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Swords collided.

The white clothed leader retreated back three steps all of a sudden. Jiang Li launched another attack with his sword before his opponent could catch his breath. Once again, it was windy and white.

Finally, Jiang Li could put his mind into the combat and his power greatly increased.

If the piercing light of a sword and sound waves can hypnotise, then breathing rhythm can also do so as well. The white clothed leader’s spirit seemed to have entered an illusion/dream.

The long sword that he wielded moved slower and slower.

Hua La!

Jiang Li stabbed again, and managed to hack off one of the white clothed leader’s arms. Fresh blood gushed out like a fountain.

“Yimo Tacha!”

The white clothed leader lost an arm but the severe pain made him clear-headed suddenly and aroused from his stupor. He appeared to have recognised his defeat but a flash of the fierce expression in his eye revealed his belief of the last land with the enemy.

The long sword vibrated. His whole body was red with blood. Suddenly the sword let out the strongest light that no person could stop. The long knife burst open and pierced Jiang Li in the chest.
But at this time, Jiang Li striked again. The knife fell to the opponent’s waist and cut through, causing his internal organs and intestines to flow from the inside out. It was impossible for him to survive.

Originally, he should have withstood the attack by Jiang Li, but he wanted to sacrifice himself to kill the enemy. He did not block it, instead he charged forward so that the knife could cut a little deeper. This way he could get closer to Jiang Li and fiercely pierce his chest with the sword.
Jiang Li took back his long knife, and fiercely snapped off the sword in his chest to prevent the opponent from pulling the sword out and causing blood to burst from his chest.


This battle was simply tragic/heartrending.


The white clothed leader fell to the ground, and his eyesight blurred.

And because Jiang Li didn’t pull the sword out and snapped it from the middle instead, it was still buried within his chest. Blood didn’t leak out so his body stood firmly.

"Why?" The white clothed leader collapsed onto the ground and with his last ounce of strength he struggled to sit up. He watched Jiang Li closely, "Our home is ravaged by you demons. I cannot accept this, I cannot accept that I will just die like family, my brothers, my sisters...why is fate on your side?"

Jiang Li felt miserable inside when he heard the word, "Fate...". Although he defeated his opponent, he was not even slightly happy. "Race, survival, universe, family..." These words heavily oppressed his mind, an unspeakable pain.

"Dreamt for many millenniums, what era is it now?"

Suddenly, the white clothed leaders eyes drooped down and murmured, "I really hope that this is a dream. When I wake up, I will return to my home, my hometown's paddy field, yellow dog, fruit trees, the neighbour's mum and dad...I am back..."

The voice he used was the from the language that humans on earth spoke. It was very gentle and had no murderous spirit.

He died.

He didn't return to his hometown, but died on the other side of the starry sky.

Jiang Li plopped and fell down. He could not move from head to toe but he did not pass out and die. His consciousness was very clear. The battle this time, the fight for life and death, he became a true warrior.

His body was full of scars, especially where the sword had stabbed into his chest but he did not care. Deep within his heart, it was peaceful.

"Jiang Li, are you ok..." Lara ran over in a hurry and brought out the precious medicinal liquid. ChiChiChi. She sprayed it everywhere and the blood stopped. The cells wriggled around, and soon after, the injuries completely closed up on the body.

"Eat this bolus* Jiang Li." She took out a pill right away.

A sweet aroma filled their nostrils.

“What is it?” Jiang Li said with difficulty, “It looks very precious.”

"This is a bioactive strengthening bolus. After consuming it, it will protect your vital functions and make sure they don’t disappear. The sword in your chest is too deep. I will pull it out now to stop the bleeding, but once I pull it out, blood will spray, so you must take the medicine..." Lara said hurriedly.

"What about Xue Ling?" Jiang Li ignored the condition of his injuries.

"Her larynx has been cut, however I treated it in time. It is now connected but she still has some difficulty breathing. She will recover in a bit because she brought the precious blood cell regeneration liquid spray." Lara said.

"Then I can set my mind at ease." Modern technology was very well developed. There was always the possibility of treatment as long as people did not die immediately. Especially the eldest daughter of this kind of wealthy family, carried a very large amount of precious medicine, and even some secret medicine from the army. Even if the arms were cut off, they can be immediately reconnected, then sprayed with some medicine and bandaged. Surgery can be performed after a long time and the arm can be restored as good as it ever was.

At this time, Xue Ling had already sat up.She looked pale, and a biological bandage was wrapped around her throat. Her voice was hoarse as she spoke, “If I didn’t retreat in time, it would’ve been my head that was cut off and not just my larynx. Then nothing could save me…”

“It’s fine as long as you’re ok…” Jiang Li went lifeless, and his expression blurred/dimmed. “You have your home(land), your parents, the little girl next door. I also have my home, my parents, my schoolmates...we are both protecting important things...I have to protect them no matter how cruel/harsh the universe is. They will not become the second you…”

Xue Ling and Lara’s expression flashed when they heard Jiang Li’s words.

Jiang Li took the bolus from Lara in between his speech. Indeed he felt his body become refreshed and energetic. He grabbed the sword in his chest and pulled it fiercely.


Blood sprayed out. Massive blood loss caused his head to become dizzy and suddenly weak. He nearly died.

If he didn't take the biological cell activation medication, he may have immediately died or suffered great damage.

Lara promptly sprayed on the medication. The wounds no longer bled and immediately coagulated. She then compressed some of the precious medicine. Only then, did Jiang Li’s complexion look a little better.

“I’m ok Lara, it’s not serious. You should dress the wounds on your body too.” said Jiang Li.

After going through the big war, one may well say that the three who were covered in wounds, nearly died by the sword/became souls claimed by the blade. Every one of them felt that they had benefitted from this soul-stirring battle experience.

The three all understood the experience as they calmly dressed their wounds.

One can say, this was the most important spiritual practice in their lives after repeated life and death situations. They would’ve already died if it wasn't for the modern high-tech biological medicinal liquid/liquid medicine. Xue Ling who was cut by the throat wouldn’t have been able to survive.

Every one of them felt that they had matured.

In particular Jiang Li who had never killed someone, killed two people in this battle. The first time was an unconscious act. The second time was because he gave up everything and fought to the bitter end with the other after Xue Ling had had her throat cut.

To him, the two killing experiences were both a form of melancholy and a kind of relief. He reflected on this kind of sentiment and the change in his soul very calmly.

“There are still some who are not dead but just unconscious." said Lara. "What do we do about them?"

Xue Ling stood up. "I will finish them off." She had just been cut by the throat and came back from the gates of hell but she utterly detested these extraterrestrial warriors.

Jiang Li moved his lips, "Let them be. These people will die sooner or later. Don't let slaughter deceive the mind. Let's go."

"Okay." Xue Ling smiled. She originally wanted to kill the extraterrestrial warriors that have fainted. But after a reminder from Jiang Li, killing defenseless people and letting oneself get stained with more blood was not a good thing.

After all they were just students.

The three felt that their stamina had recovered after they rested for a while and quickly left the bloody mountain valley.

With the support of modern technology medication, their injuries were nothing. Of course it was very hard to get the valuable medicine. Civilians could not enjoy this privilege at all. Only families like Lara and Xue Ling’s, who had property worth over a hundred million and those who took care of the children of the rich could have them.

The Xue and Zhou family were both largely orientated families.

Their property was worth over a hundred million.

But all the other juniors in their family could not carry such expensive medicine.

Lara and Xue Ling were both outstanding people who had high hopes/very good chance of getting into Astral University. They would naturally enjoy the wide variety of resources from their family.

The three wore their armour to protect themselves and travelled back and forth in the forest after the first battle.

They experienced their individual practice results. Each one of them felt that they had greatly improved.

Especially Jiang Li. He killed two extraterrestrial warriors all between a life and death fight and victory was revealed in the twinkle of an eye. His spiritual practice received combat training, and settled down a lot. It really started to grow. The use of the variety of martial arts [Boneless Jujitsu], [Dragon Claw Subjugation] and [Spiritual Emporor Seal] was more mature.

Moreover, he found that it was very easy for him to enter into the “divine dream" state/realm, into a deep sleep in the sports battle. The body was not afraid of pain, not afraid of danger, had no fear, was very powerful and had a long endurance.

After the lifting of the state, the body will be weak, and fatigued to the limit. It was very difficult to recover from.

However, once he recovers, his strength would build up.

This was a type of extreme practice method.

"It reeks of blood ahead!"

Lara suddenly stopped, her face solemn.

They had already walked through the forest for five days, and in the five days, they had met many extraterrestrial monsters.

This was a forbidden military zone. It was originally used for practice so really powerful things would definitely not appear.

During the five days, with the support of medicine and super nutrients, the three completely recovered. All had matured and felt that they got a lot stronger than they were at school.

Jiang Li formed a team with Xue Ling and Lara and shared a lot of benefits. At least he got to eat and drink things that were supplements that he usually would not have access to.

Of course Jiang Li also served as the role of a guardian. There were many times when the three encountered danger. It was all him who solved the problem. His spirit and soul were strengthening step by step. His sixth sense was very sharp and he could often unconsciously sense danger that arose suddenly.

Once, the three passed by a cliff, just as they were about to go over, Jiang Li suddenly sensed danger and they immediately stopped.

Indeed just as the they stopped, many huge rocks rolled down the cliff ahead. If they had advanced a couple more steps, they would’ve been smashed into pieces.

After these incidents, the two girls were surprised that Jiang Li's soul practice had seemingly surpassed theirs.

People who have powerful soul practice could indeed detect some danger that arose abruptly but the girls had not reached that level.

"I also smell the scent of blood. Let's go have a look. Jiang Li walked over and the jungle opened to a small piece of (empty) land which roughly estimated 10,000sq metres. Many wooden huts were built on top.

It was the people who lived in the jungle.

They used to farm by the slash and burn method and hunted.

There was only one possible way for them to be able to live in military jungle zone, and that is that it was the residence of the extraterrestrial warriors who had been put here by the army. In order to live, they can only build houses, and hunt to survive.

The instant they saw the clearing in the jungle and the wooden hut, the three tensed up, prepared to battle at any time.

But all they saw were corpses everywhere.

*bolus - large round medicinal ball

Edited by Anne

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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