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“Nice!” Liana twisted her arms, curling inwards as if laying a trap, just waiting for the beast to enter. It was almost like the simulated martial expert from the exams, both arms forming ovals that connected with each other, able to break bones if one was to come in contact.

Jiang Li retracted his arms and sent out another claw. Shua… There were claw trails everywhere as if it there were flames burning.

[Fire Dragon Scorching the Plains]!

This move was about unpredictable attacks at great speed and ferocity, breaking the opponent. It was like a dragon breathing fire everywhere, scorching the earth.

Jiang Li could send out more than ten claws per second, each one like a little flame, with the faintest of ghost trails.

“Strong!” Liana facial expression was grim, but she did not falter. Flipping her wrists she pushed outwards, C rank [River Palm] utilized once again.

Each palm came with great coursing pressure, like waves, breaking apart the air and landing upon the shore. Each clash with Jiang Li’s [Dragon Subjugation] brought forth great force.
The two stuck close, each mercilessly battering one another in a fight of pure physical prowess. A mistake could cost an arm or leg.

Lara stared intently, hopeful that she could see some flaw in Liana’s fighting style. Since a young age she had been rivals with Liana, both at edge with each other. Even their families had feuds between each other.


At this moment, from the tall trees of the ravine came sounds, as if something was approaching really fast.

Lara pricked her ears, and felt her chest suddenly tighten. “Shit! Stop fighting, something dangerous is approaching!”


The fighting duo immediately stopped. They had sensed a dangerous presence as well.

Before they could even put on their armor, human figures leaped out from the dense undergrowth.
That’s right, human figures.

Not beasts, nor aliens, but humans.

Jiang Li, Liana and Lara converged together in a triangle, looking on at the people that came from the undergrowth. It was clear that this group of people weren’t part of the army, nor students undertaking the trials. They wore tattered garments, some wearing animal pelts. Each gave off a strong aura. A few had proper white clothes with styles similar to ancient people. They carried long swords and spears, as if warriors from the Bronze Age.

“Otherworldly Demons!”

A leader took a step forward, his face mature and determined, possessing great temperament. He was extremely handsome, and looked about 27 or so. His eyes were like the stars, possessing great charisma. A sharp sword was by his side, glinting coldly against the light.

Liana and Lara were both frozen momentarily, because this man was just so handsome, so full of charisma. Any male student of the school was trash in comparison.

However, the two words uttered by the man was language from Earth, shocking the trio into realization. They knew what they have encountered.

Warriors from another planet.

Beings that lived and breathed like humans.

Mankind had invaded their world in a bid for resources. They imprisoned them in restricted zones of the army. Though they had a very primitive culture, it was a martial arts culture.

“Are these the warriors from another planet? Will we have to fight and possibly even kill them?” Jiang Li carefully sprouted.

“Yep, they are warriors from another planet…” Lara’s expression was serious, “They called us Otherwordly Demons. There is no room for negotiation between us. They would not hesitate to butcher us, the ‘demons’, and so when we fight we must not show mercy.”

“They’re so strong. Almost all of them have reached a life force of 1. This leader is even stronger than us…” Liana had an unsettled tone in her voice.

This was real blood and steel. If it was beasts, the trio wouldn’t be scared.

But living and breathing humans were a different matter. To students, it was the trials of fire and blood.

“Gentlemen!” The leader pointed his sword at the trio, his tone suddenly anguish, upbeat, vehement, with killing intent. “Otherwordly Demons have invaded our homeland, killing our kin, plundering our treasures, taken our sons as prisoners of war, imprisoned us in the jungles as part of the trials you people undergo. They are cruel beyond measure! Why would god not kill them?” The man shrieked in anguish, his voice shattering rocks and stone, almost sending the trio into a daze.

Resentment only possible when one had lost his home and his family emanated from the leader, an aura of retribution against the earth, the heavens and all living things.

Not matter it be Lara or Jiang Li, the trio trembled with terror. Any quarrels between students were like mice and cats in comparison to this man. This man was a killer born forth from mountains of bodies and rivers of blood.

Jiang Li could understand the language spoken by the man.

It was the language of Earth, however stuttered. It is obvious that this man came to learn it, but the way he spoke it was very jittery and bland, but also filled with killing intent.

“Jiang Li, Liana, this is a moment of life and death. The leader is the strongest, and hates humans the most. If we were to fall into his hands we’d be fucked! We must fight for our lives!” Lara suddenly said, “Liana and I will kill the leader, the rest is up to you Jiang Li. Do not show mercy! If we don’t kill them, they will kill us.”

Finally they would start killing real people.

Jiang Li hesitated for a moment.

But he hardened his heart moments later. He did not intentionally want to cross swords, but would only fight in self defense. Moreover they were outnumbered, and the ones who would lose their lives were undetermined.


The leader suddenly lashed out, his body like a bow. His sword came slashing forward like a rainbow trail. Jiang Li could even hear the sound of the man’s spine propelling him forward, like a bowstring snapping in place.

Though the man was about 50 meters from them, it took him less than two seconds before the sword reached the trio.

The trio darted in separate directions.


The sword created a deep trench in the ground, testament to the man’s sword skill, and a life force of more than 1. The only problem was that long periods of time spent in the woods has decreased his stamina, his body plagued by wind and frost.

This was the only chance of survival for the trio, otherwise they’re dead meat.

“Attack Liana!”

Lara suddenly lashed out with her soft-steel sword. Immediately needles homed in on the man like a locust swarm. Lara was adept at using needles, phantom attacks that were extremely hard to dodge.

The penetrative power of the needles was beyond the strength of steel and glass.

The man lifted his blade, the reflected light forming bands of lightning that stopped all the needles in a blink. Afterwards he leaped in the air, and with footsteps like a panther came rushing in at Lara, his sword in beautiful arc like that of a sparrow, aiming straight for her neck.

If she was hit, her head would immediately be cut clean off.

This was not a simulation, but real combat. It could be said that most students would never encounter such dangers in their life.

A fight to the death opens as such.

Jiang Li did not bear complex thoughts and went all out.

Though these people had been imprisoned as test subjects and were pitiful, they were surrounded and in a weaker position. Protecting himself and his peers was the primary concern.


Seven other warriors rushed in the battle.

“Yimo tacha!”

“Yimo tacha!”…

Yelling war cries, they unleashed a furious assault that bore the fury of having lost their homes and country.

Though what they had shouted was alien language, Jiang Li could still sense the meaning behind it. It was “Slay the Otherwordly Demons!”

In their eyes, the trio were not humans but Otherwordly Demons.

A spear reached them first. The tip was covered in blood, evident of countless killings of wild beasts. Full of bloodlust the spear quivered up and down in an arc that went straight for the throat.

In that instant, Jiang Li had felt that his eyes, throat, heart, groin and other vitals were blanketed and locked down in a zone.

The opponent was a master spearman, and with one strike sealed off all escape routes, leaving Jiang Li bereft of choice.

The person was a warrior clad in animal pelts. His clothes were long ripped and torn, evidence of having lived in the woods for long periods, suffering great hardship. But he did not possess a wild and untamed aura, indicating perhaps he was of a high social class in his home planet.

Jiang Li did not fall back, because he could not. If he were to make an exit, then the spear would turn on Lara and Liana, creating great pressure for them, and even possibly make the leader kill them outright!


Under great pressure, he claws at the spearhead with [Blue Dragon Upsurge] of [Dragon Subjugation]. He also coupled it silently with a hand sign that was similar to a dragon claw of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

In his mind, a momentary contemplation transformed himself into a dragon that ambled across the universe, and with a shriek clouds of asteroids would come crashing down.

At the same time, deep in his throat came a soft dragon hymn, a surge of qi that came rising up from the stomach and out of his mouth.

At the same times his hands tremored in a dream-like trance, bringing mirage visions.
The warrior from the other planet faltered for a moment, his spirit influenced by Jiang Li’s hypnotism. However it was not a complete one but halfway, showcasing the strong spiritual strength of the man, not easily swayed by hypnotism.

Yet this momentary pause was enough to reveal a fatal flaw. Battles between master martial artists were won or lost in millimeters.


Jiang Li captured the moment and traced his hands along the spear and towards the body, viciously severing the main arteries of the neck.

The warrior fell down, passing out.

Jiang Li did not even look down and grabbed the spear to stop the other incoming warriors, stopping four in the process.

The spear was made completely of metal, more than 40kg in weight. Wielding it was very hard, but for Jiang Li who had a life force of 1, it was the same was wielding a stick, easy and effortless.
Having a weapon in hand increased Jiang Li’s fighting power substantially. He was unafraid even in the face of many adversaries.

There were about four warriors had had aimed their weapons at Jiang Li.

Their life force was around 1. Though they should have in a crushing disposition, and fighting them one on one was hard enough, Jiang Li had the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] emerged in his abilities, carrying a hypnotic effect. In addition these people had lived in the jungle for long periods, grounds of inadequate nutrition which had deteriorated their stamina. How could they compare with people like Jiang Li who downed multiple nutrition serums a day?

Originally in that moment before, Jiang Li could have killed the spear wielder easily. But he was merciful and chose not to do so, as knocking them out would achieve the same effect – taking them out of the fight.

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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