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“How about it? You have potential. If you become my student, you can definitely get into Astral University!”

Wang Daorong continued to lure him: “With your current ability, there’s only 50% chance that you will get into Astral University but with my help, you will have 100% chance of getting in.”

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Li stood silent for a while: “I really don’t want to get involved in this. My dream is only to live peacefully and happily with my family. My life right now isn’t hard and with my efforts, the life of my family will be on the right track. But if I join you, I will have to be on my nerves day and night. It is extremely dangerous and I may endanger my family too. I will not enter this huge turmoil.”

He still chose to reject, for this family.

Jiang Li didn’t care whether the SSRO or the human government was correct. He only knew that the consequence of getting involved in this would be greatly tragic.

He was only someone insignificant, he couldn’t judge which of the two parties were right or wrong.

He didn’t have the right to comment on that.

Although Wang Daorong had huge resources, how could he give it to someone so easily? Jiang Li always believed that only his own power was the most reliable. It wasn’t stable to rely on others.

Therefore, he didn’t rely on his connections with Lightning Dong and Liana Xue to take revenge on Zheng Wenbing.

Although they had connections, they wouldn’t necessarily want to help you with your retribution.

“You already know my secret. You really think you can stay out of it?” Wang Daorong’s voice was very bland and cold when he saw Jiang Li was so stubborn.

“As I said before, I’m only someone insignificant. I don’t have the ability to participate in these big things. I don’t want to inculpate my family.” Jiang Li knew Wang Daorong was threatening him: “If you want to deal with me, go ahead. I may be weak but I will still fight with my life.”

“You’re not afraid that your family will be attacked by the SSRO of where Illusory Fox came from?” Wang Daorong looked a Jiang Li as if he was looking at an ant. “You know how much power they have. It only takes a night for them to perish any wealthy man who dares to oppose them.”

“But they will also pay a price. A price of being hunted down by the human government.” Jiang Li’s heart was beating fast. He knew that if he didn’t answer right, he would be killed by the person in front of him. “I’m only someone insignificant. There’s no point if you force me to join you, why bother to pay such a high price. I’m a one star citizen now as well, if they kill me, the government will definitely investigate and nothing good will come out of that for them. Plus, I received Fengyun merit badge and was greeted by the mayor personally. I’m a seed that the school is investing a lot into. I’m not just a normal person.”

“You’re pretty smart.” Wang Daorong’s face was cold, it was as though he was thinking about something. “You fantasized our organization too scarily. The truth will prove that your thinking is erroneous. You don’t have to join us, our organization has plenty of prodigies like you. Also, you will discover that the young masters of your school may be our members. Young man, there are some things that you don’t understand now but as you get older, you will know.”

He left as he finished his words.

“You’re just going to leave like this? You’re not afraid that I’m going to spill what happened today to the government?” Jiang Li said.

Wang Daorong only smiled dimly and didn’t even bother to reply before disappearing into the depths of the park.

Jiang Li wouldn’t tell the government because it was useless. Instead, it would bring him life threatening trouble. Wang Daorong wasn’t even scared that he will report the matter. How can a plankton move the massive tree?

As he left, he suddenly sang out loud. “Many sacrifices come as a result of great goals, dare to tell the moon and sun to change into a new day, like watching haystacks floating on waves, heroes everywhere under the smoke of dusk… hero, young man, you don’t know what a hero is.”

The voice sounded passionate and heroic. Doing things knowing that it couldn’t be done. The path was long but would continue down it without regret even if it meant dying nine times.

Jiang Li went into pensive thought.

He only gasped a sigh of relief after Wang Daorong disappeared. He was very scared. He wasn’t afraid for himself but afraid that his family might get entangled in the mess.

He wanted to live a peaceful life and not be meddled into discord especially those of these terrorist organizations. He had to steer away from them.

“Why did Wang Daorong let me go? He shouldn’t have left so easily.” There was also a string of doubt in Jiang Li’s heart. “Perhaps he felt that I wasn’t worth the trouble.”

A belief suddenly rose up from his heart. “I must be strong, be stronger. I have the Great Dream Heart Sutra. I have an opportunity to stand on the pinnacle of humanity. Why should I beg others?”

After this small incident, Jiang Li worked even harder. He cultivated every night, went into deep sleep, cultivated again…He used all of his leftover money to buy supplements.

He trained crazily.

At the same time, he was also studying the Great Dream Heart Sutra, contemplating the brain of the universe and the peculiar ability of going into other people’s dreams.

He found that when his thought flicked to the max, his spirit could reach outwards. When he focused it on the target of hypnosis, he could communicate with them in his dreams.

Conversation in the dream is purely spiritual communication. There was even no barrier between humans and cats. He could allow the cat to know any of his thought and know all of the cat’s thoughts.

Being able to communicate with the spirit of animals and teaching them cultivation was a very magical ability. He could even teach animals human knowledge and make them humanlike.

First, he had to teach Big Black how to store food and open up his wisdom.

This was because Big Black was the strongest, smartest and the first to come in contact with the Great Dream Heart Sutra.

He believed that with his teachings, Big Black would even become as smart as a human being.

Of course, those who contemplated Crystal Contemplation included flower-faced overlord, big meng, second meng, third meng, fourth meng and fifth meng.

There were too many other homeless cats and Jiang Li couldn’t teach them one by one. But with the leadership of these seven cats, the other homeless cats wouldn’t be bullied.

Especially with Big Black who had become the king of homeless cats. Jiang Li gave him nutritional serums every day and taught him cultivation. His body was so strong that even an adult with 0.8 life force may not be able to beat him.

One day, Jiang Li saw with his own eyes Big Black beating away a few homeless dogs preventing the cat litter from being hurt.

It seemed that Big Black was also recovering his wounds from fetal respiration and wouldn’t die early.

“Big Black, you need to protect them and cultivate, okay?” Jiang Li communicated with him once again in his dreams and taught him some knowledge regarding cultivation. He was like a primary school student, teaching Big Black class by class until he finally got it.

Meanwhile, Big Black continued to absorb information and learn cultivation. He had become increasingly stronger and smarter.

Jiang Li’s own cultivation was also improving with his daily hard work. His Spiritual Emperor Seals were ever changing as his hypnotic abilities had become stronger and stronger. These sets of seals were connected to martial arts and allowed his martial arts to improve a lot too.

In the virtual combat room at the school, Jiang Li faced the martial arts master system once again.

The top ten of the school received heavy training, each week, the martial arts master system was open to them for 30 minutes for free.

The benefits of fighting with the martial arts master system were numerous.

The braided old man stood in front of Jiang Li. Although his cultivation had improved a lot, Jiang Li still felt an overwhelming pressure from his virtual martial arts master. It was like a huge mountain that couldn’t be defeated.



Jiang Li’s hand blade drew out an arc cutting towards the martial arts master. He didn’t use [Military Exploding Fist Thrust] or the higher level [Boneless Jujitsu], [Dragon Claw Subjugation], he used the hand seals of [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. It was like a furious wind, slicing through the sky.

The hand seal was profound and had immense power. When his hand speed wasn’t fast, it was like he was playing circus tricks with his fingers but when his speed reached a certain degree, his whole body had to move along with it. Both the hypnotic and offensive power were unimaginable.

“Taichi! Grabbing peacock tail…”

The braided old martial arts master’s hands were like the floating wind meanwhile his body moved backwards dissipating the force of the hand blade. Subsequently, he went in and attacked with his fist.

“[Curved Bow Shooting Tiger]!”

His fist was like an arrow and his body was like a bow. It had immense speed and in the moment of a breath, it had already reached Jiang Li’s chest making it extremely difficult to defend against.

Jiang Li focused his spirit and contemplated with his brain. His thoughts flickered and with a sudden loud roar, noises sounded both from his nose and mouth. It was like the roar of exploding thunder as he raised his hands high striking down heavily!

This was another hand stance from [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. It seemed like swift lightning striking downwards with explosive power. He was like the god of thunder who had wrought his wrath upon the world. When the speed was fast, the power was also fast and it shattered the ground and exploded with the air.


This strike accurately caught the path of the martial arts master as the two fists collided.

The martial arts master levered upwards! His fist was like a spear levering up a car.

Jiang Li felt he was sent flying but he immediately shook his body. His arms convulsed rapidly as his fingers danced like flowers falling from the sky to diffuse the power of the attack.

Compared to the last exam, his battle experience and strength had all increased a level.

[Appearance of Gods and Demons]!
B-ranked martial arts, [Gods and Demons Fist]!

Suddenly, the martial arts master smashed another fist out using a B-ranked martial arts. However, Jiang Li could still deal with it this time. His body hopped and his footwork was fancy like flowers. His hands went upwards creating a sense of golden lotus emerging from the ground.

This was another hand seal of [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

Jiang Li was finally smashed and sent flying by the martial arts master system after ten minutes of trading blows.

In thirty minutes, he was sent flying 3 times.

He felt that his martial arts experience had improved significantly. Unfortunately, there was only 30 minutes of training each week. If he could train a few hours each day, he could definitely cultivate [Spiritual Emperor Seal] to a higher state.

Ding Dong!

His training finished and he bought a tube of nutritional serum. Suddenly, a voice sounded from the chip, “There is less than 1000 star coins on your account. Transaction denied.”


Jiang Li stumbled, he didn’t think he was out of money so soon.

But it was still reasonable. Since seeing Wang Daorong, he had spent these few days training like crazy and used up all of his savings to buy all sorts of nutritional supplements. He still needed to train those kitties and his sister. Without noticing, the money he robbed with hypnosis from Xu Hua city and the compensations from Zheng Wenbing were all spent.

This was unavoidable. A large sum of money was required to train a master. As for the same level as Ou Yang Xing, it probably took multi-million dollars and still had a high requirement for talent.

Jiang Li had only spent hundreds of thousands of star coins. It was very decent that he could train himself to this stage.

“Looks like, I must pay Xu Hua city a visit once again. My spiritual prowess has improved a stage and my hypnosis is getting ever more potent. My abilities are not subpar to that of an elementary hypnotist. Making money is getting easier and easier for me now. If only I could find those gang leaders…”

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