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"What...what..." the kitten immediately pounced and ran around him in circles. Jiang Li tried hard and guided him spiritually, "In a dream, you can become a person, in a dream, whatever you think is what it is..."

Sure enough, under his guidance, the little milk kitten turned into a little boy in his dream.

"Come, learn with me, this is a crystal..." A filthy crystal appeared behind Jiang Li and along with his breathing, the crystal kept eliminating impurities, becoming crystal clear.

This is in a dream. Whatever he thinks of will appear, it is very convenient to pass on the skills.

Second Meng, the little milk kitten followed and practiced with him.


Under cultivation, everything in front of Jiang Li disappeared and he woke up.

His whole body was weak.

There were flashes of pain in his head. It was clearly because transferring power in a dream and thinking activity is too intense. The brain cells, along with the body become unusually fatigued.

Fortunately there were no nosebleeds.

Since entering the third phase of deep sleep, his meditation "Brain of the Universe" was not so difficult.

He hastily took the "Green God Nutrition Serum". After taking a break, recovering and doing some quick-witted, he seemed to feel that his mental state was better than usual.

It seems that this was the best extreme exercise.

On this chilly night, he kept practicing in the park, passing the skills to these kittens, so every one of them will have learned crystal contemplation. Perhaps this will result in a miracle in the future?

The kittens will surely get stronger after they learn the practice.

Passing on skills in a dream is an extremely natural power of the mind. It is of great help with regards to the understanding of the interaction between the mind and the soul and the integration of spirit when he practices it.

In one night, he taught Crystal Contemplation to Big Black, Flower King, Big Meng to the Fifth Meng, these seven kittens. The sky was bright, it is already winter. The cold pressed against them, and when it came to the morning, snow actually started to fall. The whole place was a vast white.

His spirit was refreshed like after bathing in snow.

Although the weather was cold, it did cause not cause the slightest damage to his body. Based on his current repair, his life forced reached a 1. He was definitely close to a martial arts master two hundred years ago in the country era.
Kittens naturally slept in their warm house on such a cold day. Those who had been taught Crystal Contemplation kept practicing. Jiang Li put some fish chips in their nest, as well as a part of the diluted nutrient solution.

They progressed very fast. Jiang Li even wanted to see after a semester, to what extent these cats will grow?

He suddenly jumped out onto to the snowy ground and began to practice martial arts.

Boneless Jujitsu.

The body rocked at will, delicately boneless and twisted like a dragon and snake. All kinds of movements were effortless.

[Twisting Bone Attack].

[Projecting Bone Stab].

[Shattering Bone Collapsing the Clouds].

[Boulder Breaking Bone Shatter].

[Boneless Dragon Snake Dance].

The five moves were repeatedly displayed. Signs of fatigue did not appear. The body's muscles, veins and bones all had extremely strong transverse toughness. His breath was also very strong. A white wave would rush out at every breath that came out in the cold air.

Gradually he entered a mysterious state of mind. It seemed that the mind integrated with the scattered snowflakes. Every snowflake caused a ding dong sound as it fell, washing the distracting thoughts within.

The understanding of the life and death fight with the extraterrestrial warriors gradually released. His martial arts and spirit went up one level.

“Excellent. Your skills are not bad.”

A sound came through.

Jiang Li moved quickly, all bone dances returned to normal.

He knew a master had come. Based on the present realm, he was aware of the rustle of leaves in the wind within a few hundred meters, even the flapping of a mosquito's wings when flying could not escape his eyes and ears.

He realised that this was definitely not by chance when the person was within ten steps of him. Even if the practice of martial arts reached the realm of altruism, it could not possibly be this slow.

A man appeared in his line of sight.

It was a middle-aged man dressed in a casual clothes with a normal appearance. He did not look burly but Jiang Li just felt that he was powerful!

“You are high school student Jiang Li, right?”

The middle-aged man held out his hand, "My name is Wang Daorong."

Jiang Li did not shake his hand. This kind of figure, he naturally will not easily be controlled by others. The other side must be controlled when shaking hands, however his body took a step back, "How do you know my name? Who are you?".

“I am Zheng Wenbing’s teacher.”

Wang Daorong smiled and nodded silently. Jiang Li was extremely vigilant. Him not shaking hands showed his astute mind and that he did not act rashly.

“Zheng Wenbing…” Hatred immediately flashed in Jiang Li’s heart, “You came to deal with me?”

“No…” Wang Daorong shook his head. “Zheng Wenbing and your matter are completely unrelated. Just that kid can not even dominate me. I was just an ancient martial arts teacher his father invited. I came to find you today for another matter.”

“I see.”

Jiang Li gave a sigh of relief, with the mind, he felt that the middle aged man Wang Daorong in front of him was simply unfathomable. How could Zheng Wenbing order such a figure?

However, he did not let down his guard.

“I heard that you caught the Illusory Fox? Wang Daorong looked Jiang Li up and down, “You are very strong, but to catch the Illusory Fox is still impossible.”

“I did not catch the Illusory Fox, I found him, that's all. We were surrounded by the police force.” Jiang Li told the truth as it was. If the police didn’t come quickly that time, his life would have also been over.

"Do you know that you are now in danger?" Wang Daorong’s words caused Jiang Li to tense up again, “The Illusory Fox is an important member of the SSRO. You got him arrested. The SSRO will not let you nor your family get away with this. You will be wiped out in less than a day if you face the retaliation of the SSRO with your current strength!”

"The SSRO are that arrogant?" Jiang Li thought rapidly, he really did not expect this point,"They should go find the police if they want revenge. What benefits do they have if they retaliate me?”

The SSRO is a terrorist organization and have been rendered heinous.

“To retaliate against you is a warning to others to not allow them to do work for the police.” Wang Daorong looked at Jiang Li’s expression, knowing that he began to worry, “You did not really think that with your mere strength, you could withstand the SSRO.”

“Mr. Wang came to help me this time?”

Jiang Li licked his lips. He is no ordinary student, his thoughts are already of an adult's.

"You are well qualified." Wang Dao rong stood tall, naturally there was a surge of an imposing manner, "I can take you as a disciple and teach you ancient martial arts. I can also ensure that the SSRO will not hurt you and that your family will be well protected."

"There is such a good thing? Such thing as a free lunch?" Jiang Li froze and he suddenly blurted out an idea from his mind, "You are a member of the SSRO!"

He immediately regretted after he finished speaking.

Because after he spoke, Wang Daorong’s eyes suddenly erupted a fierce murderous spirit causing a feeling of numbness in Jiang Li’s hands and feet.

What he thought was powerful spiritual practice was somewhat inferior in front of Wang Daorong. The spiritual practice of the opposition can “sit in meditation”!

But then, Wang Daorong’s imposing manner vanished.

He coldly asked, "How can you speculate this?"

"It's simple." Jiang Li calmed down. "First, only the government will speak out to protect me, and you are obviously not a member of the government. Even those who are really rich can not possibly go against the SSRO. Second, you said you can give me a lot of resources that even the rich can not get their hands upon, which also requires a huge force to do it. So I guessed that you are also a member of the SSRO who want to recover the organisations of ancient China, and this is fundamentally different to the Illusory Fox ."

They are many types of SSRO’s because many countries existed in the 21st century two hundred years ago.

The Illusory Fox has white lineage, and opposes SSRO of China. There is still a brutal fight between them in the underground world.

"Your thinking is very agile. You could find so many flaws in just a wink of an eye. Are you not afraid of me murdering everyone?" Wang Daorong was also secretly scared.

"Mr. Wang, I do not remember anything I just said." Jiang Li quickly said, "I'm just a small figure, do not drag me into this treacherous whirlpool okay?"

Jiang Li could not join the SSRO. Human unity is the trend of the times, it violates the historical trend.

Moreover, the government defines all members of the SSRO as a terrorist organization, and definitely will not let them go.

He will not join no matter what, even if there is greater temptation. Because what happens if it hurts his family?

"Do you think that the restoration of the country is the car that drives history backwards?" Wang Daorong’s tone was deep, “However, you are of pure Chinese descent. You should know how great and sacred it is that we restore the glory of ancient China."

“Humans have already joined together to cope with the various civilizations in the universe. The universe is sinister, powerful civilizations may come at any time. It is foolish if humans do not stick together and fight each other." At this moment, Jiang Li could only contend on strong grounds for what was right.

"You really thought that those executives was for the sake of the whole of humanity?" Wang Daorong smiled, "Let me first ask you, why did the high class establish an elite district?"

“That…” Jiang Li said, “The elite district is the product of the gap between the rich and the poor. The government is trying hard to conquer the sky, to provide mankind with more resources, then expand the elite district step by step, and finally turn all the common areas into elite districts."

"Hmph!" Wang Daorong spat out two words, "Brainwashed!"

“I already have the ability to judge.” Jiang Li said heavily.

"Your ability to judge? You are just a child after all." Wang Daorong stood upright, the imposing manner changed, like a worried senior official, "I ask you, humans constantly battle and plunder, and obtain large quantities of supplies, which place is the first to benefit from this?"

“The elite district.” replied Jiang Li.

"After the elite district obtains the goods, they will become more and more powerful. In the end, they will get rid of the common district, this is a hard fact! One hundred years ago, the lifespan of the people of the elite district was 120 years old, while the lifespan of those in the common district was 100 years old, the gap was not big. What is it now? Do you know?” Wang Daorong’s voice was like iron.

“180 years old.” Jiang Li said, "This is the official report, I reckon there is a difference between the actual and estimation, the average lifespan of the elite area should have reached 200 years old."

“Not bad. Your estimation is pretty good.” Wang Daorong nodded his head, “The difference is getting bigger and bigger. It is already two times that of the common area! The gap will still widen in the future.”

“This is inevitable. Now the government has piloted a series of policies to increase the human welfare of the common area. The astral university was also set up so that the general area will have the opportunities for immigrants."Jiang Li said, “Human welfare will get better and better, this is the general time. The students in my parents' generation, the general life force was only 0.6, while the students now have a life force close to 0.8. "

"Small favors." Wang Daorong sneered again and again, "Do you know of immortal world?"

“The immortal world?”

Jiang Li was surprised for a moment after he heard the term, and did not know why Wang Daorong would say such gibberish.

"The elite district will become stronger and stronger, and people among them will continue to increase their lifespan, and may even not die. Their powerful force is like that of the ancient gods." Wang Daorong’s tone was not high, but every word was a devastating criticism, “The elite district is the prototype of the immortal world. In the near future, science and technology will become more and more developed, the first area to benefit will be the group of people from the elite district. They will become real celestial beings, and by that time, the elite will be completely divided from the common and they will be become the Gods and immortals high above. There is a myth in ancient China, Emperor Zhuan Xu broke the stairway to heaven. You should have heard of this before. In ancient times, there was a stairway to heaven and people could climb into the sky. The Celestial Emperor ordered Zhuan Xu to break off the stairway to heaven, causing the sky and the people to separate. Is it not similar to the present?”

“That…” Jiang Li is a perceptive person and knew what Wang Daorong said was not false. The break of the stairway to heaven was in fact to block the people’s road to progress.

"Science and technology is developed, but what it brought to mankind was not equality, but for rulers to become God. The majority of humanity have become scapegoats. Think about it, if the rulers developed immortality medication, would he would seal it up for his own use, or give it to mankind?"

Wang Daorong’s tone was such as gold and iron, "We must break the present human pattern!”

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