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It really was the extraterrestrial warriors, some were lying on the ground, with deep wounds all over their bodies while some others had their heads cracked open. There were at least a couple dozen bodies, most of which were adult men but there were also women and children.

The smell of blood attracted large amounts of forest flies and mosquitoes. A swarm buzzed and flew around, making one nauseous.

"This is the residence of the extraterrestrial warriors. The killing, the person who killed them is very powerful. You see traces of the battle?" Lara pointed to a broken knife in the distance, "This sword was snapped off by someone. If my guess is correct, this should be the [Dragon Howl Iron Shirt,] a C-ranked martial art. It is very difficult to practice. Only one person in the school has fully grasped it and that is Ouyang Xing. "

[Dragon Howl Iron Shirt] is a type of ancient martial arts. After learning it, the body becomes hard as steel. One can resist and fight back with extraordinary strength. In modern society, with the addition of many medication that builds one’s strength, this type of ancient martial art wass much more powerful than ancient times.

In fact, modern society had abundant resources, as long as any one person practices hard, their martial art will have a leap of progress compared to the ancient times.

Xue Ling saw a child around the age of five to six who had been killed in the tree alive. She didn't even have the heart to keep looking. Although the extra-terrestrial warriors were their enemies, they knew it was expected to kill enemies when the two sides fight. This is the law of the jungle. But it is a moral issue to kill defenseless enemies.

In the ancient times, there was no policy to kill prisoners.

“I didn’t think Ouyang Xing was this cruel.” Lara shook her head, “Could it be that he did this in order to get the reward for first place?”

“I think the trials that the military arranged are contrary to human morals.” Xue Ling could not bear to look, “Let’s go. It’s too miserable here.”

"The military has military considerations." Jiang Li thought, "Most human beings are not able to tolerate such things happening, but since we want to test to become Astral University students, the standing height is different. For mankind in the universe to survive and be strong, we must do so, otherwise if we encounter a more powerful civilization, perhaps we humans will be like them, locked up in a cage, and the objects of an experiment. "

Over the past couple days, he had been thinking deeply.

"Yes." Lara said, "We learnt history, and the first lesson talked about the large alien ship that fell on earth two hundred years ago, causing war in various countries. Then humans studied that alien ship and found that the technology surpassed humans a lot, and the message that was left was that the large ship came to conquer the Earth. "

"Yes. Every time I read up to that part in history, I break into a cold sweat for humans on Earth." Xue Ling also shivered, "If it wasn’t the accident of the large alien ship, humans on Earth would perhaps be gone or become experimental white mice. Human technology is behind at least two thousand years compared to alien technology.

“Yes. In accordance with the normal development of human civilization, we would have to ability to jump the wormhole only after two thousand years. This is also the case of the Earth's resources not being consumed. In reality, when various countries on Earth are in war, a large amount of resources have been consumed. Humans are likely to get out of the sky before the demise." Jiang Li shook his head.

"Humans on earth are of the family that is blessed by God." Luo Han also laments, "Is it that the white clothed leader is right, humans on earth are favoured by fate?"

The three were all recalling the time when they learnt about the history of mankind. From 2050, when the alien ship dropped, it underwent a tremendous change and civilization began a large outbreak.

What is it if this is not God’s blessing? What is it if it isn’t fate?

Every time they read this history, all humans on Earth made progress, because if they slacked a little, fate would be conquered, genocide.

Even though humans on Earth are now strong enough to conquer other planets, they still do not dare to slack off.

In the galaxy full of stars, who knows if they will encounter a more powerful civilisation.

Also mankind can perhaps never defeat the civilisation where that large ship is situated at because humans have not figured out the source of where the civilisation is.

Jiang Li received the [Great Dream Heart Sutra]. It should belong to the extraterrestrial martial arts. Although the inheritor said that the person who gets the "Great Dream Heart Sutra" will inherit the willpower cut to make the outer demons, but Jiang Li will never do so. He is a human on Earth. Siblings, parents, classmates, are so-called outer demons. To commit suicide was not the normal thought of a person.

No matter what, they had to guard the humans on earth and their home.

He basically didn't care and joked about the thoughts of the white clothed people in the sewer. Remnants of the ideas made him turn against humanity but Jiang Li’s brain was not bad to that point yet.

The three left the sanguinary place of residence and continued forward.

Their speed was very fast. In accordance to this basis, they can reach the other exit of the military's forbidden zone within ten days.

The killings that the three experienced in the jungle made them want to hurry back to the idea of modern urban life.

On the way, the three met the bodies of some extraterrestrial warriors who had been killed. In one move, all living things perished, revealing the strong stamina and life force of the fighter. It was all Ouyang Xing’s doing.

During the student trials this time, Ouyang Xing’s qualities were significantly higher than everyone else’s by a mile.

“Look, Ouyang Xing is right ahead!”

The three followed the marks and advanced forward. After a long time, a river suddenly appeared in front, blocking the path. A man stood by the river, and seemed to be thinking about how to cross the river.

This person was indeed the strongest in the school, Ouyang Xing.

“Ouyang Xing!”

Xue Ling and Lara both greeted, then everyone took off their armour, and faced the river. They couldn’t get across wearing the armour.

After fighting In the primeval forest for a very long time, no matter how vile their classmates are, they would feel close when they first encountered them.

This is the so-called nostalgic feeling when meeting an old friend.

Ouyang Xing turned around fiercely. He was not wearing his armour. He was holding the armour in his hands. Clearly he also wanted to hone himself, and he didn't need the protection of the armour.

“Such strong murderous spirit…”

Jiang Li saw that a kind of chilling atmosphere emitted off this person. Ordinary people couldn’tfeel it, but for him who was sharp towards spiritual practice, he could clearly feel it.

It seems that Ouyang Xing was possessed by ghosts and evil spirits because he killed too many people.

He did not want to get closer to this person.

It was obviously impossible that evil spirits could possess people, even if modern technology was so advanced, science still did not prove the existence of the soul and spirit, however killing too many people causes one to be psychopathic and it was possible to breed demons in the heart.

"Luo Han, Xue Ling." Ouyang Xing also greeted them, but did not even look at Jiang Li, as if he did not exist, "You act quickly to other people far behind, but are still able to keep up my footsteps?"

"It seems that the river stopped you. How are you going to pass?" Lara could tell that Ouyang Xing was very conceited. Suddenly his face went cold: "Based on your level, you can swim across carrying two pounds of armor to the other side.”

"I don’t think it’s that easy." Jiang Li looked at the deep river. The other side was at least one kilometer away. The river was very deep, the water was fast-flowing and there a vague feeling that danger seems to have some horrible infestation.

"There are piranhas and crocodiles in this river. There is also another type of fish from another planet called 'fish bone'. They have extremely strong attack and like crabs, their bone grows on the outside. They can drill into mountains and their speed in water is thirty meters per second. When they sprint, they can even pierce a body in one blow. Ouyang Xing said coldly, “I will not stop you guys from swimming across to the other side."

"What do you think Jiang Li? How do we get across?"

Xue Ling said.

"It’s simple enough." Jiang Li said, "There are tall trees all around, we can chop them and bundle them together, make them sturdy then immediately cross the river."

"That is actually quite simple."

"En?" Ouyang Xing was surprised for a moment. He did not expect such a simple way to encounter this river. His first thought was how to swim past, but he didn’t think he would neglect/overlook/ignore the most simple tool he could use.

This was a knowledge barrier. After the human mind developed, they had a deep understanding of various things, but often overlooked the most simple and mundane truth. Or during practice, when the body is too superstitious, it ignores how to use the tool.

This was a major flaw on spiritual practice.

Shua! Ouyang Xing suddenly looked at Jiang Li with both his eyes, "What is your name?"

"Jiang Li."

Feeling great hostility, Jiang Li was surprised for a moment, "It can’t be. Getting angry over such a small issue, and causing hostility."

"The student who reached a life force of 1 and made great progress in the exam." Ouyang Xing calmed down and nodded, "Yes, I know you. Your family is not wealthy. You must be gifted to be able to practice to this point?”

"I cannot say it is talent, but their is a little will to practice." Jiang Li did not feel slightly scared.

When an ordinary person stands in front of Ouyang Xing, they would feel the power of the opponent. Their subconscious retreats because his life force was too strong. However Jiang Li acted as if nothing had happened. His battle with the white clothed leader's extraterrestrial warriors caused his spiritual practice to reach a deeper level.

The Ouyang Xing in front of him was very strong, but he did not care.

The clouds were pale and a light breeze was blowing.

"Demonstrate your strength to me then!"


Ouyang Xing suddenly attacked just as he spoke. One attack caused an explosive breeze and thunder to boom across. Between each attack, the air blew up and explosions rippled through the air. People would feel dizzy even without being hit.

This was true martial arts.

The fighting technique of people like Zhang Yue and Zheng Wenbing were simply weak compared to Ouyang Xing.

This was a D-ranked martial art, the [Military Exploding Fist Thrust].

The martial art wasn’t considered brilliant, but could be exquisite from within the ordinary.

The moves of [Military Exploding Fist Thrust] are simple and clear. Every punch is a thrust, a chain of attacks cooperating with each step. The attacks were fierce, a thrust, a blast of air.

This is the real secret of the [Exploding Fist Thrust].

Based on Zhang Yue’s stamina, to hit up to eight or nine bursts at most would be pretty good. The following punches would be weak with no explosion. It simply can not be called martial arts.

And now, as soon as Ouyang Xing made a move, using the palm as a punch. It suddenly changed each other. Between movements, each explosion was actually like repeated explosions of firecrackers, causing people to become disoriented.

Jiang Li knew the oncoming force wass ferocious, and did not dare to neglect it. He had already taken precautions. His body was delicate and boneless. The general dance that dragons and snakes do was the [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance].

Ouyang Xing did not even touch Jiang Li’s body after ten consecutive attacks.

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