?” Jiang Li really wanted to go test back at school.

Ever since military training, life and death brawls, his spirit improved. With crazy and dedicated training, his martial arts also improved. After drinking lunar essence, his speed at [Spiritual Emperor Seal] and contemplation all improved a bit.

Recently, he had already invested over 500,000 star coins on himself.

Although this sort of investment couldn’t compared with Ou Yang Xing, he had Great Dream Heart Sutra. He wondered if this would make things even? There was definitely multimillion dollars invested on Ou Yang Xing. This was many times of his, Jiang Li couldn’t compare. Up until now, he had only drank two bottles of lunar essence. Ou Yang Xing had probably had more than 20 bottles.

“This time, I’m going big. With Blood Retribution’s money, I can cultivate peacefully. I can even train my sister too.” Jiang Li concealed himself like a black panther in the darkness of the night.

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