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Tl note: from now on, onomatopoeia will be in italics

His hands were typing as his fingers flew across the holographic keyboard searching more information about Xu Hua city. In modern society, all sorts of information could be found online.

He had to plan before making his move, so he went online to search for which gangs in Xu Hua city had more wealth or done more bad deeds.

Of course, a series of sites condemning the power factions in Xu Hua city appeared with a small search.

Countless netizens criticized and complained. Some victims were mortified.

Some went to Xu Hua city and were robbed, beaten and even locked up. Some had their organs cut off. Some girls were raped and forced to sell sex when they went to Xu Hua city……

There were just too much crimes occurring in Xu Hua city to be all listed.

Jiang Li didn’t dare to go against some of the big gangs because he was no match.

But of course, big gangs were on the road to legal activities such as that An Quan Corporation. It was the smaller and mediums gangs that were more sinister and required bloodbath to build up their power.

“Okay, I’ll lock down on this one! Cha Xue Alliance.”

Jiang Li discovered that the most hated gang was called Cha Xue Alliance. This gang wasn’t too big or too small but its members were vicious and cruel. They specialised in killing.

On top of that, Cha Xuan Alliance did organ trafficking, brothels, and always robbed outsiders. Other gangs only robbed outsiders but left their lives, but this gang just slaughtered the outsiders and sold their bodies and organs to black market hospitals. Some were even sent straight to underground hospitals for live human experiments.

When Jiang Li read those news online, his sense of righteousness teemed and couldn’t wait to destroy the Cha Xue Alliance by himself.

These types of evil organisations shouldn’t even be allowed to exist in the world. It blackened the human civilisation.

Originally, Xu Hua City shouldn’t be this violent and there shouldn’t be outsiders but because this was the black market, many large corporations would send workers here to purchase things. On top of that, many outsiders sneak there to buy illicit drugs and then proceed to sell them off in other cities. Other than these, people could gamble, buy sex and all sorts of illicit entertainment. It enticed many wealthy people to come, creating an abnormal popularity.

This was an abnormal city. The black market created a false sense of prosperity. Every year, many outsiders were harmed but there would still be more people coming in.

It was very hard for the government to manage this place. First, there was a lot of nuclear radiation, second, people from the military and the government were secretly involved in the operation of this place, if the government tried to close it, it would cause too much discord. Things remained like this and after a long time, it became the malignant tumor of the cities.

This place could only be restricted and prevented from growing. People who left the city underwent vigorous checks but what happened in the city were disregarded.

“Okay, Cha Xue Alliance it is!” Jiang Li browsed the information online looking at the countless crimes. A hot blooded urge of enacting justice for the heavens rose from his body.

However, Cha Xue Alliance had all sorts of weapons and even those ancient solid ammunitions.

Modern police used the laser pulse anaesthetic gun that replaced the ancient solid rounds to reduce wounds because those ancient solid rounds were too powerful. One shot could blow someone’s head off.

But in the black market of Xu Hua city, many gangs used these guns.

So Jiang Li had to be very careful.

However, after his life and death battle with the extraterrestrial warriors, he knew that in cultivation, his heart and spirit had to linger about life and death. His martial arts required real life battles.

The reason he would go to destroy the gang was firstly to fight evil, secondly to increase his battle experience and thirdly, to get fast money.

In the depth of the night, he rode on the bullet hover train and arrived at Xu Hua City one hour later. It was still very tumultuous, there was rubbish everywhere at the train station. There were even beggars at stinky corners.

These beggars were mostly people who had their ligaments broken to make them seem very pitiful in order to gain the sympathy of others who would benefact them.

Jiang Li didn’t bother with them and disappeared in the sea of people. This was because these beggars were all controlled by the gangs.

There were too many unjust things in the world. He could only do them one by one. He wouldn’t be able to help them all if he helped every time he saw someone who needed help.

He first needed to get rid of the evil Cha Xue Alliance.

Jiang Li wore a black coat and a human skin mask as he traversed through the streets and alleys. This time when he met some small hippies and bogans, he just straight up knocked them all out and didn’t bother to deal with them too much.

There wasn't much money on these small fries anyway. Some of them, starved a meal and ate a meal and didn’t even have a single star coin of savings.

“Ahead is the headquarters of Cha Xue Alliance…”

According to the online maps and posts, Jiang Li found the headquarters of the Cha Xue Alliance in Xu Hua city very quickly.This time, he wasn’t going to fight his way in and out of Cha Xue Alliance.

Destroy the leader and the gang will collapse.

He would capture the head of the Cha Xue Alliance and hypnotise him forcing him to transfer money.

The leader of Cha Xue Alliance probably had at least a few million star coins.

The HQ of Cha Xue Alliance was a big building block. It wasn’t as magnificent as the building of An Quan Corporation but it still seemed busy with the members going in and out.

Jiang Li waited outside in a corner.

In no time, three alliance members walked passed hurriedly as if they were on some important business.

They were all bulky men guns hidden by their waists. It was those solid rounds and was lethal. They appeared vicious and cruel, it was obvious they were up to no good.

“A Gui, A Guang, you two need to be careful! This time it will only be us three on the mission. We need to intervene and kill someone who leaves An Quan building. Intel from the alliance says that he bought hundreds of thousands worth of supplements. If we succeed this time, we can get quite some from that too.”

“Biao brother, if we succeed this time, you could probably afford a hover car with your savings hahaha.” The man called A Gui laughed.

“Only one star citizens can buy cars outside, but in Xu Hua city, we do what we want, ahahahaha…by that time, it would just make killing and robbing much more convenient. Right now, we still have to run with our legs but when we have the hover car, we can fly away in a Shoo.” The bulkiest man Biao Bro crackled.

The three man traversed towards the distance.

Jiang Li followed them behind secretly. When they were outside Cha Xue Alliance’s reach, he hid in a corner and waited for the three to pass, “Hello, you three.”

“Who’s there?!”

The three men were vigilant and looked over at Jiang Li immediately with hands reaching towards their waist.

“No don’t, don’t, don’t…” Jiang Li held his hands up and waved, “I’m here to give you money…”

“Give me money?” The three people doubted but still took their guns out. However, when they looked at Jiang Li’s hands, their vision started to blur.


A Gui and A Guang were the first to drop. The Biao Bro resisted for a bit but also fell the to ground eventually.

“That was close, it seems that hypnosis isn’t so easy.” Jiang Li shook his head. He had to use hand postures to hypnotise. He wasn’t yet at the stage where he could hypnotise people with his gaze.

If he was a bit slower just then, it would be very dangerous for him after they opened fire.

A strong hypnotist, could hypnotise with not only hands but also gazes and sound. If he was an secondary hypnotist just then, he only had to hide in the dark and hum a little tune to hypnotise these three.

Jiang Li was still not proficient at hypnosis. His hypnotic technique relied on the hand signs of [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. Without them though, he only had small accomplishments in hypnosis.

Although his spiritual prowess had reached the third stage of deep sleep, he still needed arduous training and practice. This hypnosis was a valuable lesson for him.

“Get up!”

Since he hypnotised them, what happened next was going to be very easy.

Jiang Li focused his spirit and started to lure them. The three men crawled up like zombies. “Throw your weapons over here.”


The three all threw their weapons near Jiang Li. Jiang Li was also familiar with guns because schools started military training since primary school. Military training included gun training.

“How much money do you have on your card? Transfer it all to me.” Jiang Li gave out his order. Before, he still had to lure them but now, his hypnosis was much stronger and didn’t require so much effort.

“The savings on the three of us is 380,000 star coins. We’re planning to use it to buy a car.” The Biao bro was resisting painfully.

“I am the car dealer. Give me your money and I’ll bring you the car.” Jiang Li continued, his voice was very calm and soothing. He accurately manipulated their life pulses. “Look, it’s right in front of you. A hover car worth 500,000 star coins. I’ll sell it to you for 380,000 star coins. You won, now hurry up and transfer…”

“Okay, okay, okay…” Biao bro hurried and took out his chip and started transferring.

Ding Dong, 380,000 received.

Jiang Li rejoiced but didn’t loosen up. Instead, he focused all his spirit in his eyes and stared deadly at Biao Bro: “Where is your leader, Blood Retribution at?”

The leader of Cha Xue Alliance was called Blood Retribution. He was really strong and people say that his life force had long reached 1. He was also proficient in guns and had rapid reactions. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to create his own gang in Xu Hua city.

Good thing was that Blood Retribution wasn’t a hypnotist nor could he learn hypnosis.

Jiang Li felt these type of people were very challenging.

After the military exercise, his body and mind all went through change. He longed for a battle of strength and intellect with the strong.

More importantly, if three minions under him could save up 380,000 star coins, how much could Blood Retribution have saved up all these years being their leader? At least 10 to 20 times more.

Jiang Li could immediately earn a few million star coins. He could not resist such temptation.

On top that, he could help countless victims take revenge by destroying Cha Xue Alliance.

“My boss is inside the headquarters…” Biao bro still unconsciously told everything he knew, “He has many brothers beside him. It is very hard to get close to him.”

“Is that so…”

Jiang Li frowned. It was just as he speculated. It wasn't easy to deal with the leader of Cha Xue Alliance. He had many men around him usually.

It was simply day dreaming for him to go up and hypnotise them all. He was neither the legendary super hypnotist nor spiritual master. If he forcefully did so, the only consequence waiting for him would be to be shot into a beehive.

“Does Blood Retribution have any solo activities? Does he ever go out alone?” Jiang Li asked.

“Let me think…” Biao bro thought hard. “Oh yeah, our leader has a mistress who isn’t in Xu Hua city but in Xing Hua city. That mistress helps him take care of his business in Xing Hua city and secretly sells some illicit drugs to the wealthy people of Xing Hua city. He meets his mistress secretly in Xing Hua city every week…”

“He goes to Xing Hua city once a week?” Jiang Li’s heart moved as he thought of a plan.

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