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“Your [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] is not bad.” Ou Yang Xing’s face became more bleak and howled. His howl sounded like the roar of tigers and dragons as a gust of air came out from his mouth. In that instant, his whole body grew a circle thicker while both his power and speed increased substantially.

“Careful, this is [Dragon Howl Metal Shirt]!” Lara and Liana warned in unison.

As Ou Yang Xing used his Qi, his hands grew much more plump. Their colours turned black as his hand became like a metal hand. Looking like a fan, his hands reached snatched out with the piercing sound of air.

Jiang Li’s eyes suddenly shone brightly as his vision became blurry again. Once again, he entered the state of ‘dream into power’. The adrenaline in his body rushed as he reciprocated with a fist too.

[Boulder Breaking Bone Shatter]!

Hong Long!

Their fists collided and each retreated seven or eight steps back. They were evenly matched.

Crack crack… …The bones in Jiang Li’s body made noises as the same occurred to Ou Yang Xing.

The two stared at each other as both of them didn’t dare to make the next move.

“He is strong…” the dream to power state was gone after Jiang Li was shocked. His body began to ache and could only go into the state once again after some rest.

But if Ou Yang Xing attacked again at this time, he would definitely be unable to defend.

Afterall, Ou Yang Xing was already 1.1 at the exam and he was only 1.

The difference of 0.1 was huge.

But Ou Yang Xing didn’t continue his attack. Obviously, he was also hesitant. With the cold stares from Liana and Lara from the sides, he felt a heavy threat.

“He could stop my [Dragon Howl Iron Shirt].” Ou Yang Xing was also shocked. His eyes narrowed as an intense killing intent rose from the depth of his heart.

In the school, he was always at the very top but today, he actually came evenly matched with an unknown kid. How could he let this be?

Fortunately not many people saw this, otherwise, it would be a huge blow to his fame.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li would rise to fame and be taken seriously by the school.

“Ou Yang Xing, why did you suddenly attack Jiang Li? We’re all students.” Lara stood out in reproach.

“Ou Yang Xing, are you a psychotic killer? Although those people were alien martial artists, why did you kill even the kids and women? Do you still have any conscience left in you?” Liana was furious every time she thought about the horror that had occurred in the forest.

“What does that count for? It was only a small training exercise.” Ou Yang Xing did not care at all, “If you want to get into Astral University, there will be more killings. If you can’t even bear this, how can you endure the cruelty of the universe? But you two seem very protective of this kid?”

“Stop talking bullshit.” Lara frowned. “Let’s cross the river and arrive at the military base first. As for your match with Jiang Li, there are plenty of opportunities for you two to fight at school. We’re all students of the enrichment class.”

“Hmph! I won’t be playing with you guys!”

Ou Yang Xing looked at Jiang Li deeply once again before suddenly darting out into the forest. He dealt consecutive blows onto a tree as thick as the upper human leg. He broke 7 to 8 of these with a mere three fists. He gathered them together, tied them before throwing them onto the river. He jumped onto it and used a stick to row. The raft drifted towards the middle and arrived at the other side in no time. He made a big leap once again and disappeared from sight.

He was just like a humanoid havoc wreaking machine.

When Jiang Li saw him break a tree with a few punches, he knew his strength were still a bit weaker than Ou Yang Xing’s. Jiang Li knew that he still needed to work hard.

But he wasn’t disappointed, Ou Yang Xing was brought up eating all sorts of super supplements, he had good teachers, training equipment, nutritionist and spiritual teachers. Meanwhile, Jiang Li only had a short time of growth.

“Ou Yang Xing’s stamina is indeed strong.” Lara’s face was gloomy. “Jiang Li, you need to be careful because your power is enough to threaten him. That person has a narrow heart.”

“Yes, the teachers and principal would treat you differently just because you two were even during that fist clash.” Liana found the key point.

“I still need to work hard. That person is really strong. No wonder so many extraterrestrial warriors died in his hands.” Jiang Li shook his hand. “However, I lack resources. If I have enough resources, I am confident that I can chase up to him in no time and beat him!”

“Resources are minor but the spiritual cultivation is the major thing,” Lara said. “If you can reach stasis, then the whole school would support you to the best that it can. You know, there’s no one in our school that can enter stasis.”

“I thought there were a few but it turns out there really is none.” Jiang Li shook his head: “In the battle with Ou Yang Xing just then, he was also third stage deep sleep.”

“Let’s go, this training exercise is near the end. We have all learned quite a lot.” Liana smiled. She was much more intimate with Jiang Li and Lara after their life and death experience together.

Although, these two still had arguments.

As they talked, they cut down trees and made a raft to cross the river. They headed towards the other exit of the military base.

There were no dangers at all on the road.

On the tenth day, everyone had gathered inside the large room of the military base.

Jiang Li suddenly realised that there were a few people missing.

His acute senses told him that these few students were probably gone. Even Liana nearly died much less other people.

General Song raised his head. “The overall results of this exercise is not bad. Unfortunately, accidents occurred to a few students. However, these are necessary casualties and before you participated in this exercise, you all signed a contract declaring that the military and school was not accountable for this! This is also the first lesson for getting into Astral University. Don’t think that the trouble of the outside world are irrelevant to you just because you are the spoilt brats in your own families. From today onwards, you are true soldiers! You must be ready to sacrifice for humanity at any time! The cowardly and timid cannot get into Astral University!”


Many students had matured and their temperaments went under overwhelming changes.

Even Zhang Yue, Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu reduced their arrogance.

“Now, I declare the conclusion to this exercise! You all have successfully completed this exercise. The first, Ou Yang Xing, can come up for his reward. He killed the most alien warriors!”


Ou Yang Xing sneered at Jiang Li.

His look spelling an obvious “Just you wait!”

The first place of this exercise was still taken by Ou Yang Xing.

He received a 100,000 star coins worth of military supplements.

However, for a wealthy person like him, 100,000 star coins was nothing. He was only fighting for honour.

Jiang Li also wanted this prize. However, it require him to massacre. He gave up on this. There were many ways of earning money. Why kill to earn money?

“Now, the exercise has been concluded. The military will send you back to the school. Subsequently, the school will arrange for your next training exercise.”


All the students felt more lively upon hearing that they could finally leave this forest and return to the city.

In no time, a flying bus drove over and carried all the students towards the school.

When it had arrived at the school, everyone looked as though a heavy burden had been released from their shoulders. They so desperately wanted to go home, take a hot shower and sleep a whole night to relieve their mental and physical fatigue.

“This time, you guys have done very well,” The principal said in the meeting room. “They have all passed a cruel exercise. Although a few students were misfortunate, it was their choice. If you want to get into Astral University, you must put your life and death out of perspective! The school will do the proceedings and have already contacted your parents. From tomorrow onwards, you don’t need to train anymore. Rest up well and absorb what you have gained from this exercise. Furthermore, the school will open the martial arts master system to students with a life force of 1! You can train for 30 minutes weekly.”

“Martial arts master system…” Jiang Li swelled up with joy upon hearing this news. This was the benefit of being a top student.

The school wasn’t stingy on using resources to cater for the best students.

Of course, the martial arts master system needed money for operation. It was definitely split paid by the rest of the students. The school could not make losses in business. Afterall, when the school took in an extra 50 students for this enrichment class, the families of the students had to pay a large sum of money.

“Now, you are dismissed! The next training exercise will be sent to your email via your student chip. Make sure to check it!”

The principal left as soon as he finished talking.

Now, the students of the enrichment class all left, each of them desperate to get home. Even Ou Yang Xing couldn’t be bothered to mess around with Jiang Li and wanted to absorb what he hand learned during this exercise.

Jiang Li arrived at home.

“Big brother, you’re finally home. How was the exercise?” Little sister Jiang Xuan hurried and rushed over. “Mum and dad didn’t even go to work after hearing you’re coming back. They’re cooking right now for you.”

“Jiang Li, you’re home.”

Dad Jiang Zhendong walked out from the room. He was very happy. “I heard people died during this enrichment class exercise. I was really worried. Are you fine?”

“I’m fine.” Of course Jiang Li wouldn’t tell them about how he nearly died, having his chest pierced by a sword. He didn’t want his parents to be worried. “Yes some students had tragedies but I’m different from them, I’m a student with a life force of 1!”

“Correct, you’re a 1 life force student.” Jiang Zhengdong laughed. He was very pleased. “Hurry up and eat. Today we bought Sha Luo meat especially for you.”

“Where’s little brother? Has he called the family recently?” Jiang Li asked: “Little sister can also eat too.”

“No, he has signed a contract with the military. Not only is he unable to come home, he is also unable to contact us.” Mum walked out from the kitchen and was a bit worried. “But the family received 100,000 star coins as family settling allowance!”

“What? 100,000 star coins as family settling allowance?”

Jiang Li almost jumped but he wasn’t the slightest bit happy. His face was very serious. “Just what sort of dangerous training did little brother sign up for? Why is the family settling allowance so high?”

He had a bad premonition.

Because the family settling allowance was too great.

“It’s fine, regarding the family settling allowance, we have received a message from the military. It was a personally signed order from a general with the last name Wang.” Jiang Zhendong knocked on the chopsticks. “Jiang Tao left this family settling allowance. This sum will be used to cater for you. This is also your brother’s will. Jiang Li, after all, you only have one semester before high school examinations. Don’t disappoint the hopes your little brother has for you!”

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