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Although Jiang Li didn't have a good feeling about it, there was nothing he could do. He couldn't go to the military and search for his little brothers information. He didn't have that much authority. He could only ask when his brother got back.

“Mum and Dad, you don't need to use the hundred thousand star coins on me, use it on my little sister instead.” He thought about it. “ I don't need money right now, I have been studying hypnosis recently and I have earned quite a lot by curing people.”

As he spoke, he took out 150,000 starcoins for transaction.

Ding Dong.

150,000 star coins appeared in Jiang Zhendong’s account.

“I studied hypnosis, and this is the money I earned by saving the big daughter of the Xue family.” Jiang Li said. “We can use this money, as well as little brother’s money to support the family and little sister.”

“150,000! This much money!” Jiang Zhendong said. “You actually saved the big daughter of the Xue Corporation? No wonder so many people in the Xue Corporation company are so hospitable to us. Our job is easy too.”

“I saved her from a fugitive by chance that time when I undertook the mission from the police department.” Jiang Li didn’t talk about Zhen Wenbing.

“You should be careful and try to avoid participating dangerous missions.” Jiang Zhendong said worriedly.

“Oh? You also learned hypnosis? Then you can go test for hypnotist certificate.” Mum looked at the account and screamed out. “Right now, hypnosis is a big earning career.”

“You should focus on studying first,” The dad refuted immediately. “There is only a term left, you must get into Astral University. A place in Astral University is more important than anything.”

“I will do my best!”

Jiang Li clenched his fists.

After he finished eating, he went out again and arrived at the park.

When he arrived at the park secretly, he saw the 3 metre high wall and suddenly sprang up by stepping on the wall as he flipped over it like a wild cat. He controlled his fall perfectly as he fell down without making a sound.

It was as if he was flying on the rooftops and walking on the walls.

“Babies, I’m here to see you!”

He arrived at the familiar place where the litter of homeless cats were skirting around.

They heard Jiang Li’s voice and all came surrounding him.

After not seeing them for ten days, Jiang Li realised that they all grew a lot thicker. While he wasn’t here, his little sister fed them everyday.

Hua la!

A tiny leopard like Big Black came ramming into Jiang Li’s hug.

And below, a few baby kittens clawed at the bottom of his pants. They kept pulling it as a sign of intimacy. All the other homeless cats surrounded him and rolled around as if they were dancing.

“Come, eat, I bought a lot of fish chips for you.” Jiang Li took out many fish chips from his bag. The scent was very delicious.

This was the expensive fire fish, the product of another planet. This type of fish was discovered when humans excavated another planet. In the boiling lake beside the volcano where the water was near 100 degrees Celsius lives a type of fish that is not the least bit afraid of the boiling heat. When these fishes were caught, they would freeze to death in a short while. However, their taste is very good and their meat has a yang type of energy that is beneficial to the body. Jiang Li bought some for these kittens.

He was going to feed these cats into big fat healthy cats.

Even wealthy people wouldn’t feed their pets with such expensive things but Jiang Li didn’t think of these homeless cats as pets. He treated them as friends and family.

If it weren’t for these homeless cats, he wouldn’t have gotten the Great Dream Heart Sutra. How would he achieve today’s accomplishments?

Every cat was eating happily.

Especially big black, after he finished, he stretched his body as if he was dancing. It was also like he was mimicking people throwing punches. Jiang Li laughed as he watched, “Big Black, too bad you’re a cat, your understanding and intelligence is far from that of humans. Otherwise, I could teach you martial arts. A cat that knows martial arts, kung fu cat?”

Meow meow… Big Black shook his head as if he could understand what Jiang Li said.

Jiang Li gave Big Black a tube of Green god nutritional serum. The loss in life potential Big Black suffered due to fetal respiration were gradually being repaired. Cats needed less nutrition than humans.

“Now, you guys go to sleep.”

Jiang Li’s hand suddenly moved, a series of after images were imprinted in these cat’s eyes and the cats all fell on the ground into deep sleep.

After eating the fire fish, they needed to digest it. Deep sleep was the best option, even better than exercise.

Like caring for babies, Jiang Li put these kitties back in their home one by one before he stopped. These kitties’ life forces were increasing bit by bit and he was very happy. It was as if he was raising children.

His hypnosis was getting stronger and stronger.

It was due to his progress in his spiritual state. In the entire school, only he and Ou Yang Xing reached the third stage of deep sleep creating the synopsis of two overlords fighting for supremacy.

With the progress in spiritual cultivation, his hypnosis techniques improved drastically and now he felt that he didn’t even have to use [Spiritual Emperor Seal] to acquire the certificate for elementary hypnotist.

After settling these cats, he starting cultivating in the serene and empty park.

This time, he started with the simple practice of [Military Exploding Fist Thrust] to test his physical capabilities.

Peng, Peng, Peng, Peng…

He thrusted out consecutive fists with his body like a dragon snake. he fused the stance of [Dragon Claw Subjugation] and [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] into his movement making himself more agile. His power also increased and he could kill with one fist.

This time, his martial prowess improved a lot mainly because the moment when the long sword pierced his chest during his life and death brawl with the alien warrior, his spirit was washed and felt the secret between life and death.

One explosion! Two…eight…sixteen…thirty-six, forty explosions!

When he smashed out the 40th explosion, he was breathing heavily and felt fatigued.

‘Deep sleep!” immediately, all sorts of hand signs flashed in his heart as his brain expanded with the pressure of blood. He entered the state of dream into power. The fatigue of his body was irrelevant to him as he ignored his limits and continued attacking! Each fist possessed unimaginable power and was much greater than just before.

Jiang Li tested, with 100 punches, his average fist power was 1 tonne. But if he only punched once, then the power could reach 1.5 tonnes. But now when he entered the third stage of deep sleep, all sorts of internal secretion and adrenaline were emitted and his fist power skyrocketed. It was no surprise if it reached a higher power.

49 explosions!

50 explosions!

60 explosions!

After he smashed out 60 explosions, his spirit returned to normal and his body rained down in sweat. His body was extremely fatigued and the dream state was disabled. It was obvious his body could no longer take it anymore.

“I’m so tired…Didn’t think I could smash out 60 explosions…” Jiang Li hurried to stop and strolled to rest. Half an hour later, he was full of energy again. He sat down cross-legged to think.

With this physical capability test, he tested out that if he exercised to the max in the state of deep sleep and his body could no longer take it anymore, he would suddenly wake up and feel extremely tired and his body would be slightly damaged.

“Looks like my body still isn’t strong enough, I need to inject more super protein!”

He opened his computer and on it appeared many information about super protein. There was also all sorts of information about hypnosis and he began to study it.

In fact, the fastest way to increase his strength was to go into fetal respiration with the opaque stone in his mouth.

But Jiang Li was definitely not going to do this. Exhausting his life potential was like killing the chicken for the egg.

He decided to rely on himself for cultivation and enter stasis as soon as possible.

As soon as he entered stasis, a new world would be opened before him.

In fact, contemplating the brain of the universe was like a treasure cove. In contemplation, his thought process was many times faster than people of the same state.

In no time, he contemplated the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] and his brain operated at high speeds. His brain cells were full of vigour and his contemplation grew deeper. This was the result of the military exercise.

Contemplating to the limit, he felt as if his brain was connecting to the unknown brain constellation in the depths of the universe. His thought spread as his spirit started to radiate.

This cultivation state was greatly different to the previous states. His spirit became more gentle as it reached outwards. It first touched the sleeping kitties in their home.

He could clearly sense the life state of the kitties. Their bodies were normal. Other than his, his spirit moved as he felt something different to normal because he could sense the almost indiscernible cerebral thinking activity of the kittens.

“What is that?”

His spirit focused on the brains of the kittens.

Immediately, things got blurry as if he was in a dream.

Big Black suddenly became a person. It was a youth in pure black practising fists. The martial arts he practiced was Jiang Li’s [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] and [Military Exploding Fist Thrust]…

“Big Black, is that you?” In the dream, Jiang Li asked.

“Jiang Li…” The voice of a child was heard and that pitch black youth stopped to look at Jiang Li.

“Of course,” Jiang Li shook in surprise, “I could actually communicate with Big Black in the dream. Then can I teach him stuff and open his wisdom…”

This was spiritual communication.

According to legends, those great monks with great spiritual prowess in the ancient times had the ability to communicate with animals.

For example, Buddha mastering the wild tiger, the immortals giving intellect to foxes and monkeys for them to guard their homes. These were ancient legends but they weren’t necessarily fake.

Ancient humans couldn’t have such strong physical capabilities as people now but there weren’t much resources in the ancient times. The society was simple without all these distraction and was instead much easier for spiritual cultivation. Those great people and sages could cultivate to very high spiritual states.

“Big Black, so you had intelligence too! You’re learning my martial arts…but you have the body of a cat. It’s not suitable for you to learn the martial arts of humans. I’ll teach you contemplation!”

In the dream, Jiang Li taught Big Black crystal contemplation.

He wanted to see what would happen if a big black cat learnt to cultivate.

Crystal Contemplation was the most suitable elementary cultivation method.

This was selected from countless contemplation methods. Two hundred years ago during the country era, there were many types of contemplation such as Buddhist’s [White Bone Pagoda] Taoists’ [Jade Palace] [Fire Dragon Building]……

Some of these contemplation methods were very dangerous and could cause spiritual disorder.

Afterwards, countless human spiritual masters came to the research and finally invented the Crystal Contemplation method, the safest and most effective contemplation that could clear people’s excessive thoughts.

No matter what the body was constituted of, the spirit was all the same.

So cats could also Crystal Contemplate.

Just like this, Jiang Li taught Big Black the crystal of the human intelligence in the dreams.

After his teaching, he disabled the spiritual state and puffed heavily.

Big Black was still sleeping but after a while, he woke up and looked at Jiang Li with confused eyes. Jiang Li waved his hand and made the pose of crystal contemplation.

Big Black copied him immediately because he already learnt it in his dream without any obstacle for communication.

In no time, he sat peacefully in his cat home.

Obviously, he entered the state of Crystal Contemplation.

“He entered the state this fast?” Jiang Li was shocked but understood afterwards. Cat’s had purer thoughts than humans and therefore could cultivate very fast. But the hard thing was opening that door to wisdom and enlightenment of humans.

Unfortunately, there were too little spiritual masters that could enlighten animals.

Jiang Li could enlighten them? This was a miracle or it could be said that it was a magical ability of the brain of the universe.

However, he still wasn’t as good as those spiritual masters. They could enlighten animals with one thought and open their intelligence but he had to first hypnotise the animals and then self hypnotise and then connect their spirits to enlighten them in their dreams.

“No wonder this magical art is called the Great Dream Heart Sutra.” Jiang Li started testing things out for himself.

He cultivated with diligence in the park.

After he recovered his energy in fetal respiration, he tried to hypnotise another baby kitten.

In the blur, he felt his spirit radiating out again and entering the dream of the baby cat.

The baby cat was chasing butterflies happily in its dream.

“Second Meng, transform into a human…” Jiang Li appeared in its dream and sent out a thought.

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