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“Liana, your face was almost ruined.” Lara started laughing, “Looks like your [Heavy Rain Cut] isn’t proficient enough. I remember there were martial artists who used [Heavy Rain Cut] to defend himself in the thunderstorm. When the thunderstorm ended, there was not a single bit of rain drop on him but you were bitten by a bunch of venomous wasp on the face.”

“Heng!” Liana found a place to sit and didn’t talk. She was deep breathing and resting as if she learned quite a lot from killing the wasps: “What do you know? I finally found the weakness in my sword art just then and that caused me to lose concentration which was why i missed a wasp. Without experience, you can never understand how precious that bite was. The moment that the wasp bite me, I gained understanding.”

“I learned of my weakness ages ago!” Lara’s tone was cold.

The two girls were going toe to toe.

Jiang Li didn’t talk as he didn’t want to burn himself. The two girls in competition were too scary. All he needed to do was be the laborer and quietly carry the armours at the back.

This was a tiring job but it was huge training for his stamina.

The two girls rested for a bit and rose up once again towards the depths of the forest. Jiang Li followed them and at this moment, Lara suddenly swooped out her sword tied to her waist. Frosty light glowed showcasing the sharpness of the blade.

Any ancient sharp weapons stood no chance against the weapons forged by modern technology.

The two girls’ speed were increasing and Jiang Li found it a bit difficult at the back. But he secretly, used the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] and some contemplation and began to recover his stamina as he ran.

He was puffing heavily and reached his limit many times.

Wearing 100kg armor and carrying 200kg of metal armor was indeed very hard when he had to follow the two girls closely.

There was fire and sparks coming out of the girls’ rivalry and they began to go faster and faster.

Jiang Li’s stamina gradually couldn’t keep up anymore.

“Women are really scary when they act crazy.” He secretly shook his head but didn’t want to stop and rest. This was very good training for him and he didn’t want to pass out on it.


Suddenly, his awareness began to get fuzzy and his whole body entered into a dream. He actually went into Deep Sleep when he was running. It was just like he was dream walking.

Going into Deep Sleep during exercise?

This was a very high state. The third state.

Even masters who could go into Deep Sleep had to sit up and stop exercise, calm his mind, breath and keep his body in balance before he entered Deep Sleep.

As soon as there was the slightest movement outside, the master would spring up and the state of Deep Sleep would be removed.

As long as the body exercised, that spiritual state would be gone. This was inevitable.

Only those whose spiritual cultivation was about to break through could enter Deep Sleep so easily.

When he was running, he carried too much and his body finally reached his limit. In order to recover stamina, he started contemplating [Spiritual Emperor Seal] and all its hand seals. His body didn’t move but his spirit formed the seals.

The flickering of his spirit in contemplation made his body and brain be under a peculiar spiritual state.

Dreaming for many millenniums, what era is it now?

His spirit entered into Deep Sleep and his whole view became very special.

His body was sprinting but his spirit was asleep. But his sleeping spirit could see everything outside but it was just that everything outside was very fuzzy.

He felt that in his dream he wasn’t tired at all and his spirit received the perfect rest. His spirit started to change his body through nerves, blood vessels and internal secretion. This was training in the limits, dream cultivation.

It was just like the ancient [Drunken Fist].

When people were drunk, their fist power was many times stronger than normal because their spirit was in a state of excitement. It was like being injected with adrenalin.

Spirit is drunk but not the will, footstep is drunk but not the heart.

Now, Jiang Li’s spirit was in Deep Sleep, he was sleepwalking and his body was sprinting. This was that state.

He followed behind the two girls closely and didn’t fall behind a single bit not matter how the girls ran.

“How is his stamina so good?”

Lara and Liana were surprised. They all had a life force of one but Jiang Li seemed many times stronger than them: “Did he use adrenalin? Now, using adrenalin is only a short term burst in power, it can’t last this long or the body will collapse.”

“No! He’s about to break through, his spiritual state is about to breakthrough! He entered the third stage of Deep Sleep!”

Lara suddenly said, “He entered Deep Sleep while exercising, body sleeps but heart doesn’t sleep, spirit sleeps but will doesn’t sleep! This is the highest stage of Deep Sleep.”

“My god, his spiritual state can break through so easily?”

Deep Sleep was a spiritual state dividing into three stages.

First stage, it took a long time of meditation, deep breathing before you could enter into Deep Sleep.

The second stage was when you could enter whenever you wanted.

The final stage is to enter it during exercise.

This was also the mental state described by the ancient art of [Drunken Fist].

Boundless strength, knowing no fatigue, ferocious fist power, long stamina and impervious technique.

Now, Lara and Liana was only at the second stage and could enter Deep Sleep whenever they liked. But as soon as they moved, their spiritual state would be broken.

Even so, they were great prodigies.


As they were running into a valley, a huge roar sounded from in front of them. A mad beast blocked the entrance to the valley. This beast was the size of a rhinoceros but he had scales that were tough like metal welded onto his body.

“Metal Armour Beast!”

Both Lara and Liana were shocked. The real astral beast had appeared.

Metal Armour Beast! The scales on its body were harder than iron but it’s stamina was still very strong and the same could be said about his agility. When it jumped, the scales opened outward allowing it to even glide a short distance through the air.

It’s fastest speed was 30m per second!

It could even ram over a flying car.

When it saw humans appear, its eyes became bloodshot as it raised its hooves and charged over towards the three.

“Dodge! Dodge it quickly!” Lara and Liana both yelled and stepped sideways but Jiang Li was still running and sprinting towards the front.

“Oh no!” The two girls were in deep regret, they knew that after this, Jiang Li would probably pulverised.

Hong Long!

The sprinting Jiang Li wearing full armour rammed into the real Metal Armour Beast full on.

It was like two flying trucks ramming each other. The huge impact it created could obliterate all flesh and bones. But the next moment, Jiang Li actually didn’t get rammed flying by the Metal Armour Beast.

He stopped the charge of the Metal Armour Beast!

The charge was stopped by his hands pressing against its head. Jiang Li’s body was sliding backwards as countless stones were crushed under his foot.


He suddenly twisted and smashed the two metal cases onto the beast and sent him crashing into the ground.

The beast’s head made cracking sounds as it convulsed. Eventually, it became silent.

It was straight up smashed to death.

This was raw violence. Jiang Li’s barbaric force deeply shocked Liana and Lara. Right now, they felt that Jiang Li was a humanoid transformer.

“Jiang Li, how did you do that?”

Beside the river inside the valley, Jiang Li used a blade to cut open the beast’s head and take out a metal like heavy ball. This was a precious mine stone, it was worth hundreds of star coins.

These types of metals were created inside the Metal Armour Beast’s head and could be used to make weapons and forge armours and even battleships. It was a special type of metal.

The most precious component of the beast was this.

Jiang Li was puffing and woke up from his ‘dream’. His blurred vision disappeared and his whole body was squelching with pain. He was completely exhausted.

It was like someone who had used adrenalin after its effects had disappeared.

His power was almost twice his normal strength when he was in that state. He went berserk and unbelievably smashed the Metal Armour Beast to death while wearing 600kg of metal armour.

“Rest up, this is a stamina replenishing nutritional serum.” Lara passed over a tube of serum. Jiang Li opened up his armor and was so tired that he could barely move. He tried his best to grab the serum and drink it. A pulse of coolness spread through his body as every cell rejoiced.

After ten minutes of so, his pain was greatly reduced: “What is this nutritional serum, it’s effects are so good?”

“This is Snow Essence.” Liana used water to wash her long sword clean, “Each tube is 3000 star coins and can increase the activity of cells, ease muscle fatigue and clear the body of poisons. It definitely has no side effects and with one tube, a person can have enough nutrition for three days. This serum would mix with the stomach acid and increase people's digestive abilities. It is a grade better than the Green God Nutritional Serum.”

“Didn’t think you knew it so well.” Lara smiled, “You must have brought some too.”

“This is medicine for special ops, of course i was going to bring it.” Liana looked at Jiang Li, “Jiang Li, you seemed to have understood something in your cultivation just then?”

“I don’t know, I think i just entered into Deep Sleep when i was exercising. It felt like I was sleep walking and knew of no fatigue. My strength was greatly increased but when the state was gone, I felt exhausted.” Jiang Li thought about the occurrence just then.

“Congratulations, you have entered the third stage of Deep Sleep and can go into stasis soon.” Lara’s tone was that of envy, “In the top ten of our school, it is quite possible that only you and Ou Yang Xing have reached into Deep Sleep third stage.”

“Ou Yang Xing isn’t able to go into stasis?” Jiang Li asked, “Is there no one in stasis at our school?”

“Hmph! If he could go into stasis, he would be cocky as hell.” Lara and Liana both didn’t like this person.

After some rest, Liana suddenly jumped up, “Jiang Li, let’s spar, how bout it?”


Translated by XianXiaWorld

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